Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 

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Post Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 
I had been feeling well all morning long until about 20 minutes ago.  Then I get the sweats and feel dizzy and tired.  All of a sudden, I notice powerful waves of high frequency energy raging through my house. I look out my window and not even 20 feet from my house, my across the street neighbors have set up a large tripod with a laser survey device mounted on top pointed perpendicularly to my house.  

These are my neighbors, old guy with white hair and young guy with long hair tied up in a bun.  They both like to ride motorcycles and own bikes only this time they have a large white SUV parked out front.  

I grab my own powered device and carry it to the front door and concentrate on them with light and love and ever expanding influence.  The second (and I mean THE VERY SECOND) I envelope them and begin to penetrate their heads to see what's what, they bug out, dismantle the device, throw it into their vehicle and drive off.  The waves cease and my own device's energy fills my home.  All is well now.

I have never experienced an attack this brazen.  They are desperate to over-ride the energy coming from my house.  It would seem that I have become enough of a threat after joining this forum to warrant physical attention instead of the mind-war they had been waging against me.  Why would my neighbors do this though?  They live right near me.  I can target them back to see if I can flip them to the light.  Either they are subconsciously crying out for release or this is a probe to see what I can do.  Any advice?

Take note that field survey teams should be boosted whenever they are observed on the off chance that they are not engineers, but spooks attempting to employ a radionic device to torture someone.  If they are harmless then they will enjoy the boost.  If not, watch them run like the spineless rat cowards they've allowed themselves to become.  Then pity them.

I guess they can't get an accurate target from the air or orbit so they have continued to employ boots on the ground to target a specific area of high density housing zones.

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Post Re: Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 
Very interesting confirmation. This is kind of an obvious suggestion considering the nature of this forum but:

you do have gifted their property carefully?

If you have not yet done it, would be interesting to read what happened after that.

Everyone's right and duty.

Live to serve and proud of it.

God bless,


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Post Re: Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 
Next paycheck I plan on ordering 5gals of resin.  Given this happenstance, I might go get a quart at my local store even though it is way too expensive.

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Post Re: Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 
I can sympathise with this one. When I first got involved with orgonite I kept getting messages on my phone frome a company called "Recycling Matters." Then one day I'm sitting on my couch and start to get a weird feeling and a heavy sensation of pressure on my head. I look out the front door window and there is a white cube van with the name "Recycling Matters" stenciled on the side. I immediately grabbed a little device made of a lemurian cyrstal embedded in about an ounce of orgonite, and boosted the van. The driver, who was reclining in the front seat and reading a newspaper, immediately reacted as though I had shot him (haha), the paper went flying along with his coffee, and he peeled off down the street looking as though he was running for his life.

If anybody was in the back of that van they must have been bounced around like ping pong balls as he tore around the corner Smile


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Post Re: Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 
Its always white panel vans (usually without windows) or white SUV's, isn't it?  Just "notice" them and if you see a face, smile at them and wave.  Watch how fast they turn and run.

Their being noticed by anyone is usually enough to make them run and hide quickly.  Can't be a spook if people see you out in the open, especially your target, now can you?

I recall Don saying that just tossing a TB in the street under the vehicle when they're not looking makes them leave rather quickly also.

That survey device sounds way too small to be powerful enough to do what you describe.  Either it was a targeting device or else a decoy where the radionics equipment was in the SUV.

The fact that your neighbors high-tailed it out of there when surrounded in POR is revealing to say the least and I agree that gifting their property, if you haven't yet (now that you have good reason to) is warranted.

But yeah, I know that feeling you describe quite well.