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Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:57 am    Post subject: Predator Blasting Compendium
Le Comte Sainte Humaine’s and St. Buster’s Etheric Blasting Compendium
‘Has Anybody Got Any Ruth?’ Asks the Hundredth Monkey

Part One

As you read along and, hopefully, are entertained, please bear in mind that my purpose in writing this is to encourage you to form or join a ‘blasting/intel cell’ like the one we created on Anyone with commitment and genuine aggression can do this work and I’m confident that if you’re not adequately psychic to get the necessary intel someone will show up to do that for your cell. You don’t have to be an ascetic or even a nice person to be effective. I’m no paragon of virtue and I can do the work, so you can, too. A small, united group does a whole lot more damage to the genocide agenda and occult global hierarchy than one or two can do and we need to destroy both of these entities right now before they make your and my country look just like Iraq.

I was going to wait until morning to start to write this essay but after midnight I apparently started getting body slammed, literally, by some dolphins while lying in my bed in Northern Idaho—a sort of feeling of urgency accompanied by a lot of telepathic imagery of sacred geometry, colors, lights, a vision of a Big Wave in Hawaii and a lot of mirth, tinged with a little desperation.

How else are they to get a thick-headed person’s attention? I felt this unmistakable energy signature once before (except without the desperation) in April, 2001, when Carol and I met a couple of dolphins in Florida. For a succession of nights after that meeting I could tell when I was about to get that peculiar etheric embrace from the lovely one who took a cotton to me: my lower legs started jumping, then my heart was flooded with warm, exhilarating energy, then my head filled with rapid-fire imagery which I don’t recall now. All I remember is that during those episodes my wife, Carol, was also getting energy/info from the other friendly dolphin across the road. We’d just clandestinely ‘gifted’ those two dolphin pens in a bold, midnight amphibious assault. She remembered her imagery clearly, since she’s a natural psychic, and even marked a spot on the nautical chart of the Bahamas where they showed her some Atlantean ruins in fairly shallow water, south of Andros Island.

I know the gifting raid sounds dramatic, but really, we just put our little rowboat in at a marina next door to the facility and ‘landed’ on the seaward side, close to the pens because we didn’t want the facility’s owners and employees to see us tossing orgonite into the water during business hours. We preferred to risk them calling the cops at night Wink, hence the handy exit option—we’d see the cops arriving at the gate in time to get away from there. ‘Caution is the better part of valor.’ The pens are only separated from the sea by a narrow causeway which any of them (dolphins, not cops) could jump over without much effort, so they’re all in those pens voluntarily.

The Women Warriors on allowed me to join their Thursday session a couple of days ago, perhaps on condition that they could surgically experiment on my psyche. Everybody’s got an agenda, eh? Most of them are psychics, as is Sensei Dennie of, whom they invite to join them each week because he’s a real cutup with his telekinetic Powersword. I think they had lost patience with my relative density, so when I asked them to give me the full blasting treatment so that I could write about it more fully in this essay (this co-ordinated blast is what we send at any occult/corporate and/or non-human predator that comes within our purview and I wanted to know, for sure, what this feels like to the average Joe), they did something extra: they applied the new Papimi blasting method to my third eye. They asked for permission, of course, and I said, ‘Sure, why not?—I’m dense enough for that not to affect me much.’

Carol will be on a little island along Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast for a few more days. She’s half way through her visit with the dolphins there right now. I sure didn’t expect to get any personal contact from these entities and had rather enjoyed my lifelong psychic obscurity, secure in the confidence that one doesn’t need to be psychic to kick etheric butt these days. In some cases ignorance really is bliss. Desperate times require desperate measures, though, so maybe I’m supposed to start getting some psi intel on my own after this. This could happen to you but I honestly don’t recommend it. I’d much rather just go play in my workshop, travel around busting hurricanes at sea with an onboard cloudbuster and fly around up in the Sylph footprints and bust mountaintop arrays from a plane, antigrav craft or blimp.

Three days before the Thursday chatblast the collective group at ran some etheric interference on behalf of Carol and our local friend, Linda, who accompanied her.

After we blasted a couple of MIB would-be assassins on the plane who apparently went along with them one of the psychics found some technicians working on a vessel in those waters—the equipment was designed to put out chaotic underwater signals to distress all of the cetaceans in the vicinity, sort of like how the FBI constantly blared loud-volume recordings of animals being tortured to death at the men, women and children in the besieged compound outside of Waco for several days before they moved in and slaughtered them all at B’nai Brith’s Masonic behest on that spring day in 1993.

If you’ve ever done any tropical skin diving you understand that sound travels, undiminished, over a tremendous distance underwater. That’s how whales can signal each other across hundreds of miles, in fact. The deeper you go, the louder it gets because the air in the middle of your head gets denser and more conductive to sound. When I lived on St John, Virgin Islands, in the early seventies I used to skin dive every single day and would dive deep in those gorgeous, crystalline waters just to hear the whales singing to each other in the Caribbean Sea. Now I finally get why The Operators lined that job up for me, I think. A honeypot glommed onto me, then, and for the next 22 years my life was hostage to a programmed psychopath, but we made four potentially wonderful assets to humanity in the meantime: Arian, Bevin, Nora and Cameron Croft.

I probably shouldn’t mention the name of the popular scientist/inventor whom they also saw on that Navy craft because I might get sued (hint—he’s an authority on dolphin communication and wrote a popular book on pyramids in the 70s) but we etherically smacked him silly, too. These high level masons, just like Himmler’s boys were at Nuremberg (with Karl Jung’s considerable help), are pretty clever at shifting responsibility for their crimes against the cosmos—quite slippery, in fact, but we apparently nailed this guy’s feet to the floor this time pretty good and I don’t think he’ll be torturing any more dolphins for awhile. Just for fun, too, the psychics determined that he was implicated in the murder of his wife in the mid 90s.

A well-known GWB guru who’s been showing up as a necessary target in nearly all of our blasting sessions, lately, as the Great White Brotherhood’s favorite buttboy, er, I mean Golden Boy, was also there stirring up trouble on land and I had the honor and pleasure of doing him while the others watched. This guy, a high level mason in the reptilian newage movement hierarchy, introduced a trick meditation technique about ten years ago and has a reputation for taking groups of newagers to vortices around the world to ‘heal’ the distressed vortices but of course after these smiling, blissed out sycophants drop their expensive in the vicinity the energy actually gets a lot worse every time because that’s what these chumps were really brought there to do.

They not only actually pay this guy for the dubious honor of tagging along; they buy their own huge crystals to waste—this is partly how high masons shift responsibility for their actions. See the pattern? They gift and we gift Wink

Those compromised crystals are used as energy conduits and amplifiers for Masonic and other satanic energy-pirating blood rituals on behalf of the parasitic occult/corporate world order. This fellow, who apparently isn’t made to participate in the ritual slaughter of infants, is an old school mason with a graying ponytail who’s particularly adept at pirating earth energy, making it look to the unwary like he’s saving the world, of course. Sooner or later this psychic nazi jerk’s going to bust a blood vessel in his brain if he doesn’t stop bothering us on behalf of his NSA handlers, I think.

This process is just like the way serial killers (MDs) ‘treat’ illnesses and make them worse and worse until the patient finally gets relief in death. Practice makes perfect in that case, too, of course, which is probably why a dope-dealing MD calls his biz a ‘practice.’ Some of them are really, really good at this and don’t even need to practice any more to bleed their victims dry.

The peekers also found several US Navy Seals in the vicinity who were assigned to look for opportunities to murder Carol and Linda, of course. I’ve been so ashamed of the poor, benighted US Military lately. This kind of stuff is usually small change for the blasters and we cycled through all of these would-be menaces without a lot of time and effort but I think it was Darlene of who picked up, then, on a larger Navy/CIA plot to kill off all of the dolphins in the region. The Navy/NSA technicians were in the process of using combination of shipboard and ocean-bottom sonar transmitters which are apparently the aquatic counterpart of the new death towers you see when you walk out your own front door every morning..

The psychics also picked up some clear imagery of reptilians, including an admiral in the predatory armada in that region, overseeing this agenda. It makes sense that the reptilians would want to kill all of the dolphins, of course, especially since we drove the reptiles’ craft out of most of the earth’s atmosphere in the past three years with cloudbusters and gifting. We kept busting up transmitting equipment and predators in that little fleet until the psychics’ consensus got that the dolphins were safe again and satisfied, but all of that stuff and manpower is easily expendable and would get replaced immediately, so someone really needs to gift all of the underwater vortices in that region ASAP in order to ensure that those transmitters on the ocean bed will never work again. This is just like we do on land by gifting the death towers with cheap, simple orgonite.

This is all more real to us than the alleged news you’re getting every day from your sparkle box is to you because this is an intereactive process for us and you’re only passively receiving CIA programming and lies. I want you to turn off that damn box and get busy fixing this mess, instead. The longer the thing is turned off the less fear and hopelessness you’ll feel, even if you won’t accept any accountability or responsibility.

Don’t waste heroics or fancy materials if you’re in a position to gift these tropical ocean vortices, okay? It’s about taking the territory back from the pirate world order, not winning prizes for ‘biggest and baddest orgone bomb.’ It won’t take much orgonite to do that but it’s going to require some adequate navigation and time. There are several good sites online that show the location of all the earth vortices—just do a little search for that info. They give you latitude and longitude for each grid point. Close enough is good enough, too. Gifting is a pretty pastoral pursuit, after all. Leave the precision to watch makers and artists like Mr. Soggiu and the undecipherable technobabble to the Beardonesque armchair scientists, okay?

We always trace the line of command up from the street level thugs and pavement artists in the secret police and Masonic networks whom we encounter and this time it ended up in a reptilian enclave under Arlington Cemetery, near the Pentagon. The level of command below that bloated hive queen that was a bunch of hybrid, spiritually filthy sycophant generals and admirals in the Pentagon, of course, affiliated with the NSA. When that fat, bloodthirsty green bitch finally pops I doubt she’ll show up in any obituaries, the way ‘Looney Larry’ Rockefeller did a few hours after DB ( despatched him etherically at Devil’s Punchbowl during an occult/corporate blood ritual and feeding frenzy in August.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll get that I’m describing a typical, successful group blasting/intel session. When I describe the tools and specific tactics, shortly, they’ll then make more sense to you.

Dooney and Dr Steve of (Dooney is one of the regular Woman Warriors and Steve is a professional healer who is also psychic), had connected with the dolphins near Bimini some time ago and drew on their cetacean connection to get some of this intel, by the way. Just like Carol and I do in the blast sessions, they use two computers in their home during the chatblast sessions. It’s a little bizarre to communicate with one’s mate across the room through a computer screen, I can tell you.

Whenever I feel blitzed or in need of dynamic balance I clip a 15Hz Succor Punch ‘driver’ onto Cesco Soggiu’s Little Secret’s golden electrodes, by the way. That coil form of his, described and available on, is a powerful environmental and personal harmonizer. I’ll mention some reliable sources for Succor Punches later in this essay.

Bear with me: this essay might seem like an infomercial but I assure you I’m not going to get any kickbacks from the folks whose sites I’m mentioning. I’m telling you about it because it all works, is easily available and is effective, ‘next level’ tech for being a player in this rapidly emerging new paradigm. Each of us started out in this movement exactly like you did, by the way: on a wing and a prayer Wink

Whew! I’m settled down now. What a rush that was! The multiple tones that have been sort of singing in my right ear since June, 2002 (since Carol got the Big Secret from those nice little aliens; these aren’t for sale but you can make one) have just expanded and jumped up in volume again. I guess the little spacemen and the dolphins are working together. Are the dolphins part of the bunch whom I call, ‘The Operators?’ I’ve been getting the impression that they, too, are always standing by, waiting for our calls.

The first night after the gals did the ‘Papimi Pamper’ on my pituitary gland (it tickled) I was a little miffed at them because a sort of view screen opened up right in front of and above my eyes at bedtime and I received a parade of uninvited imagery, most of which I hadn’t a clue about (still don’t Wink and the hole they made in my forehead didn’t close enough for me to get to sleep until around 4AM. This is how progress sometimes works, though. Whether or not we’re comfortable with it we still have to go through the little self initiations. They were just having a lark (having their way with me Cool) but in the wider view they were apparently just inspired by The Operators to do this so that a pathway could be made for the information/energy I started getting from the dolphins tonight.

Yesterday, still a little cranky from lack of sleep, I’d posted on that I’d choose to sit in the middle of a copshop, covered in donuts, and smoke a fattie before I’d volunteer to have them use this etheric Jaws of Life to pry open my third eye again but now I get it. The nice thing about having plenty of orgonite around is that we’re now capable of learning our little life lessons much faster and more thoroughly than before.

Don’t denigrate funky orgonite, please! You may hear a lot about gemstones, fancy ingredients, arcane coil configurations and massive scale, expensive devices (these have their place, too, when properly made) but, really, it’s the meek little muffins made of resin, metal waste and little quartz chips—nothing more!--that’s getting the bulk of the global gifting job done right now. I’m very proud of that proven invention! It’s the one thing that lets people know for sure that this grassroot movement is for everyone, not just for the genuinely gifted and the camp-following prima donas and etheric mercenaries and proselytes.

Having said that, battle-tested aficionados like Ryan of, and Sensei Dennis Griffin who make fancy, arcane weaponry that works, know exactly what they’re doing and can tell you the purpose of each of their components in language that we can all understand. Dennis sells the fancy ingredients, by the way, on

If you have a burning desire to explore the potential of the fancy stuff, consider that this is more appropriately applied to orgonite devices that you’ll be using within your own energy field, okay? When you’re not using them, they’re not doing much at all. These additives are interactive with YOU, in other words. ‘Interactive’ applies only when you’re conscious of or next to the devices, not when they’re ‘out standing in the field.’ Sometimes I feel like a lone crusader with this little bit of practical info. I know, from three years of forum experience and almost nine successful years in the healing trade, that many well-meaning people tend to bound off into waterless regions of the indecipherable, complex and arcane rather than embrace and apply simple, genuinely empowering techological truths. There’s simply no substituted for a little intellectual integrity, my friend, and if you’re dragging a long trail of letters behind your name I rather pity you for all of that acquired alleged knowledge that has jaded your discernment.

For example, thousands of people have spent thousands of dollars, each, on expensive Rife Plasma Generators and I’ve only personally known of three of those people who can get consistent results, the way Dr Rife always did. This international crowd even gets together in conventions every year to compare notes on why they’re not doing a damn thing to help anyone Wink and if I were innocent and blind I’d show up there to patiently explain that a $2 zapper circuit is all they really need to get those desired results. Dr Rife didn’t have one of those when he was alive. Rife is the early 20th century science pioneer whom Dr Hulda Clark fully plagiarized, by the way. I’m mentioning this for the record and to show you that the floundering alternative healing community is in dire need of some even more alternative healing and education..

Speaking of integrity, I’m compelled to let you know that everything I’m telling you right now is subjective; only my own impressions based on experience and observation. There’s absolutely NO authority behind anything I’m telling you. If you want to understand any of this, you’re going to have to do your homework, which involves some adequate, inexpensive and risk-free, 3D experimentation. You won’t be good for anything much in this unorganized, grassroot movement if you refuse to do your homework. You’d just be baggage, in fact, and we all like to travel light, strike hard and strike fast Wink. I want, more than anything else, for you to share in what we’re finding out in this unfolding global enquiry. What we’re witnessing and facilitating, I believe, is that this quickly emerging paradigm is sweeping away the metaphysical, spiritual and intellectual dross of past centuries.

Proof is a funny, ephemeral thing and there really is no such thing as objective proof or evidence. What passes for proof for the PJ hordes is official approval from whitecoated, lettered, institutionalized scientists who look like Grandpa, mutter technobabble and point at obscure charts and models. If you need that kind of approval in order to do what we’re doing, you ought to just go turn your sparkle box back on and leave us alone.

The idea for gaining confidence and confirmations relates more to this reality finding a home in our hearts, which are where the action really is rather than in the minds. Let the mental computer do all it’s calculating and then decide whether this is something you can commit to. The rest is easy because commitment is a powerful heart function that lets us find and open all of opportunity’s doors.

In the absence of a genuinely open mind, after all, anyone is fully capable of explaining away every ‘proof or evidence’ that contradicts one’s myopic personal worldview or self-policing programming. If you have a passion for avoiding judgement, belief and denial in your experimentation, though, you’ll get more astonishing proof than you’ll know what to do with, I guarantee, if you’ll follow our simple gifting instructions. All we can do is approximate ‘proof’ for others, otherwise, because the observer is never detached from what’s being studied. Our intention in bringing these accounts to you is to inspire you to get off your damn couch, turn off the sparkle box and get busy healing this world with us. Rather than see this paucity of authoritative evidence as a liability, I want you to open your mind a bit and consider it as an asset, instead. When you’ll take off your pyjamas, discard your voluntarily applied programming shackles and start to witness the effects of your dynamic interaction with the cosmos you might get a little frightened by your own potential, in fact. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have? Welcome, then, to the world of personal sovereignty and accountability!

Years ago, I gave up trying to validate this next-level work for people who demand proof before making any commitment or taking any risks. I avoid folks like that, actually, like I avoid getting genital warts (any zapper cures that ‘uncurable’ disease in twenty minutes but it’s a terrific metaphor). Since then I’ve been a little spoiled by the fact that when anyone has a burning desire to learn about what we’re doing, he/she simply does the work, experiences the confirmations and then no longer needs validation or justification from others. I think you know, by now, that I’ve got no vested interest in whether you believe me or not.

I can tell you, though, that it’s very nice to have confidence in something as simple and empowering as gifting is.

The shortcut into this ‘state of grace’ is the gifting work itself, of course. There are still millions of new death towers and HAARP arrays left to disable and they’re all on the earth’s etheric grid and in vortices, so busting them does double duty of freeing the atmosphere and humanity from the new ‘death matrix’ and of healing the earth itself. Even though thousands of people are doing this now it’s likely that you can still find some unmolested transmitters without having to travel very far. Basically, if the skies are gorgeous where you live (deep blue, lovely, light cumuli, chemtrails disappearing quickly, no more HAARP muck and perhaps a lot of Sylph footprints and bright lenticular clouds present) and the smog is gone it’s likely that someone’s already done the gifting work there. I bet the occult/corporate pigs never reckoned on their new transmitters being the instruments of our enlightenment instead of harbingers of our deaths Wink

If the atmosphere is mucky in an area, chemtrails are sticking in the sky for more than a few minutes and there are ominous, sluggish clouds and even dark lenticulars present the death towers and HAARP arrays are still operational, simply stated, so just get busy there! Clear the atmosphere in a day with your little fifty cent TBs and dollar HHgs and seize your own confirmations. Do at least a dozen or so contiguous towers and arrays, otherwise you might not see immediate, dramatic results. A $25 gallon of fiberglass resin from Home Depot, some sweepings from a machine shop floor and a handful of cheap, busted crystals can get you these confirmations.

Sometimes when we bust a major death array in a vortex we’re treated to an immediate sky transformation and smog-clearing and it costs a dollar to do that. If that’s not enough to start you down the road to realizing your own potential, do a bunch more towers and notice how consistent the results are. I believe that these easy acts of selfless service do more to open up our heart/mind connection and unfold the realization of our own personal sovereignty than years of meditation, physical conditioning, courtroom tapdancing and disciplined arcane study could possibly do.

If you’re a sovereignty wonk who’s memorized Black’s Law Dictionary, though, and can say with conviction that your efforts in court to reclaim the stolen rights which God gave to all of us in the first place have significantly eroded this mountain of post-1935 UCC fake laws and fiats then you’re a heroic exception. What would happen if a hundred of us who drive without lingered in the street with our cars near the exits of our respective Sherriff Department parking lots and simply refused to sign a damn thing for the duration of our subsequent abductions? He didn’t block the copshop lot but Constantin did succeed in being expelled from the Las Vegas jail in September by simply not signing anything. I think he had even memorized Black’s Law Dictionary, too Wink

Maybe a hundred people could thus destroy the UCC and, by extension, it’s sponsor, the City of London’s Federal Reserve Corporation. The only thing keeping that corporation alive is the sleepiness of the PJ folks. They can’t enforce any of their tyranny, otherwise.

The witnessing of one’s own successful atmospheric healing effort has been the most consistent evidence for this effort’s viability that I’m aware of. The nice thing about having a reputable board like around is that when you wonder if you’re making this all up you can read similar accounts by seasoned gifters which will validate that the confirmations you’re feeling from the promptings of your higher instincts is genuine, not imagined.

Before the death towers were built three years ago one could achieve this confidence and realization by simply building or buying an orgonite cloudbuster and watching it blast a huge, blue, vital hole in the omnipresent sky muck over your town. If you want to live in a tornado-free, flood-free and damaging-wind-free zone, do make or buy a cloudbuster (less than $100 for materials to build one in the US) in addition to busting all of the death towers and HAARP facilities in your area. Only an orgonite CB seems to have the capability to mollify violent weather automatically, without requiring anyone’s interaction. The up to date instructions for building a CB are on and you can buy them, already built, from Andy in Los Angeles at, Steeve at, Markus (Switzerland) at, or Georg at There are other vendors, of course, but these four are the ones I know and can vouch for, personally. If you’re in Asia, maybe Ed or Big Lar in Japan will sell you one if you don’t want to make your own, though I’m told there are already a lot of cloudbusters, at least in Japan and Korea. Pablo in Argentina, who has the Spanish language board, and Al in Brazil, who has,
might build you one.

If you want nuts and bolts info on gifting, read the ‘Gifting’ instructions in the Tips and Strategies section of We edit these any time we can find a way to simplify the process even more because we know from long experience that the simpler a healing process is to apply, the more enthusiastically and universally people will adopt it. If you want mystifying ruminations and complex, arcane artifacts around this subject, I can direct you to a number of flaccid, substance-free, English language internet orgonite boards where a small crew of breast beaters, doubt mongers, drug addicts and armchair generals will hold forth for you for no cost at all. I’m sure they’re standing by, just waiting for your call and will make room for you. They need new blood by now, so if you like eye candy better than sustenance, by all means don’t darken our door.

These are the mutinous boards, initially hosted and controlled by my former alleged allies ‘for my convenience,’ which I finally left behind in pursuit of the present, more genuine, unpolluted and supportive forum environment at, which only I’m responsible for. The hard realization, that only a cell approach will be successful from now on in this grassroot movement, was pretty hard to contemplate until last August, when it had become abundantly clear that the more public and unregulated a board effort in the English language is, the more sabotage and subterfuge will be present. The reason boards that are set up in other languages aren’t as savaged by Monarch Program sociopaths is that the City of London, which is the throne, if you will, of the corporate order, had determined that if they can completely control the minds of America and the Commonwealth countries, they’ll control the world. The CIA, which oversees the Monarch Programs, is a subgroup of British Foreign Intelligence, MI6. If you think I’m making this up, check out the ambience of any of the other English language orgonite boards compared to the It won’t be hard for you to find those boards. CIA and MI6 hackers have made sure that they and their related websites will come up first in most search engines.

Who’s got time to deal with that mess right now? I sure don’t—this movement has grown beyond the capability of any unpaid agency to manage it, much less someone like me who has no resources, skill, or time to take on a task like that. There are many thousands of people gifting and I can’t imagine riding herd on the huge, inevitable camp following of saboteurs and sycophants that are inevitably part of any genuine movement, because the camp followers who make up the other boards are the ones who demand all of one’s time and energy. People who are actually doing the work don’t need their hands held or their bottoms wiped like those folks do. An army has a camp following when it’s on the move—are you familiar with the term, ‘camp follower?’ When the Romans invaded a region, they looked pretty spiffy and impressive when seen from the front but if you looked at it from behind all you saw were the ragtag mob of whores, lawyers, professional beggars, con artists and other parasites who inevitably followed in its wake from camp to camp and waited to prey on the chumps among the warriors. Don’t be a chump. Most of these camp followers in this case are programmed or paid sociopaths, courtesy of the CIA’s Monarch Programs and British MI6. The pitiful but vicious and resourceful lapwings are mostly from the latter. I used to be an Anglophile but I’ve been cured of that misperception. Where’s King Arthur and Merlin, now that the poor Brits need them then most? Maybe they could sweep away all of this cultural dross;-)

My posts and even my name have been expunged from those boards, in case you wonder why I’m studiously ignored in those venues except in unprovoked, slanderous diatribes. Caveat emptor, my friend. I’ve only ever been interested in associating with balls-to-the-wall, self sacrificing, passionate warriors and for three years I allowed myself to be conned into ‘helping’ the omnipresent lukewarm and duplicitous, instead. Incessant, wounding attacks from these fake friends during the first three years of this effort finally taught me that the lukewarm won’t be induced to become passionate or courteous, the slavish sycophant won’t be persuaded to embrace freedom and accountability and that the more ardently and lovingly one tries to ‘help them be better people,’ the more vicious their personal attacks will be. Divorce from these ringers was inevitable for me, of course. The fact that a few of them still do a little gifting is a testament to the creative impetus of simple orgonite, I think. I never said they were bad people. Most treachery in this world is born of fear and envy and we all have at least a little of both.

If you’re serious about fixing this mess which some of us call ‘the occult/corporate world order’ and seizing our lovely planet back from these too-wealthy corporate pirates, try some of the following recommendations on your own, then find some equally-committed peers and form another informal intel/blasting cell. We’ll support your efforts to get started, don’t worry, and if you can keep the lukewarm and saboteurs/sociopaths out of your little group, the way we do, we’ll work closely with you from now on. It will be wonderful for us to hone our own skills by having some friendly competition. You’re going to be astonished by what you’ll be able to accomplish. Are a few of you nice folks on the French and German orgonite boards going to set up your own blasting cells any time soon? I’m sure that several of you people are sufficiently psychic to facilitate the intel part.

Some of us don’t use any etheric weapons. We didn’t intend to do it this way; we simply forgot to turn them on, eventually, as we became more and more familiar with the energy signature (the specific feeling of success) of blasting predators, which is essentially the same as the energy signature of healing. The French word for ‘warrior’ is ‘guerriere’ and the word for ‘healer’ is ‘gueriseur;’ these words have the same root and when you get going with this predator blasting work you’ll know why that’s so.

The reptilian parasites in the occult order have suckered billions of nice people into assuming that aggression and anger is always a bad thing except during times that they decide to have a war and draft all the young men for cannon fodder.. Any parasite specie programs its host this way, of course. Any parasite specie’s collective mind and will signals the host, too, that it’s pointless to try to eradicate parasites.

Dr Rudi verSpoor, an acknowledged authority on homeopathy ( claims that diseases have consciousness and will and have to be defeated the same way one defeats a physical opponent: with aggression and skill. This parasitic occult/corporate world order is nothing more than a disease. I don’t think that’s debatable. My own years of successful experience in the healing trade has convinced me that applied microcurrent destroys nearly all known diseases by easily and quickly killing the biological pathogens which cause them. It’s an act of aggression when you stick a zapper in your sock or under your bra strap, in other words. You’re committing genocide on every specie of bacteria, virus, fungus and worm in your body this way, you bloodthirsty tyrant! Wink

If you acknowledge that this is so, you’d need to be clinically schizoid to assume that a similar process isn’t needed, immediately, to rid humanity of the body politic’s life-threatening macroparasites, which are the Federal Reserve Corporation and every single affiliated group, all of the major banks in London, the Windsor Hive Queen (Whore of Babylon, for sure Wink) the treasonous US Congress, the treasonous White House staff, the treasonous US Supreme Court, every single black robed bandit (judge) in the western world, all secret police organizations, all masons above the level of the zany Shriners, all voodoo societies, the Tong and Triad networks, the Yakuza, the Great White Brotherhood, the Vril, the Jesuits, the Mafia, Cosa Nostra, KKK, the US, Chinese and Russian Army, Air Force and Navy, the UN and all of its affiliated cancerous organizations, the passionless reptilian newage/sewage hierarchy, ad nauseum.

All of these are parasitic organizations. None of them are doing a damn bit of good in the world right now; all of them are simply siphoning off the physical, etheric and human resources of our wonderful planet and, if left unchecked, they will all eventually destroy the host, which is humanity.

I’m told that an un-embalmed body, when exhumed from a hermetically sealed coffin before much time has passed, is so chock full of every specie of worm that they pour out of every orifice and erupt from the skin everwhere, presenting a spectacle that might have come out of Stephen King’s frenetic imagination. Those are the progeny of the parasites which had been living in that body for years while it was still animated, some of which species were no doubt responsible for the person’s demise in the first place-- ‘The conqueror worm.’

This stage is the heyday, the glory realm for all parasites, in fact, because their progress is no longer being held in check by the body’s immune responses. Of course, the end of immunity also seals their own doom and the party in the coffin is short lived. The occult/corporate world order has been looking forward to and meticulously planning for a similar heyday (theirs) for countless generations. Like any other parasite, they apparently just don’t consider that destroying the host would be their own end. Parasites are not entirely sentient beings, after all—people like that who have no conscience aren’t moved by virtue or even by rational thought. Did you have the impression that these voracious corporate monsters actually know what they’re doing?

It’s said that the rich man plans for future generations and the poor man plans for Saturday night. What we’re seeing, now, is that compared to the scions of these ancient counting houses in London, Rome, Paris, Geneva and Vienna the poor, profligate man’s actually got more integrity because he’s at least not harming anyone else and his goal isn’t ultimately suicidal Wink

We’re engaging in activity, now, that may ensure that these uninvited macro-passengers will never get to party among us like their micro counterparts, the worms, do in a rotting carcass. Right now, the movers and shakers in this ancient behemoth have to settle for overcoming babies and young children in blood rituals and an occasional large scale massacre-by-proxy of innocents, which they’re sponsoring in Iraq right now.

When Germany invaded France the French Resistance formed fighting, sabotage and intelligence cells. There was no apparent hierarchy for the Germans to infiltrate because in a cell, a few efficient, resourceful people can know and trust one another properly—there are no strangers among them to wonder about. But the movement was essentially unified in purpose, at least; they all knew what needed to be done and they collectively did more damage to the vast German occupying forces than could be done by an invading army.

What we know from experience on is that when a small group of determined people get together to oppose this vast, ancient behemoth effectively we become more attuned to each other, more trusting, more resolute, more confirmed, mutually supportive, more aware of our Helpers and, actually, happier & more contented as individuals. What can be better and more satisfying than finding one’s own destiny and carrying it out, after all? I really want you to experience this now! Of course, if you’re just reading this for entertainment or a little inspiration, read on and thanks for doing so! Tell your friends and family about us, please, even if you only want to ridicule us. There’s no such thing as bad advertising.

Some of us actually have scars from being assaulted by our stalkers during sleep, which is the only time we’re vulnerable. Many of us still get poisoned regularly, beamed with powerful, focused radiation, our businesses sabotaged, our friends and family members compromised (the weak ones, only, of course) and this takes place so routinely that we don’t even mention it any more unless we feel overwhelmed, at which point we usually ask our fellows for etheric help. That help always fixes the problem, thankfully. Also, most of the inventions and weaponry I’m discussing in this essay were born of necessity and near desperation during the dicier periods of this effort’s brief history. This isn’t a game for us, please understand, even though we have fun most of the time and joke with each other a lot.

The mutinous boards sure aren’t the real threat to us these days. I think the Operators want to keep them around, at least as camp followers, to demonstrate some dynamic contrast between the real and the fake in this growing movement.

We’ve gotten enough second and third party feedback from our intel/blasting sessions to know that whatever is accomplished in the etheric realm strongly affects the physical realm, which is arguably just a shadow of the etheric realities. A negative example of this is when a serial killer initiates radiation ‘treatment’ on a cancer sufferer. Radiation is a function of ether and is dense, deadly energy which affects the entire body, not just what these jerks are aiming at.. Radiation destroys the person’s energy field (aura) first, then the body soon follows in most cases.

Repairing the etheric field is chancier than simply repairing the body, as anyone who tries to get free of marijuana addiction knows. The ripped etheric field of a pot addict becomes a self-regenerating threat to his/her personal integrity becase even a Harmonic Protector can’t then guard the person from the entrance into one’s body of a host of ambient parasitic or predatory entities and thoughtforms. My objection to mind- and aura-destroying substances isn’t a moral one at all; it’s entirely practical.

A zapper—any zapper—will quickly and efficiently cure cancer (I’ve never known this to take more than three weeks, even in very advanced cases) but if radiation has been applied, the zapper won’t be able to affect the cancer. I’ve been directly aware of hundreds of dramatic cancer cures by my customers who bought and used zappers over the years. I’ve also been directly aware of at least that many people who started zapping their cancer after receiving chemo and/or radiation treatements and most of these folks didn’t survive this ‘treatment’ and ‘practice’ of the serial killers. Here again, I know better than to try to prove something like this to the Pajama Folks and there’s a chance that if I were to publish the cancer cure testimonials I would be murdered or framed by the drug cartel, just like hundreds of genuine healers have as casualties of the ongoing War on Healers.

A positive example of this is that when you’re under severe psi,r radiation, infrasonic and/or electronic assault and are feeling overwhelmed you can put on a Harmonic Protector ( and the attack will seem to just stop. Really, you’ve simply boosted, balanced and reinforced your personal etheric field (if you haven’t stupidly ruined it with pot or booze) and the attacks simply bounce off of your surrounding aura after that. The attacks don’t stop then, of course; they’re likely intensified right after that but you just don’t feel them any more because the orgonite in the specifically configured HP transmutes the energy of the attacks into an even stronger etheric field around your body. Carol and I accidentally discovered that principle while lying on a Florida beach, four years ago, within deadly-energy range of a nuclear power plant.

These occult/corporate minions’ psi, radiation and electronic weapons are designed to slowly kill entire popluations by savaging our etheric fields (auras). This is obviously one of the many functions of the new death towers. See why it’s essential for you to disable the ones that are in your own town? If you don’t want to disable them for your neighbors, do it for yourself and your family! What have you got to lose? This movement’s big enough, now, that I don’t ever hear from most of the folks who are gifting, perhaps the majority of whom don’t even comprehend English, so you can be sure I won’t be looking over your shoulder and shooting my mouth off about you Wink

If you’re wearing a Harmonic Protector and you actually feel an assault, it’s a focused personal assault by one or more of the thugs of the occult/corporate order and you’re then free to attack your assailants. Just ‘return to sender’ with extreme prejudice in that case. Get some practice with this and you’ll be astonished by how fast the symptoms will just go away when you hit these criminals back, hard. If you don’t bust the towers, though, you can blast these structures ‘til the cows come home and it’s not going to make a lot of difference because the death towers are sort of like the incessant artillery barrages that keep the infantry (us) cowering in the trenches. Blasting them might only give you a momentary reprieve. Only gifting seems to perpetually disable these extremely powerful, fortified transmitters. Go do the heroic commando thing and disable those horrible towers! It doesn’t matter whether you actually believe and perpetuate the lie that these towers are for cellphones as long as you just gift them.

I’ve written around fourteen pages by now and haven’t discussed the nuts and bolts of the blasting process or mentioned any of the weapons except the Succor Punch. The reason I’m taking this approach is that I needed to prepare the ground a bit before planting the little suggestion seeds for you, otherwise you won’t water them with care and will forget about my instructions right after you read them and will probably just go back to accepting the undeserved punishment that the occult order heaps on you 24/7. Also, without some background explanation I could just tell you what we do but you might not comprehend it. I think you’re ready now.

As I said, a lot of us don’t use physical weapons any more. To say, ‘we do it with our minds’ shortchanges the description and in fact our entire bodies are involved, along with our minds. The mind’s not in the driver seat. You’ll get it, so bear with me.

I’d better do this in two parts. This way, someone who already has a sense for what this is about can cut to the chase and just read Part Two.

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Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 1:35 pm    Post subject: Part Two
Le Comte Sainte Humaine’s and St. Buster’s Etheric Blasting Compendium
‘Has Anybody Got Any Ruth?’ Asks the Hundredth Monkey
Part Two

All of us came to our current functional level of predator blasting in stages, as you will, too. A good first stage is to familiarize yourself with the feel and principles of the Succor Punch. This is a pointed crystal, wrapped in a mobius coil through which is sent a 5 milliamp, 15Hz square wave (DC) signal. No need to get anal about frequencies, of course. The reason we use 15Hz is that it’s the feelgood, healing frequency that Carol and I chose for our zappers 4 ˝ years ago. We made our first Succor Punch almost four years ago because we started feeling the need for a defensive etheric weapon. It’s the act of energizing the coil this way that makes the tool work. Ryan provides instructions for a variable frequency generator on if you’re interested in experimenting with frequencies. You might learn from experience what the harmful ranges are but at this low power you’re not going to be harmed, don’t worry. 32Hz, by the way, makes babies cry, cats flee and dogs howl and gives psychics a headache Wink That frequency is still being hyped with fervor by a few pot-enabled chest pounders and their sycophants on the internet. DB and Carol have said that it sort of replicates the feeling of being stoned.

We hadn’t a clue, when we invented the Succor Punch out of near desperation almost four years ago, that an informal global network was soon going to sort of accidentally grow up, through the internet, around a few of our inventions. We just wanted to feel safe then and the SP’s evident ability did that for us. We only started calling it ‘Succor Punch’ much later, after DB (‘Cbswork’ of and I accidentally discovered, during a mobile NSA box surveillance episode in Van Nuys, that the SP also blocks surveillance equipment. We were on our way to a computer store, then, to get a motherboard that could handle his editing of the raw CLOUDS OF DEATH footage, by the way Wink and when I turned on DB’s Succor Punch the spooks simply lost us. It happened immediately.

That film is still the only hard-hitting documentary about the now-defunct chemtrail program, by the way. You can get copies for a nominal fee from DB. He and his Hollywood friends made it to freely distribute.

Surveillance scrambling is the feature that makes a SP very handy if you’re going to do a lot of gifting because when you’ve got one of these running in your car the NSA,CIA, Mossad, MI5/6, Interpol, and every other malodorous predatory spy agency on our lovely planet who has a desperate, vested interest in retrieving your gifts on behalf of the occult/corporate world order, have a much harder time knowing where you are, much less knowing where, specifically, to hunt for your orgonite gifts. I think that if it weren’t for the Succor Punch most of us would be dead by now because the death tower network would be fully operational instead of sufficiently disabled. The bad guys had put an awful lot of stock in their electronic spytoys.

You can easily direct focused orgone (‘life force’ in this application) through the crystal in this device when the mobius is being animated. All of that raw, chaotic energy that even a little bit of pulsed current generates through that wonderful little coil is seized, organized and amplified by the crystal and is practically begging to be used and directed. Your mind and body determine where the energy’s going, so focus and direct your attention with your breath and a little righteous anger!

Crystals, gems and minerals are interactive with the human etheric field by nature and design. The more consciously and physically you can send out the energy, the more effective you’re going to be at getting results with your effort. Remember to work smart rather than hard, by the way..

If you want to wind your own coil, be advised that the correct instructions are on and the incorrect instructions are on Wanderpi$$er’s instructions in the latter get underwhelming results, at best, and caveat emptor if you feel inspired to peruse this MI6 chest pounder’s occult offerings. If you go there, just don’t track any of that stinky, ego-boosting stuff into my parlor, okay? I think it’s okay to mention this site as a prime example of a disinformation outlet.

Here’s the deal with the disinfo sites: I’ll correspond with just about anyone but when someone has slogged through the putrid sociopathy of the camp followers’ various ‘orgonite boards and sites’ then walks virtually into my parlor with an email I’m going to draw attention to the stuff that’s on his or her shoes. I can’t help but answer back in an appropriate way, please understand. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you and/or wont’ help you. Caveat emptor.

If you’re a seeker who doesn’t believe me when I say that subterfuge is a threat to one’s etheric field, check your emotional state when you’re visiting or, God forbid, participating in these compromised venues. Then check your emotional state after you’ve read some of the uplifting and informative reports that are posted daily on I don’t know a better way to demonstrate that none of us are ‘observers’ in this movement. We gravitate to one side or the other after the requisite investigative period of ‘yo-yoing’ has been experienced. ‘Our side’ is the side of genuine action and healing, of course. What’s left is idle conjecture, chest pounding, confusion, fearmongering and slander. I think the only folks who gravitate to that side now are drug addicts, drunkards and sociopaths. Potentially malevolent and manipulative Walter Mittys.

I honestly feel that the purpose of the human tide of compromised boards and sites on the internet, in the larger view, is to teach us how to discern truth the hard way. Hard earned victories and successes are the most precious ones, after all.

If you’re a competent gifter you’ve experienced the psi and electronic assaults we all talk about sometimes on Competence in this context is genuine passion, commitment, and your applied natural intelligence—it’s okay to feel terrorized and to have doubts as long as it doesn’t stop you from doing the work. The reason that Carol and I are so eager to get out and meet our fellow gifters is to show them that we’re not charismatic or extraordinary, in fact. Every human limitation you have; we also have. My writing style sometimes gives folks the impression that I’m something more than ordinary but that’s probably on account of the subject matter we’re discussing, which absolutely is extraordinary, new and earthshaking but also easily accessible or else you wouldn’t be so interested in this.

The mild psi and electronic assaults every gifter is experiencing is the same sort of interference that makes life hell for all of the poor folks who post on those ‘mind control’ internet forums but the difference for you is that you’ve identified the enemy and are taking steps to seize their etheric power base with orgonite. Fear accentuates the effects of this parasitic interference. For a resolute and sober gifter, the net effect of the CIA’s psi intimidation is to increase our courage by making us angry instead of paranoid Wink

Some of these chronic sufferers (note that I’m not calling them whiners: they really are getting hammered by psi and electronic weaponry) are wandering over and investigating our offerings and I suspect that a few more of them will turn into warriors, too, because they’re essentially awake and would like to be free of incessant pain and anxiety. The CIA, who are the occult/corporate order’s favored predatory offspring—think of the CIA and MI6 as ‘The Menendez Brothers’ of the espionage community--savage millions of people this way now. In most cases, the victims have been deemed potential threats to the death matrix and criminal hierarchy and the incessant pain experience effectively stops most of them from developing their potential and either drives them genuinely crazy or keeps them spinning their wheels, commiserating with fellow victims.

A lot of these poor folks who were in active freakout mode had been literally thrown at this fledgling network in the first couple of years in order to soak up our time and resources. We had to learn to determine, then, which cases we could genuinely help. What we discovered was that only a few of them could be helped and these were the few who would accept responsibility for their own healing. That’s a character/integrity issue. We don’t want weak characters around us because they tend toward betrayal.

Some of the few who became genuine warriors are our constant companions now, in fact, and the only ‘crime’ many of these tortured souls were being punished for was being born with some psychic talent. The CIA and its harpie sister agencies murdered many thousands of psychics and potential psychics in recent years and bludgeoned millions more, mostly children, into etheric dullness with a combination of implants, vaccinations & other poisoning methods and savage mind control protocols.

Thankfully, we’re discovering ways that anyone can use to disable their etheric, chemical and electronic shackles and unlock their psi potential when the inborn talent and desire is present. After all, if the CIA wanted so badly to kill all but the psychics who have a sufficient lack of moral fiber to work for them and/or get sucked down into the newage movement, then psychics must be potentially very important to the good side, too Wink

The latter demographic (the ‘pain pool’) is a good source, folks, for finding psychics for the blasting cells. Psychism isn’t spirituality, though, please understand, and the number of psychics who have and exercise a conscience and have personal integrity is in the same proportion, in the psychic demographic, as the relative number in the wider populace who have those requisite character traits for a progressive spiritual existence. In other words, most psychics aren’t trustworthy and will sell you out, so Be Careful.

Most fundamentalists embrace the inebriating temporary effects of artificially induced endorphin releases and call that, ‘The Holy Spirit.’ Newagers identify the same psi response as ‘spirituality’ and get their fixes in questionable guided meditations at expensive workshops and the more deeply immured newagers get to experience that response whenever they read or utter a mind control trigger phrase or look at a specific image. In both cases, as LaRouche points out, ‘They have traded eternity for a bad infinity.’ has got a very fine collection of ‘suggestive’ subliminal imagery for your consideration. When you start to consider how much this is part of our culture you begin to appreciate how these brainwash protocols are thoroughly reinforced, even when one isn’t addicted to television.

What we’re encouraging you to do with this compendium is to assume even more responsibility for ridding the planet of the potentially genocidal occult/corporate agenda now. We’ve found that ‘blasting’ is a necessary adjunct to ‘gifting.’ Gifting takes territory away from the occult/corporate world order but it doesn’t regulate their unlawful behavior nor will it disable their ever-adapting genocide agenda. If you’ve ever been married to a psychotic predator, as I was for 22 years, you understand that the other side will never give up as long as they’re free to move about. The final defeat will be imprisoning them and executing the ones who need it. All of this has to be done under the Law, not by the Federal Reserve Corporation’s present kangaroo courts with their presideing blackrobed bandits, who, themselves, have all earned their own jailcell, at least, for even supporting this behemoth. What the hell, why not put them all in with the real criminals? After we release the millions of political prisoners in the American Gulag Archipelago there will be plenty of room for the present government there.

Gee, do you think I’ll be arrested for sedition under the Patriot Act? Wink

I think the hundredth monkey principle is operating in the ‘blasting’ enquiry. We went through three years of duress and betrayal in order to give you some clear parameters for finding trustworthy ‘cellmates.’ There’s no good reason why you can’t fully benefit from our trials, successes and failures now. Have you recognized, by now, that I’m giving you a challenge as well as information? Unless you’re a person who understands and appreciates commitment I’d be wasting my virtual breath on you by now. I don’t think that this level of discussion is even entertaining for the smug and the lukewarm Wink

Begone, you fairweather friends! Let the grownups talk without having to contend with your disruptive babble and posturing, okay?

Any blasting cell needs at least one competent psychic and it’s best, too, if all the members will become fairly competent at pendulum dowsing. Down the line, Fred Gunn ( may have trained enough remote viewers so that their timely efforts can reinforce the real time data stream and inspire some new enquiries.

Here’s how we found our psychics:

For a long time, DB and Carol were the only competent, confident psychics who were providing regular intel to the blasters and about a year ago I put out a call for more psychics because I knew that the work load was about to increase exponentially (it did). In my naivete I assumed that there wouldn’t be many CIA or MI6 moles ‘volunteering’ because I was overconfident in my ability to screen them out in those days. None of us can quite comprehend, even now, the capabilities of the spy agencies to send moles into organizations. Because of the thorough dissociative training in the pervasive Monarch Programs most of these folks are genuinely sincere when they approach you and they demonstrate a balanced persona. There are many, many millions of people, up to around the age of sixty, who are active Monarch Program assets right now and the vast majority of them don’t even know that they are assets and would laugh at even the most convincing conspiracy information. The Monarch Programs are the basis of the movie, MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, though this is far more widespread throughout N America, Europe and parts of Asia than you might be willing to consider.

By the way, lots and lots of genuine gifters are Monarch assets, which tells me that the occult/corporate order have written off their death tower matrix already, as they’ve written off the chemtrail program and will soon write off the HAARP network.

Carol and a couple other Woman Warriors discovered a good technique for uncovering the moles and fakers last March. During a psychic intel chat session (on the internet, not telepathic Wink) when the new participants, mostly women, were getting better acquainted, Carol said, ‘Hey—let’s look at each other psychicly because I want us to be very familiar with each other and I can help you develop confidence in your talent this way!’ When one psychic (one of the best we’d met) had her turn she abruptly signed off before anyone could peek at her and also immediately expunged all of her posts from that board, or her MI6 employers did, more likely. It turned out that British MI6 owns and operates that board and I was just too naďve to recognize it then. DB had been trying to convince me for six months and I wouldn’t believe him Wink We all get scammed, folks, but don’t worry about it; just pick yourself up afterward and glean what you can from the experience so that you’ll be better prepared for the next ringer they’ll throw at you.

Carol looked at her later and saw the typical energy signature of a conscious agent: skillful psychic cloaking, the image of which usually shows a person wearing dark glasses or hiding in a box. This one had sure fooled me! She had studiously avoided using any newage sewage lingo and was very ‘supportive’ and informative, otherwise. Finding a psychic who’s not saddled with the anti-integrity Theosophical dogma these days is actually quite a challenge. Most of them gravitate to this compromising mindset because it’s usually the only milieu in which they can find someone to talk to. That’s been the case until now, of course. We’re offering an alternative to the gifted folks who have sufficient intellectual honesty to avoid the newage sewage pitfalls but pine for some genuine, sober company to discuss these wonderful things with.

The most effective interlopers are the ones who are completely unaware that they’d been compromised by Monarch programming. These are a little trickier to ‘out’ but in their case one simply feels an unidentified unease around the person; an essential imbalance. The people we trust aren’t necessarily paragons of balance and integrity (neither are we) but one gets the strong sense that they’re forthcoming, down to earth and very reliable in a fight. You get to know someone pretty well and pretty quickly in an etheric street brawl Wink

Also, frankly, when we plan to invite anyone into the more trusted circle of friends we ask the others to closely check them out, too. This process is just something you’re going to need to cycle through, as we did, but in your case it doesn’t need to take as long or involve as many risks as we’ve taken and of course none of us have actually been harmed. Always feel free to ask the psychics on for candid assessments if you’re serious about setting up or expanding your blasting cell.

I’m not a psychic, by the way, but my dowsing is pretty good and I get strong hunches now and then, as you probably do, which usually pan out. My dowsing isn’t adequate for you to base your decisions on. You’ll need some ‘full contact’ data from at least one reputable, fighting psychic. It’s best to offer ‘double check’ questions as a blind exercise when psychic intel seems ‘off’ or when your cell just isn’t certain about some data. Have your cellmates dowse a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in this case without giving them the question. That short circuits the prejudice or herd factors that stand in the path between your crown and your dowsing hand.

This is the longest essay I’ve ever written and it’s also directed at the smallest number of people: the potential predator blasters. If my name never comes up again the gifting movement and cloudbuster dissemination will just keep expanding and thriving because this is now sort of like the automobile industry after it moved out of Henry Ford’s purview or the electricity infrastructure and related industry after that sourpuss, Edison, lost control of it Wink. I identify more with Tesla (Edison’s bane), though, because his first concern was to help and empower everyone.

This movement’s growth process has had some distinct stages. The first stage was identified by the two or three thousand people who made or bought cloudbusters during the first year, between June, 2001 and May, 2002. By the end of that year the chemtrail threat had mostly been defeated in the world but the newer global threat (then under construction, actually) was the death tower network and expanded HAARP network, both of which were nearly complete by the time the chemtrails were simply harmless, vanishing squiggles in most areas and more than half of the HAARP-induced severe droughts in North America had been reversed..

When I shifted my own focus away from the cloudbusters, most of the folks who had CBs were rather opposed to the idea of gifting, strange to tell. This little demographic apparently felt that they’d fulfilled their social contract by each busting open a blue hole over their own town. Not many of the hundreds of people I corresponded with in the first year are still corresponding with me on that account. I later figured out that many of them were addicted to pot, so therefore had enough active curiosity to make a CB but were too paranoid to stick their necks out and disable the new death towers. Lots of these became my most spiteful personal enemies, in fact. These are the ones I refer to as ‘chest pounders.’

A few of the sober ones among them went down the route of making bigger-better-more-arcane CBs but we haven’t seen that these efforts are very impressive, with one or two notable exceptions: we know that Steve Baron’s megaCB at the bottom of Lake Ontario is creating phenomenal effects in that part of the continent and Markus Emmanual’s Continental Cloud Buster near Geneva might pan out. These are reputable fellows who also do lots and lots of gifting and have encountered some pretty severe retaliation by the spook agencies. Isn’t it strange but interesting how this network has adapted and expanded?

It soon became clear, after our initial field research with the humble TowerBusters in August, 2002, that the best way to defeat the occult hierarchy was to seize territory from them by depriving them of their death-matrix generating towers, which, as you know, does double duty by also healing the pirated earth vortices and the related etheric grid lines. They unwittingly marked all of this for us with their tower and array placements, of course Wink

Since the gifting work is so empowering, a person doesn’t need much encouragement once he/she has gotten some sensory success confirmations and the gifting instructions that are easily available, thanks to and, are easy enough for most people to just get busy with it without feeling the need to contact me or the other ‘old hand’ activists for clarification or support. I say ‘old hand’ with tongue in cheek, since this is new to all of us. Of course, I’m always happy to hear from newcomers and to encourage the ones who need it. So are the nice folks on who have offered personal contact info in their memberlist profiles.’s Ken Adachi is the person who first publicized the ‘journal reports’ about our orgone work and tech in May, 2001 and most of the people who contact me tell me they first heard about me on that site, still. has many, many thousands of daily, discerning visitors., by contrast, has about 3 or 4 hundred regular readers. If you factor out my personal enemies (the camp followers and chest pounders) and the spies, who only go there to glean possible evidence of our personal vulnerability, that might leave around a hundred fifty, including the dozen or so members who contribute regularly. These 150 or so represent the committed folks for whose sake Carol and I have contributed our time and resources over the years, in fact. That dozen normally show up in the blasting sessions, too, and I believe that what we accomplish far outstrips our apparent abilities.

I think these are the ones who represent the most committed from among the thousands of folks who are gifting now, though of course this only represents the English-speaking demographic. STeeve and Georg are attracting similarly committed activists through their French and German language boards and sites, and, and Pablo and Christer are starting to attract like-minded folks who speak Spanish and Swedish.

It’s said that one must become empowered in order to understand a simple truth. What we’re offering empowers you and when we feel that we each have some genuine power and influence in this world we’re more eager to understand the truth and to do some good here. When we banish fear by bold action, we increase our courage automatically. Are you aware that this dissolves even deep seated self-defeating programming, too?

When we know who the enemy is and what their intentions are it’s pretty easy to ‘assume the position’ and start hammering them back. Otherwise, I’m mindful of the verse in the Book of Hosea, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge,’ and also the CIA’s own double entendre, plagiarized motto, ‘They shall know the truth and the truth shall set them free.’

Basically, whenever you feel oppressed, you’re likely being specifically oppressed and whenever you behave in a way that’s not characteristic of your personality and temperament, you’re being manipulated electronically or psychicly by occult/corporate parasites.

The trickiest oppression we’ve experienced happened in a restaurant this week. Carol and I were discussing a sensitive topic in our marriage and we both noticed that the light around us was suddenly getting dimmer. It was evening, so the only light source was the lights in the restaurant and the lamps outside. We stopped to look around and nobody but us seemed to notice. It wasn’t a power surge or generator deficit because the darkening happened very evenly and steadily. Needless to say, our discussion turned into a heated argument, then we both thought to blast the source, which Carol saw was a draconian ship very close by, overhead. Within a minute the ship was apparently gone because the light returned to normal and we both lost our rancor and finished the discussion in a constructive, amenable way.

I don’t know how essential it is to factor in the offworlders’ interference, since blasting all of the macroparasites gets the same happy result. You, too, will likely find the nature of your interference changing over a period of time if you’ll keep blasting your assailants. By now, we’ve cycled through the CIA, NSA and Vril interference and, lately, some overt reptilian interference. The FBI are simply street thugs, of course. They never got much of the federal psi pie. In the past week we’ve been experiencing direct surveillance and some pretty weak assaults from the draconians, apparently, who are the acknowledged overlords of all of the spy agencies. So what, eh? A macroparasite only is as a macroparasite does. These guys’ assaults used to throw us for a loop. They’ve gotten a lot weaker in our earthly realm lately, in spite of the disinfo sites’ incessant fear mongering on their behalf.

Start out by imagining and acknowledging that someone’s sending you harmful energy, then get a little angry and send it right back, increased and focused by the Succor Punch in your hand. You’ll find that within a minute or so the bad feeling will be gone and you’ll feel confirmed and empowered. Do that every time you feel ‘off’ and after awhile you’re not going to feel ‘off’ very often at all because you’ll have developed a reputation within the spy agencies who will be giving you a wider berth by now. Imagine the energy going out from your heart, by the way.

When you see one on the street, blast him/her with all your heart. If you’re mistaken, there’s no harm done and the recipient might actually feel good from it if he/she isn’t a predator. If he/she is a predator by inclination and choice but isn’t in the act of bothering anyone you’ll likely only make him or feel feel uncomfortable; anxious. That’s fun to watch sometimes, even so. It relates to the new, fun sport of Reptile Baiting, described at length on

It’s all to do with the heart and lungs, in fact, and not much to do with the mind or brain.. Breathing works for etheric blasting the way a bellows works for a blast furnace. This is raw power being generated by your own body, induced, if you will, by the dynamics of an etheric weapon in your hands. It’s necessary to focus and direct this power if you want to accomplish something with it. At first, it’s convenient to do this through the crystal of the Succor Punch, held in your hand. The purpose of the mobius coil is to train your own body to generate raw, chaotic energy. It’s sort of like the process of induction. Induction works in a coil when current is pulsed through a primary coil and the secondary coil next to (not attached to) it resonates and sends current by simply being in the proximity of the primary coil.

We run the energy out through our hearts. This isn’t a ‘love and light’ consideration; it’s pragmatic. The bad guys are literally heartless, so they can’t identify energy that comes from a heart. That makes us less vulnerable and, sure, in the process we become more spiritually aware, too Wink because any muscle that’s exercised grows stronger. You already love your fellows or else you wouldn’t be reading this (unless you’re a jerkwad spy or jealous chest pounder looking for my weaknesses Wink

I guarantee that if you power up a little mobius coil with a pulsed frequency, even with a very mild current, you’ll feel sick and debilitated from the experience if the coil has no boundary wire around it or if it’s not wrapped on a crystal. Try it! Chaotic energy is debilitating. It needs to be contained and focused in order for it to be useful. Applying raw energy to a task is a little like setting your hand on fire to light a cigarette instead of striking a match. When a freaked out person enters a room it’s disruptive, even when the person is silent and not demonstrative. That’s raw, chaotic energy at work. Imagine sending the energy of that freakout at a target in the form of a focused, blue beam and you’ll approximate what happens when we send concentrated life force at a recipient.

Two years ago, after the December 18 poison/marking episode was experienced by half a dozen of us across the US showed us that we need to fight back more effectively, a couple of us got a clue about adding orgonite and other components to our Succor Punches and after a few weeks of experimenting the first Powerwand was conceived and made.

During the experiments, Carol and DB tracked the blasting efforts on a daily basis and we all compared notes. We found that some breathing and visualizing, fueled by some righteous anger, was effective at disrupting the life force of predators on the etheric level. Since DB was literally surrounded by predators in those days we could focus on specific ‘neighbors’ and he could track the results for us, first hand. Beefing up the ‘sending’ devices made it much easier to do the work, in fact, and the basic, affordable Powerwand is still the most popular weapon, though Ryan McGinty and Dennis Griffin, along with a few others, developed some more powerful weapons within a year.

In some cases the targets physically die and that result either showed up in obituaries or the victims were seen being carried into ambulances. but in nearly every case we carry the attack to the point where their deaths, as tracked by the psychics, occur in the etheric realm. We’re not sure, in the latter case, whether a combination of cloning,. repair and replication is used to restore the bodies or whether the ‘death’ that we witness represents a sort of ‘diminishing’ process in some cases, the way one kills a giant tapeworm in stages by zapping. After we had hit specific predators, like Dick Cheney and Alan Greenspan, a number of times, though, they did show up in hospitals, usually with heart ailments, and they haven’t recovered their former positions of political power. In extraordinary cases, like when DB (during a nocturnal gifting mission) unwittingly came upon Lawrence Rockefeller gutting a nine year old girl in a satanic ceremony in The Devil’s Punchbowl, the target’s name shows up in the obits within hours of someone having put an arch predator ‘out of our misery.’ The cause of death in each case has been either heart attack or massive stroke.

When I made the first Powerwand I took it with me to Atlanta, where I was to be without my wife’s able assistance during the first part of the urban gifting campaign there. On the way, I visited with DB in Pasadena and after he took me on a walking tour of all the new predatory facilities that were set up in that neighborhood since my first visit, eight months before, and seeing that he and his entire family were sick from all the electronic weaponry that was aimed at the home from the new NSA operations house across and down the street, I set up the PW and focused some attention on that house long enough to ‘set’ the energy beam. I went on a short errand and when I got back, DB said that two ambulances had shown up there and two lifeless bodies were removed from that house. One of the faces was covered by a towel. When the ambulances showed up, he walked over and saw the whole spectacle. The family felt fine right after that, by the way.

We’ve all been poisoned occasionally since that December event, after which all of us spent a few days in bed, but they’ve either stopped using as much poison or we’re developing an immunity to it. Very few of us get that sick any more. We were all using zappers, of course. Zappers neutralize poison in the body. Mine even neutralized and expelled the poison of a rattlesnake bite last summer.

Harmonic Protectors are the best etheric shielding devices on the market and they block and transmute 90% or so of all the psi and electronic assaults that are aimed at us, as well as all of the ambient deadly energy that’s put out by the new towers. The question you need to ask yourself, though, if you’re presently suffering from that ambient horror, is ‘Why haven’t I gifted the local towers yet?’

If you’re wearing a HP and are still experiencing an assault, the good news is that someone in the CIA or MI5/6 cares enough to send their very best at you, so you can capitalize on the backlash effect and knock those predators right out of their etheric socks. These are the easiest targets to take down because the attacks are literally ‘in your face,’ and they’ll provide the best practice for you on your way to becoming a proficient blaster. You’ll know you succeeded every time when the pain and/or anguish stops.

Another good practice piece is when they send sonic predatory signals at you. That shows up as a tone in one or both ears. Get appropriately angry and send the energy back along the path of that ‘tone’ and see how fast the sound stops. These are wonderful practice opportunities for us to get proficient at predator blasting and it will help establish your reputation as a genuine, feared ‘terrorist’ like me, among the terrorizing but cowardly federal spy agencies. The FBI, who are just the legbreakers, not the psi tormentors (the CIA does that here) tells folks around here that I’m Idaho’s Number One Terrorist, so I’m not just tooting my own horn Wink

I’m going to attach some other folks’ blasting techniques to the end of this document so that you can see how diverse and comprehensive this effort has become and so that you can also more easily identify the common features of the blasting process. The important thing is to find or create a technique that suits you, personally. Try them all and when you get more proficient, make up your own!

Be aware that many of us no longer use physical devices to help us. All of the devices, even the most powerful and comprehensive ones, are simply for helping us unlock our own potential. Even so, we like to use them now and then when we encounter a particularly hard target, like the cabal in the UN Headquarters building that was ritually enabling the recent wholesale slaughter of civilians by our benighted, unlawful military in Eastern Iraq. That little group of arch-parasites had a couple of newcomers whom we hadn’t encountered before: the Saudi Crown Prince and the real Saddam, both of whom are no doubt 33d degree Scottish Rite Wink. Do you have a notion why the Iraqis hated that arch traitor, Saddam so much? Were you duped into thinking that the bum that our felonious military people dragged out of a hole and are calling ‘Saddam’ is the real item? Even his wife protested to the media that the fellow in the slammer is a ringer after she was taken to see him recently.

If the Homeland Security Abomination jackals really had the power that you may fear they have, by the way, I should have been arrested for sedition years ago. They’re afraid to enforce their own treasonous legislation, folks, so what are we waiting for? We few are blasting the snot out of these traitorous cowards, including Rumsfeld, Hillary, Bush Sr, Putin, Gorbachev, Condolizard, and a few other arch criminals because our stupid military decided not to just mutiny and arrest these executive branch bastards, along with Congress and the felonious Supreme Court for good measure. The alleged president is absent from all of the cabals we’ve been busting up, by the way. They know, at least, that he’s way too stupid to participate in real government, let alone this backroom choreography that really runs the show, so I hope you’re not falling for the old Machiavellian bait and switch ploy and directing your ire at this expendable chump now. The disinformation hordes are telling us that President Cujo is responsible for everything, of course.

I mentioned Cheney and Greenspan earlier. They stopped showing up in the cabals over a year ago. We’d hit them repeatedly before that, when they were in the inner circle. The political sharks in the inner circle had started engaging in political feeding frenzies ever since a few of us prevented their CIA stooges from assassinating George W Bush two years ago and enabling the cabal to put Chainsaw Cheney in the Oval Office in order to initiate martial law efficiently. Greenspan has been spending his first efforts, since then, on covering his own ugly butt because his Fed, which is the London-based foundation of this treasonous American regime since 1935, is slowly going down in flames right now. Remember what it was like when the occult/corporate parasites presented a monolithic front to us? Aren’t you happy that they’re in disarray right now?

You’re free to go after these macroparasites. isn’t an exclusive club. They’re getting hit magically from a lot of directions now, not just by us. I know of a Tibetan group who are hitting the White House staff daily with ritual magic. I even have an orgonite ‘raging Buddha’ made by one of their American friends. I hear from others, now and then, who let me know in a sort of cryptic way that their informal group, too, is hitting this regime with focused, intelligently applied energy. These targets are everyone’s targets. It’s time to end tyranny on this planet forever! Our particular methods are simply ‘The Idiot’s Manual for Unseating Predators.’ I mean it when I say that anyone can do this.

One of the nice aspects of using focused, directed life force to harm predators is that its impossible to ‘goof’ because it’s impossible to harm any except the ones who desperately, for the sake of humanity’s safety, need to be harmed. Anne and I (and no doubt many others) have watched predators slump over after we blasted them. I did it to a FBI tagalong across the aisle from me on a Greyhound bus last summer (he remained unconscious and had to be removed by paramedics at the next highway exit Wink ) and she did it to one of the CIA pavement artists who was trying to follow her on a gifting mission recently (twice—the second time he stayed down Wink. It’s always fun to get confirmations like that.

I send the same energy, in exactly the same form, to my friends and to anyone who asks for healing or boosting energy in an email. The most dramatic confirmation for the healing aspect of this energy sending method came from a woman who told me that her brother, who was on his deathbed in a hospital with advanced cancer and liver failure, walked out of the place completely healed the day after I blasted him with my new Powerwand. Carol suggested, after ‘visiting’ the fellow astrally, that the man who walked out of there was actually an ET walk-in who took the opportunity to use the powerful, directed energy to heal the body after he made a deal with the original, departing occupant. She says that the movie, K-PAK, shows how that process works. I think it’s pretty rare—a lot of the schizoid newagers I’ve encountered, though, claim that they’re walk-ins (also that they used to be Cleopatra or some great, evil Atlantean scientist).

Truth is much stranger and more interesting than fiction or fantasy and I’m offering all of this for your consideration and hoping that it will inspire you to do some of your own experimenting. If you’re one of the millions of people who struggle through life with a wheelbarrow load of Monarch mind control programming you’ll be doubly pleased by how liberating and empowering this effort is.

After you’ve tried this a few times, contact one of the psychics of and ask for a remote assessment, okay? Getting good feedback reinforces our feeling of success and this will also help us to connect folks for new blasting cells, which we intend to remain loosely associated with as long as they maintain their ingegrity. Our psychics keep getting better from all this intel/blasting work we’re doing. If you’re an emerging or re-awakening psychic we can get you on the fast track toward being an essential asset to your own new cell. We don’t want to keep all this fun to ourselves! We do have a lot of fun with it, by the way. During any blast session someone is pretty well guaranteed to fall out of his/her chair laughing. As I mentioned, we have to hit arch predators like Hillary, Putin, Rumsfeld and Bush Sr again and again before they’ll finally be weakened enough to be torn apart by the other sharks in this treasonous regime’s ‘Executive’ cabal, as Cheney, Powell, Greenspan and a few other former targets now apparently understand from hard experience. They all start out feeling arrogant and smug as hell, of course Wink Watch Condolizard fall from grace in coming months. I think she’s the most aggressive one right now and I sense that the others are already giving her ‘the goodbye look.’ I personally believe that Hillary will the the last one standing in the Executive cabal when they finally come to arrest the federal gov’t.

If it were easy to unseat them, what would be the point? The only things we have in this world that are worth having are earned, not bequeathed, and we don’t need any damn rescuers, nor do we need to be seen as saviors.

The reason we hit these jerks again and again is because they’re the point men, if you will, in the occult/corporate world order’s agenda to establish martial law, then genocide on the planet. It has to happen in the US, first, in order for it to then happen worldwide. These macroparasites constantly come up with one plan after another to murder masses of people in the US as an inducement to increased general paranoia. PJ folks need to be seduced into to near hysteria before they’ll welcome martial law and only mass murder in America can accomplish that. Since we essentially have no foreign enemies it has to be done by the CIA, FBI and the other alphabet soup agencies that make up the Homeland Security Abomination.

Want to hear a good PJ paranoia story? One of our foreign friends ordered a couple of Reptoid Repellents from and since DB won’t send overseas the fellow had it shipped to his father in the US. The dad was too terrified to send along the RRs to another country because he was genuinely afraid that the feds would arrest him for sending them through the mail. Typical Depression Baby response, of course. These are the full fledged American Nazi generation, bred and nurtured by FDR’s Raw Deal in the 30s and 40s. The fact that these bulwarks of National Socialism are all dying off now is probably why its possible for us to stay out of the concentration camps. It’s probably also why this managed conflict in the Mideast won’t flare up into an Armaggedon confrontation.

As long as we can keep this Executive cabal from killing lots of people in the US, this regime will continue in its slow motion tailspin toward full accountability and then oblivion, we believe. Along the way, we regularly hit the foreign cabals, of course, including the Vril, the African voodoo consortium, the dark masters in the Gobi, offworlders, reptilians, etc. See how it works? These other, overweaning older groups aren’t in charge after all. Taken altogether, they’re just the contents of a big bucket full o’ parasites but it’s the Bush regime (this is Bush Sr’s White House--don’t kid yourself) who are the sole interface for that bucketfull in the genocide agenda, so they’re the main threat to humanity at the moment. They’re also the literal force behind London’s current massacre in Iraq, of course.

The first Chinese showed up in the Executive cabal at the UN HQ in NY last week, by the way--a Chinese general backed up by a dark master himself. It may be that this indicates that they want to make a move toward world domination. The Russians have been the main part of the Homeland Security Abmoniation since that treasonous agency was first set up, of course, which is why Putin and Gorbachev show up so often in this cabal when we attack them. The Chinese would only likely make a move if the current American regime is sufficiently disabled that they’ll have no control at all over the Russians, who have remained China’s close ally, in spite of propaganda to the contrary, ever since Mao took that long walk in ‘45. We can worry about that later Wink

When a mayhem plot is in the planning stage it’s quite vulnerable. Once it’s been initiated, as is happening in Iraq, it’s not so easy to influence. We don’t feel desperate any more, at this point, about preventing martial law and I’m certain that enough of the new death towers have been disabled that we would eventually win the civil war that would ensue if the Washington parasites are stupid enough to play that card but why not prevent all of this bloodshed and misery if we’re able? Why not give it our best try, anyway?

We can all just stop enabling this treasonous federal government and give each of the Russians, who have been camped underground for ten years, a cloudbuster and ten acres of ‘government’ desert land in the Southwest after we’re done. Okay, a mule, too Wink and plenty of foodstamps—one can’t buy vodka with foodstamps.

The Russian gov’t made it clear, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, that these soldiers wouldn’t be allowed to return to Russia, after all. I’m sure that the ones under and around our soil are the same millions who occupied Eastern Europe and who couldn’t go home then. Did you think that they went to live with Santa and his elves at the North Pole then? It was a couple of years after that when the feds blew up their own building in Oklahoma City in their first aborted pitch for martial law. All of these Russians were in place by then, of course, and had even occupied a couple of huge National Parks in the Eastern US and attempted to occupy the one in Washington State and British Columbia (the failed ‘International Peace Park’ ploy—remember?).

Am I the only guy right now who’s suggesting a rational alternative to allowing the bloodthirsty feds to induce these now-aging Russian soldiers to put on blue helmets and armbands and round us all up for the feds’ guillotines? After Bush Sr triaged the American military down to a parade-ground show force in the early nineties you can bet they lack the numbers and strength any more to enforce martial law in more than a single American city, of course, even if all that Monarch programming could induce these armed and dangerous children to slaughter their patriotic (also well armed, by the way Wink fellow Americans en masse. Most of us armed oldsters have military training and a lot of us have genuine combat experience, as opposed to the turkey shoots that these play-acting children participate in over there, now, at the expense of the Iraqi women and children and for the entertainment of all the mean, stupid, flag waving, toothless, beer swilling CNN viewers in their trailer courts and truckstops. PJ folks—the crumbling bulwark of tyranny.

We’ve been working on stopping plans to spread their bloody mayhem to Persia, by the way. I believe that if God allows it we can at least prevent that at this stage. The leadership of the occult/corporate order is in disarray now, after all. There hasn’t been any cohesion among them for a couple of years and that’s not just because of us; humanity’s waking up now and all of the decaying order’s trick parasitic infrastructure that’s in place to inhibit this process is failing. The last time they tried to re-establish a semblance of unity was in the spring and, since that was all just ‘planning’ we got in the middle of all of that and spread our special kind of terror. ‘Sensei’ Dennis Griffin has been instrumental in showing how this can be done. He’s got, by the way, and that’s a site to keep track of in coming days Wink

After our successes with the Bilderbergers, Vril and other Illuminati genocide-planning groups the CIA and NSA psychic horde managed to set up a pretty formidable barrier to our peekers, by the way, which our psychics only managed to penetrate three months later, with the timely help of Fred Gunn and some of his remote viewers. Now, three months after we penetrated and that shield, it’s gotten easier than ever to get solid psi intel about the current mayhem agenda of the cabals. It’s sort of a turkey shoot for us these days, in fact, and now’s a good time for you to get busy with this because we’ve done the hard part and laid the foundation. I want you to experience the thrill of victory with us as these cabals continue to regularly experience the agony of defeat Wink and, as they get more and more desperate, it will be helpful to have more and more peekers and blasters out there taking up any of these macroparasites’ slack. My hope is that this unlawful US Federal Government will be unable to murder anyone at all on American soil on their way to incarceration and/or execution for their crimes against humanity.

By the way, here’s another evidence that this gov’t lacks the power that’s claimed for it:
I’ve never even gotten an email from any of these felonious federal agencies. In fact, not only do I categorically claim that anyone’s zappers easily cure cancer and AIDS (they do) but I openly challenge the jurisdiction of this evil regime in public forums, almost daily, and occasionally on internationally broadcast radio programs as a guest.

Claiming to cure cancer is enough to get anyone in America a murder contract, of course, so when I also advise folks in public that it’s time to arrest the federal gov’t for treason, I’m upping the ante considerably, especially now that it’s blatantly against their new laws to talk like this in public. The American Gulag is chock full of men who have publicly taken exception to this tyranny.

The last of my American competitors has just been imprisoned for making and selling zappers (the poor guy thought he could help himself by playing by their rules Wink ). All the rest, including one of our distributors, were bullied by the feds, four years ago, right out of the zapper trade. My main competitor in Canada, SOTA Instruments, was similarly bullied by the Canadian government into ceasing its zapper production and sales last month (more for me Wink and Dr. Hulda Clark has finally stopped tapdancing with the American and Mexican cops and courts and has moved to Europe. None of these folks took a stand against this out-of-controlregime.

I’ve taken a direct stand against this government for over ten years and I’ve never even gotten an email from any of these felonious federal agencies. In fact, not only do I categorically claim that anyone’s zappers easily cure cancer and AIDS (they do) but I openly challenge the jurisdiction of this evil regime in public forums, almost daily, and occasionally on internationally broadcast radio programs as a guest.

I’m not the only one in the healing trade who’s standing his ground in this National Socialist, enslaved nation in the face of the generations-old War on Healers, of course. This ‘other’ war is yet another direct outcome of the usurpation of the Federal Government by London’s Federal Reserve Corporation at FDR’s behest, by the way.

Dr Ed Group, who has and who has facilitated busting all of the death towers in Houston during the past seven months, survived a massive federal assault on his clinic a few years ago, after he had cured a lot of cancer sufferers, and he’s still in business and prospering. He buys a lot of our zappers, by the way.

I’m not a celebrity by popular standards, of course, so they ought to feel pretty confident about not making a lot of waves by just shooting, framing or suiciding me. The Men in Black, those ‘morticians with attitude,’ recently murdered Chuck Wallach, another pioneer in the healing trade (Donna Carrillo will be expanding on Chuck’s unique contribution to the blasting effort). He chose a riskier route than ours: dealing with large sums of money around the promotion of an expensive but very powerful and effective healing device. The feds get more alarmed over stuff like this because it’s more ‘believable’ by the PJ folks than the fact that a $2 circuit cures just about everything. See how it works?

Murdering or even framing a zapper maker would thrust this simple truth into the purview of the sleepyheads for their consideration. The PJ folks don’t pay any attention when genuine healers are routinely railroaded into prison as ‘quacks,’ though. I sell more zappers than anyone else (did so even before my competitors scattered like quails) and I only sell a few thousand per year. In the not-distant future every household on the planet will have at least one $5 zapper from MalWart, made in China. We charge a lot more for ours, of course, because of the addition of the subtle energy components, which add dynamic healing qualities to the curative circuit. One would have to own a factory in order to make very cheap zappers, of course.

If we want to be free in this world, we’ve simply got to make our stand for freedom. Nobody’s going to rescue us. There aren’t any shortcuts and if I can do it, so can you. I bet I feel safer, freer and more confident in our coming victory than you do and you’re probably not even on the FBI’s official terrorist list yet. Keep gifting and get busy blasting your CIA assailants and their offworld & underground parasite pals and then you, too, may get to claim this distinction!

By the way, are you aware that out of the thousands of people who are quietly busting up this new, trillion dollar death tower matrix around the planet not a single soul has been harmed because of it? At least half of these gifters are mothers, by the way. How can you not exploit this opportunity and expand your capabilities now? Nor were any of the thousands of early cloudbuster owners harmed for eviscerating the vastly expensive and comprehensive chemtrail program, even though an awful lot of them were paranoid potheads. The world order have spent more money on these two programs than they’ve spent on most of their major managed conflicts (maybe they spent more money on WWII) but we arent’ hearing a peep out of them, even after we’ve essentially obliterated these agendae. Sure, we’re all being guided and protected by The Operators but if the occult/corporate jerkwads had as much power as you might fear that they do, wouldn’t at least one of us have come to grief by now for doing this work? Especially Big Mouth Don Croft?

I’m telling you that this government and their masters are in a defensive mode right now. They no longer have any initiative and they realize that. So should you. We have the initiative. They’re more concerned about their own (underground?) safety in the face of an awakening populace than in carrying out the legislated tyranny that Congress and the White House are still hypnotically pumping out on a regular basis. You can bet that Hillary, Rumsfeld, Putin and Condolizard aren’t going to don blue helmets, body armor, zipcuffs and machine guns and start muscling befuddled innocents onto old Czechoslovakian trucks and black Hind helicopters en route to the concentration camps Wink

Even the local cops are terrified of ‘the people’ and what will surely happen to them (the cops) if martial law is stupidly and openly declared. I bet they’re starting to figure out that they’d then have to sort of ‘pay for’ all those blank checks that the very wealthy Homeland Security Abominations (via the FBI thugs) have been handing out to the copshops around the nation in exchange for the local cops’ ill-advised, unquestioning obeissance and support Wink Maybe there are more police chiefs like our friend, Billie, by now who have stood up to these freaks instead of selling out to them.

I’m not threatening the cops, by the way. The Homeland Security Abomination forces will shoot these guys and their families first (along with all of us Wink), probably in the middle of the night, right before martial law is declared. I doubt they’ll even bother rounding up the cops and Sherriff deputies. Not even the ones who sold their souls to the CIA and FBI will likely be allowed to keep breathing. That would be the fruition of the old Novus Ordo Seclorum ‘birth announcement,’ of course. The occult/corporate families have been pining for absolute tyranny and genocide for millennia.

With this trick new method of predator blasting, we directly attack the soft underbelly of global tyranny right now and perhaps will successfully prevent that unhappy development from manifesting. Anyone can do it. This method of voting really does count, friend! It’s even more effective than the refugee method! Refugees vote with their feet, of course Wink

Remember that when you etherically strike your psi assailants you’re actually chopping at the root of this declining satanic world order. Start with that and let nature take it’s course, okay? You’ll soon hunger for bigger game, don’t worry, then you’ll get to the next level, and so on. We don’t want to be the only ones having all this fun!

Note that I haven’t mentioned reptilians prominently in this compendium. That’s because I don’t consider them primary threats or any more than macroparasites, at least on the surface of our world. If you live in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or Salt Lake City, where reptile behavioral characteristics are so overbearing (these are the most fun places to be for playing the new sport, ‘Reptile Baiting,’ though!), you may not agree with me but I’ve never seen any evidence to support a very popular, charismatic fearmonger’s assertion that we’re their apish ‘pets’ or are their inferior, lab-originated specie. Their conformitive hive mind capability can’t compete in the emerging global paradigm with our genuine, heartfelt spiritual awareness and tendency toward dynamic unity.

I’m not writing about any of the information that Carol brought back from the dolphins and whales in Costa Rica last week because that’s her job and it’s going to be up to her to disseminate this new, empowering information directly, not through her Big Mouth hubby Wink though I may edit her spelling, grammar and punctuation along the way. Why is it that the folks in this world who have the best info aren’t desperately interested in articulating it for everyone? Whenever I come upon a new truth I can’t wait to run my mouth about it.

I can tell you, though, that what I’m clearly seeing from what she’s been relating to me is that the cetaceans desperately want to be in direct contact with as many humans now as possible. Carol will be outlining a method that you can use initiate your own contact with them. I don’t think you need to be psychic to get their urgent telepathic contact. I’m not psychic and I’ve fairly been remotely body slammed by communicative dolphins a few times. It’s pretty compelling when it happens Wink but it’s all good, don’t worry.

You might need to get in a boat to make eye contact with one (meeting them halfway?) but I’m confident that we’ve suddenly entered a brand new phase of interspecie unity now, at their invitation. This is after the reptilian-influenced agencies like the US Navy and the CIA have failed to kill them all off with a combination of poison and predatory sonar and radio transmission, by the way. I think the reptilians despise and fear the cetaceans because these swimming folk represent the decisive end of the reptilians’ parasitic hegemony on this planet. This experience, which I sincerely hope you’ll avail yourself of, will be a symbiotic relationship and it will likely involve gifting. They love orgonite Wink so don’t forget to take a gift along.

When Rick Moors found that flying dolphin in the video footage of the massive dolphin visit in Santa Monica Bay right after he put the first ocean gift in the water on the US West Coast, three years ago, we knew that something profound and significant had just taken place. Carol’s got a similar account of what happened between her and an Orca whale when she dropped an orgonite ‘dolphin ball’ in the ocean from a little boat in the deep water off the coast of Costa Rica. That’s a tease, by the way. Carol will post her reports on in coming days and weeks. She posts there as ‘Carol Croft.’

This isn’t a tease: I want to convey that the apparent reason we have this opportunity is that we’ve all busted enough death towers and wasted enough savage predators that the cetaceans apparently now consider humanity to be worthy partners instead of spiritual tagalongs. Our gifting/blasting job’s certainly not done, yet. We need to do an awful lot of ocean gifting before the cetaceans will finally stop being mass murdered by the occult/corporate world order, so don’t hang up your spurs quite yet.

Don’t worry about numbers, either. It doesn’t take the participation or blessing of ‘the masses’ to accomplish something profound and globally significant. It’s never taken more than a handful of committed, self sacrificing people to accomplish the really great stuff in human history, of course. I guarantee that by the time the PJ folks take up this standard we’ll all have moved on to something even better.

Most of the earthgrid and vortices are on the bottom of the oceans, of course. Who’s considered that? Kenny Rudzinski, a gifting musician on a cruise ship, gets his own shrine in the Orgonite Hall of Fame for being the first systematic ocean gifter, by the way. He’s done some particularly good work in the Caribbean and in the Bermuda Triangle. He successfully nailed that wildly corrupted, massive vortex on the Bahama Bank east of Bimini that nearly drove me crazy and drowned me, in fact.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 4:40 am    Post subject:
The PAP-IMI Pamper

That's what Don calls it. I like it, so I'm sticking with that name. Wink

I have known about PAP-IMI machine for a few months now. I was looking for websites that have to do with teeth regeneration, remineralization and reenamelization. This is how I usually stumble onto these websites, by the way. PAP-IMI is a PEMF device. It's also referred to as PAP ION generator. Len Horowitz mentions these types of devices in his newest book entitled DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.

I wrote a Reversing Vaccine Damage article for the Vaccination Liberation quarterly newsletter and this machine was mentioned because of the adverse reactions of vaccines, that can be helped by it. Specifically nerve and tissue regeneration.

About Chuck Wallach...

I've participated in a few chats on the Bioenergy Services website and Chuck Wallach was present. Recently, I got an email alerting me that Chuck Wallach, Founder and CEO of BioEnergy Services had passed away.

I immediately "knew" that it was foul play and that he was murdered. They were involved in some litigation with FDA and was in the process of getting it approved here. They never mentioned what the details were.

I was really being burdened by his death, which was weird because I really didn't know the guy, other than talking with him in chat a couple of times.

Since it was bothering me so much, I had asked Galaero to take a quick look-see while talking with him in AOL instant message. Galaero confirmed that Chuck was taken out.

I noticed my smoothie drink straw spon around the glass by itself out of my peripheral vision. I mentioned it to him, and he said someone was trying to get my attention and that it wasn't a baddie. It didn't feel threatening, so we continued talking. More on that later...

One night after a main chat blasting session, some the girls and I stayed behind as we most always do, and was discussing other things. They were Anne, Stacie, Alicia and I.

I was still burdened by this, and I wanted to ask Anne about it and for her to take a peek. She also confirmed that it was an execution. Poison dart and a car crash. She also mentioned that "they" want to hijack his funeral or memorial for dark purposes. She saw CIA as being involved. The BioEnergy website, Chuck and the other employees are from Tarzana, California.

I was discussing some of the benefits of the machine as far as healing and shared some links to some of the testimonials, etc... with the other girls.

Anne had this FANSTATIC idea about connecting to the machine remotely, like we do with our powerwands, etc... She sent me the papimi energy and it was an INTENSE magnetic field.

I mentioned to them about treating sinuses with it, and what a side effect of sinus treatment was. A pleasant side effect is opening of the third eye of those who used it for sinus infections, etc... Chuck did mention this in one of the chats I participated in. Then it HIT ME HARD, that this is the reason they don't want it approved here. Imagine for a moment, masses of folks with sinus problems from the chemtrails having treatments with pap-imi machines! I don't know why I didn't make that connection before last night, but Anne confirmed it for me.

We all got blasted by it, and was still discussing it, when I noticed my drink straw do the spin circle around the glass again. This was the 2nd time I noticed that happening. I asked Anne about it, and she confirmed the visitor and said it was my friend. I had a feeling it was Chuck, and she confirmed that it was and that he was thanking me. Apparently, he wanted me to know about this and this new way of accessing the device. He also wants known that his death was an execution.

However, I thank Anne for this wonderful idea of connecting to it remotely. We then realized how important this was, and Anne said that she felt honored to be a part of this. I felt very honored too, and was crying tears of joy. Anne asked if someone in the room was crying and that it was joy. Words can't even describe at how elated I felt that night.

Here's how I connect to the machine...

I connected to the machine simply by thinking of it. Just like I did the PW, Solus Wand, etc...and the hoop hose on the machine is the contact that you picture being put on a target for healing or blasting.

I picture the machine in my mind, and and wait for the pulsating wave of energy. My hands will start to tingle and my back starts getting warm.

It's a little different for everyone. Some need the actual picture to get the connection and that's okay too. Here's the pic of the machine.

On me, it starts getting warm on my mid back and when I start sending the energy, it feels like it's coming in from the back. Not all the time, but most of the time. The first time was an intense pulsed magnetic field.

After I've been connected for a bit, I start feeling it in my heart chakra. And I can see little indigo blue flashes of light. When Robert connected to it, he saw a green streak of light. So that means it will be different for everyone.

Most starts feeling it in their hands and arms too. The tingling electrical sensation. It feels like a pulsating magnetic field. Especially when it's strong.

To me, it's no different than connecting to my PW or borrowing a Solus Wand. It feels like a zapper, SP or PW on steroids.

Now, there are times that I don't even have to try. It's an automatic connection. Wink

I have also used a succor punch, powerwand and solus wand and send it thru or along with the papimi energy. Sometimes I send just the papimi energy by itself.

ANYONE can do this method. One does not have to be psychic to be able to hook into the machine.

Some of the practitioners who own these machines, are apparently aware of being remotely connected to it. A dear friend who has used it already, said that the practitioner told that the energy has a lasting effect. Another papimi practitioner in the BioEnergy Services PAP-IMI chat room said that they can still feel the energy even when not on the machine or using it. That tells me that some of them already know about remotely being connected to it. Wink

The same rules apply as if connected physically to the machine. You will need to drink water to hydrate yourself to avoid a possible headache. It says to do that with a physical treatment from a practitioner.

I do hope others report their experiences with the machine, whether it be physically or remotely. Wink

~Donna C.

"Ask me about vaccine exemptions"
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, 2004 6:12 pm    Post subject:
Per Don's request, I'm adding my thoughts on blasting to this thread. When I first began learning how to send energy, I used the suggestions of other people who were already doing it, kind of like training wheels until I felt competent enough to devise my own methods.

For example, I read an account of Don's where he imagined a huge wave of orgone building up behind him, then the wave would rush forward and break on the target, sending them flying a$$ over teakettle. I'm a water person, so that method worked for me. My earliest blasting efforts were directed towards the hackers who started interfering with my computer and internet connection almost from the moment I began accessing to read The Adventures of Don and Carol Croft.

I also read that sending from the heart was important, which I already knew from animal communicator training. But some people wonder what "sending from the heart" really means. From my perspective, it means recognizing and acknowledging that you are a love-based being. Your power comes from, and your soul resides within, the heart. The mind is a powerful thing as well, but I believe the heart is the engine that drives and directs the activities of the mind. There have been many good suggestions on how to focus on your heart. What works for me, since I don't have kids, is focusing on my black lab dog, who is one of the sweetest souls I've ever encountered. He's like a big, warm teddy bear. All I have to do is think of his sweet face and I start to smile and I feel a warmth in my heart area. Or I look in my husband's eyes, and I see a loving, funny, brave soul looking back at me; a man of integrity, compassion and intelligence who is happiest when he's making me giggle. There are countless ways to feel the love vibe, and when I feel it, I know I'm ready to send energy.

Another important factor for me is imagination. We are conditioned to discount imagination in our society. "It's just your imagination" is the common phrase used to invalidate one of our most precious and powerful gifts, especially when we are young. Blasting is a great way to free yourself from this conditioning. I am not gifted with clairvoyance, which is a visual psychic ability; I'm clairsentient, so my impressions come in the form of feelings, although I do frequently receive a brief visual image as well. So my challenge is to believe what I feel, which is not something I was taught to do. Letting my imagination run free allows me to receive feelings and impressions more rapidly and accurately than I would if I were analyzing and judging everything. "Thinking" about what might be happening or what might be true just gets in my way in this process.

It's not all "Love and Light" in this process, either. I've learned that a little righteous anger goes a long way in getting the blasting job done. I've spent years loving on the "bad guys" and guess what? They're still out there killing, maiming and torturing people. I've been mind-controlled and I'm pissed about it. There's nothing wrong with fighting for your life...the animals know how to do it, but it's practically been conditioned out of us. As I write this a small, yellow plane is flying over my house again and again, and I'm blasting it. How dare that airborne cretin try to harass me in my home! That's righteous anger. You don't have to take their $#!+ anymore.

So, how do I do it? Well, I get that heart feeling going first. I breathe deeply, because breathing "primes the pump" as Don so aptly put it. Breathing expands consciousness, and stokes the etheric fire. The next thing I do is imagine my heart filling up with energy, usually the cobalt blue of orgone because that feels right to me. I "see" it happening in my mind's eye, if you will. Then I imagine that energy travelling from my heart to the target. Sometimes I send it in a wave, sometimes in a stream, but most of the time I send it in two spirals, one clockwise and one counter-clockwise. These two spirals swiral around each other, forming a double helix that goes right to their heart chakra, or the heart area in the case of a reptile that doesn't have a heart chakra. I also imagine the word Yahweh stitched along the energy spirals to get the most bang for the buck. Sometimes I send this energy through the Papimi machine mentioned in the above post. Carol has recently taught me that the ideal way to send energy is from the unconditional love chakra, sometimes called the high heart chakra, located in between the fourth and fifth chakras.

My technique is a compilation of the suggestions I've read and experiences I've had over the past 8 months. The clockwise and counter-clockwise bit was developed by the psychics during the chat blasts. The Yahweh technique was offered by DB and I've found it to be very effective. Donna introduced us to the Papimi technique, which has benefited many. I'm sure I will continue to revise and improve my technique as I learn more and experience more. It's my responsibility to figure out what works for me, just as it's my responsibility to blast the plane flying over my house (it stopped as soon as I blasted, by the way Wink ). Sometimes you have to do all of the above in a split second - when the plane flies over, when you catch someone following you, when the reptile shifts right in front of you - so it's a good idea to practice constantly. Send some energy to your friends and family, even the ones who think you're crazy. It can only help them.

Do you see how much of this process is imagination? Even physicists are now acknowleding the role of imagination in the physical makeup of the universe as the line between science and consciousness blurs. How do I know that the energy I've sent has reached the target and made a difference? I feel it. Sometimes I get confirmation in 3D, e.g. the plane stops buzzing my house. I can feel when someone is focused on me with negative energy, and I can feel that it stops after I blast them. I don't worry too much anymore about getting confirmation every time I send energy. I know that putting a love-based energy out there is helping to reverse the death spiral of our world. I don't know if it will be enough to save us all, but I do know that I'd rather die fighting than be a mind-controlled slave.

It takes courage, integrity and self-responsibility to do this, as well as a willingness to examine your faults and your fears, which we all have. The folks posting on this board are regular, ordinary people. We're not special, we're just the ones who have decided to fight for our lives. You can do this too. Don's right about the tools - they're not necessary but they help you get there. I use mine more for improving my psychic ability than for sending energy and soon I won't even need to do that. You don't have to be psychic to send energy, though, so don't let that stop you. If you get good at sending energy, however, you might find your intuition improving.

There are countless ways to send energy, and in the chat blasts we frequently change tactics to catch the evildoers off guard, so I'm looking forward to reading the methods of other warriors.

Enjoy yourself, and let the blasting begin!
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 4:24 pm    Post subject:
I'm fairly new at blasting. It's taken me a while to get up to speed. When I became an orgonite vendor, my awareness of reptilian shape-shifters was confined to stuff I had read on the internet. I was still unaware of the vast number of Toids in my midst. I was like Roddy Piper before he tried on the alien-revealing sunglasses in, "They Live!" I still had some of my PJ's on when I got into this milieu.

Reading CB's posts regarding these thugs has been very enlightening. Also reading Don Crofts various missives on this subject has been equally enligtening. Most of us need to be poked with a stick before we see what's right in front of us.

I began to see them! The nastiest and scariest Toid I have ever seen was when I was at lunch with Don and Carol! This guy looked like Jabba The Hut with an attitude! I probably wouldn't have noticed him if I hadn't been influenced by the Croft's wisdom. Now I see them all over the place.

Part of our social-programming (towers?) causes us to walk around in a fog, lost in our own little scenarios, not seeing true reality, but the reality we have been induced to see. We are programmed to be wrapped-up in ourselves and not see what's not only a threat, but deadly.

The agency guy that follows me in his white Lincoln gets blasted several times a day, now. I frankly don't expect to see him again.

The other day I was at Radio Shack picking up some stuff and as I was being helped by the cashier, another customer got in line behind me. I could feel his impatience, he was shifting his weight back and forth, sighing, acting quite unpleasant. I turned around, looked him right into his deep, black eyes and smiling a huge smile, I blasted him with all the energy I could muster through my heart chakra. As I turned back around to complete my transaction, he tossed his merchandise onto the counter and walked out! I was the only one in line in front of him and my transaction took maybe 90 seconds.

This blasting really works and I urge everyone to get behind this task. Maybe if enough of us get into this habit it will cause a shift, enabling the PJ folks to see them, too. The Toids depend on us not believing in them, they also love it when the few believers that there are, turn their other cheek so they can slap us twice. We are co-signing their existence by not taking them on. To ignore them is to give them permission to screw us.

I really do believe the Toid agenda is failing and that we have a strong hand in this coming about. The reason the feds and other spooks have not taken us on in the media or the courts is because they want their secret to never be exposed; that secret is their very existance. Every time we blast one of these guys, their possibilities diminish a little more.

Let's not let up on them, for a minute, our lives and planet depend on it.


"May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house."

George Carlin
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 11:35 am    Post subject:
*Blasting is an art best Caught, rather than Taught.
..It is as individualized as ones fingerprints.
...The more emotionally inclined may work with that energy and eminate it from the heart center. Those more mental will tend to work from mind created images and visualizations and enliven them with an emotional charge. Some may even blast whilst dancing the Funky Chicken in bunny slippers, purple tights and gold cape in front of an TV shaped alter made of oatmeal cookies(Darn, now I have given away my super secret blasting technique).
.You get the idea, it is a very personalized process. BUT it should be exercised with the same vigor and enthusiasm thet one would exhibit in throwing an intruder from your home or defending oneself from physical assault.
.In the Martial Arts, the extension of Ki (Primal Spiritual Energy) is a standard technique for advanced practioners. This in combination with long practiced Out of Body Projection skills would be the best description of the blasting method I currently employ. I am however continueously exploring other ways, and modifications.
.My own abilities in this area were unexpectedly increased by several orders of magnitude by participation in regular sessions with the other blasters in the weekly chats. For this I owe them a great debt of gratitude.
..Like Sword training or orgonite making , with regular practice the unfamilar becomes effortless. When I first began, my attention span to a blasting effort was about 45 minutes and left me exhausted. Now 6 or 7 hour sessions are easily accomplished with what can only be described as effortless effort.
..My most considered advice to you gentle reader, is to Practice. There is absolutely no substitute.
Meek? Hah, they wish !
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New postPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:52 am    Post subject:
Don - I grew up as a fundamental, Bible beating Christian. I could quote
scripture (1 denomination's interpretation) and cast out demons. What I
realize now is that the same 'feeling' is in orgone as was with me when I
was 'churchy'. When I presented in the right way, I could raise my arms to
get rid of negativity just by telling it to leave or ask the 'spirit' or
'angels' to take it away.

I'm thinking the chat blasts you have are on the same order. Even now, when
I 'feel' the negativity (pulses of anger coming from the computer when I'm
on the orgone web sites) I can sometimes just ask the 'elementals' (angels?)
to get rid of it. Then it seems the room lights up (my husband can't see
how the room lit up so it's more in the energy, I guess). I take this as

I'm programmed to let go and let God, so do not want to harm anyone or
anything unless 'God' has that in his plan. That means 'if' God wishes to
take my 'prayer' to kill a preditor, then he does it. Am I on the right
track? Is this how blasting goes? If I'm (or my friends or family) being
attacked, then I just let 'Him' do the job and even ask 'Him' to do specific
things like put a shell of protection around me. As a masasge therapist, I
was taught to put a shield at my wrists so no 'walk-ins' or other negativity
can get past my wrists as it tried to get to me. Some therapists choose to
put a bubble around themselves so even their hands are in the expandable
bubble while they work on patients.

I just made a big secret using a huge Alaskan crystal (at least 5") with a
hunk at the base and an aluminum wire (1/8" thick found in the Alaskan
hills). I felt this would be for my husband. Then I got the idea that this
piece should be representing both of us so I attached my portion (a twisted
copper wrapped 2.5" crystal) and copper wrapped citrine. I sent my 'prayer'
through it; asked to see what my id looked like; felt it was a huge friendly
genie. Does this sound similar to what you do?

Where does God's (or higher power) will come in to the chat blasts? Is it
when you fill yourself with 'orgone' and send it on? I feel righteous anger
is appropriate because I DID NOT CHOOSE to have them messing with me or
mine. As a being, I have the will to chose what happens in my life. Does
that sound familiar? I love reading the 'Adventures' on and
Keep the info coming. My mind is trying to expand inspite of myself. Would
Carol be able to give me any info on how to expand my third eye? I loved
her article and how she was blessed by the cretaceans when she recieved more
DNA. WOW! Thanks, Cathy


Cathy, your email is so insightful that I'm adding it to our blasting compendium now Wink

What you're experiencing is, in fact, exactly the same as what we're doing and you can help me let people know that this is absolutely not about technique or anyone's specific recommendations. It's rather simply an expressed attitude. In that light, what you've expressed certainly needs no comment from me because it pretty much says it all and I'm sure many, many people who have also identified the feeling of pleasing God this way will catch on instantly and start blasting the mass murderers right away, as you're perhaps doing. We do go after specific targets, of course. The psychics identify them and sometimes even non-pychics like myself get strong intuitive hits about the targets which we share with the group. If the psychics can see it, we hit it.

If you've got that ability you might want to consider it as a survival skill at the moment. You can email anyone who posts on EW. They've either got personal contact info in their personal profiles or will soon have. If you want to set up a similar cell we can help you connect with others.

Since we're unable and unqualified to determine outcomes we just send the energy with all our hearts. I have no doubt that The Operators, which is what I call God's Servants who are higher up in the heirarchy than we are, make those determinations based on their clearer understanding of the law. If it were up to 3D humans to make these determinations I think we'd have lost before now Wink

For me, this is all prayer but I don't presume that the others believe as I do, of course. As Sensei mentioned, it's effortless, which is an indication that what we're doing is closely in line with natural law, at least.

Along the way, some of us have developed some very impressive etheric weaponry and all of that is still useful but you're demonstrating that none of it is essential to accomplishing this task. I'm glad to know that you're experimenting with some of the tech concepts, though. Involving the hands in the blasting work seems to be helpful for some. This is a strange, wonderful new paradigm which we're all bringing into creation, don't you agree?

As I've said before, whether one believes in a Merciful/Omnipotent God or believes that God is just an imaginary friend for grownups is more or less immaterial in terms of one's real value to humanity right now. Maybe someday I'll feel inclined to debate about ideological issues but what matters, right now, is the exposure and defeat of these monsters who wish to destroy mankind.

Thanks, again, and please tell your Id 'Welcome!' for me,

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich