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 Powerwand Magic 
  Feb 2010
It was a great winter day in WI, sunny (after damning ether)and moderate temps. Decided to get out and bust some towers.(  can't stand to watch the super bowl anymore. ) We went to Northern ILL. We nailed 100 towers from Kenosha WI to Gurnee ILL west to Lake Geneva.  While driving south we used the powerwand (deluxe version from Georg) The ether moves from west to east here, so when aiming south, moving the power wand in a clockwise rotational manner damns the ether. When that happens: Clouds break up, sun comes out. Takes about 13 minutes to make a cloudy day a sunny day! Take that weather goons! When aiming the wand north it's the opposite: Rotate counter clockwise. I like gifting on sunny days. He He.
When we got to a large array (4 towers) Evil or Very Mad  a spook was parked in a white car along the side of the road. We pulled in right behind him, aiming the power wand at his fat head Shocked . He got real nervous and took  off within seconds. Power wands are a lot of fun!  Very Happy

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Thank you for sharing this information.  I am very interested in all healthful means to leverage my etheric tools to their highest potential.  I love my PW as well.  There is just something about the wonderful energy coming from that device!  Meditating with the PW in hand is a trip sometimes...

I recently had a big gifting run, relatively speaking, and having the PW with me was very comforting.  I was much more in tune with how to handle my situations as they developed.  Good stuff.  Thanks again.  Toby

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I wanted to mention:  I've had the most success using a 45 to 50 degree angle while rotating  Also clouds need to be 8,000  to  12,000 ft range. for my Power wand anyways. Can't wait til I see a Tornado!
When gifting with a powerwand make sure someone is riding powerwand. (not shotgun) If you bust a lot of towers, Cool  secret craft will come out at night on your ride home and someone needs to powerwand them!

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Thx Bear Claw.   There are lots of ways to do this and if one factors in the assistance from The Operators it may be that nothing at all is needed to accomplish this if one is on the way to gift some towers.

It's good to record experiments like this but it would probably be a mistake for our readers to assume that this is the only way it can be done.

I think a good example of intervention by The Operators on our behalf was Gene's introduction to this work: when he started taking an interest in gifting a blue hole cleared above his home and there were Sylphs above it.  The overcast in the  sky surrounding that hole was quite dead and dark.

I could list a dozen other good examples from our collective history but I think I've made my point.

Another thing that merits mention but shouldn't be considered 'failsafe' in terms of getting long term results is the way the atmosphere first brightens up when we do something different with orgonite.

A lot of folks experience this when they put up an orgonite cloudbuster, for instance, then if they don't follow up and disable all the death towers in their area the atmosphere seems to return to the previous depressed state.  In this case they may not notice that the chemtrails disappear faster than before, there's a decline in violent weather and floods in the immediate area, lighting stops strking within miles of the CB, etc.   An orgonite cloudbuster is configured to work on the level of the atmosphere above the lower clouds, after all.  Up there is where the more extreme weather happens or is generated by the corporate/military $#!+birds.

The best example I know of a temporary dramatic effect was when Kelly hiked up to the array on Moscow Mountain, outside of our town, Moscow, Idaho, six years or so ago and gifted the array with some towerbusters that had some energized water in it.   Carol and I gifted close to that array a couple of months earlier but the snow was too deep for us to walk any closer to it. It was only disabled on the side facing the town, then.

When Kelly got to our place, about an hour later, a very dark thunderhead was forming over Moscow Mountain.  Over the next hour it spread out about five miles in all directions and it blew hard, then rained torrents for about a half hour.  The sky all around that storm was lovely blue with intermittent, small white cumulus clouds.  In the half hour after that the storm just disappeared.  The end result was that the array was thoroughly disabled (turned into a life force generator by the orgonite, like any gifted death tower or weather weapon).

A little more gifting was done with the water-based resin with energized water in it but those results were not repeated.
If we had promoted that orgonite mod on the basis of the thunderstorm a lot of people would have been disappointed, I think, and (much worse) orgonite might have been slightly discredited. Water based resin is expensive but nearly odor free in case someone wants to make orgonite indoors in cold weather.

Carol and I invented the powerwand over seven years ago because the Succor Punch had become insufficient to protect us.   A little later, Ryan developed a sort of megapowerwand and sold a few. We still have a couple of them and he's an extremely talented and insightful fellow.  I hope he gets back into this work someday.  He lives near Kelly.

Not long after that, one of the psychics in the weekly chats figured out that we could get better results by just sending energy from our hearts to our assailants' hearts.  It worked better than all the tools we'd developed.  These chats have been going on continuously since July 3, 2002.  Carol and DB were the first psychics and now there are eight, in four countries, plus a crew of us who provide boosting energy and occasional productive, intuited suggestions for them.

Powerwands are still very fine tools for teaching someone how to toss this energy and if one is inclined to use one for radionics he/she will probably get better results with a powerwand than with the very expensive but more traditional devices.  If someone wants to learn to protect him/herself best, though, the heart technique seems to be the way to go and donebydooney.com is where the updated information is available for that, as is coaching online by Dooney for a nominal fee if she feels it's appropriate for you.

A good test for whether the powerwand did that for you, Bear Claw, is to see what happens next time you go out to gift.   In my experience, within a few minutes of the first tower being gifted the sky always clears or lightens, anyway.

A lot of us need tools to build confidence.  We sure did in the beginning.  We still use Succor Punches for blocking tech  surveillance and I use one for dowsing, too.

Even that's an area where The Operators might intervene to ensure the success of a gifting sortie.   When Cesco was arrested while gifting around a maxiumum security prison in Norway, for instance, all of the video cameras which would have shown him burying his TBs were interfered with in those moments, so they let him go.  He was in the middle of his year of silence, then, by the way, and with his bare feet, beard and long hair, combined with not speaking, the prison guards probably thought he was just a crazy guy Cool

It's great that you're gifting a belt of land across N Illinois because the surrounding ungifted area will probably be seen in weather radar as 'evidence' of your success.  Busting all the death towers and weather weaponry won't eliminate the threat of violent artificial storms, though. They bad guys are easily capable of throwing bad weather at us from a distance, unless you've busted all that stuff, too Wink  --it's all going to be gifted sooner than later at this rate, also the millions of new  death tranmsitters on the seabed.

Before long there will be enough orgonite cloudbusters distributed so that the HAARPies can't harm anyone with tornadoes and floods. With an orgonite cloudbuster the thunderheads just can't form or be formed up into the stratosphere high enough to create havoc on the ground.  That's why rain around a cloudbuster is always gentle and feels nice.

Carol and I only had TV during the year we were busting up the HAARPicane infrastructure in and around S. Florida because we wanted to have the Weatehr Channel for the sake of our boating plans along the way.  It's the only time in the ten years we've been together that we've had TV.   On trips we usually watch SciFi Channel in motels, though, also weather.  

Two times we saw clear evidence of an orgonite cloudbuster's effects in weather radar on TV in the early years: The first was a week or so after we had set up our first orgonite cloudbuster in South Florida in March, 2001.   We were in New England at the time and saw a perfect circle of rain on national weather radar, centered over the spot that the cloudbuster had been erected for only a few hours, a week before.  When we got home our neighbor told us that it rained for two weeks straight, ending a long drought.  The radius of the rainstorm was only about thirty miles.

The second time was about a year later, after Michelle Ridgely in Baltimore told me she sold some orgonite cloudbuster templates to James DeMeo.  We were staying overnight in Ashland, Oregon at the time and local weather radar on a Medford TV station showed the same circle of rain centered over Green Springs, east of Ashland.   Green Springs is where DeMento lives.   I asked Carol to go out of body and check it out and she told me that he hastily dismantled the CB as soon as the rain started Wink   I started calling him, DeMento after he tried to influence the court in Mozambique to issue a prison sentence to Georg and crew last year.  I bet Reich would want to shoot that guy on account of the way he misrepresents Reich's life work.  Ivory academic tower, my @$$.

The other factor, in addition to using tools to affect the weather and relying on The Operators to clear a path for us in many ways and watch out for our safety, is the way our own belief can affect reality.  Carol's invisibility technique is probably a case in point for that. It's simple and has worked for me in the field often and consistently enough for me to know that it works.  One has to believe it for it to work.  I'll leave it up to Carol to share that technique if she wants to. It's awfully handy when the felonious feds and their gestapo local police slaves are particularly aggressive around gifters but that's not happening as much as it used to, thankfully .

Keeping clear of the NSA and MI6 psychics is the 'next level' of privacy but I don't think it's worth the effort it takes. Carol and I did that for five days during the trip where we delivered the chemtrail/cloudbuster video to San Francisco from Pasadena to get it online in the summer of 2002.  At the end of the five days we rolled into DB's driveway in Pasadena and a coterie of fedmobiles had a lot of surprised and furioius criminals in them Cool and they tried to sabotage our brakes the following night (I caught them).  There were always fedmobiles around DB's place and they had killed some neighbors and moved into their houses.   We were all under active surveillance in the days when only a few of us were gifting.  Some of us were under 'hyperactive' surveillance Wink --that's when they really, really want you to know that they're a threat to your life.

They did sabotage Jesse's brakes the following day during the meet/greet in Frisco and he crashed his pickup but wasn't hurt.  Later, when he was gifting in Jamaica, a voodoo guy attacked him in his home with a machete but a neighbor chased the guy off and Jesse was only superficially wounded.  He's one of the early prolific gifters that fell away after honeypot glommed onto him.  We lost a few good ones that way but that, too, isn't happening as much as before.  Count your blessings.  If you go gifting in areas where there's a lot of dirty magic, please pay close attention to your surroundings and stay clear of dope and booze for the duration of the expedition, okay?  It probably doesn't matter, otherwise, what you smoke or drink.  It used to matter a lot.

I'm really glad that most of us never have to deal with these federal freaks like that, any more.  As time rolls on and gifting spreads even further I think these sanctioned murderers (you know, the terrorist organizations:  FBI, CIA, NSA, MI5/6, Mossadomites and Triads) will fade farther and farther into the background. They've always been afraid to draw any attention to orgonite.  They operate the faker forums to essentially dissuade people from gifting. You might have noticed this. It's a good lesson in Machiavellian strategy and if you'll look closely enough at it, you'll then understand why ther are so few substantive forums on the web.  Most people will simply not expend the effort to screen potential contributors thoroughly enough and the terrorist organizations have deployed an army of clever liars and fakers to infiltrate forums dedicated to progressive movements.


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Every few weeks I get an email from someone I don't know who claims that he's (always a guy--go figure) come up with a new device that makes everything we have extraneous and obsolete.  Usually, the fellow seems to expect me to thank him, strange to tell. These simple field gifts we deploy are just about as non-proprietary as the wheel or shoes so when I encounter such claims I'm curious to know how someone assumes he's made a good circle even rounder.  Some of the more resourceful fakers even send me flowery testimonials from strangers to support their claims.  I stress to my comrades that one's good  reputation is the most precious asset in this forum: time consuming and sometimes challenging to establish but easy to lose and not a preferred pursuit of the intellectually lazy.

When I encourage folks to rely more on their own intuitive/discernment processes when out in the field and less on tools and arcane theories, I  occasionally encounter resistance; sometimes open resentment.  This has conditioned me to feel like I"m bothering people when I bring up examples from our collective past to illustrate a simple point, so when I got the following I felt encouraged and relieved (Thx, Dennis--my comments/answers follow).




    I was reading your post the 'Powerwand Magic' thread and have a question.

    My hunch is that a honeypot is someone that attaches to a person and proceeds to otherwise divert them to spend their energy in unproductive means.

    Is that a correct take on the term?

    BTW, you probably know this but for those of us trying to 'learn-as-we-go', your descriptions of past experiences is quite invaluable to our discernment learning curve.  Everyone is different but I really enjoy processing your stories and letting some of that discernment lesson seep into my little world.  Your grit and integrity-of-purpose are obvious and that keeps my heart open to your influence.  Thanks!

    It may seem like old hat to you but the re-hash of your experiences in such a matter-of-fact way has been quite nice.


I know how lousy it is to be alone and I sympathize with anyone who doesn't have a suitable life mate.   The feds are very accomodating for any two-legged threat to their hegemony who is particularly lonely Wink and we've seen a few prodigious gifters go by the boards (old nautical term, I think means 'left behind in the wake') after programmed honeypots were put in their paths.   It's not happening much, these days but the more good work you do, the more likely they're going to keep throwing honeypots at you, even if you're happily married.

In the year before Carol and I went to Florida to bust up the HAARPicane infrastructure in that region, the feds expended an unbelievable amount of energy and resources (including honeypots, of course) to try to drive us apart.  They even poisoned us pretty severely with beryllium dust through the house's heating ducts over the winter.  Doc von Peters of uncurable discovered it in our hair samples and then got it out of us, thankfully, and the zappers probably kept us from death, meanwhile.   Fortunately for both of us, we'd already figured out that commitment can carry a couple through a hard time when love isn't enough. We love each other more than we did before all that was thrown at us, too, and the feds no doubt see it because they stopped trying to force us apart shortly after that.

Gifting is all about tools; personal integrity is all about the heart.  The exercises on donebydooney.com have to do with moving one's life focus away from the brain to the heart.  The brain/mind is lifeless and has no discernment. It's a tool and also the playground for the world order's parasitic agencies (all formal institutions belong to them) and one's own ego,. which is subtle almost beyond imagining and very easy to manipulate from outside.  

When the heart is in the driver seat the brain/mind turns into a useful instrument, finally.  I think it's terrific when people use things like Powerwands as training wheels to learn about the heart's potential but probably not as productive if one uses the powerwand and similar devices as simply an extension of the mind.  The parasite agencies are all brain-based because they don't understand the heart. To develop one's heart potential one has to strive to have integrity, after all, and these corporate/occult/military freaks avoid personal integrity like genital warts, after all.   That's a weakness that we can and do exploit in our efforts to improve our world.  

I think that when one develops one's heart potential one automatically feels responsible for making the world better and for helping one's fellow creatures to thrive and prosper.  Everyone who gifts a lot is motivated that way but some folks' hearts need to catch up with their brains, that's all.

'Honeypot' is a spook term for someone who uses sex to get state secrets from lonely and/or sex-addicted spooks but in our case it's someone who uses sex to persuade a gifter to stop tossing orgonite.  DB told Carol and I that the CIA makes a lot of HOllywood stars agree to being made homosexual before the contracts are offered; the CIA (sometimes referred to in the trade as 'The Faggots at Langley'). current owners/operators of Hollywood, evidently feel that homosexuals are much easier to control through sex.  I mention that because honeypots aren't just for heterosexual folks.

I was committed to my first wife, X-1, even though she was evidently a psychopathic honeypot. After 22 yrs of marriage I was cuckolded and tossed out on my ear (I was a chump).  I was equally committed to honeypot X-2, some years later, but it only took a year for me to be cuckolded and tossed out on my ear and, that time, I was less damaged by the experience and had also been introduced to the zapper business and to the dynamics of subtle energy.  By the time I found Carol, years later, I'd matured enough to recognize that commitment has to be from both parties in a marriage.  Carol had learned that the hard way, too.

I was 50 by then and it's a basic lesson that children need to be taught--that's the easy way to learn something.  I know some gifters who are in lifeless marriages---good targets for honeypots but everything that happens to each of us has the potential to bring us closer to personal integrity if we will make the appropriate choices.  We seem to get a lot of chances, too, though failing one test seems to guarantee that it will come back later on in a more challenging form.   I think it's wonderful how that all happens, also wonderful that we're not in control of these strange processes Cool in spite of what people who think thats they're God may assume.