Politics In Context.

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Post Politics In Context. 

Don asked me to post my reply to this short correspondence.
The original contact was from Nicholas to Don; his reply was Cc’d to me and is copied here to put my comments in context.

I’m always surprised at the seriousness with which people still follow the soap-opera of orchestrated Party Politics in any country as the real forces operate well out of the media spotlight (and many of us here take delight in shedding our own brand of illumination on the situation).

From Nicholas on: 8/24/08:

Hi Carol/Don,
I have been regularly visiting Ethericwarriors.com forum and I feel excited listening to the stories and experiences from your journey and other gifters. I would like to request the help of you guys if it is possible. I am a citizen of Malaysia currently residing in United States. Malaysia has been undergone a lot of changes since the general elections since March 2008 this year and there'll be a by-election on August 26th. To read more about this by-election, you can goto:
In summary, the people of Malaysia are sick of the ruling coalition due to massive corruption, cronism, nepotism, racism tactics. They are using dirty tactics and all means to stop the opposition leader from winning the election and entering the Parliament. I realize that I might not speak for the rest of the citizens of Malaysia, but I am sure that everyone would want a fair-and-clean election. I would appreciate it if you guys could send a massive boost to ensure a fair and clean election, and to inhibit any contesting parties from using dirty tricks, magicks, etc. That is all I asked for and I hope it is not too much.
Thank you for listening and let me know if you have any questions or want to know more about this upcoming event. Thanks again,
A concerned Malaysian citizen

From Don on: August 27, 2008

Nicholas, you have my sympathy for being from a country that has a corrupt regime. Unfortuantely, all of the governments are corrupt, right now, and the US one is aruably the worst one at the moment. I think the reason we focus our first efforts on stopping this horrid regime from committing more mass murder in the world is because defeating this government will likely make it possibble for people everywhere to stop being suppressed by bad governments.

Dan Daum has been doing a lot of gifting in Bali and part of Malaysia. It might be that if you discuss your concerns with him he can tell you of instances in which public awarenes has increased as a result of his gifting. I'm CCing this to him in case you want to contact each other.  Most people won't oppose corrupt governments simply because they believe that these governments can't be replaced, after all. Most Americans are like that, espeically people of color in America.

It's been a vvery long time since any elections on our planet have not been rigged, unfortunately. This means that progress has to be accomplished outside of the election process. We believe that the road to success is through rising awareness, which is one of the effects that orgonite has when it's distributed among the populace.



And my reply on: 8/27/08

 Hi Nicholas.
Don copied your email to me in case we wanted to get in touch with each other and I'm always pleased to hear about honestly concerned citizens in the face of corrupt governments like the ones that purport to govern our respective countries.
I'm not an Indonesian national but moved here from England long enough ago to have forgotten my home country and regard Indonesia as my own now.
I'm afraid I don't have any words of wisdom for you about disabling corrupt regimes (and I don't even know how to 'boost' either) but I have seen the extraordinary effects on whole populations of well-gifted areas once orgonite removes the mind-numbing negative influences of 'cell phone' towers and the chemtrails are rendered all but harmless by CBs.
It's as though people surface as from a dream (nightmare more like) and begin to realise for themselves what's going on.
Nobody needs 'education' because the information is all around them 24/7; all they need is the opportunity to recognise it and in my experience orgonite provides that in exemplary fashion.
There is at least one prolific gifter in KL who posts as 'Drakull' on Etheric Warriors and he's already done a lot for the city.
Please let me know if you'd like me to send him your email address.
Trying to oppose corrupt regimes through the regular channels is like beating your head against a political brick wall and is unlikely to achieve much.
Guerrilla tactics are what's called for but I'm a pacifist and prefer the awakening effects of orgonite's positive energy.
All the best.

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New post Re: Politics In Context. 
Hi Nicholas & everyone,

I am from Malaysia as well and have also followed the recent developments in Malaysia with interest especially about the possibility of the current corrupt government being overthrown. However, who is to say that the next government won’t end up like the present one as well (in the long run)?

Sure, we all want a change in Malaysia and this feeling is very genuine amongst all Malaysians today but I personally won’t trust any of the charismatic, sweet talking politicians leading all the people for this ‘genuine’ change. The people want the change but I won’t put too much faith on the pied piper. Most politicians, even in Malaysia are still mere puppets and take their orders from their unseen masters at the top.

I have found that 'gifting' is far more effective than casting my pointless vote in a rigged election. It is also probably because I simply don't trust any sugary, candy coated words coming out from any politician's mouth. It would be be best to let the  positive environments created in the vicinity of orgonite, to resolve this whole political situation by itself.

I started gifting around Malaysia in April 2006 and have seen on how effective orgonite has been to tackle the various problems like chemtrails, clearing of smog, haze (forest fires), flooding and etc, induced by chemplanes, Haarp and the so called ‘cellphone’ towers. I have also seen how simple 3oz orgonite towerbusters can be used to open dormant vortices, changing of negative leyline to a positive one and more recently, orgonite’s influence on agriculture.

Having said all that, I actually did NOT take notice on how orgonite can affect people’s awareness. This is something that I should have paid much more attention to. In late 2007, various groups of Malaysians started taking to the streets in numbers to protest against the corrupt current government. Then other groups joined in as well, and eventually at one point, almost every weekend, there would be a demonstration held in Kuala Lumpur. I think every Malaysian, all walks of life, did realize that there might be some genuine change indeed, in the near future.

The thought did not cross my mind that orgonite already planted around Kuala Lumpur, ‘might’ have played a part to influence people in the ‘area’ of demonstrations and protests taking place on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. I was looking the other way, at the weather conditions, smog, chemtrails and etc, as I was focused on the environment then. I am soooo slow to connect the dots sometimes  Smile


It was by chance that I was watching some news showing some demonstrators gathered outside the king’s palace, where they were negotiating with the riot police deployed there. Then I realized they were standing around some TBs that I had buried in October 2006, on a gifting run with Yvonne.

We were driving around that time and Yvonne was telling me that we should plant some TBs here as we passed that spot. I looked around and didn’t see any cell phone towers there but we pretty much followed our instincts or ‘gut feelings’ and planted some TBs around there anyway.

It was then that I started to realize that most of the spots where demonstrations and protests had taken place in Kuala Lumpur, had orgonite around in the vicinity.


I have gifted about 1600 TBs around Malaysia and most of the TBs that I have gifted are actually outside Kuala Lumpur, in the outskirts and in other several states around Malaysia. There are only several hundred TBs around Kuala Lumpur. Of that several hundred TBs that are in Kuala Lumpur, coincidently, most are concentrated around areas where demonstrators gathered in large number.

The areas where there were standoffs between the demonstrators and riot police (see map & picture above) is also the very spot that has the most concentrated amount of orgonite, in any part of Kuala Lumpur.

That tiny 1 km square area alone (demonstrators seen in the photo above) has about over 80 TBs. Why is that? It is also coincidently (another one?) the very same area where my work place just happens to be, at the rat race  Smile . I have already resigned from that place (I’ll post the details of the interferences that I faced in another report later).

On my last day at work over there, in October 2007, I gifted about 50TBs in that small area as I still felt quite a bit of negativity, despite gifting it much earlier. I most definitely didn’t expect to see a standoff between demonstrators and the riot police in that very spot, a few weeks later in November 2007.    

The route that I commute between my home and to the rat race in Kuala Lumpur has also been gifted, and that area also overlaps to the spots where most demonstrators had gathered in numbers.

The only spot that I thought that didn’t have any orgonite, where the demonstrators concentrated in large numbers, was in KLCC (located at the Petronas twin towers). I was talking to Faizal (we had made several gifting runs together in 2006) about the interesting coincidences of where orgonite was located and where the large crowd of demonstrators gathered. He agreed with me that we should some have orgonite at KLCC as well.

Hehehe.. then of course I slapped my forehead and realized that there are indeed quite a bit of orgonite around KLCC already. KLCC is in the Petronas twin towers after all and Faizal and myself had gifted that place thoroughly in 2006 and I posted that in my gifting report here at Etheric Warriors

Yeah, I am very slow to see this connections sometimes  Shocked  


(Harideran Sivagnanam)


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New post Re: Politics In Context. 
No doubt that Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia requires a lot more orgonite than the 1600 Tbs that I gifted.  There is an estimated 7.2 million people living in just Kuala Lumpur and it’s surrounding area (klang valley) alone.

If we take the estimate that there is about 1 ‘cellphone’ tower for every 2,000 people, we are looking at about 3600 of these death towers alone.  I estimate that 5,000-7,000 TBs should be more than adequate to disable all the so called ‘cellphone’ towers, gift the lakes, rivers and grid around Kuala Lumpur and the klang valley area alone.

Unfortunately, I don’t make a lot of money from the rat race and whatever gifting that I had done was via personal loans that I had taken from banks. I have no regrets about taking the loans for gifting and the direct experience that I got from gifting and watching orgonite in action has been ‘priceless’ for me. It was loan money well spent. I have posted most of it in my previous gifting reports here at EW.

I also knew that there is no way that I can continue gifting by continually taking more loans and so I also started seeking other Malaysians who could give a helping hand in gifting Malaysia. I spent quite a bit of time explaining to many groups of people in Malaysia what orgonite was about and teaching them how to make TBs.

Yes, there are already quite a few Malaysians that I am aware of who do know how to make orgonite but I was disappointed that many of them are content to make TBs for themselves or are just content after making a CB.

I have also left my email address at the end of my gifting reports, and I am very encouraged when I do occasionally get emails from fellow Malaysians inquiring about gifting and orgonite.

I haven’t given up on gifting yet, despite the financial challenges. It is actually very difficult, to let go off gifting, as mentioned earlier, the experience is priceless  Very Happy

The only other approach that I can think of, to finance gifting in Malaysia, in a ‘consistent’ and ‘sustainable’ manner is via an orgonite vendorship. This is what Georg in South Africa has done successfully, to finance his large scale gifting in Africa and I have been inspired from his success over there. The orgonite vendorship is also the approach that I am working on.

I have been working on this approach for over a year now and I knew from the beginning that I am going to expect a lot more interferences (more than usual). Just the very idea of an Asian orgonite vendor, operating in south east Asia, poses a big threat to the established parasites here.  

The project that I am working on is almost complete and I have to report that I did indeed face extraordinary interference when working on my orgonite vendorship project. My friend Yen had also lost her shop (central market in KL) when she agreed to sell some orgonite to finance gifting here. I also can’t count the number of times that I almost gave up on gifting altogether. I actually have some very good confirmations on the interferences and you can bet i'll be posting it all.

Having said that, I’ll also have to say that there were also a lot of extraordinary ‘coincidences’ that had gone in my favor as well. I most definitely will be writing all of this in more detail in another report and adding it in the thread that I started some time ago at EW.

 The direct link to my gifting & observation reports on EW:

Currently, the ‘Malaysia – gifting & observations’ thread that I started is a little jumbled up with many of the photos missing. I am still very happy that most of the report is still intact (Thank you Ale) after the severe hacking EW faced and the EW server was eventually moved from Canada to Chile.

I am currently in the midst of piecing the reports back together again and finding some of the missing photos in that thread. There are quite a number of photos that I had taken earlier and posted, are quite valuable in terms of providing good empirical evidence on the effects of orgonite, in Malaysia.

Although I had made backups but I regret to say that a few of the photos posted earlier have been lost. The viruses on my PC at my workplace and home did quite a bit of damage. Nevertheless, there is still quite a lot of new materials and photos that I haven’t posted yet and will be adding it  to that thread.


(Harideran Sivagnanam)