Peasemore (Barry King)
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Barry King met a Reptilian while working in the underground Genetics Lab under Peasemore, Berkshire, England, north of Greenham Common.

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In Sep 2000 Barry King gave a resume for CSETI, over the Programmable Generated Life Forms, made by the NSA run underground Genetics Engineering lab 200ft under Peasemore, Berkshire, England.Interviewed inside the RAF Bentwaters Base, Suffolk.King originally released this info in the early 1990s, via THE VOICE files, and initially in a 2 hr video with another investigator /experiencer in BASES 1. He was further questioned, in BASES 2, which includes Larry Warren, Bill Uhouse and more.Matthew Williams also grilled Barry about the veracity of his claims.King gives his conclusion to what happened at the famous Rendlesham Forest / Bentwaters UFO Case of Dec 80.In the early 1990s Barry King released claims of alien mind control bases in the Berkshire countryside under the village of Peasemore. Linked with mind control experiments on the Greenham Common women protesters, near Hungerford, where the mind controlled massacre occurred in the 90s, Peasemore became the source of so called Man made Alien Greys. Using a Genetic population survey, people were selected at the age of 2 or younger, for these Mind Control tests and developments for a Super Race. Part of the Bases 1, Bases 2, and this CSETI Disclosure Program release.VOICE Files downloadable from:-

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