Here's the actual, generally accessible state of the art for electromedicine
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Here's the actual, generally accessible state of the art for electromedicine - Yesterday, 17:23
American Health and Electro-Medicine

By Dr. William G. von Peters, NMD, PhD
The American Medical Association once branded electro-medicine sheer quackery and denied its benefits to Americans through persecutions and FDA outlawing of electro-medical equipment.
Early electro-medicine was used by medical doctors, osteopaths and naturopaths as it was cheap and effective. To enforce the changeover to pharmaceutical medicine the AMA and its allies in the Pharmaceutical industry promoted only drugs, surgery and radiation as “effective” for the treatment of disease.
Nevertheless a wide variety of electro-medical equipment was available in the early 20th Century and was used by advanced practitioners because they recognized the essentially electrical nature of the body and its functions. The Universal Naturopathic Directory and Buyer's Guide, Yearbook of Drugless Therapy and Naturopathic Encyclopedia published in 1919 included the whole of “Principles of Electro-Medicine, Electro-Surgery and Radiology” by Dr. Anthony Matijaca, M.D., D.O., N.D.
The most common electro-medicine device in use at that time was based upon the Tesla Coil and was called the “Violet-Ray”. Many companies produced these devices, and even Sears Roebuck offered them in their catalog to the public. Following their suppression in the 1940s only electro-stimulation by galvanic treatment was left, and it was typically found only in the offices of Naturopaths and Chiropractors who had rejected the drug paradigm of the allopathic medical profession until the FDA drove the devices completely underground. Physiotherapists who became a part of the medical system as “physical therapists” during WWII were permitted to use electro-galvanic stimulation as part of treatment prescribed under the M.D.'s direction for muscular reeducation.
In the 1970s biofeedback began to become popular for both physical and mental problems and the stranglehold of suppression began to loosen, as medical reports quickly indicated that biofeedback was both safe and effective. The principle of biofeedback was to introduce an electrical current into the body and allow the body to produce an adaptation response to it. It was also used with hypnosis and mental therapies in introducing suggestions and retraining routines into the mind and then
measuring the change through electrogalvanic skin response (biofeedback).
This was followed by Dr. Hulda Clarke who brought back into vogue what she termed a “zapper” based upon the work of Dr. Royal Rife. The zapper utilized a square wave which produced harmonics which were deemed effective against parasites and a number of health problems, including systemic candida.
This in turn was advanced by Don Croft's making the zappers completely portable and self-contained; and which were ultimately combined with orgonite to make them even more effective, by boosting the life energy while undergoing treatment. Don is the largest seller of zappers to this day, and he remains in the forefront of the zappers and orgonite revolutions.
In the 1980s and 1990s electro-medical devices from other countries, most notably,
Germany began to be imported into the U.S. The German devices followed the discoveries of Hans Nemec that 4000 Hz. was the body's “healing frequency”. His machines were named the Nemectron, and were followed later by the Hakomed Matrix machines utilizing the same principles. They utilized a phase-locked sine wave form, which is still in advance of official American electro-medical devices.
In the 1980s the Russians, as part of their space program began developing neurological biofeedback electro-medicine devices. This marriage of biofeedback with electro-medicine and neurological reeducation constituted the greatest advance in electro-medicine to date. Yet it is still largely unknown in the United States.  RussTech has been importing these devices into the United States since 1999 for both professional and non-professional (family and individual) use.
The RussTech devices utilizing a neurological waveform actually has the ability to talk to the brain and get responses back from the brain in the form of rapid healing response, neuro-endocrine secretions, fast pain relief, and other healing reactions not available through any other mechanism. Yet these devices are handheld, portable devices running on standard batteries. It is an astonishing development. Russian tests have shown that virtually all health problems are amenable over time to
treatment by the RussTech devices, and claim an 87% cure rate.
There are also, unfortunately, also many types of junk available to the public some very cheap, and some amazingly expensive that really do not produce much more than a placebo effect based upon the person's belief system that it works. Anytime something works the snake oil salesmen try to cash in on the market and this has also been true of electromedicine. So it is buyer-beware situation. Unless the developer or person selling the devices has a good reputation the public may wish to
avoid the devices, regardless of their claims.
In dealing with electro-medicine it should be noted that each of the types of electro-medicine has its sphere and may be better than another type for a specific problem. Zapper type electro-medicine, particularly Don Croft's Terminator Zappers (, are excellent for general systemic problems such as candidiasis and parasites. They also help boost immune system function.
The German sinewave type devices are better for deep vein thrombosis, and other areas requiring a deep penetration into the tissues. These machines cost well over $20,000 and are designed for those trained in electro-medicine.
For those into “energy medicine” it has been noted by Carol Croft, who is a naturally gifted psychic, that the RussTech ProV+ is the only device she has found which can repair holes in the electrical field surrounding the body, called by many
the “aura.”
The RussTech ( and devices are great for all types of pain, including chronic intractable pain, as well as for healing sports injuries, knee and joint problems and chronic systemic problems treated through the meridian system.
RussTech products are imported by Dr. William G. von Peters, who is a Russian Academic and degreed Professor as well as America's leading natural physician. No specific health claims are made for the cure of any disease or condition by these devices. They are made available to the public for biofeedback treatment to help heal ill and pains as quickly and effectively as possible.
Persons interested in learning more of these remarkable and affordable devices are referred to


Our Experience and Understanding of the ProVitalizer+                                                       

March 7, 2007

When Carol and I were on our way from Idaho to Florida in September, 2005, we stopped to visit our friend, Dr  William von Peters, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who had just helped us clear a lot of toxic metal poisons from our bodies.  We went to Florida to see what we might do to disable the hurricane-production infrastructure there, with plans to get a seaworthy boat and to make & distribute plenty of orgonite in the coastal waters and Bahamas before the next ‘hurricane season‘ started..

He’d told us about his Russian electro medicine devices but the price seemed too high for us to get one, without having firsthand experience.  So it was fortuitous that he erased  some chronic pain in Carol’s knee with one of these in less than five minutes. Dr von Peters, along with being a physician and teacher in Tennessee, is a Professor in  Russia and regularly visits there to teach seminars in medical schools.  He brings back the latest electromedicine devices to sell in America.

After we settled in Florida, Dennis and Sherry Harwood, who have, also based in Chattanooga and who are also affiliated with Dr von P,  offered to trade one of the Doc’s ProVitalizer+ devices for fifty of our Terminator zappers, which we did.

Perhaps on account of our plan for Florida, where we had begun working with Jeff McKinley in Tequesta, we three experienced almost overt surveillance, intimidation and  daily energy assaults from various government (domestic and foreign, apparently) agencies,.  The surveillance and intimidation were mostly laughable, except when the FBI poisoned our beloved dog to death,  but those apparent electronic/scalar assaults resulted in acute pain, usually in the back.  Any one of these painful episodes would have disabled us for days  or weeks but, each time, applying the ProVitalizer+ to the affected areas reduced the pain within minutes and by the next day or two, no trace of the pain remained.

My  wife is one of those natural psychics who see subtle energy clearly. Her skill and insight has been essential for developing our own inventions over the years.
She was pleased to note that the energy attacks always happened ‘through’ weak spots in the etheric energy fields surrounding our bodies and that the ProVitalizer+ apparently was able to either repair the source/result (?) in the body of those etheric ‘holes’ or else able to repair the etheric holes, themselves, resulting in quick healing in the physical body‘s relevant areas. . Either way, the pain diminished in a few minutes, consistenly, and the etheric field.  
We personally assume that one’s physical, emotional and mental health is mainly determined by the condition and integrity of the etheric field around the body, which seems to be the foundation of the physical body and the rest.  The essentially non-physical nature of our existence might explain how some people have been able to thrive for years without ingesting food or even water.  There are some interesting  implications and applications in that line of enquiry, which many of us have begun to explore.

There were several dozens of such assaults,  early on, perhaps aimed at discourage or terrorize us.   After a year had passed and it was evident that our campaign to stop weather warfare assaults in that region (we coordinated our efforts with Dave Emmett in Barbados) had been successful, the individual energy assaults on all of us had diminished quite a lot.  I’m mentioning this so you’ll get an idea of who we are. You probably remember when the What To Think Network had promised the ‘worst hurricane season, ever,’ for 2006 and that no hurricanes at all occurred during that entire season. We did that, with Jeff McKinley and Dave Emmett. It‘s all chronicled on .

Though we’re now back in Idaho after that successful campaign we still occasionally get assaulted by the  felonious feds (I got tagged just yesterday, in fact, but I‘m fine now), so it’s awfully nice to have this wonderful healing tool handy.  For the record, I don’t have a clue whether the Russian people are better or worse off than the Americans are these days. I see tyranny and the appropriate, timely reduction of centralized governments and vast armies as a global challenge, not a particularly national one, but, hey, I live in America and these feds keep us on our toes, since they’re calling Carol and I ‘terrorists.’  This is a pretty exclusive club, as it turns out, and includes all the good folks whom you probably would most like to know about.

We don’t understand how the ProVitalizer+ works, frankly, but we do know that the Russians have been producing  solid results with electro medicine technology while people in the West have been spinning their wheels with an apparent insufficient grasp of Dr Rife’s pioneering technology from the 1930s, which was based on Dr Abrams’ before him.  The ProVitalizer+ obviously works on entirely different principles. Dr Rife photographed some of the phenomenon that Dr Reich discovered, namely the blue energy fields around micro-organisms, as seen in his unique microscope. I’ll celebrate when Dr Rife’s phenomenal life work and inventions will be presented in a fair context, finally independent of the thousands of poseurs who are degrading his name and reputation by association for now. Wilhelm Reich is finally getting more and more  of the recognition he so well earned before his murder in 1957, so maybe Rife‘s exoneration won‘t be long to come, after all..

I don’t class zappers with Rife’s and the Russians’ pioneering efforts, by the way, because it’s not rocket science to efficiently move ions through the skin with a simple on/off circuit (capacitance) in order to destroy pathogenic organisms and disable poisons.  That’s the main function of all zappers, regardless of bells, whistles and incomprehensible, groundless claims about various frequencies.   You can do the job by touching an electric fence; zappers are simply a more comfortable way to get suitably weak electrical current into the body.  Our use of subtle energy components in zappers, even though it includes a mobius coil, is still quite low-tech and they work mainly on the etheric energy field in and around the body while the circuit is busy destroying disease-causing organisms, organic poisons, and apparently neutralizing even  radioactive material.

I think more and more folks are figuring out on their own that zappers and frequency devices are as distinctly separate  as painting and sculpture are.  In Dr Rife’s day, the frequency tables he compiled were appropriate; these days they’re clearly no longer relevant, perhaps on account of all frequencies, across the board,  having increased since then.  But thousands of people witlessly parrot the plagiarized, sabotaged version of Dr Rife’s work that’s being promoted by another, apparently well-meaning,  zapper maker in Europe.  I dearly hope that the genuine electromedicine technology developed by Russian scientists, and available through  Dr von Peters, will demonstrate a better approach so that people won’t have to spin their wheels any more or  to confuse complex, expensive frequency applications with simple, inexpensive  zapping.

The people who get authentic Rife Generators instead of using the knockoffs that were plagiarized, then bastardized from those  are more likely to  get results but only if they’re pretty good at dowsing for specific frequencies. Of course, for destroying pathogenic organisms, the simplest, cheapest zapper on the market will get it done faster and more efficiently than any expensive device, including a Rife Generator and ProVitalizer+, can.   

Like with any other profession, competent healers know well enough to choose the right tool for a job.  Using an expensive frequency device to destroy pathogenic organisms is like attempting to drive a screw with a voltage meter. Getting rid of pathogenic organisms is a good first step (even a giant step) in all illness cases but it’s often not the only step that’s needed and we all get injured, one way or another, and would like to have access to immediate pain relief and quick recovery in that case. For that matter, we all do well to ensure that our energy fields will keep their integrity.

We’re all taught that scientists are rational and result-oriented but I’ve only known a few that are like that. Most of them are so full of complex, abstruse theories and are so disinterested in producing  beneficial  results and technology that they’re more like jaded, complacent clergymen than scientists.  For instance, three  entire fields of science--astrophysics, geology and archeology--are openly opposed to requiring their theories to be tested objectively, which is why mere theorists, like Hawking and Einstein won’t be held accountable  for demonstrating their claims but  that genuine, evidence-producing pioneers in those fields will be blackballed by his or her ‘peers,’ which is to say they won’t get hired by any institution, perhaps except in Russia these days.

Thank God there were people like Dr Rife, Dr Reich, Tesla, Dr Abrams, Maxwell and many others who, though not loved or accepted by their fellow academics and scientists, are at least known to have contributed materially to the improvement of our world through their work. This is also true for several free energy device inventors,  including Reich and Tesla. I think we’re on the threshold of having affordable, understandable and easily-produced free energy tech.  You can imagine what that will do to the global oil cartel and to improve the fortunes of our entire species. There are many advances like this, some of which have already broken through the artificial barrier of  defamation, extortion and murder that was set up to prevent the essential liberation of humanity from global tyranny and exploitation. People in general are simply getting tired of allowing parasitic government, educational, scientific and religious hierarchies to tell them what to think and believe. We always get the sort of government we deserve and, fortunately, more and more people now believe that we deserve better (and less!) than what we have.

Dr von Peters is one of the few physicians we’ve known who are actual healers and scientists and who focus on getting results as soon as possible, rather than treating patients like cash cows.  He formulated ChemBuster at our request, three years ago, and this little, inexpensive remedy has helped thousands of sufferers of the new chronic illnesses too recover in a short time.  

Another is Dr Steve Smith in Stevensville, Montana, who is a genuinely magical hands-on healer with a profound grasp of nutrition and physiology. Steve and his wife, Dooney, are psychics whom we work with regularly.  These days, high psychism has escaped being labled as superstition and overactive imagination and we‘re seeing it clearly as a priceless adjunct to genuine scientific research and even to invention..

You might be aware that anyone in America who heals people will come up against the US Government, sooner or later, which is to say that the global pharmaceutical cartel will put pressure on the government to stop them.   These two fellows are intimately aware of that, as are Carol and I.  As more and more people choose alternative healing, though, the official and sub-official attempts to stop folks like us are getting weaker and less frequent.  Ten years ago (before the internet), we’d all be dead or imprisoned for what we do.

We’ve clearly only scratched the surface of the  ProVitalizer+’s potential for healing.   A result of the frequent assaults and poisonings we’ve been subjected to since we started the grassroot, global ‘gifting’ movement, six years ago, is that my wife’s heart had been severely weakened. The ProVitalizer+ has been bringing her heart back to health, I’m happy to say, and at this rate we‘ll both be healthier than ever, even though we‘re middle aged folks. It’s just as well, because most of our career is still ahead of us.

Most people in America who are our age are sick and dying because they believe in serial killers (MDs) and that the conventional diet is sufficient to sustain health.  ‘Health insurance,’ indeed; accident insurance makes sense to me but that’s fairly cheap compared to the top-heavy, incompetent HMOs that many working people are still conned into believing that their families can’t live without. Most accidents happen in cars, if I’m not mistaken, and  note how little that coverage costs compared to ‘health insurance,’ which turns millions of sleepwalkers into wage slaves, as well as ‘murder-by-installment‘ victims.  Sooner or later, millions of Mds will surely be held accountable for their crimes; they won‘t be able to hide under the billowing skirts of the global harmaceutical cartel any more, nor will they be treated like untouchable, vapid  clergymen..

That unhappy result may be drawing closer, though, I’m happy to say, because fewer and fewer people are sleepwalking now.  I didn’t feel nearly as hopeful, eleven years ago, when I began my fairly quick  professional transition from successful sign artist to successful zapper maker.

The ProVitalizer+ is available from

~Don Croft


[The following testimonial was written for Dr von Peters by a mutual friend:]

I would highly recommend the Russ-Tech unit for treating most any condition.

Although at first I thought it to be rather pricey, I quickly changed my mind when I saw the miraculous results that very quickly occur with use of the device.

Initially I purchased the unit to treat severe jaw pain that I was experiencing, and soon noticed an added benefit, that with repeated use, I was actually getting a mini facelift without the pain or high cost of a cosmetic procedure.  I was amazed to see my skin firming and its texture improving dramatically.  As far as I was concerned, this was certainly worth the price I paid for the Russ-Tech.

I also did some more experimentation to see how effective it was for a bruise I sustained after a fall on my kitchen floor.  The day after my fall two large bruises came up on my inner arm, so I decided to use the Russ-Tech on one and not the other to see how quickly it healed.  

The very next day the treated bruise was almost gone, while the untreated one lasted nearly another two weeks before it was healed.

Although initially skeptical of the Russ-Tech's claims, I recommend anyone who can afford to do so, invest in one without hesitation. I know you will be as impressed with its results as I have been.