Plan to Subvert & Discredit Christianity

The Illuminati Christian Impersonator

February 5, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court...we shall come forward in the guise of its defenders...By this diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of this place." (Protocols of the Elders of Zion-17)

At the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington Thursday, Tony Blair confessed he didn't talk about God while in office so he wouldn't be considered a "nutter."

But now the convert to Roman Catholicism can declare that religious faith is at the heart of global affairs. In a "sermon" Thursday, he mentioned God 31 times and proclaimed: "In surrendering to God we become instruments of his love."

President Obama endorsed the charade: "My good friend Tony Blair - who did it first and perhaps did it better."

Obviously Blair's role is to usurp Christian leadership and expose religious belief to ridicule. Along with another phony, George W. Bush, Blair caused the death and maiming of an estimated one million Iraqi civilians. They're sociopaths, not Christians.

The public is not deceived. One reader commented:  "Since he has so much blood on his hands, he thinks by turning to religion all will be forgiven. Sad fool."

But the ruse does work. Another reader commented: "When I hear that this man is a Christian, it makes me proud to be an atheist."

Blair is a UN Middle East Peace Envoy. This is what the "instrument of God's love" had to say about Israel's massacre of women and children in Gaza: "What has happened has been very shocking and very sad - the scenes of carnage - but that is war, I'm afraid, and war is horrible."

(And, Satan must have his due.)

During his tenure in office, Blair, a closet Catholic, legalized gay marriage and adoption and, with false flag terrorism, turned the UK into a police state disdained by the whole world. 


blairbenedict.jpgThe Illuminati decided that it was better to take over the Catholic Church than attempt to destroy it.  Pope Benedict's recent suspension of the excommunication of Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson may have been designed to heap scorn upon the authority of the Pope and the RC Church. This is exactly what has happened.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spoken out against Pope Benedict XVI's decision, saying: "The Pope and the Vatican need to make clear that such a denial in unacceptable." Others have called for the Pope's resignation.

The Holocaust is not the issue here. My point is that Benedict's rehabilitation of Williamson makes no sense unless it was intended to bring opprobrium upon the RC Church. My hunch is that the Pope, like Tony Blair and Barack Obama, is an Illuminati Christian impersonator.


The zealous Blair seems to have forgotten Christ's injunction to the rich man to give away his possessions. Instead, Blair is accumulating wealth. Since leaving office he has made over $18 million from giving $250,000 speeches to globalist outfits like JP Morgan Chase and arms dealers Carlyle Group. (The latter feels an especial debt of gratitude to this Christian zealot for privatizing the UK's spy technology at below market price.) When you serve the devil, you don't need to wait for Heaven to receive your reward.

The Illuminati apparently intend to use religion to facilitate their one world tyranny. Partnering with the Yale University Schools of Management and Divinity, "The Tony Blair Faith Foundation" aims to use "education" to bring about the New World Order:

"These are times of tumultuous change. The twentieth century order is history; and the forces of globalization are pushing all of the economies of the world - and all of the citizens of the world, with their great diversity of religious faiths - more closely together."


The Illuminati are Satanists. They engage in Satanic ritual (human) sacrifice and every form of sexual perversion. Blair and Obama belong to the Illuminati. Their aim is to destroy religion by throwing them all into a blender. A phony world "religion" will emerge led by the Antichrist and dedicated to Lucifer. 

Blair's talk of being an "instrument of God's love" is classic Orwellian doublespeak: the words are the same but the intent is exactly the opposite. Similarly, Satan's agents, Illuminati Christian impersonators, have replaced real Christians at the head of "Christian" societies. Their role is to discredit God, Jesus, Christianity and true religion.  

We have lost our grip on reality because mankind is possessed by a Satanic cult. Bad things are happening because despicable miscreants rule.

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