Alaska Radionics with Orgonite Octahedron On Oct. 31, 2002
By Don Croft  
November 19, 2002

I'm going to report the details as they were given to me in a letter postdated Nov. 2, sent from a place in Alaska 100 miles from the notorious HAARP array. I've removed any personal reference because that person was unwilling to even email me the information and was quite frightened by what resulted from the exercise. What follows is his verbatim letter that was sent to Kristina, Wayne and Kay (apparently channelers), and Ken, Carol and I. My comments will follow:

"I had just received Kristina's second xenon pyramid [ ] and started to program it.  I also placed a picture of HAARP's antenna array on the base of both xenon pyramids with the message of changing this to a good orgone transmitter.

Then I started to meditate with it, then got the idea of putting them together and formed a octahedron and continued to meditate. 

I don't remember what I was thinking exactly, but it had to do with clearing  humanity, and higher vibrations and oneness with GOD, and maybe I said neutralizing all DOR energy arrays, then I said to myself to now spread out to my neighbours, then spread out through the neighbourhoods, then through the communities, then thru the towns and then the valley and the city, then all of Alaska, then all of Canada, then all of the lower 48 [states] and Hawaii, etc., all over the world.

At which point the phone rang and the meditation was broken.  It was my neighbour calling to come over and get some bananas.  I took the dog with me and started walking over.   Some five minutes had passed, when out of the blue comes this giant black helicopter loaded with missiles at tree top level, circling the neighborhood.  It made several passes and the circles kept getting wider and wider like he was trying to pinpoint the energy source but couldn't.  He flew over my house, but did not focus on it alone.

Now I was on my neighbour's lawn while I was watching this.  The helicopter headed to the telephone sub station (that's what the permit says) that was further up the mountain.

Soon after, a fleet of white utility vehicles raced up the mountain. All sorts of trucks, including one with a cherry picker on it.  As the hours went by, a few more white trucks sent up the mountain, then they started to come down and I saw some of them return the next morning.  That evening, a huge digging machine was carried up the mountain and dropped off.

Now, it's two days later and I still see the white trucks come and go.

What did I do, blow out the substation?  Did I affect the HAARP array 100 miles away?  Wayne, would you please ask Lady Kadjina about this and tell me what exactly happened?  Does she have any recommendations regarding this?

Don, what is your take on this?  Can we just take our xenon Hhgs and cause all kinds of havoc just by meditating on them?  Can we blow out all the towers by just thinking them blown out?   I think I also thought to ask the pyramids to connect to all the other crystals in action and I also tied in with the central earth crystal.  I just remembered that now.  I got so spooked that I'm still shaking, typing this.

Don, I wanted you to have this info asap.  Did I just discover something of great magnitude here that we can use in our favor?

Kristina, I thought you would be very interested in this. And, Ken [Adachi,], I thought you would appreciate hearing a story like this.

I will ask you not to post this on your sites.  I live in a very small community here and everyone knows everyone.  I'm surrounded by military bases and half the neighbourhood is military.

What if we all had these pyramids, made them into octahedrons and meditated together at the same time?  What would happen?   Could we end this nightmare, once and for all?   I'll be looking forward to your replies as I calm myself down again.  Love I, I AM!

I want to thank you all for being in my life, for your beautiful and wonderful websites, and your friendships.

 *********** *********"

I decided to put the whole letter here in the interest of accuracy, with apologies to the man who sent it to me. For what it's worth, I'd not corresponded with this person before, so I don't know him personally. One of our zapper distributors lives in that small town and was also unaware of this person, but was able to phone him with the contact info I got in the letter and now they are collaborating a bit. I had assumed they knew each other, especially after the concern he expressed in the letter.

I'm sure he won't be harmed by my posting this, because any number of us have done more threatening things to the regime than this and we've never been harmed because of our successes.

We had been discussing, in the forum,  possible ways to take out a lot of transmitters without having to knock  them out one by one, as Carol and I and several others are doing now, because some of the world's metropolitan areas have thousands of these transmitters and we are a pitifully small number right now.

Some have been systematically developing possible methods for doing this in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates, so I thought it would be timely now, in light of the regime's tightening noose, to share this momentous report with everyone.

When Carol drove to Yellowstone yesterday, I used some of the suggestions in this letter  in an effort to assist her because she was being followed to Wyoming by an entourage of secret police (a good confirmation, but a possible threat).

I put one of the owl feathers from her altar between two of Kristina's pyramids and lined them up to the compass with the intention of enforcing her totem. I also sent my  Doppelgangster, through the agency of my Big Secret, to interfere with the secret police psychics who had no doubt gone along for the ride. Carol had dowsed eight targets in Yellowstone National Park, which is in Northwest Wyoming, so apparently there's a massive underground base there that needs to be disabled  Right Now.

Thanks, also, for the generous energy help provided by some of the other forum members, I feel assured that Carol has breezed through this spiritual trial with flying colors and is safe and on her way home now. She'll post her own report of this, Grid willing, because she took along a voice recorder.

It remains to be seen whether the xenon component is essential.  I don't know one way or the other, but will try the experiment with and without that element.  Also, I'll make some actual Octahedron forms, which Kristina's technically are not because the side edges are longer than the base edges.

I'm going to be a stickler for a little hard science here, as Dr. Reich surely would be under the circumstances..   Although it's generally considered faux pas in some circles to mention science in the context of this sort of exercise, I believe that all viable psycho/spiritual efforts are perfectly in line with science already, so need not be exempt from disciplined application.

What seems obvious to me is that this man's efforts most surely got immediate and dramatic results. I know that it didn't disable HAARP or the deathforce transmitters that I've since encountered in my travels, but it caused a huge disruption in Alaska, perhaps even an earthquake [7.2 Alaskan earthquake reported that destroyed the HAARP facility in the pictures sandwiched between the two orgonite pyramids.

What we need to determine now are some parameters so that whoever wishes to can build on this signal experiment.  Several of our vendors are already selling pyramid Hhgs.  Dom,  the 'Wizard of Oz,' has suggested octagonal pyramid forms, for what that's worth.

This is usually the point where I lose a lot of well-meaning people's confidence and support, but I'm pretty sure that enough committed folks will remain who will follow my lead and apply some focused discipline and observation in an effort to gather data to share.

Reich had lamented that so many people in his day had essentially neutralized themselves by embracing pseudomysticism as a reaction to being taught mechanistic science. I see the same process here in this forum,
but I also see that some have decided to keep their mental disicipline and simply keep an open mind so that key observations won't be missed.

He also stressed that if an experiment doesn't produce some sensory results, the approach is not likely viable.  Most of us are satisfied that orgonite produces such results and to many who are more inclined to psuedoscience and pseudomysticism, this has been a real eye opener and a most empowering experience.

One of my gifted friends who has extensive, disciplined psychic training, has noted to me that when this man focused on neutralizing that HAARP array, what actually happened was that the thoughtform that the array
represents was savaged by the experimenter through the energy of his octahedron and this friend has initiated his own identical experiment on an equally oppressive and destructive thoughtform and will report his results to me.   He compared HAARP to Pearl Harbor and to extend the comparison noted that almost nobody connects Pearl Harbor with the Japanese aggression in World War II since the revelations were made, beginning twenty years ago, that the attack was actually set up by Roosevelt and the international money men as an excuse to get America into a profitable (for them) managed conflict.

This is happening to HAARP now.  Carol and I had already determined, from our own experience, that the main damage from HAARP came from local and regional transmitters, not from the six or seven big ones in the world, including the one in Alaska.

We'll be specifically working on destroying the thoughtform which most people unquestioningly connect with the deathforce towers. Even otherwise-aware people in this forum are calling them cel-phone towers without a shred of evidence that they're for communication, for instance, and no amount of reasoning will shake them from this assumption because the thoughtform created by the regime for these towers is alive and well for now.

A possible scenario following the destruction of the regime's 'cellphone tower' thoughtform may be the en-masse mobilization of indignant people thoughout the world with their muffin-pan tower busters. The next logical step at that point may be their simple insistence that the world regime that foisted these horrors on them must simply be replaced by decentralized, loosely united local governments via the internet and town meetings.

Whatever local jurisdicton the culpable regime members then are found can deal with them as their own justice system considers appropriate.

Anyone's free to create a more organized effort to disable these towers.   I, for one, am distrustful of too much organization because at this point in our history it's just too easy for the agents of the regime to manipulate organized efforts. Once again, I'm in good company because Dr. Reich assured his readers that the fastest way to kill the spirit of something is to organize it.

I spent some time in Western Samoa when I was working on an architectural project in 1984. I had developed a letter style to be carved on some of the building's hardwood panels and we  needed some  skilled carvers to execute the work. I found some lepers who were barely supporting themselves by carving gorgeous, classical Polynesian-style mementos for tourists and handed them a panel sample, which they carved beautifully, and in a few weeks, not only was the job finished to everyone's satisfaction, but it was done in time for the dedication of the building, officiated by the Malietoa, the Head of State.   It was done much the same way projects have been successfully done in our fledgling cloudbuster forum, and just as informally, and I learned some good carving skills under the tutelage of those masterful carvers with too-few fingers and toes.

I was told by one of the carvers that when somebody wants something done in Samoa Isisifo, one simply announces a  potluck (a party where each family brings their favorite dish to share) and during the festivities,
individuals and families volunteer to take responsibility for certain aspects of the project.  He contrasted that with the way things are done by Palangi (Europeans) during which process officers are elected, dues are collected, and orders are given out.

Nobody I know, so far, has drawn any connection to the octahedron experiment and the subsequent big earthquake in Alaska, and I don't feel qualified to even have an opinion on that.  Maybe as more of us pursue the experiment we'll see some connection; maybe there is none.

On a less selfless note, here's an opportunity for me to get out from under the rep that I only endorse approaches that follow my own example ;-)

I think we need to consider the timing a factor here.   Halloween, a few days before and after, is a time chosen by magicians, traditionally, to accomplish certain tasks because the separation between the dimensions are
more ephemeral at that time.

I bet there are a score or so of us here who would have been out dancing in the yard, screaming with joy, at the sight of that helicopter gunship after pulling off such a tremendous coup as this one.  Also, we wouldn't have waited for anyone's approval or feedback to press this obvious advantage and step up the pressure on the Satanic world regime.  But this fellow deserves our praise and respect in any case-if  for nothing else than generously supplying us with this report.

I wish I could have supplied more information to our friend in Alaska, but I don't think anyone will really know what he accomplished until  more of us have replicated his efforts where we live and studiously considered the
pooled observations.

One of our intrepid Tower Busters may soon be supplying some frequency data taken from each of the six or seven kinds of deathforce transmitters, noting that cell phone frequencies are in the 900mHz range.

It may be possible to use a similar device to hers to determine when the transmitters have been neutralized, since not many among us are able to see those energies or dowse the results of our tower busting accurately.

Let's not forget, though, that busting an area gets fast visual confirmation on the Doppler radar weather website.

I guess it's time for me to get a gaussmeter now.  I believe Reich used one of those to measure the strength and quality of the ambient orgone field and the emanations from his accumulators, beause healthy orgone is characterized by negative ions, while dead and deadly orgone are characterized by a deficit of negative ions.   I believe that Doppler radar picks up the positively-charges smog particles in dead/deadly orgone fields, simply stated. 

I do know that the orgonite devices register a strong response in gaussmeters, which measure ionizaion, which is the abundance of healthy ambient negative ions.

This illustrates why I don't run from science. 

Good frequency detectors are quite expensive, so I appreciate our friend's offer to do this work for us all.

Here's another thing that orgonite pyramids do which the cone-shaped HHg's and the other orgonite devices I have don't do: the South needle of a compass points at the tip and the edges leading down from the tip, from every direction.  Maybe somebody here can explain that and maybe, also, we can determine if this is a factor in successful radionics work. There is no ferrous metal in the orgonite pyramids I used for this simple experiment,
and I got the same results with Kristina's 'plain' pyramid as with the high end models.   

What may be nice for Dom to know is that I got a stronger response in a smaller, six sided pyramid from the Hootens. The four sided pyramids got a much stronger response when the sides were lined up with the compass directions [four sided pyramids built with the same slope as the Great Pyramid at Giza will produce much greater effects when the center of two flat sides are aligned exactly in a north-south orientation, not the corners...K.A.].

By the way, Thank You to the fellow who made his first orgonite pyramid and emailed me to ask if he'd done it incorrectly because he got this compass response. If you're reading this, I'd like to give you credit for discovering this phenomenon, so please contact me again.

I'm looking forward to reading and writing some freeform ruminations (the wilder the better, once some results are in!) based on the experimental data from each of us.  I'm stressing 'experimental,' with apologies in advance
to those who feel they are exempt from hands-on work, but believe they have momentous information to offer anyway. I understand there is still a horde of people out there on other forums looking for a savior, strange to tell.

Of course, this is only one approach of possibly hundreds, so I hasten to add that this in no way negates the good efforts that are already underway to find ways to multiply our healing efforts.

Don Croft

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