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Meet the Dr. Mengele of Whales

by Paul Watson Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

11/27/2007 http://www.seashepherd.org/editorials/editorial_071127_1.html

Meet Luis Pastene, the Dr. Mengele of the Cetacean world. This Chilean-born biostitute for hire is employed by the Japanese Cetacean Research Institute (CRI) and his job is to mutilate whales to finger, probe and gawk at their blubber, livers, ear-plugs, ovaries and testes, bones, lungs, skin and even the fetuses from thousands of whales.

Dr. Pastene loves his job as a whale vivisector and feels victimized by people who are concerned for protecting whales. "I'm getting so tired of the biased articles I read in Western newspapers each year at this time," says Dr Pastene. "It's time someone told the truth," he insists.

This perverse Chilean fetus fondler supervises nine other war criminal scientists employed by CRI to fabricate credibility for the so called scientific justification of the Japanese mass slaughter of whales. The institute is a bizarre institution situated appropriately close to the largest seafood market in the world at Tsukiji.

According to Dr. Pastene, the whales need to be killed so that they can be saved. "We need to understand stock structure," says Pastene, "their movements, what they eat, and how they are being affected by pollution, and we need to understand the competition between the different species."

According CRI, it is absolutely necessary to kill whales to save them. One wonders how the whales ever survived before the Japanese started their lethal research programs. Dr. Pastene especially likes to study whale ovaries to check the maturity status of the females. Of course this means that they won't be maturing any further and they will certainly not be having any more babies. Usually about 25% of the females killed are pregnant which means that the actual kill of whales is 25% more than recorded.

"And we need to kill the whales in order to investigate what they eat," states Dr. Pastene.

One wonders just how many more whales must be killed to discover what we already know they eat. After 12,000 slain whales, you would think these "scientists" would have an answer to this question.

"We need to kill humpbacks to determine if their growing numbers are having an adverse effect on minke populations," states Dr. Pastene.

"Humpback whales in our research area are rapidly recovering," says Hideki Moronuki, whaling chief at the Fisheries Agency. "Taking 50 humpbacks from a population of tens of thousands will have no significant impact."

Hmm, I bet removal of the 10 "scientists" working for CRI would also have absolutely no impact upon the quality of the science these butchers are trying to sell.

The fact is that not one of them has published a single peer-reviewed scientific paper on their "research." None of them have any credibility in scientific circles. They are simply biologists for hire to the highest corporate bidder, in other words they are what I like to call biostitutes.

More truthfully Dr Pastene points out, that the main purpose of their work is to obtain the scientific information that will allow a "rational use of whale stocks in the future."

What this means is that Japan is killing whales to justify more killing of whales.

Some real scientists don't have the stomach for such pseudo-scientific babble. One of them is Toshio Kasuya, a retired professor who worked for the Fisheries Agency's whaling program in the 1980s. He has denounced the "research" of his former colleagues.

"Without the earnings from the meat sales, the whaling organization that undertakes the government-commissioned research program would be unable to continue operation, and the shipping company that provides the fleet for the program would not be able to recover costs for whaling vessel construction," he wrote in a newspaper. "This is nothing other than an economic activity. It leaves no room for researchers to carry out research based on their own ideas."

More controversially, he says scientists were told in the 1980s to manipulate the quota of whales needed for research to ensure the program continued for as long as possible. "I regret very much my role in setting up this illegal whale research."

Since 1986, the year the commercial moratorium was established, Japan has killed over 12,000 piked and bryde's whales and is intent upon slaughtering thousands more in the name of scientific research. By contrast, Japan killed just 840 whales in the name of scientific research between 1954 and the 1986.

The real research is in product development and marketing. Whale meat is becoming more widely available in Japanese super-markets and is now on the menu of the Tsubohachi izakaya chain this year. In 2005, Kushiro, a small town in Hokkaido, launched a program to serve whale meat in school lunches despite the dangerously high levels of mercury in whale meat.

No matter how often they spin and shop the lie, the fact is that research whaling is a bogus attempt to justify the continued slaughter of some of the most intelligent, socially complex and most magnificent creatures on this planet. More importantly it is illegal. It is a violation of international conservation law to kill endangered whales in a whale sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling.

Dr. Luis Pastene is also a criminal because he is working with materials illegally obtained by unlawful whaling operations against these endangered species slaughtered in a sanctuary. His kind of lethal research is the kind of "science" that should have been retired with the 20th Century. The only difference between Dr. Pastene and Dr. Joseph Mengele is that the NAZI vivisector experimented on human beings and this merciless SOB experiments on whales. The evil mentality that allows such ruthless behavior is the same in both men.

It is noteworthy that after World War II, a great number of Nazi's fled to Chile and Argentina. I think a little research needs to be done on the family tree of Luis Pastene to see if his aberrant criminal behavior is learned or genetic.

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