Eric Jon Phelps

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part 1: The Most Powerful Man In The World? The 'Black' Pope
part 2:  Maniacal World Control Thru The Jesuit Order: Well-Hidden Soldiers Of Satan 

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Direct excerpts from the forthcoming book by Eric Jon Phelps called Vatican Assassins


Articles re Phelps
The Jesuits Hoax  On his website under the donations section it asks for all money orders to be sent to the address of LOWVEHM Inc., the company he runs. Now if you go to the LOWVEHM website you will quickly see that it is a diamond and jewels company that receives its diamonds wholesale straight from Tel Aviv, Israel! So the guy’s income is dependent on Israeli Blood Diamonds and he blames the Jesuits for everything.....Not only does this Israeli diamond thing make he look like a total shill for the Jews but he admitted that his wife is a Russian Jew and that he is a Christian Zionist himself. He also smears anyone who doesn’t agree with his nonsense by calling them a “Jesuit Coadjutor” (which is just a pathetic made up fictional term).
.....One of the most devastating things to the notion that the Jesuits are at the top of this thing is the fact that more than a lot of the Jesuits are in fact Jewish. The Jesuit Order is in reality a Jewish Order masquerading as a Catholic one as a cover, so even if they were at the top it’s still a Jewish conspiracy.....The Jesuit Order in its founding was very much Jewish. All five of its founding members were Marrano Jews (i.e. Jews masquerading as Christians).  Ignatius Loyola - Founder of the Jesuit Order (Jewish)

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 1: Smear Artist, Israeli Diamond Trader and "Jesuit" Expert (Oct. 24, 2008)

Eric Jon Phelps Exposed, Part 2: Putting Israel First, Promoting the Zionist Agenda (Oct. 25, 2008)