Relationship Troubles may be Caused by Commands Inserted into the Brain during Alien or Military Abduction  

By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Syd.)

When I first met Michael at an alternative science conference, and looked into his eyes, I felt that he might be the man for me. And yet often at times after that day, there seemed to be an unusually large amount of suppressed rage inside of him. This rage would erupt occasionally and we would then have large arguments. After knowing him for a while, I offered him some clearing sessions using a biofeedback meter, in an attempt to rid him of this anger.

After a number of sessions, his anger reduced so much and his personality improved to the extent that when he asked me to marry him, I accepted. We married in Australia August 1997 and then moved to the USA. We have now been happily married for eight years. During that time we have had a lot of fun, a lot of growth and a lot of support for each other. My most important criteria for a relationship was that it was “never boring” at the same time that it supported my major life goal – and it has certainly never been boring!

However, the road has not always been smooth. Michael continued to improve over the years with more and more clearing sessions and kinesiology.

Michael was previously pretty much of a loner, with very little luck with relationships. We discovered that this was partly due to implanted commands which had been given to him deliberately to keep him on his own. How these commands work, and how you can locate and remove them from the brain are described at

The commands he had been given which related to relationships included included:

And various implants regarding sex, which are in “The Mars Records” Book One, and some commands which affected his testosterone levels which are in “The Mars Records” Book Two. (See A few months after the testosterone commands were removed, Michael’s testosterone levels rose from those of LESS THAN A 90+ YEAR OLD MAN when he was 45 years old, to the level of a 20–29 YEAR OLD. In addition, we found that he then had more DHEA than a TWENTY YEAR OLD!!!!

I began to come to the realization that many people I knew who had great problems with relationships were also the ones with the most metaphysical abilities. I had always presumed that somehow having metaphysical abilities made having a relationship difficult. I began to see this differently – having metaphysical abilities means that one is highly likely to have been abducted, and also to have been given commands to keep one on one’s own.

I tested this out with two close friends of mine, a man and a woman. There was no connection between these two. They are two of the most metaphysically gifted people I know. Both had been deliberately given commands to prevent them having a relationship. The woman had been given the following commands:

When we removed this command, beings that I call “Emissaries of Lucifer” started interfering with the session. They created a hook from that person to another dimension. This is very damaging and makes the person feel terrible. This was interesting as this woman was not a Christian and I don’t think she thought about whether or not Lucifer exists. Although she does believe in God. Michael removed the interference with deliverance and I then removed the following:

The man likewise had commands to be on his own. Up until then he had been a serial dater for years. He now has a girlfriend that he is happily committed to.

Recently we had another breakthrough. We had dinner with a friend of ours and at that dinner met a man who I will name Peter. Peter and Michael seemed to hit it off immediately, which is not always the case. I myself also really enjoyed the evening. After Peter went home, Michael and I shared our thoughts of Peter with each other – that we both felt he had been to Mars.

The next morning I felt GREAT. I had tons of energy. I felt that I could do tons of work. Although I normally had a fair amount of energy, this day was extra special. I hadn’t felt that good in years. Then I asked Michael an ordinary question – I asked him for a phone number of a person we had met recently. He then did what he had done to me on some other occasions – he said curtly that I was ‘always giving him orders’ and psychically ‘zapped’ me.

If you have read “The Mars Records” which are available for free from you may remember that Michael was mind controlled and used by the military as a Tactical Remote Viewer. This involved using his metaphysical abilities in an offensive as well as defensive way. On occasion, a tiny amount of that offensive energy would leak out and knock me out of balance, especially because I naturally did not have any barriers up between us to protect me from him, and because I am also fairly sensitive to others emotions. (That is, I am an ‘empath’).

After Michael “zapped’ me, my head felt like it was full of cotton wool, and I became very tired. Because I had felt SO good before Michael zapped me, and I felt SO awful afterwards, I began to wonder how much this had been going on in our marriage. Often when I had been tired, I had put it down to getting older, rather than to anything related to Michael’s programming.

I felt that somehow Michael had been doing something to me on an energetic level ever since we had been married, and that for some reason he stopped doing that while we were with Peter. That was why I felt so good that night and the next morning until Michael zapped me.

I started a clearing session on the biofeedback meter with Michael, but got no results.

Then we looked for Wernicke’s commands and got the jackpot. We found and removed the following nine wernicke’s commands:

This was amazing! This explained why we had had some of the problems we had. And it also explained why I felt so great during the dinner with Peter – because he was a ‘comrade’, and therefore Michael’s programming was turned off (‘don’t zap your comrades’), until the next morning when Peter was gone.

We believe that anyone who has advanced metapysical abilities and has problems with relationships has similar programming by the people or beings who abduct and mind control them.

Why do ‘they’ want some people to never have a relationship, or at least a good one, you may wonder? We can think of a number of answers:

The above commands were not all that we uncovered in that session. Wernicke’s commands, and indeed all kinesiology corrections, occur as though they are ‘layers of an onion’. That is, you cannot discover and remove priority No. 2 until you discovered and removed priority No. One.

Over the years I had looked for the ‘normal’ type wernicke’s commands which most people have hundreds of. I was seldom able to find any on Michael, which did not make sense to me.

However, ONCE I REMOVED THE ABOVE NINE COMMANDS, suddenly the body presented TWENTY ‘normal’ type commands which affected his relationships. They are ‘normal’ in that they were not implanted intentionally. They came from parents, friends, workmates, society etc. Michael was not previously aware that he had these as unconscious programming. These were:

This list may seem extreme, but if you do enough wernicke’s commands on enough people, I think you will get to see, as I have done, that most people have dozens of similar commands in their brain. That is a major reason why there are so few happy, long lasting marriages these days.

Remember, most people pick these up accidentally – they are not put in DELIBERATELY. If a mind controller, whether human, alien or reptilian, puts any commands in deliberately, then the commands have much more power, because they are implanted with force.

After we removed these 20 commands, we also did deliverance on:

So, if you have problems with relationships, I highly recommend that you receive the Wernicke’s correction and search out as many commands as possible. The best thing to do is to learn Touch for Health and then do the Wernicke’s correction on another so that you can swap sessions. See Also, see if you have any of the nine wernicke’s commands that Michael did. Then check again for any other commands.

Please note that as well as programming many people to NOT have relationships, they sometimes also programme people to HAVE relationships with the wrong people. This can be for breeding purposes, or to set a person up with someone who is also controlled or who controls you, so that they can carry out their various schemes. Or to weaken you by setting you up with someone who is not your equal psychically. Or to study emotions – the possibilities are endless. There is more information on this at

If you have not yet read “The Mars Records” Books One and Two, and “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story” Books One and Two, I highly recommend that you do so, to learn more about wernicke’s commands. These are free to download from

Also, we would welcome you joining our egroup for wernicke’s commands at

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