Queen Elizabeth I
Political Mafia

[The Snake is found on Pharaohs and God Horus.]

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Between 1569 and 1605 the Jesuits orchestrated no less than eleven plots against Protestant England, which involved invasion, rebellion, and assassination. Each is known by the leader of the treachery: Ridolfi, Sanders, Gregory XIII, Campion, Parsons, Duke of Guise, Allen, Throgmorten, Parry, Babington, Sixtus V, Philip II of Spain, Yorke, Walpole, Southwell, and Guy Fawkes.175 In the 1586 “Babington plot” the Jesuits along with other Catholics planned to kill Protestant Queen Elizabeth I, place Catholic Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots on the throne of England and bring England under subjection to the Pope of Rome. That plot was discovered and Mary was executed for her troubles. After the failed Babington plot, the Pope, in league with Philip II of Spain, planned to invade England and bring it under papal control. In 1588 Spain brought the 136 ship Spanish Armada against England. The Sovereign God of the Universe whipped up a freak storm which devastated the Armada and allowed England with only 30 ships to defeat Spain after an eight hour sea battle [2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie


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