The Public Slander Attacks Are Increasing

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Post The Public Slander Attacks Are Increasing 
I'm putting this post in the psi intel section simply because the enemy, mainly through CIA drugbucks, are waging a psiop campaign rather than directly naming any of us or even  naming orgonite.

This is a departure from previous  efforts, such as Jeff Rense attacking our work on his radio program and James DeMeo campaigning, here and abroad, against 'Croft-style cloudbusters.'

Even Karl  Welz doesn't mention us when he denies that orgonite changes ambient bad energy into good energy.

The latest campaign focuses on our discussion of aliens in order to lump us in with the nut cases.  James DeMeo seems to be spearheading that and apparently fails to see that Dr Reich began his cloudbusting experiments in order to drive away the alien ships that were assaulting his home and laboratory in 1947.

DeMeo has unwittingly driven a lot of people to this effort, especially in Germany and Austria, which may be why he's stopped mentioning us or even orgonite.  He had perhaps enjoyed a lot of years of generally being considered the authority on all things related to Dr Reich and orgone.

I hope you'll read THE ALIEN AGENDA by Jim Marrs becuase this is a concise history of the CIA's and US Air Force's costly and omnipresent media campaign to discredit anyone who publicly mentions aliens or anti-gravity craft.

This is a subject that won't go away, no matter how much the media programs the less discerning to scoff at the notion of non-humans interacting with us.  In Dr Reich's day, there was no such programming, of course, which is why the earliest reports of UFOs got serious attention. Yes, even rational people, in those days, wanted more information and weren't afraid of the implications.

The old world order bases a lot of its parasitic rule on the promotion of the idea that we're all just too stupid and paranoid to discern reality, so they've appointed themselves, for millenia, to do it for us and to lie to us whenever they determine that a truth is just too 'dangerous' for us to assimilate.

Unless you will look at this irritating subject matter objectively you're not going to assume responsibility for examining reality on your own, entirely without the admonitions and recommendations of clergy, academics, scientists, politicians, Theosophists, etc.

There are a handful of reputable information sources compared to a mountain range of clever disinformation sources.  Phil Schneider, Al Bielek and Richard Souter give plenty of corroborative evidence and documented claims,  for instance, and just about every 'authority' and source you can  name, otherwise, are most likely just CIA disinformation outlets or want to make a buck on the incredulous by starting a cult.  There aren't many of the latter (the scam artists), outside of California.  

The reason I think this book is a helpful discernment tool is that we're beginning to identify the same tactics being directed against this unorganized effort, too.   Marrs leaves a lot of questions  open, which is understandable since he had very little direct experience with the subject matter. Marrs had or has a slight crush on Drunvalo Melchizedek but in spite of that he still leaves the subject matter open, so as a piece of research journalism it's quite valuable.

Fortunately, perhaps, Carol and I determined, very early,  that the physical work we're doing is a lot more important than the experiences we've had with non-humans, so we  mainly focus on the orgonite and energy-tossing work, the latter in partnership with Dooney of and her hubby,  Dr Stevo.  After all, empowerment is a numbers game:  there's no point in gaining competency in new technology if one is unable or unwilling to share that knowledge as widely and as quickly as possible.  Also, as recent history demonstrates, keeping empowering new tech proprietary invites CIA or other sewer rat agencies to murder us in order to keep the information away from the population.  See how hard it's been for them to do this, though, since the advent of the internet? Cool

The  more we get attacked, even  when  the attacks are merely insinuous, the more curious our attackers will cause rational enquirers to become.  This worked well in Germany, for instance, when DeMeo unwittingly caused the construction of scores of orgonite cloudbusters in a short time in early 2003.  There had been only one or two in that country, before, at a time when there were perhaps several thousand or more in North America, France and other parts of Europe.  The Germans have an admirable cultural characteristic: they generally insist that claims to be demonstrated before they're willing to accept and promote them.

I'm writing this so our more rational, self-starting readers will have a headsup.

There's no such thing as bad publicity, otherwise.


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Post Re: The Public Slander Attacks Are Increasing 
In a traditional  sense, anyone who experiments with orgonite and is observant will be an 'initiate' because he or she will begin to know, with complete certainty, that this stuff simply changes bad energy into good energy.

In a non-traditional sense, one needn't have special abilities, training or even commitment in order to achieve these observable confirmations.

This is probably why the increasing number of $#!+slingers are trying their dead-level best to distract you from the phenomenal  healing work that many thousands of experimentors around the world are doing and rather program you to focus on our occasional offhand comments about aliens, instead.

I hope you'll notice that most of the contributors to  this forum are as skeptical about aliens as anyone else is.  So was I until I began having direct experiences.  There's no hurry to persuade anyone to accept our statements about this, of course, since all of the hidden realities are becoming more and more apparent in a timely way, I think.

As ever, the more discerning will plow through the slander and insinuations and will come to EW to check  us out for themselves instead of just writing us off and going back to sleep, as mere sensationalists are inclined to do.

The imagination is a wonderful tool for discernment but only when one has determined to  allow his/her imagination some freedom outside of movie theatres  and off the TV couch.