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Reptilian Experiencer and Author 'Susan Reed' Found Dead in the Bahamas

'Susan Reed', real name Jennie Gosbell, communicated with me a number of times over the years to tell me in detail about her experiences with Reptilian entities and their human-hybrid lackeys. 'Susan' was the author of The Body Snatchers: A True Story of Body Snatching by the Reptilians - A Real Alien Conspiracy. She said many times that she had been warned that she would be 'removed'.

Her death happened some time ago and we have only just heard.


Woman's body found in sea is identified

Published On:Saturday, October 17, 2009

THE body of a woman found floating in the sea behind an apartment complex in Cable Beach has been identified by police.

Jennie Gosbell, 44, of Hertfordshire, England, is believed to have drowned shortly before her lifeless body was discovered by a jet-ski operator on the morning of October 8.

Ms Gosbell was alone on holiday and stayed at various places in New Providence, the last being the Blue Water Resort, Guanahani Village, in Cable Beach.

Police say she went swimming off the resort beach when she drowned. Her body was found floating in front of the Carefree apartment building next door to the Blue Water Resort at around 9.30am.

Murder has been ruled out of the investigation.

Ms Gosbell's mother flew to Nassau from the United Kingdom to identify her daughter's body last week. She returned to England yesterday.