Psychopathy personality traits

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Hervery M. Cleckley in 1941 in the book Mask of Sanity:

Superficial charm and average intelligence.
Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking.
Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations.
Untruthfulness and insincerity.  [Lies]
Lack of remorse or shame.
Antisocial behavior without apparent compunction.
Poor judgement and failure to learn from experience.
Pathological egocentricity and incapacity to love.
General poverty in major affective reactions.
Specific loss of insight.
Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations.
Fantastic and uninviting behavior with drink, and sometimes without.
Suicide threats rarely carried out.
Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated. [Sex Inc]
Failure to follow any life plan.

Robert Hare Ph.D (1991 “The Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised” ):

Displaying glibness and superficial charm
Being in constant need of stimulation and prone to excessive boredom
Acting in a conning or manipulative way
Showing shallow emotional responses
Relying on others for financial support (parasitic lifestyle)
Acting out promiscuous sexual behavior
Lacking realistic long term goals
Behaving irresponsibly
Avoiding long term relationships
Feeling a grandiose sense of self worth
Lying repeatedly without remorse  [Lies]
Lacking any remorse or guilt
Lacking empathy for others
Having poor behavioral controls
Displaying behavioral problems early on in life
Behaving impulsively
Failing to accept responsibility for actions
Delinquency as a juvenile
Displaying signs criminal diversity

Thomas Sheridan [2010] Psychopathic Traits by Thomas Sheridan
Primary 'Absolute' Psychopathic Traits

Absolutely no remorse
Mysterious past, you don't know where they came from.  You can never get to their past.  [
Invented personas, no personality.
Invoking pity
High level of testosterone

Secondary 'Relative' Psychopathic Traits

Sexual promiscuity/Asexuality/One night stands  [Sex Inc]
Narcissism/boastfulness a sense of being born for a special purpose.
History of brief or failed relationships ending badly which are always the fault of the other party - wants to/or does get engaged/married on impulse.
Waking up in a pool of sweat even in cold weather.
Migraine headaches
Falling asleep instantly and/or waking up instantly
Idealisation followed by cold rejection
Eyes dead and lifeless, then racing frantically from side-to-side with a "win" or scam.
Needing, at most, 4-5 hours sleep a night.
Constantly looking and acting busy for no apparent reason.
Highly unreliable/broken promises.
Constantly trying to correct others’ opinions (arrogant pseudo-sceptic/debunker)  [Health Fraud racket]
Righteous indignation/condescending/always right - never wrong
Crocodile tears and unconvincing emotional responses, superficial laughter.
Extreme and obvious flattery – emulating/Sycophantic.
Claims to be the only person who really relates to you
Obsessed with the latest pharmaceuticals/hypochondriac.
Has no real creative talent (can only copy – can’t innovate or be original)
Phoney altruism
Gifts designed to “buy you” or to mould you in a certain way (their taste in clothes, pop psychology books)
Little or no interest in parenting (even if they have children, while claiming to adore them)
Easily bored
Becomes obsessed with a hobby or causes/individuals and then loses interest instantly.
Feels they are entitled to the best of everything and expects to be indulged.
Exploits parents, the elderly or handicapped (money, free rent, getting into wills, legal help)
Claims to have a special relationship with God or fakes being religious  [False prophets]
Parasitic lifestyle/slacker/highly-strung “genius”/middle-aged student who never graduates
Expelled/‘flunks out’ from educational institutions and then blames the entire institution and not themselves.