The succour punch and good Pendulums Get Better Dowsing Results 

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Post Good Pendulums Get Better Dowsing Results 
At least this is what we've found to be true.  Anything works in a pinch but when one has a pendulum that just 'feels' good, one is somehow better tuned in to the process.

Tetsuzi Moriwake sent me this one to try, and has apparently been selling a lot of them in Japan:

It's hard to see in the image, but Tetsuzi-san fashioned a tiny mobius coil for this and some brass filings make up the orgonite component at the top end  of the coil. The embedded crystal is a very nice, pointed quartz that may be a Tibetan crystal or perhaps Lemurian seed crystal.

The psychics are quite impressed with the  energy but I can only say that I feel a lot of good energy from it and it seems to respond faster and stronger than any I've used.

Next time I do some dowsing in the field  I'll  try this one with the  Succor Punch  pointing to the palm of my left hand while dowsing with my right hand.  I call that 'turbo-dowsing' and this is a good way for the information/energy being brought into one's energy field to bypass one's brain, which always colors raw info.

I haven't mentioned this in awhile, so our  newer readers might not be aware of turbodowsing, but when Carol watches the energy of someone dowsing with  and without the Succor Punch, the 'answer' energy comes from the Succor Punch, travels up and across the shoulders and directly to the pendulum; when one dowses without a Succor Punch the answer/energy comes down into the crown chakra, thru the brain and neck, then across the shoulder and down the arm to the pendulum.  She says that the energy is entirely unaffected when it comes from teh Succor Punch but that it is always degraded, even if just a tiny bit, when it moves through the brain. I think the  reason it works best when teh point of the SP's crystal is in the middle of the palm is because that spot is a 'drawing'  energy chakra, especially in the non-dominant hand.  The energy of the dominant hand tends to 'push,' rather.

Having said that, I need to remind the reader that dowsing ought never be considered authoritative becuase there will always be a subjective component to it.  We mainly use it for personal decision making and we keep our yes/no questions as specific as possible.

By the way, please don't try to dowse with a 'Mr Skull,' which is a crystal skull with mobius 'hat band.'   The main  use of Mr Skull is to confound the professional sewer rats who try to play tag with us in the field, apparently.  The entities who attach to the skulls are a little mischievous but I adore them; I just won't ask for their help when dowsing any more Cool

Several of the vendors on Etheric Warriors are making and selling Succor Punches, by the way.   This is one of the basic tools that many of us are using these days and can be adopted and adapted for countless uses.

Great job, my Japanese brother!

Tetsuzi's site is listed in the lower right margin of EW, along with the other fine artisans's sites.  It's Iyashiro Honpo

We're delighted to have the ongoing, illustrated reports of  his campaign to Earthpipe all of Japan's seismic troublespots,  by the way. I can't think of a better country in which to get proper feedback for such an effort.