Prince: Sigils and Symbols

Game of Fakes. In a short addendum, I connect Prince to Dow Chemical. Also to Jennifer Aniston. Also more information on the Chases. But if Prince and David Bowie were agents in a project, what was the point of that project? Well, we have already seen it above, when I said Bowie was promoting schizophrenia, paranoia, delusion, androgyny and bisexuality. The mainstream bios admit he was doing that. It is no secret. And Prince was doing the same thing. That's Project Chaos, and of course it has continued to accelerate since Prince's heyday. All those things and many more are being used to break up the male-female relationship, the family, and the general stability

[vid] Blood Sacrifice for Fame Pt 1 of 2
[vid] Blood Sacrifice for Fame Pt 2 of 2

Possession   Exposing the works of Satan: Popular Music Prince admitted he had 2 other people living inside him [really evil spirits] and that he changed his name to Formerly Known as Prince because he didn't know what the spirits wanted to call him

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Jews and the Music industry

[vid 2016 April 22] 'Simpsons' boss unearths script pages from the Prince episode that never got made 
[vid 2016 April 22] The Illuminati Murdered Prince in an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice for Fighting Them! 

[vid] Blood Sacrifice for Fame Pt 1 of 2 (before 911)

"V" Sign

Sanpaku eye

Satanic Hand sign


All seeing eye symbol

Eye (all seeing signs)

Eye (all seeing signs)