The Previously-Muddy Mississippi

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I got the following from Marc in Belgium:

Hi Don,

These were my questions about river gifting :

I was quite impressed by your recent post about your trip with Stevo. Particularly struck with what you say about the Mississipi river. This river is so huge ... The ones were I live seem tiny in comparison ! So, I found it rather inspiring ... When you say that "not a lot" orgonite was required to achieve this great "Miss" cleansing, could you be more specific ? Just to give me some idea ... And, are there specific guidelines for river gifting ? Distance, proportion ... ? Also, why does it seem that the peace pipe is almost never used for this type of work ? When I read water gifting reports, people always mention tbs, while the peace pipe was supposedly developped for this type of work.



I love it when people send me substantive questions and comments!

Towerbusters are the easiest, cheapest tactical orgonite devices, so that's about all I make, any more, except for earthpipes and an occasional 18.

Seven years ago, when Carol and I crossed the US and witnessed the horrors of DOR and the drought-murdered regions in previously pristine parts of the US, the Mississippi River was as muddy as ever.  I had travelled down that river in a home-made sailboat in 1970, right after I got out of the army, and the water was so nasty that I never put more than my feet in it, then.  At the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers the clean Ohio R water didn't immediately mix with the Mississippis and one crossed from eddies of muddy to clear water for some distance downstream until it all became opaque brown Wink

The nest time we visited St Louis, the water of the Mississippi was no longer muddy or even opaque; it was relatively clear and green by then, thanks to just a few HOly Handgrenades that some folks had tossed in the water, upstream in Iowa.  At that point we hadn't yet developed the Towerbuster and everyone who was gifting was using HHgs.  The death towers hadn't even been thrown up at that time; nearly all of those millions of new death towes showed up in a few months at the end of 2001 and the first part of 2002.

We can't figure out how just a little bit of orgonite iwll produce such phenomenal results in one body of water but only a whole lot of orgonite will do so in another body of water but sooner or later we'll get a handle on those parameters, no doubt.

I guess one isn't going to know how much orgonite it will take to turn a body of water into an orgone generator for the region until one actually prepares to start tossing it in the drink.  I hope that people who do this work will tell me about it, focusing on the observed condittions of the water and the ambience, before and after.  This is extremely valuable in the form of empirical evidenced and it also empowers our readers to try their hand at this wonderful and perhaps essential healing work.

When we determine to gift a body of water, we dowse for how much orgonite to use.  For my recent 90-mile reservoir exposition I dowsed three TBs per mile and I also dowsed which sections of those reservoirs would yield the most results with my tossed orgonite.  I use a Succor Punch (point in my left palm) and a pendulum (in my right, dominant hand) to dowse.  A fellow I just heard from who lives in Atlanta and is visiting the Bahamas with some orgonite uses kinesiology testing.  Fortunately, for any objective there are many good ways to reach it.

I hope Marc will also rather focus on tossing orgonite in the sea because the dolphins really need to bust those prolific  underwater  death transmitters in that region, which turn into life force generators, just like the land-based death towers do, when orgonite is neaer them.