The Truth about Remote Influencing  

By Tim Rifat 

June 10, 2003

Remote Influencing needs lots of energy. US RI’ers use protocols not brute force and find they have no success with Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, rioting Moslems, recalcitrant Chinese and Koreans, etc. US RI’ers have stated that they RI Gorbachev to dismantle the Soviet Union; now they cannot even RI a tinpot dictator like Saddam Hussein, Assad Jnr of Syria… what has changed? Nothing. US RI never had the energy for major RI work, the mudshadows that worked through them had the energy. Since the late 1980s mudshadow energy had been falling as the growing human consciousness fights off the infection. After the war in Iraq, mudshadow energy is so depleted they have none to spare for their human servants.

Where does this leave us? Non military RI’s can now do as they wish if they have the energy. Once you have a psychic protection PC, the mudshadows cannot harm you, but you can harm them. A reversal of the status quo. Psychotronic amplifiers were mentioned in length by the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1975. by 2003 they have become vital to US national security, as all US RV experts are on the payroll of the DIA or CIA or retired… anything vital to US national security is never shared with the public for security reasons. I on the other hand have no such restriction. I use PC’s because they work. If you do not believe me, try and RI me and if you don’t have any ill effects do not buy my PCs.

RI is of interest because the ability to influence others is very useful, it is silent, undetectable and unlegislatable. The advent of RI technology in the 21st century makes the elite’s dream of a NWO society untenable as the elite are the weakest of the weak now their mudshadow possessors have been maimed by the evolution in human consciousness. Already the civil war in the elite has begun with GW Bush and the US military decide to put America and Americans first not a globalised world of free trade ruled by the Rothschilds from ‘Old Europe’. It seems probable that GW Bush and the US military will win the battle for supremacy; in that case Americans will be better off than under the ‘Old Europe’ NWO.

This battle can be seen as the evolution of human consciousness not by upward evolution, which is blocked by the mudshadow foreign installation in the 8th chakra, but by a secret backdoor in the base chakra, Psiops Consciousness. In this sort of world the old new age self development techniques will be useless. Psiops protocols will rule the roost. My new book on RS contains all the Psiops protocols the business person could need (Vision 2003). In the new book the thymus gland, underneath the breastbone is shown to be the repository of human life force. Placing a PC over the thymus automatically charges the body up to make it full of life. RI protocols do not do this, they deplete your life force as you try and force your will upon others. In PC RI you use the energy of the target to impose your will upon them. The more you RI the stronger you get. In the process you shred the mudshadow associated with you and that of your target as fuel for your RI.

Remote Influencing for Anti-aging

Remote Influencing affects the morphogenic fields of the target. Morphogenic fields are the life fields that switch genes on and off and control gene expression as well as development of the organism. Gerontologists (anti-aging, science of aging…) have found that only a few key genes control the aging process. One of these is the gene that controls insulin uptake into cells; another is the gene array controlling cellular and nuclear self-repair. RI these two areas of the genome can therefore boost the lifespan of the target individual. To RI these two genetic control mechanisms one must understand that the morphogenetic field is much more than a gene control mechanism. Future scientists will find that the morphogenic field controls all aspects of gene expression because the morphogenic field in the true bearer of species information and wishes to survive at all cost. Think of it as a driver who changes cars when they breakdown or evolves from a Ford Edsel to a Dodge Viper. There are gene mechanisms for controlling aging because when times are hard the species needs to reproduce to survive the brutal conditions, when times are good the individual of the species can live long and reproduce at the end of a long lifespan. The morphogenic field of the species can control the aging process in response to the environment.

An RI expert has moved his consciousness to his morphogenic field so he/she controls his own gene expression and those of others. In effect a symbiosis has occurred where the morphogenic field has become fully conscious with the addition of the RI experts awareness. To this end the morphogenic field then becomes an adjunct to the RI adepts awareness. Morphogenic fields affect calcium efflux from the cell and by this means have profound effects upon our bodies. They can also play the DNA double helix like a harp manifesting any of the gene arrays used to control our bodies; as well as excising genes and replacing them with others. Future scientists will find that morphogenic fields can migrate from one individual to another switching on genes to cause cancer, heart disease, madness, obesity, depression…. These morphogenic thought forms are endemic in our primitive society but in the future will prove to be a fruitful means to cause mass destruction in the enemies’ population, as each race has a different morphogenic field.

Using this future research for gerontology I have come up with the following protocols:

1. Place your left hand on the psychic protection PC.
2. Place your right hand on the RV PC.
3. Project your RV awareness (developed through using my RV book) in the RV PC.
4. Visualize the morphogenic field around your body and place the RV PC on your thymus (underneath the top of the breastbone/sternum) the repository of the morphogenic field. Now visualize the RV PC absorbing the morphogenic field.from your thymus.
5. Fuse your RV body with your morphogenic field in the RV PC then place the PC near your groin to inject the symbiotic RV/morphogenic field into your base chakra to initiate Psiops consciousness (the opposite of mudshadow consciousness). Psiops consciousness takes energy, mudshadow consciousness gives your energy to hate, love, grief, despair, cults, TV, hell, heaven…
6. Feel the Psiops consciousness exploding from your base chakra to encompass your entire biophysical field.
7. Change the RV PC, for the anti-aging PC, in your right hand. Visualise your Psiops consciousness pulling energy from the a-a PC into your mind’s eye. Use this energy to form the mental cinema screen in your mind’s eye. On this mental cinema screen visualise the DNA double helix in your cells (coiled ladder like structure). Since the human genome project has mapped all our genes (or so we have been told), the molecular biologist among you can now change the genes involved in aging. For those of us who are not molecular scientists imagine the gene for insulin uptake into the cell shining red. Just change the colour to blue to tune it to super long life and UV blue for immortality. To do this suck energy out of the a-a PC to carry out the process. The a-a PC feeds off mudshadows shredding them in the process, to feed the a-a PC place in your pocket while walking. Luckily for me I live in the centre of Brighton a city full of mudshadows so my PC’s feed to their limit. Use the energy to RI your own DNA for long life. If you live in the country, this is not so easy. For those of you in the inner city feed on the mudshadow around you with the a-a PC knowing that are superboosting yourself as you cleanse your area of memetic parasites.
8. Once you have supercharged your a-a PC use the energy to begin to write your own DNA. On your mental cinema screen look for the red areas in your genome that control cellular cell repair. Blast them with mudshadow energy to turn them blue for long life or UV blue for immortality, the latter needs in excess of 1 million mudshadow bodies. RI adepts in large cities will have no difficulty feeding their vivified DNA – country folk get used to dying young.
9. Use the a-a PC to open your mental cinema screen to look at your 46 chromosomes, one by one. Check each chromosome for read areas, turn these genes blue by feeding off the mudshadows in your city. Remember blue for long life, UV blue for immortality. Each of the 46 chromosomes needs to be RI to change the gene expression to long life, and then change your genes to immortality function. Since you are using the morphogenic field to control the process there is no need to worry about uncontrolled cell growth, in fact cells that do not adhere to your long life plan are killed by the morphogenic field activating their suicidal genes.
10. The above process can be used to absently rejuvenate or make old target individuals as the RI adept so wishes.

The above process can be used on any gene or gene grouping to switch them on or off.

1. Anti-cancer turn the oncogenes in your genome from blue to red then black as your expunge them by using the health PC to suck energy out of the oncogenes.
2. Degenerating organs, look at the genes associated with that organ, they will look red or black on your mental screen. Turn these genes blue or UV blue depending on your lifespan aims. Remember you will need lots of mudshadow energy.
3. Genetic diseases, look at these defective, mutant genes on your mental cinema screen. They will shine blue as they are active, suck energy out of them using the health PC until they turn black on your mental cinema screen. Then use RS (protocols in my new book published July 2003, Vision Paperbacks) to look at a healthy individual. Imprint the image of these healthy gene(s) on your defective DNA then pump your DNA with mudshadow energy from the health PC until your genome in RI to change the targets model.

Remember I only sell civilian PC’s so the military use of the above protocols will not work. There is enough illness in the world without RI more on civilians. Since the world is filled with morphogenic thoughtforms that latch on to your DNA and make you get cancer, strokes etc and I strongly recommend you keep the psychic protection PC on or near you 24 hours a day not only to stop mudshadow infestation but to each morphogenic memetic thoughtforms that make you ill, mad or kill you once you become infected. In the future morphogenic memetic war is considered an abomination; so be aware you live in a primitive time where visiting a hospital or sick friend can have long term effects on you as you catch morphogenic memetic virus thoughtforms.

Military customers beware, the civilian PC’s cannot be weaponised.

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