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Post Phil Schneider Was Murdered in 1996 for This 
UNfortunately, sometimes that's the only sort of confirmation that can lend credibility to someone who has broken government secrecy oaths. There are so many fakers out there who pretend to be whistleblowers that maybe Phil would have been lost in the shuffle but maybe it's time to highlight some of his information again.

Here's a URL where you can  find a bunch of his lectures on film:

Here's an audio link interview with  Al Bielek about his friendship with Phil and the circumstances around his death:


Some of this stuff is featured on disinfo sites, which is unfortunate, and there are some who will scream that Al Bielek is a liar.  Since there's no way to validate or cross reference information from people who have broken secrecy oaths they can't be said  to be speaking with authority but Carol adn I have used a lot of the information we got from our conversation with  Al Bielek and we've never had cause to doubt his integrity.

I'm going to post some of the notes from Phil's Denver workshop, then will transcribe more and post again:

Phil Schneider

E.T.s, UFOs, and New World Order Technology; an Overview--1940 to the Present (1995)

Ex-government worker: 17 years in Black Projects (‘Skunkworks’) helping design and build extremely deep underground bases.

Structural engineer, aeronautical and military applications (US Air Force and Navy).

Graduate of Missouri University and University of Manchester (UK)

After recovering from wounds received in 1979,  also worked for Aerospatial (French  gov’t agency)

Main job, before being wounded, was building underground and submarine bases.  Analyzed rock formations and grain structure suitable for blasting large chambers. Notes that much of the excavation was done by shaped charges and lasers.

References Richard Souter’s book on underground bases and nuclear-powered tunneling machines.

Father  (Oskar Schneider)  was a German U-Boat commander who was  responsible for sinking 131 Allied ships.   Was captured by the French in 1941 and turned over to 3d Army, who turned him over to Naval Intelligence in Pensacola, Florida. Was recruited for Navy black projects, ended up as ‘US Navy medical officer’ for Project Rainbow (Philadelphia Experiment) with rank of captain.  Continued working for the navy until his death in 1993. Was one of the principle engineers for the first nuclear submarines.

His father urged Phil to get into black projects but he became a construction worker, spent some time doing that in Viet Nam during the war, where he said he made ten times what a construction worker got paid in the US at the time.  Was injured in 1970 and recuperated by 75, then went to work for a contracting company that was building underground bases.  The first underground bases and missile bases were gold mines.  The missile silos were built around the old vertical air shafts.

Suggested that the squeamish  in the audience leave at this point, then began talking about DUM (‘deep underground military’) bases in depth.

Each base averages about 4.25 cubic miles in volume at an average depth of 5,000 feet.  At the time there were 131 of these in the US, 129 of which were fully operational.

Strategically located; first ones were built to protect the president and gov’t officials.  Since there are only 11,000 politicians and bureaucrats considered worth saving, and that only one base would be needed for that many [parasites] and their families it’s obvious that  there are other purposes for the bases.  Some had already been used to house aliens.

Government doesn’t want the public to know about their alliance with predatory aliens because: 1) they say it will panic the masses; 2) it’s obvious that these aliens had been arriving in large numbers since 1946 and perhaps earlier.

Bikini Atoll [site of the first H-bomb test blast] was the location of an enormous, ’unauthorized’ alien underground/underwater base. This was known since March, 1940.  Those islands were Japanese possessions from the end of WWI to the end of WWII, by the way. The Japanese had encounters with predatory aliens and, just like was happening in occupied Europe at the time, the aliens were stealing people off the streets [Al Bielek showed Carol and I a wartime newspaper from Holland telling about the abductions].  It apparently got so bad that some in  the Japanese gov’t hoped the Americans would take back the alien-occupied territory and deal with the off world predators.

Alien agenda has been the takeover of the planet by various off world races and species. The US Gov’t has known about this perhaps as early as 1933. Patton and MacArthur had advised that the ‘next world war’ would be fought against ‘people from the stars.’ HG Wells and others wrote science fiction books about this much earlier.

US Cavalry, while chasing bandits, found paintings of aliens and their flying craft in caves near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, in 1905.

Government’s own alien agenda [mostly a close alliance with off world predators?] has been concealed from the public by a structure of lies and innuendo.  Quotes Georg Washington:  A public that is uninformed is devoted to slavery.

Schneider suggests that we simply have to become better informed and that taking a little time, daily, to absorb credible information will generate a snowball effect, leading to more and more information.

62 of the bases house the tall and short gray aliens and their craft.  Gov’t engineers and scientists (mainly US Air Force and Navy) are breaking down their technology to apply to their own uses:

Airframes of the F117 and Stealth Bomber are made from alien metals.  Skins are made from a rubber/graphite material combined with [alien derived] element 123, which is extremely stable.

He shared a board full of photos of  the newer craft, including a lineup of 58 Stealth Bombers (half the total in the air force) in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm.  When stored, the bombers need to be kept at around 60 degrees but the skin is stable even when white hot due to friction caused by high  speed. Crystals form on the skin during those times and these crystal structures aren’t found on earth.

Some of this stuff came from the Russians, who also have an arrangement with  aliens.

One of the pioneers of the stealth project was Paul Denowitz [name sounds like that--the sound quality of the video is pretty poor].  He tried to publicize the alien agenda but was warehoused in a mental institution, then, and was turned into a vegetable.  His family spent a million dollars looking for him after he disappeared into the trunk of a car. US Air Force apparently is responsible. Denowitz developed the shape, also the bomb attachments

Jets were both turbine and nuclear (for extremely high flight).  In the Gulf War, 58 stealth fighters flew 3,706 sorties; 100% of the bombs hit their targets and 100% of the missiles hit their targets, mainly Iraqi Air Force.  Only one plane was damaged (a missile grazed the nose) but it was not disabled.

At the time of the lecture, the air force had 779 of these and had been building one every two months. Cost  (1995) was $208 million,  each.

Introduced 3D radar and carries Cray computer.  Thought-directed controls and commands; tech  received from Russians.

Aurora Project:

Capable of 40,000mph and can enter space.   Mach  3 was a limiting barrier because at that speed the air ignites, which is why meteors leave a flame trail in the atmosphere.  This plane flies at Mach 6.  

Aliens made treaties with governments in 1954, exchanging technology for animal tissue harvests.  Says that the first time he encountered  a tall gray on the job he was terrified. Later he found out that aliens can be killed--during a battle he emptied his pistol clip into a couple of them and while he was putting another ammo clip in his pistol he was struck with  a beam that vaporized several fingers and made a hole in his chest [more on that later in the film].  He was hospitalized for 57 days and spent a couple of years recuperating after that [in this film he didn‘t show the chest scars but in another film he removed his shirt and held his damaged hand over the chest scars to demonstrate the ‘match.’].
More on Bikini Atoll:   A photo of the neutron flash shows a large spaceship at the outer edge of the ball of white light.  He shares several other photos of nuclear blasts that show various sizes of space vehicles exiting the areas in the moment.

The black ops guys  were lying to Congress about aliens and UFOs as early as 1946, a year before the Roswell incident.

Describes some of the ‘tophat’ type disc craft in some of the photos of nuke blasts..  These have nuclear-powered engines.  Speeds of tophat craft were measured at 13,000mph, smaller (white dot) craft were moving at 40,000mph away from the blasts. A rare overview photo of a blast clearly shows several craft highlighted against the background of the initial blast. A lot of the early nuclear ‘tests’ were actually attacks against underground and underwater alien bases, in other words.

Initial nuke blasts warp time itself.

Typical of all nuke bomb explosions over populated areas is the image of a human face in the resulting cloud.   Lots of the fleeing alien craft were photographed leaving the area when the US nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Japan was infested with aliens by then.

Large quantities of humans have disappeared since before WWII.  They’re mostly taken by aliens. The Rand Corporation documents this and  Dr John Mack effectively  uncovered the agenda to the public. Most abductees are women.

Many aliens are biological hazards [like the Europeans were to the American Indians and Africans].

Strategic Defense Initiative is rather defense against alien attacks [Al Bielek goes into a lot more detail about this]

Mentions Ron Rummel, who tried to expose the true nature of SDI and had recently been abducted by three people, including an  NSA officer, and murdered.  The trigger man was an Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent [the lowest rung of the federal predator ladder].  At the time of the lecture,  both of these were in custody.   The third was facing extradition  to Czechoslovakia.

Bikini atoll was found to be an alien junkyard for the past 10,000 years or so.  A lot of the artifacts had a lot of old coral formed around them. Dulce, New Mexico, is where another ancient alien underground base is.  Artifacts found on the floor of the old chambers had agate formed around them. It takes an extremely long time for agate to form. It’s known that aliens have been here in large numbers for at least a half million years, probably much longer. Some machined artifacts have been found in 220 million-year-old fossilized material, for instance, though this apparently isn‘t always a slow process.

Mentions that  some of the plant life at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was instantly petrified/crystallized during the blast and identical plant fossils have been found elsewhere, including at Area 51.  There is also evidence of laser cuts in samples of fossilized wood.

US Gov’t treaties with  aliens:  1944, 1954, 1962, 1979

1979 treaty took place at Dulce, New Mexico, and was preceded by a debacle in which 66  Secret Service and Delta Force people were killed, including 22 from Israel, Germany,  Norway and South  Africa.  Phil went along with  this party as a geological engineer and they apparently weren’t told that the aliens were still hostile.  This is when  he was wounded , then later rescued.

Prewar Nazis trained the American OSS [which became CIA in 1947]. This partly explains why so many foreign troops are trained in America now.

Types of aliens Phil encountered:  large grays (he killed two of these),   The cave they broke into stunk and had a lot of metal (like stainless steel), oval vats full of blood and human and alien body parts.  The blood wasn’t coagulated.. One vat tipped over during the battle.  He mentions that there’s no blood at all in the mutilated cattle, which is done as part of the treaties.

Black projects are in layers of secrecy. The outer layer are the stealth aircraft, for instance, and the human/alien treaties are deeper. He only guesses at the nature of the deeper levels because he only had direct experience with the first two.

He mentions that he’s breaking his security oaths (and a lot of federal laws) by sharing this information. He shows a photo copy of both sides of his his  1985 US Air Force security clearance (tag) that has his photo on it., some reference numbers, a UPC bar code and a microchip.  He says that in those days there was a large machine you put the card on then put your thumb on a part of the card; next stage you put the card in a slot then  a unit came out for the forehead to rest in while the retinas were read. After that a green light came on and he could remove his card and leave the guard shack onto the facility.

Phil said that he broke his oaths because the public needs to have some of this information, at least the stuff about the alien agenda.  Some of the important  information was sixty years old at that time. He initially believed that the underground bases were for legitimate national security and he wanted to ‘come clean’ and tell about their true purposes.  An average base costs $17 billion.  Black Ops budget is half a trillion dollars per year: a quarter of the US gross national  product.  Black Budget is not monitored by Congress--it’s an independent taxing body but is mainly financed by  drug operations by the CIA, NSA and the  Drug Enforcement Administration, also the FBI, more recently.  An FBI man tried to tell the public about this and was murdered in January, ‘95.

Right before a talk in Las Vegas, the feds tried to run Phil off the road in the desert near 29 Palms Marine Base in California.  His racecar hobby had taught him to be a defensive driver, though, and the two large Air Force vans  full of shooters crashed and burned, instead Wink [Carol and I encountered this, twice,  during a couple of  nocturnal gifting trips to Death Valley]. He took photos of them shooting at him, also of one of the license plates.  He  apparently got the advantage  when they came up along both sides of him because, right after that they lost control and went off either  side of the road, down steep banks.  

He had  recently been shot , point blank, in the middle of his chest three times by an FBI agent right  before another talk.  The reason the bullets didn’t penetrate and kill him was that dense plastic/nylon plate was installed in his chest after that part of his ribcage was largely destroyed by the alien weapon in 1979.

He says he loves his country more than his own life, otherwise he wouldn’t be taking this risk. He began publicly sharing the information after a US Air Force Intelligence officer (a major) asked him whether he’s willing to directly betray the American people [I’m guessing that he was being iscreened for a higher security clearance in that meeting].

Phil said that the Waco massacre was the wakeup call for us to recognize that the federal government is out of control and has to be stopped, as the American forefathers had clearly warned.  Additional clear evidence [by 1995]:

 American armed forces had become an agency of the United Nations

Russian troops and military equipment were in the northern US states in large numbers.  

Russian nerve gas (long shelf life) had been purchased by the US in quantity after US nerve gas (short shelf life) was destroyed.

Russian biological weaponry, also stockpiled here [used in chemtrails?  There have been NO chemtrails in Russia] is superior because it’s based on glandular secretions of captured aliens [Credo Muttwa’s account of eating the flesh of a dead gray alien as an initiation rite in Zimbabwe comes to mind]

Some of the material about the sudden (early 1990s) large scale Russian military presence in America is cross referenced by several other authors, including  Ted Gunderson and James Grodin (former astronaut) but Phil is the only holder of an American Level Three security clearance who is sharing this information [at the time].

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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
You Earth piped Dulce right Don ?

I'm watching Phil's lecture video now .



Non existent tunneling machine  Cool


Only 20 video views according to google, let's see if we can bump that up  Cool

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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
schneider lecture http://www.whale.to/b/schneider1.html
ORION TECHNOLOGY AND OTHER SECRET PROJECTS  Al Bielek and Preston Nichols http://www.whale.to/b/orion.html
Denver Airport symbols http://www.whale.to/b/denver_s.html

Bielek interviews are good http://www.whale.to/b/bielek.html

Phil Schneider, for example, who knew the facts and had directly interviewed aliens himself in Area 51. He knew what was going on. He attended underground UN meetings - the real meetings are not held in New York at the UN Plaza. The policy-making meetings are held in the underground military bases (what he called the DUM [deep underground military) bases). They are all controlled and dictated to by the tall gray aliens. He personally attended two of these meetings and said, after the second one, he was working for the wrong people. That was why he quit his service as a geologist for the government.   He said it was run by aliens. He said that the aliens are in back of UN policy, and that they are in back of so many things that are happening on the Earth. He says that they are gradually taking over and are running, shall we say, "The New World Order." --- Interviewed by Kenneth Burke at the Global Sciences Congress, Daytona Beach, Florida in August 1997

DUMBs http://www.whale.to/b/underground_h.html
SECRET CITY BENEATH TOKYO http://www.whale.to/b/tokyo.html

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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered in 1996 for This 
Eric, Kelly earthpiped the  Dulce base and several others  in the region soon after we did the initial field experiments with  earthpipes, several years ago.  Dulce is apparently the hub for all the bases west of the Rockies.

A nuclear tunneling machine was used to generate an earthquake in Las Vegas in the movie, OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, that came out this year.  They said in the movie that it was borrowed from the FRench, who used it for their end of the Chunnel  Cool

John, You are On The Ball with your site!  Thanks, partner.

I hope our readers will carefully watch and listen to Al Bielek's, Phil Schneider's and Preston Nichols' presentations.

As far as Carol and I can  tell, the only two people who give talks about this stuff who are credible are Schneider and Bielek, though some of the others apparently were or are associated with Montauk and other sites.  I just don't know of others, though the fellow who wrote the Montauk book seems kind of credible to me. I try to listen to Duncan Cameron but the only times he's lucid are when he's talking about his experience on Mars. The rest of the time he can't seem to form a complete sentence and my brain  twitches on account of that  Cool .  Al Bielek says that Duncan is his brother.   Duncan often shows up in talks with Nichols, or did in the 90s.

As a rule, when you watch disinformants they spin you but when you watch real information outlets, they inform you.  This isn't a subtle distinctionn and you can experiment a bit and perhaps understand what I'm saying.

After I transcribed half of Phil Schneider's talk that I have on videotape I found the sites noted above.  I wanted to put some of it in writing becuase this helps emphasize the subject matter and puts it out in the ethers for discussion, again but I hope you'll watch the other recorded talks by Phil, also everything from albielek.com when you can.

Al told us that he won't be murdered because of his involvement with the time rip; the world odor simply can't determine if killing him would affect them, too, in an undesirable way, that's all.  He told us that the CIA did toss him into a hyperdimensional portal in Virginia, though, and that he went to one of the worlds in the B Sirius system, where people get eaten when they come through that portal  Cool

Apparently the B Sirians also felt it was too risky to kill him and tossed him back.  The CIA guys expressed shock and surprise and told Al, 'Wow, we've never seen anyone come back through, before!'

In a lecture circuit a lot of legitimate people went around informing people in the mid 1990s, along with a boatload of fakers like Gritz, Lazar, Swerdlow, Nichols, etc., and I think Bielek and Schneider knew the score but chose not to expose them. Soon after Al began publicizing his newly restored memories of Montauk and Philadelphia in 1988 a swarm of fakers and liars sprang up all around him. This is an ancient world odor ploy, as you hopefully know by now.

Richard Souter, who published a book about underground bases and nuclear tunneling, contacted me a few years ago to ask about the underwater base in the Bahamas' Tongue of the Ocean and I told him, 'We've gotten psychic intel, also personal accounts and visual circumstantial evidence on South Andros Island but we don't have any documented evidence, sorry!'  For the work we do in the chats we don't need corroborative evidence or crossreferencing but in order to claim that something is valid in this forum or in a published work we have to back it up, which is why I always put the subjective caveat around stuff like this when I report it.

Phil said, 'When you listen to what I'm going to tell you,  put on your "skepticals," not your spectacles.  Keep doing your own research!'   How cool is that?   Al Bielek makes a clear distinction between what he knows and has seen and what he only surmises based on other evidence.   The fakers and liars never offer courtesies like that; they just start spitting their stuff out, many of them also get embroiled in troubles that are obviously a result of their own lack of character Wink .  Several of them ripped off Al Bielek, for instance,  but neither  Al nor Phil ever did this for money; they apparently act from social conscience.


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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
I'm wading through the dis info sites on Dulce, but seem to have made a hit with some good intel, but it's in FRENCH !

http://www.nenki.com/techno/dulce_base_souterrain.html any readers of french are welcome to take a crack at it .


Entrance to Underground Base at area 51




photos from ,  http://freenet-homepage.de/shiva2012/dulce/dulcepics.htm

Entrance to Dulce, maybe Smile



More Dulce UG photos here  http://www.mangup.net/alien.html .  
The owner of mangup.net lives in Switzerland. but the website is russian or some other slavic language, figures it's not hosted in the US. My laptop is under heavy hacking right now for posting these Dulce photos.


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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered in 1996 for This 
Last month, after I posted this, Dooney and Stevo reviewed some of Phil Schneider's presentations (thanks, Eric!) and were quite shocked to discover that so much of what they and the other psychics had been seeing during the international chat sessions are 3D, solid realities.

The timing for them seemed interesting to me because it followed a week or so after our momentous, impromptu session in their parlor during which  we four were ushered into the higher dimensions, apparently by friendly Lemurians and dolphins.

Initially, it seemed as though we had become less vulnerable to the government psi corps and related, creepy predators because they are completely unable to get beyond the fourth dimension, so any level of awareness above that seems like a safe haven. It sure teaches detachment, by the way.

I think the sudden confirmation of all the horror of the world odor that Phil's presentations gave Dooney and STevo were so shocking that one of their top (sic) occult predators was able to 'reach out  and touch' Dooney, who became quite ill. Fortunately, there was a chat session the next morning and we were able to help her get well quickly.  After a month or so this hasn't happened again, so apparently there is some extra, innate protection when one is willing to get beyond 4D regularly.  The two attempts on Carol's life and the more-overt-than-usual surveillance and hacking aimed at us since November have seemed less threatening, too, even though the felonious feds obviously intended to intimidate and terrorize us that way--hard to explain but a very welcome development.

 D and S are doing quite well these days, otherwise, and they and Carol and I have had to spend less effort helping each other out from under CIA and other psi and radionics assaults aimed at our livlihoods.  We notice that the other vendors who get similarly attacked are also having less trouble countering those government assaults, too, since that November evening in the parlor. Since one or two of these people are not participants in the chat sessions that indicates, to us, that the new realization is automatically spreading.

The Bible, and especially the Qur'an, are full of good examples of the dynamics of the higher realities, which is probably why the world odor has always been so intent on polluting the religions through 'theological seminaries' and misrepresentations, epitomized most recently by Theosophy's successfu villainous,  control-freak campaign to get PJ folks to look at the Prophets as villains and/or control freaks.  Shocked

Did you know that Muhammad had quite a lot to say about the presence of the unseen worlds and populations?  Maybe the Qur'an is a better source for information simply because it's more recent and was dictated by the Prophet, rather than filtered through the millenia through 'theologists' and clergy/translators.  The sad part is that Muslim clergy, even right after the death of the Prophet, have typically been obtuse, hostile and vindictive toward the liberating spirit of the Qur'an, especially lately when London has re-established the hegemony of clergy in Islamic countries through some clever subersion and political maneuvering.  Somehow, though, Muhammad was able to limit the power of clergy to the extent that civilization soon flourished and real human freedom was realized for the first time, leading eventually to a Renaissance even in Europe.  

If clergy in the early days of Islam had been allowed to become as powerful as they have become since Khomeini was inserted by London corporate aristocrats  into Persia in the early 1980s we'd probably be living in caves, worshipping the sun and wearing animal skins these days. There wouldn't have been a Renaissance in Europe and the Vatican would have been allowed to continue it's sponsorship of cultural degradation in Europe.  

You might not know, unless you live in the Middle East,  that Islamic cultures were becoming quite progressive after World War II and until the early 1980s, after which ALL of the Islamic countries, except perhaps Turkey, Iraq and Bosnia, were thrust into a new dark age.

The story in the Old Testament of how an entire city was preserved from destruction on account of the integrity of one man (I forgot the city's and the man's name but you might remember) might be better for illustrating this curious phenomenon than the 'hundredth monkey' proposition is because in that case,  one person's integrity enabled an entire city full of debauchers and predators to be preserved from destruction (self-destruction?).   I guess there's hope for Los Angeles, after all! Cool

I'm not claiming any authority with this interpretation,  of course, or with my comments about Islam and religions in general; just tossing it all out for your consideration.  Wouldn't it be funny if all our angst over how to widely share this liberating new information is for naught?  Laughing

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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
I meant to reply to this thread a while ago but got sidetracked. I have not been exposed to Phil Schneider's material before, and I was amazed as I listened to his lecture how what he described was so similar to what I have seen etherically while chatting. I don't do a lot of internet reading because I don't have enough time, so I've never read any descriptions of underground bases. All my impressions of what they look like have come to me during the chats. I have been helping bust underground bases etherically for four years and the details of what those bases look like has been pretty consistent. So for me, this information was a complete confirmation that what I "see" etherically really exists. I was saddened to learn that Phil was murdered, but I'm glad his lectures have survived.


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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
I thought it would be good to bring this thread into public attention again. Maybe Dooney can post an update on our recent etheric observations?


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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
To be honest, I was agape when I saw these photos of the bases for the first time. Back when I didn't believe anything psychic was real and convinced I just had a very vivid, hardworking imagination, I had quite a few dreams featuring places like that. I honestly thought my brain was helping me work on my sci-fi stories. About three years ago, I started to do some internet research on some things I was seeing because I was beginning to suspect it was real. When started reading about the bases and what went on, I froze up and had a overwhelming compulsion to stop. I could barely get my head to look at the screen. Which seems very funny to me now...that kind of blatant and obvious command told me I was on to something real and not imaginary. Basically shouting "DON'T LOOK!" tipped me off that I should be looking. Whatever that was about, it backfired since that ended with me finding out about orgonite in less than a month. That was pretty intense period of jaw dropping realizations and I'm lucky I didn't swallow any flies.

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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
The Philadelphia experiment & Montauk project (video interview Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and Peter Moon)

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10

Reich's orgone energy occasionally mentioned at the end of part 3. First couple of video's about how radar and other electro magnetic frequency transmitters were/are used to influence thoughts, which most people still believe only come from within ourselves (..).

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Post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered In 1996 For This 
Carolien, I assume you are talking about our recent forays into the underground prison camps during the last few chats. Stories of these camps and the railroad cars that have been outfitted with shackles to carry people there have been circulating for at least ten years. I feel a lot of those stories are circulated to promote fear-mongering, but Carol recently spoke to someone who knows two guys who have been hired recently to weld those shackles into the railroad cars. So we decided to take a look at the situation, starting with the underground prison camp at Lolo Pass on the border of Montana and Idaho on Highway 12. We have a personal stake in busting this base since it's the one we would most likely be taken to if they ever decided to disappear Stevo and I. Don and Carol have thrown a few hundred TB's here, and Stevo and I gifted the whole of Highway 12 with a TB every mile from Lolo to Lewiston, Idaho. We also planted a half dozen earthpipes and quite a few HHG's on the top of the pass.

Interestingly, many years ago before I knew anything about underground bases or how to bust them with orgonite, Stevo and I were driving towards Lolo Pass and saw a creepy military vehicle coming the other way. The license plate was European, and the guy we saw in the front seat looked like a caricature of a bad guy...khaki uniform, mirrored shades and a bad attitude. I was totally creeped out and I didn't even know why. But learning about the prison base there just confirmed for me that what I felt that day was real.

Anyway, we started boosting the Lolo Pass base, with cetacean and Lemurian help, and we soon felt the energy spreading out into many, many tunnels that led away from the base. Boosting from the higher dimensions, we could eventually see the energy spreading all across the country to other bases. More and more as we do this boosting from the 13th dimension we can see the bigger picture and do more far-reaching work than we've been able to do in the past. Carol felt that there are already prisoners inhabiting these bases, and I could only hope that our boosting gave them a means of escape. Stevo I intend to go out shooting if it comes to that, hence our recent Glock purchases Smile , so we'll never see the inside of that base. As we continued to boost, we used Creator Vortex energy to help drain the energy at each base. Most of these bases are built on a vortex and a corrupted natural power source, such as a giant crystal. When we encounter these vortices, we heal them and take away the major power source for the base. This is really crippling to the NWO, and we generally get stiff etheric reprisals after these sessions.

It has really helped me to listen to Phil Schneider and see the pictures above, because it reaffirms the things I see in the etheric realm and keeps me focused. An interesting thing happened as we started to push the energy through all these U.S. bases and out into the ocean. We encountered an etheric wall that did not allow our boosting to go beyond the continental U.S. It became obvious to us that these tunnels continue right into the ocean and around the world. We kept pushing until we could feel the energy moving out and flowing more freely. We will spend time in a subsequent chat making sure the energy goes through the rest of the tunnels across the globe.

Hard to believe that the earth is riddled with tunnels? Sure. But not for me.  Smile

The other interesting thing we noticed is that these tunnels and bases seem to be connected to the banksters we've been boosting for the past few weeks. What I got is that they are in hiding and we just discovered their hidey-holes. It was an added bonus to the overwhelming etheric relief I felt after boosting those bases. We're trying to get together a list of the U.S. bases to post. Once they're posted, consider it your patriotic duty to go earthpipe them!


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New post Re: Phil Schneider Was Murdered in 1996 for This 
Thanks a lot for keeping this thread alive, folks!   This is a red-hot topic right now.

I love to see the psychics interact in the chats because they nearly always see the same scenes and even see each other in those scenes.  I like to remind our readers that Phil Schneider had reported that the biggest underground base at the time before he was murdered was one in Sweden that was thirty cubic miles in volume. This is not a small problem.  If you look at the pics Eric shared you get a glimpse of their vastness.   I favor French information sources because they seem to be less infected with MI6 and CIA influence.  This is abundantly demonstrated by the pioneering efforts of French research journalists to uncover the US Government's role in the demolition of the World Trade Center, also in uncovering of the real circumstances around the murder of Diana and her boyfriend.

I think the vast bulk of disinformation on the planet is in English and Russian, Eric, and the Russian stuff is mostly  infantile and obvious, like the KGB's Sorcha Faal's passionate but bizzare meanderings.

Napoleon said that an army can do anything with its bayonets except sit on them.  These vast underground bases are being used for military goals and perhaps also as a potential bolthole for the corporate world order troglodytes.   It's absolutely delicious, to me, that they didn't see orgonite, the magic bullet, coming and when you earthpipe the underground bases in your area, watch the smog disappear above them and feel assured that you're depriving the corporate world order and their bloodthirsty henchmen of a safe haven in your area.

Years ago, when he started targetting the udnerground bases in Southern California, DB expressed glee when he saw water flooding the  underground tunnels and caverns, due to all the rain that gifting and cloudbusters were generating by then in the region.   Let's keep working on the desert farther east so we can flush even the Area 51 and Dulce corporate/military rats out from underground with healthy rain, okay?  He told Carol and I that he felt sure that one of the reasons the world order was attempting to desertify the entire planet was because they got annoyed when their new underground bases got water in them from rainfall Cool  It's pretty obvious why so many of the larger bases are in deserts.

Let's annoy them even more!

I think the fat, creepy FBI ninja-thugs, who are the default federal wetworkers (at least until/unless the Homeland Security Administration finally brings up millions of their waiting Russians from underground), know better than anyone that a determined woman with a pistol in her hand is a much bigger threat to them than any man with any gun in his hand is 8). This is an example of how just having a gun is actually using one constructively and I hope Coach Dooney will get a flame thrower if the federal government doesn't dissolve pretty soon.  That would give her and Stevo an even wider berth, I think.  Remember when these federal surveillance/intimidation freaks were in our faces every time we even went to the grocery store or post office?  Thank God those days are gone for now, at least.

A couple of nights ago I had a vivid dream, right before I woke up, that there was a distinct shift toward martial law.  I've assumed that all of the activists in North America would be murdered in our beds at 3AM, the night before martial law were declared, so I convinced Carol to go away with me, last night. We stayed at a motel in Moscow, Idaho, and we'll pick up more metal from our machine shop source, here, this morning. I REALLY don't want to get shot Wink

We had supper and a fun visit with Ryan and Linda at Sangria last night and when Carol gets up, shortly, we're going to Breakfast Club. I love this town. We'll see Granpa Kelly agin, pretty soon, after Alejandro and Javiera get here. He lives ten miles away in Pullman, Washington.

I remember O'bomber's actual inaugural address, the day that fuming Hillary the Horrible got bumped out by the corporate world order in his favor and that evening (June 3, I think) this toady promised the assembled Chicago Zionists that he's going to attack Persia for Israel.

Inaugural address Cool .  A friend of Carol's told us that she was shocked to mistake an 'Obama/Biden' bumper sticker as saying 'Osama/Binladen' in a quick glance and I observed, 'I think the feds are using those two treasonous political chumps' names as an in-your-face, double entendre  joke about Osama being one of their employees.'

I was not suprised at all by this acquisitive, salivating thug's more formal appointment to the presidencey, yesterday.

Last night we had an unscheduled chat session to 'tune up' the businesses that are under attack (Stevo's, ours, Carolien's and Andy's) and the psychics got a clear picture of BushSr being particularly, even desperately lustful to initiate World War Three, probably through his new stooge, O'Bomber, and they also saw the corporate world order's new  masters in Peking amused by BushSr's Machiavellian ministrations the way a cat is amused by a captured mouse.  That felt pretty reassuring to me.  North America and Europe are Peking's cash cows and if Peking can't keep a billion Chinese distracted with moderate prosperity they'll have a hundred Tienanmen Square scenarios to deal with. It's a fun time to be alive and awake becasue Orgonite is going to jerk the rug right out from under these complacent Triads and dark masters pretty soon.

I get a kick out of how the What To Think Network and all those harumphing talking-head economists and 'financial analysts' studiously ignore China's pivotal new role in global economics, finance and politics.  None of them  have commented on China recently forcing the US, at a meeting in Peking, to take North Korea off the list of 'terrorist nations.'  That's pretty funny because North Korea is the only one on the list that seems to have a clear intention and ability to nuke another country.  Every country and 'faction'  that has an interrest in nuke weapons has got plenty of them, of course. The Russians made sure of that in the early 1990s, as did the CIA, MI6 and the Mossadomites®, much earlier.  Who doesn't know that except the aggressively asleep among us?

I probably gave Dooney the impression that I tossed hundreds of TBs in the vicinity of the Lolo Pass Underground Gulag but I only tossed one every half mile or so--I think they did more but the facility is some distance north of the highway in an unaccessible area of mountainous forest.  I certainly intend to fly over it and look for a railroad, also a l ake to drop earthpipes into. I'll need to get some more flight experience, first.  Carol was struck pretty hard by the realization, last week, that the trap that the feds set for her, Jeff and myself during a blizzard, almost two years ago near Lolo Pass was intended as a measure to capture us and stuff us into that underground prison--probably to torture us to death. She had always assumed that they intended to just kill us, there, but their following orchestrated effort, later in the day, to cause us to drop off the side of a mountain closer to home was an actual murder attempt.  Poor Jeff only wanted a vacation, then.

It's so funny to me that he millions of suddenly-erected death towers, whose physical existence are obvious even to the most blindered Pajama Person (unlike chemtrails) are now like the Emperor's New Clothes.   I'm pretty sure that genocide and enslavement was supposed to have been accomplished long before teh PJ folks finally connnected the dots and noticed that 'cell towers' are not for cellphones Cool .  I think that recognition is not far away and the CIA's liars will be severely challenged to make those death towers look 'okay.'  They can't do with the death towers what they're trying to do with the chemtrails:  terrify the newly awakening.  Things that are in teh sky will remain a remote, tentative and deniable threat but these weapons that are deployed on the ground are more personal and immediate.

I think we relatively few gifters will cancel the global underground bases before the PJ folks will even know or care that they exist and that's kind of tasty to me, too.  Can you imagine how daunting and discouraging our work would be if we had to explain and justify everything to the sleeping masses or, for that matter, to corporate academia and media?