Putin Long Dead Says Ex-Wife (Video)

[vid] Has Mr.Putin been cloned?!   Different people (Putin's body doubles) speak, on behalf of Vladimir Putin. They have different manners, shape of the skull (the width of the eye sockets, the shape of the chin, the shape of the zygomatic bone), different amounts of soft tissue and cartilage on the face (the wings of the nose, lips, cheeks), different hairlines (scalp and eyebrows), different eye color, different aspects, they have different hands, different height and a different tone of the voice!

[Aug 2008] I'm NOT on the Putin Bandwagon by Henry Makow

[Media 3, 2004] Secret at the heart of Putin's rise to power

Putin on Grave Face in NZ


Russian Apartment Bombings

"The men behind this were definitely FSB employees," he told the Telegraph. "Whether they got their orders from the very top, or were a criminal grouping inside the organisation, is impossible to say.....The 1999 bombings proved to be Mr Putin's political making. He positioned himself as a strongman who would crush the Chechen rebels and restore order to the ailing country. Riding a wave of nationalist fervour, in eight months he went from being a virtual political unknown to winning the presidency by an easy margin. Secret at the heart of Putin's rise to power

Among these top spies were three Vladimir Putins. They all looked like Vladimir Putin and went by the names 'Valenti Putin', Alexia Putin' and Alexander Putin'. Vladimir Putin was 'Alexia Putin'. When I contacted the Russian Embassy via the Auckland Public Library on 7 May 2003 and asked them if Vladimir Putin had ever been in New Zealand, they replied "No, but we get asked that question a lot. The only time he had been in New Zealand was during the 1999 APEC conference" ... so here's the photo of Putin in Wellington in 1986.  p.213 
How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster

e was very sweet. I'll be honest, I felt an urge to squeeze him like a kitten and that led to the gesture that I made. There was nothing behind it really. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president explaining why he felt compelled to kiss the bare stomach of a young boy at the Kremlin.

Reptile eyes (slits)  http://youtu.be/PLwTHptbOcE

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and Putin making out.