Mind Control In Films And Computer Games

By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.
Part 1: Mind Control in Computer Games
Around mid 2000 I started playing the computer game Caesar. Caesar is a computer game where you get to build an ancient Roman city. It is very complicated and highly addictive. There is something about this game that makes time fly by at an incredible rate, and it is hard to stop playing. I played it for days on end. My mother also played the game - often past the small hours of the morning.
Later, the same company brought out two other games - Pharoah. where one builds cities in Ancient Egypt, followed by Zeus, where one builds cities in ancient Greece.
The day after that I played Pharaoh for about half of the day I was feeling a sick feeling in my body, and a stuffiness in my head, which I intuitively thought came from the game, but I ignored it and kept on going.
That night I woke at 4 am having a terrible nightmare. I have virtually not had nightmares for years. It felt what I can only describe as 'demonic'. The description of it may not sound much, but the FEELING that it left me with was incredibly strong and awful. I was trying to warn two men who had been customers of a very suppressive boss I had about twenty years before, about some kind of incredible crime. I was in a garden in front of some buildings. A car drove up - I looked inside and knew from something I saw inside that it was black witches in the car. Some how they coerced me into the car. Quickly I managed to roll out the other door, and would have been taken back but I managed to remember to call on God for help. The three people in the car were surprised, and let me go. At the same time, a number of people came up the road and were able to help me. I woke up feeling awful. I felt so bad that I woke my husband Michael, and after a while with us both praying I felt safe enough to go to sleep again. I had had the thought that some how aliens were involved in this dream. Michael made the comment that maybe aliens sent the dream because they were mad at not being able to abduct us. (Michael had found a way to stop the monthly abductions he had been suffering from. See "The Mars Records" Book 2 at www.themarsrecords.com)
The feeling of being sick was like the feeling I had once when I played Zeuss. It was, I think, about the third day I played it. I can only decribe the feeling as feverish. I got worse and worse the longer I played. I KNEW the game was causing this feeling, but I didn't stop playing. Finally I had to stop - my head was pounding and I felt sure I was going to throw up. However, after Michael layed hands on me and prayed deliverance for me from the game, I got better within a few hours.
I had never had these problems with Caesar, which was the first game that came out. The second game that came out was Pharaoh. Playing this game caused me to feel feverish and have nightmares. The third game that came out was Zeuss. That made me feel much worse than any previously
Just before I stopped playing Zeuss permanently, when my headache & nausea was at its peak, I got the impression of a big black hole opening up, that was somehow connecting me spiritually to another dimension full of evil. I felt that I was still connected to that dimension even when I stopped playing. I finally disconnected when Michael prayed to remove all ties from me to the games and anyone / anything connected with the games.
Is the following related to all this? -
Two Computer Gamers Die while playing the same game!
Part 2: Mind Control in Movies
I had read articles about how different negative and controlling things are secretly placed into movies etc. by encryption and occult practices. However, I had not personally been aware of this until Michael and I were at the movies and watched a preview of the cartoon Tarzan. Within a minute of the stupid cartoon & the sound of drums beating, tears come to my eyes within a few minutes!!! I know that I'm sensitive, but this was incredible - crying over a dumb cartoon. What were they doing to pull my strings so much???!!!
Michael and I have always liked movies. The old movies don't seem to do to us what the movies that have been made since around 1998 do (give or take a year or two). There have been a number of movies that have given me a major headache - almost a migraine, plus nauseous feelings. I have NEVER had a migraine outside these movies (and the time I played the computer games described above). I cannot remember which movies did this to me, but they were always very popular, expensive movies. One of these was Star Wars Episode 1, the Phantom Menace. The older three Star Wars movies were among my favourites, but the Phantom Menace gave me a headache (apart from boring me - the Jedi Knights in that movie had no SOUL - they just couldn't project).
We were getting ready to go to Star Wars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones, when suddenly I felt that we shouldn't go. After all, how spiritually destructive is it to see a movie about a bunch of people getting taken over by the dark side of the force? About fifteen minutes after we decided to NOT go, we both came under sever psychic attack - major headaches, pressure, nausea and tiredness. I used < http://www.relfe.com/explain_kinesiology.html  >muscle testing to find out what going on. I got that some Draconians were very angry that we had decided not to go. For some reason, it was in their best interests that we watched that movie.
I finally felt that I had to write up my experiences after what happened when we went to see "Scooby Do". We saw a review about it on www.drudgereport.com and felt like going to see it. We took an eight year old daughter of a friend of ours with us. After all, it's just an animated cartoon. What harm could it do?
First of all, we were surprised at how dark and scary it was in places. It is definitely not for five year olds or even eight year olds. It is very interesting that the story so closely matches what many people including David Icke say is going on in the world. A group of tall, skinny, reptilian looking creatures wanted to take over the world. In order to do that they had to possess human bodies so that they could go on the surface of the planet. And their leader had to absorb life force/ souls from people in order to achieve his plan.
We got a very bad feeling when we saw the pyramid and ancient writing in the movie. After the movie, all three of us had a headache.
The next day the little girl reported that she got a picture in her head of a scaly head. Using muscle testing I got that this came from the movie. The next day after that, when going to bed, I felt that I was being psychically attacked. The word "sacrifice" came to my mind. Again, this was in the movie. Michael used muscle testing, and it indicated that there was an energy drain from me to someone high up connected with the movie. Michael had the same. Michael prayed the energy drains off us, and we felt better.
The next day we checked the little girl with muscle testing. This indicated that she also had an energy drain from her to someone connected with the Scooby Do movie.
At first it seemed ridiculous - all this to do with Scooby Do!!! But then again, if you were an evil entity with designs on the life force of the people of earth, what better vehicle than a movie that will seen by millions of innocent children, all full of life force????
Post script
I have had psychic & radionic etc. attacks after writing various articles before, but I have never felt such a fast and horrible attack as when I wrote the "Scooby Do will mind control you" article.
The INSTANT I started to write it, I started to feel dizzy and light headed. The room even span a bit. Michael felt the same. I could 'see' a very large, dark entity associated with this. Muscle testing indicated that this entity was one of the "principalities" mentioned in the bible.
During that day I would get a major headache and feel very nauseous. Michael would pray for me and do hands on healing, and the effect would go - only to return a few hours later. By 10.00 pm I felt REALLY sick with a major headache - despite taking a painkiller (which I don't normally do). Michael laid hands on me and started to pray in Jesus' name to remove the effects of the principality - and I instantly vomited my dinner up, twice. After that, I felt terrific!!!! Michael felt that some how the principality affected the energy of the food in my body.
More in-depth Information:
Here is a quote from Conversations With Research Scientist Initiates: Brain and Technology Update ©1995-1997 Leading Edge International Research Group
Therefore, 1995 will be the year where massive doses of electronic mind control, programming, thought intrusion and brain/biogenetic manipulations will commence in grand scale. These projects are no longer experimental. They are fully operational, for the ìfield testingî is over! The whole arsenal of frequencies will be unloaded on the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico as part of Stage 1 of the First Protocol, (to include) Woodpecker, Buzzsaw, Videodrome, Subliminals29, Sonic Pulses, Optical Holograms, Visions, Voices and strange Psychokinetic phenomena. Beware of TVís, computers, movies, radios and phones! Also books, magazines, newspapers, printed advertisements and posters will also contain the encrypted hidden subliminal holograms. Ladies and gentlemen, the Gestalt of the video movie ìThey Liveî is here now -- 1995! ( dead silence ) Any questions?
< http://www.trufax.org/convers/conv4.html  >(The article that this quote comes from has a lot more VERY important and HIGHLY recommended information).
"The Network of Stolen Consciousness": A survivor of intelligence mind control programs talks about the metaphysical and spiritual aspects are manipulated in mind control.
Here is a quote from a post from a former consultant to the NSA titled "NSA and Mind Control" http://www.geocities.com/capaliwoda/mc/Abemarf_part_1.htm  
Subliminal Implanted Posthypnotic Suggestions and Scripts Using Acoustically Delivered and Phonetically Accelerated Posthypnotic Commands
Similar reports from readers of this article:
"Hi, I just read your article about "computer games" and "movies". I just wanted to add that recently I had a similar experience of nausea playing a computer game, and I have never felt that way before playing those games. It was a 3D "shoot`em up kind of game" I don¥t recall the name". Ken, Portugal.
"Hi Stephanie, I read your article on "Scooby Doo can mind control you" a couple of days ago. Thanks so much for sharing this information as it clarified something that happened to me last Wednesday.
I took my daughter to the movies to see star wars - Attack of the Clones. After we got home from seeing it I had a phone call from my ex-husband (who is a good friend) telling me that God had told him to pray for me that afternoon (about the same time we were at the movie). I was a little mystified as to why.
A little later I started to feel very frightened and anxious and this developed into a major fear attack re my finances and future. After dinner my daughter and I both felt unwell but we thought it might have something to do with something we'd eaten - could have been. That evening before I went to bed I was still fighting the fear and praying for God to protect me. I tried several times to get some messages from God but nothing came through.
So I then prayed and asked God to communicate with me by way of a dream if there was anything I needed to know. I went to bed and dreamed during the night that I had 3 hooks or soul ties in or to my heart. In the morning I dealt with this but still didn't feel quite right. My daughter woke up with a headache and very low energy and I had to keep her home from school. On Friday I read your article and things suddenly became very clear to me so I have now said various prayers and decrees to deal with the situation for both of us". J.O., Auckland, New Zealand
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