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They Sold Their Souls to Rock-n-Roll

by Wes Penre

October 28, 2006

This movie - "They Sold Themselves to Rock-n-Roll" is an absolute MUST-SEE! The subject of rock music and how the rock-n-roll industry was created by the Illuminati to manipulate us to tune in to the "dark forces" is the one subject I have had most problems being heard on. I don't know how many emails I've got, saying I'm a maniac, paranoid schizophrenic and worse. "Rock music is rebellion and it's healthy", people say. Well, I wonder if the same people would repeat that to me after watching the movie I am now going to present. Here is CLEAR EVIDENCE that rock music is, and always was, a Satanic tool for the Illuminati. And you have to be possessed and willing to spread a destructive message to be able to strike it rich and big in the music industry. When you sign a contract with the big labels, you are selling your soul to what we call the "Demonic World" and your soul is lost to those inhabiting them. For more details, see also my previous article: "Mind Control in the Field of Art".

This movie is not about some religious fanatic, who rambles about God and Satan - Heaven and Hell in endless loops, which unfortunately has been the case in so many previous movies on this subject, and that approach has a tendency to turn people off rather than enlighten them. No - here we see the artists in REAL interviews and video/audio clips, ADMITTING that they have sold their souls, and also that the rock industry was created to demoralize and demonize the youth of the world into submission already from day one. This possibly began with Robert Johnson (the father of rock-n-roll, who wrote the famous rock/blues song "Crossroads", where he sings about selling his soul to the Devil) and continued through the Elvis and Beatles/Stones era up until today - just like I've claimed for so many years now.

This video only brings up rock music as a source of manipulation, but I can definitely elaborate further on the subject of music, and I claim that this manipulation goes way back to old Babylon and further. The jazz music had the same purpose, and remember that even Mozart, Bach and Beethoven were Freemasons and occultists.

This is a very controversial subject, because generations of people have been brainwashed with rock music and hardly anybody have realized it! It has become a "holy cow". I would say the music industry is probably one of the tools that has been most effective for the Illuminati when it comes to controlling our minds. Too many otherwise excellent researchers into the New World Order have a blind spot when it comes to rock music. They refuse to look in that area, and not too much is written so far about the sinister purpose behind it. Why? Because those researchers have still to wake up from their own trance and admit that what they have hung on to as a safe haven is none of the sort.

I must confess that I am still listening to some of the music I am exposing as evil on my website, which may sound like a contradiction, and it may very well be! I have this feeling that just because I have looked through this lie and manipulation, I can listen to this music quite safely, without being negatively affected. However, I may be wrong...

I was going to say: "Sit back and enjoy this 28 minutes preview", but that would feel like a rude thing to say, because so many people have counted on rock music as the last resort. Therefore I say: "Sit back and watch this jaw-dropping video and although it's going to hurt for some, the awakening is great and all good".

Billy Joel says in this preview that music is "a manipulation of sound", which is absolutely correct. I want to add that music is vibration and a science if you will. I am not saying all music is bad - that would be a horrible thing to say. What I am saying is that the music exploited by the music industry is indeed bad for us, because it vibrates on levels which makes the listener seduced into a lower realm of reality where he/she is easily manipulated. Music can also be created on a much higher vibration level, and become an excellent tool for enlightenment, by letting us tune into higher consciousness and realizations. Sadly, this kind of music is not to be published by the ruling music industry. This positive music is forcefully suppressed and you have to search far and wide to find it, perhaps on some small label somewhere.

Some readers may object to what I'm saying here by stating that not ALL rock/pop music is Satanic and has occult messages. This is true - you can find artists who are singing about love and peace and positive things. So why are those artists allowed to record and be distributed globally? They are needed only because they have a purpose (often without knowing it themselves) to draw young people into the genre. It's a way to reach those who don't immediately start listening to 'heavier' rock music, and eventually have the majority of them "convert" to the mind altering, occultic rock-n-roll.

Still in doubt? Please read and download the following .pdf file (by right-clicking on the link and click "save target as"): "Satanic Drummers". This may also kill the myth that Black Sabbath was excellent Christian music.

I will end with this quote:

"Since the launching of the Beatles as an international project via TV in 1963, "rock" has been the most influential recruiter to Satanism. Rock was created, and is still coordinated by Crowley’s followers and by the OTO network, in cooperation with WICCA. It is, not so incidentally, also the Satanist’s biggest money-maker, and believed to provide the chief logistical support for deployments and other activities of the OTO-WICCA efforts world-wide.

There is nothing spontaneous or accidental about "rock." It is a product of classical studies of the ancient Phrygian terrorist cult of Satan-Dionysos, the model for the Roman Bacchic cults of similar characteristics. Crowley’s control of the "rock industry" has been documented by a team of [private] investigators, who have also noted, that in addition to the Satanist lyrics, Satanist messages embedded sublimely in rock recordings are a key feature of this subversive operation.

The "rock rhythm" itself is copied from the old Dionysian-Bacchic cults. Even without the drugs and sexual orgies which are characteristic features of hard-core rock affairs, repeated, frequent, hours-long exposure to constant repetition of "rock rhythms" produces lasting, drug-like effects on the mind of the victim. Reducing sexual practices to the level of bestiality, is a crucial feature of Satanism in all historical periods studied, from Phrygian Cybele-Dionysos cult-period onward."

[DVD] They Sold Themselves to Rock-n-Roll

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