The Recent Return of the 'Ground Sylphs'

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Post The Recent Return of the 'Ground Sylphs' 
This morning, while Carol was watering the flowers, I laid on the hammock to watch the Sylph parade right over us.  As soon as she was done she laid down beside me and in those few minutes of waiting I left my mind open to receive impressions from the Sylphs.  When we are still, we can watch their forms change over teh course of minutes. If I were not technically challenged I'd make a lot of time-lapse films of these parades.

When she joined me, I asked her whether the Sylphs use thoughts at all and she said, as I suspected she might, that they mainly communicate and interact with us  through emotion.  She said that the elementals mainly communicate with us through imagery. I remember that the dolphins in the Keys, eight years ago, communicated with both of us on that fateful evening using a combination of emotions and imagery, though Carol got a lot more images than I did.

She pointed at one of the least (to me) dynamic Sylphs overhead and said, 'Look at how there's a big, glowing energy field around the 'top' of that one!' but I didn't see the energy. You might have seen it.

It's been an uncharacteristically mild summer in our region and the skies have been gorgeous. It's awfully nice to have a hammock.

Carol said, 'By the way, when Kelly was here the other day he mentioned seeing  'ground sylphs' in recent months and when we were driving to town, he and I saw three of them standing in a field, several miles south of here.'  I was following them in our car--Carol had an appointment and Kelly and I were going to have lunch together.

I don't think Kelly had mentioned this, before, and wanted some corroboration from Carol or some other sensitive. She also hadn't mentioned seeing them, though they first showed up a few weeks before I crashed my airplane and right around the same time that the clever and persistent Chinese psi corps 'skin walkers' started hanging around our property, preparing to interfere with my flying.  Even I saw one of those dark, spidery skinwalkers in our hangar one day, scurrying out of the light Cool .  Looking back, Carol told me that the ground sylphs apparently showed up to reassure her that things are going to be okay, no matter what. She mentioned that the kind entity who drove the troublesome one out of Kelly's home was probably a ground sylph.

She said that these etheric entities seem to be 'between elemental and sylph.'  Language obviously isn't adequate to cover these subjects and even the terminology we're using is arbitrary, at best ('sylph' is derived from the latin root word for 'forest' for instance, and they live in the sky) but my hope is that people who are interested and have a capacity for exploring these things will feel encouraged by my report not to just write similar experiences off as 'just their imagination.'

In this morning's sylph parade the HaARPies made a half-hearted attempt to interfere in a small part of the sky but the Sylphs 'over there' seemed to just shrug it off and those geometric striations that indicate HAARPie assaults were gone in a few minutes.

Our good friend, Kelly, has chosen to restrict his internet offerings to Cesco's website, ,  and I hope you'll visit there, often. Carol told me that he seems to shy away from talking about these wonderful entities because he doesn't want to drive them away but she feels certain that they only 'came back' because they're sure that the world is going to do fine and that we'll all continue to 'grow up.'


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"It's been an uncharacteristically mild summer in our region and the skies have been gorgeous. It's awfully nice to have a hammock."

Summer has been wonderful here also not too hot and the skies are addictive to look at.  The All Good Festival was last weekend on a mountaintop in West Virginia and I brought the cloudbuster so we all could enjoy the sylph display, which was generous, but it's also interesting to notice what other kinds of patterns and symbols show themselves in the sky.  I'm not the only one noticing this?  DB used to talk about it alot.  One time in Georgia there was literally a vortex that appeared in the sky, a thin cloud that just spun itself down.  
Not to hijack this thread, but in the interest of serendipity, we, too, got quite drawn to the hammock this weekend, and I will share the information with you all of a vendor called Sweet Springs Hammock in West Virginia, who only sells the Mayan crafted hammocks which, for those of you who haven't seen or tried them, are not to be confused with a regular old hammock.  Gosh is it comfortable.  He's at 304 536 2959 and has hammock chairs, family sized hammocks and some other sizes from $30 - $60.  Enjoy Exclamation

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New post Re: The Recent Return of the 'Ground Sylphs' 
Those Mayan hammocks are sublime. I slept in a few of them in Yucatan and it healed my aching back.  The Mayan word for 'hammock' is 'hamaca,' by the way Wink and my Mayan friends showed me several ways to use them as furniture as well as a bed--very versatile and simple invention!

Later that day I saw a rainbow cloud some distance from the sun.   All the colors were in it. I usually see just pink and green borders in occasional clouds.  There were no chemtrails, that day, so it can't be said that the lovelyt little Sylph cloud with all those colors was jet fuel.

Todd, the more reports you post about what you're seeing as a result of gifting and cloudbusters, the better. This helps our readers have confidence in what they, too, are seeing and when they don't yet see these fine results, the posts often inspire them to get off their @$$es and bust more death towers and HAARP weaporny Cool

I want people to have confidence in their own eyes, rather than to just enjoy stuff in a second hand way, reading the observations of psychics.   I'm not psychic and I guarantee that anyone can see what I'm seeing, after all.

It's important to get over the personality hump in one's discernment journey. We can and ought to appreciate gifted psychics but we can also trust and honor our own instuitive and eyeball impressions of the etheric realm!

Otherwise, we're just perpetuating the sycophantic, patriarchic, parasitiic paradigm that the stinking old world order has programmed in us practically from birth.

I want everyone, here, to post in such a way that our readers will be inspired or even goaded into putting more trust in their own hunches and inspired impressions!  Mr. Yellow