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Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Wednesday, 14 August 2002, 7:12 p.m.

In Response To: ASHCROFT: American Concentration Camps? (billym)

billym -- A reader sent you the following link.


The link is a webpage whose information has been around for a long time in various forms. While I can't state that everyone of these if real or fake, I do know that the Rex 84 FEMA detention camps are REAL, or at least the idea of creating them is a real idea.

I first came across this information in 1984 - appropriate huh?

I was working as a media coordinator for Gary Hart's presidential campaign. As a result, I was in meetings with people from all over the country and this is one of the things that was talked about WAY BACK THEN!!

At the time, I was told that the camps were for middle eastern terrorists. This was during the time that Iran was behind the capture of hostages in the Beirut area. The Iranian revolution took place in 1979.

1979: 04Nov: US Embassy in Tehran, Iran taken over by Islamic fundamentalists, all CIA records compromised [cite] [Consortium]


The students took 52 hostages from the United States embassey in Tehran. This created the stage for the October Surprise.

Many people believe that the October Surprise was composed of people who had been fired by Carter in the 1979 Halloween Massacre, and they were getting even with him by helping Reagan win the Presidency.

1979: Oct: 700 + CIA ops fired in 'Halloween Massacre', Air America dissolved [cite]


As soon as Reagan was sworn into office, a stream of weapons began going to Iran. This was part of the October Surprise deal.

These weapons went through a firm in Israel... I believe the name was Freidel... somewhere in my files I have copies of the bill of sales. The only problem with the deal is that the Israelis replaced the good weapons with bad weapons. Because of this, during the Iraq/Iran, the Iranians had weapons that didn't work.

1980: Sept: Iraq/ Saddam Hussein invade Iran [cite] [Consortium]


Needless to say, when the Iranians discovered what the Israelis had done, they were none too happy with the United States or Israel.

Add to this, the invasion of Lebanon by Ariel Sharon, and you begin to see the making of an angry Middle Eastern Muslim community.

1982: May: Ariel Sharon invades Lebanon and slaughters Palestinians [cite]


It was obvious that Iran was very angry with Israel and also with the United States for helping Israel. It was also clear to men within the intelligence community that Iran could pose a threat to national security. Some say that the threat to national security was bogus, but just in case they needed to blame someone for "terrorist" attacks, Iran was the logical fall guy.

To keep all of this in the family. William Casey Picks Ollie North to be his representative on the NSC.

1983: Casey conscripts Ollie North as CIA's man in National Security Council [cite]


Ollie creates his version of Homeland Security -- known as REX 84

1983: Feb: North develops secret Crisis Management Center [cite]


On 23 October 1983, an event occured which remains one the darkest hours for our Corps and our nation. The event was the terrorist bombing of the Marine barracks/BLT Headquarters in Beirut Lebanon. 245 Marines, soldiers, and sailors were killed, and 146 wounded.


President Reagan quickly withdrew from the Middle East and invaded Grenada. But the Middle East problem did not go away.

1984: 16Mar: Hezbollah kidnap Beirut CIA-chief Wm Buckley [cite]


For a few years it seemed like Muslim terrorists were everywhere and behind anything evil that was happening in the world. It was under these aupices that Ollie North and others developed what I believe was the original plan for concentration camps.

1984: Apr: North forms Terrorist Incident Working Group [cite]


As a result of the world wide terrorism that was going on, GHW Bush formed a terrorism task force, and Ollie North eventually ran it. This is where the original plan for the concentration camps comes from. Whether or not the camps are really there is another question.

1985: Jun: GHW Bush forms Terrorism Task Force [cite]


1986: 20Jan: Ollie North heads Office to Combat Terrorism [cite] [Consortium]


I have talked with many investigators that I know personally and I have never known one who could verify the existance of any of the camps.

I have believed for a long time that the concentration camp story was a "scare tactic" to make all of us go weak in the knees with fear and stop our fight to remain free.

I also believe that Ruby Ridge and Waco were scare tactics and you know what happened there. In other words, yes, there probably are concentration camps and some Americans and some foreigners are probably going to be held in them. But is it going to be like Germany during WWII?

I seriously doubt that our government would invest money in building concentration camps... unless of course some congressman or Senator wanted a little bit of pork for his area. Why do I say this? Because Wackenhut has had a portable concentration camp kit available for years.

In other words, why in the world would a nation alert its people that it is going to put them in concentration camps? This would make many people agitated and frightened and it is a lot harder to control agitated and frightened people. It would make many other people damned mad and these people would begin to make preparations for a STAND!

The Wackenhut kit can be kept in the maintenance yard of every city or university, and when the time is right, the assembly crew can have it up and ready for prisoners in less than 12 hours. Many of these kits will utilize already standing structures such as parking lots.

One other point that needs to be remembered is the Denver Airport. Since Gunther was the money man that provided the money to build the Denver Airport -- this was through his stockbroker, Emory Peden alias and National Brokerage Company in St. Louis, Missouri -- the same state where Ashcroft was governor -- I presume that what Gunther told me has more truth to it that some of the other stories I have heard about what the Denver Airport is supposed to be used for.

According to Gunther there is a maximum security prison that goes down many levels. At least 12, maybe more. I have forgotten how many. This prison is for the worst of the worst. People who can never be allowed loose in society again.

Who are these people? As I have often said, it will depend on who wins. If the NWO wins, the people that will go there will be Patriots. If the opposition to the NWO wins, maybe a lot of NWO people will end up there along with the pedophiles and serial murders.

I sincerely hope that readers of Rumor Mill News will take the information about the concentration camps with a grain of salt. Please remember that Ollie North was the one who came up with the idea back in 1984.

They were created to hold Muslims, in the same way that the Japanese internment camps were created during WWII. Since 1984 I have heard stories about them every time I attended a meeting of so-called "subversives" -- i.e. When Reagan was president all Democrats were subversives -- When Clinton was president all Republicans were subversives!

Who knows, maybe this time the story is true. Maybe Ashcroft is getting ready for the concentration camps to be filled with Muslims. I wonder what incident would cause ALL Americans to say the "hell" with their civil liberties, lock 'em all up?

How about a dirty nuclear bomb that killed a million Americans?

Not only would American want all Muslims out of this country, we would see the beginning of a 100 year jihad.

Just my thoughts... for whatever they are worth... but remember as you read other people's thoughts that you don't know where they get their information, you don't know what their agenda is, you don't know if they are working for our government, Israel, Saudi Arabia or the New World Order.

You can't allow others to make up your mind. You can't allow your emotions to rule your head. You can't allow stories of babies being ripped from incubators and thrown on the floor to throw you into a war frenzy!

You have to become informed. You can't be free and uninformed. The uniformed will eventually lose their freedom and this could very easily happen to all Americans.

But then again, all of this is for naught if a dirty bomb explodes and a million or more Americans are killed!


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