Paul Pantone.

[EW 2009 march] Some News From David Pantone GEET turns the molocules of any vaporized liquid into a fuel which burns super-efficiently in any engine, and increases all areas of engine's performance.  An engine with a fully functional GEET creates no pollution.  
    Certain Utah officials have snared Paul into the disfunctional Utah judicial system which has placed him, far from public view, in their prison mental institution (Utah State Hospital Forensics Unit).  They have no legitimate reason to hold him, but they claim he is incompetent.  Listen to all my interviews with my dad on Youtube, and judge for yourself if it is he who is incompetent, or if it is the State's employees who are.  
    My dad, Paul Pantone, has NO RELEASE DATE.  He has been illegally detained for THREE YEARS, and the Utah officials who enforce his imprisonment show no intention of ever reviewing his case, or giving him any legitmante competency examination.

Paul Pantone Introduction (120 miles per gallon)