Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix

By Ragnar Storyteller <>
July 29, 2004

The Pyramid Orgone Matrix shown below is a print of 20 pyramids as viewed from above looking down . The energy of the pyramid flows upward.

There are many magical symbols that generate Orgone (Life Force). Pyramids are one of the most powerful and have been around for a very long time. Any orgone generator helps reduce the effects of DOR (Deadly Orgone). DOR is produced by EMF waves which flow through your home from the outside power lines, ELF towers, TVs, computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc. All you need do is hang or place the Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix print above the TV, the computer, et al.

The close proximity of the orgone field produced by the Matrix will neutralize the DOR emanations .

You can take your Matrix to a copy shop and reproduce as many copies as you like. Place one above (or under) any electronic device you have at home. Be sure to get them all. Give prints to your family and all of your friends.

The more radionics devices and orgone generators in any particular area, the less the DOR.

These pyramid matrices are like batteries. The more you have in one area, the stronger the field they will produce.

If everyone in your neighborhood had several of them "cooking' in their homes, they would start to build an anti-DOR umbrella in the neighborhood.

Have you seen the movie" Highlander Three" (I think that was the one)? In the movie, they build a screen around the world to stop radiation from the heavens. Well, the ELF towers and the electric power lines, etc. are building an electronic fence or screen around all of us. This electronic fence is stopping the Orgone (Life Force) and generating a field where DOR thrives.

Now you can build an orgone field to neutralize the man made DOR fields.

Wilhelm Reich knew that DOR was deadly and that orgone would neutralize it. That is why they locked him up.

Too late now to lock us all up. The magic of orgone is now available to millions of people, thanks to the Internet.

You will notice after a while that a feeling of well being will increase in your home and your neighborhood. The vibrations will become more harmonious as the intruding waves are neutralized. Whatever you look at with your eyes--you actually touch! So, when you look at your Matrix, you are touching it.

To use it as a meditation device, sit quietly in front of one of the matrices hung on the wall or place one in your lap.

Look at it and concentrate. Then mentally say to yourself:

"I am now breathing the healing energy of the Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix into every cell of the my body"

Take a deep breath and visualize a golden spiral of energy coming out of the top of the pyramid and entering into each of your nostrils. See this golden energy filling your lungs- invigorating, energizing, recharging, renewing, and revitalizing every cell and organ in you body.

Take 7 deep inhalations and stop. .

Once in the morning and once before gong to bed should be sufficient. If you are in a rundown condition, then do it as often as you wish.

Radionics Device
You can also use your Pyramid Matrix as a simple radionics device. A simple radionics device consists of three parts:

1. Power supply
2. A treatment (a symbol, remedy, vitamin, color, etc.)
3. A target (you or whoever you are sending the energy to).

1. The Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix is the power source.

2. The treatment is the homeopathic remedy, or drop of Back Flower Remedies, or heeling color, or healing Rune symbol, or whatever other treatment device you prefer

3. The target is a photo of yourself (or of another person), or a lock of hair, or drop of blood, or just your name written on a piece of paper (placed on the Matrix).

You now have a power source, a treatment, and a target- a simple radionics device.

Thank you,

Ragnar Storyteller

Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix