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Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Thursday, 13 March 2003, 3:18 a.m.




: Elizabeth Smart May Have Been Photographed With Street
: Preacher At Party in September

: A photo taken last September at a party by Dan Gorder and
: e-mailed to 2News showed Brian David Mitchell and two women in veils.

Fox TV has a hit series called "24". If you haven't been glued to your television every Tuesday night watching it, then you don't know what you are missing.

The series is called 24 because each hour long program is 24 hours of a day in the life of a CIA Counterterrorism operative. I was interested when I first heard about it, because Gunther worked in counterterrorism most of his CIA life! The stories he told were unbelievable... something out of Rambe meets James Bond. I always thought they would make a great TV series. It seems that someone else also thought a day in the life of a counterterrorism operative would be good drama!! And believe me... the way the Fox TV Producers, Directors and actors play it... it keeps you on the edge of your chair.

So far... I have found it to be one of the most realistic presentations of the CIA that I have ever seen.

To illustrate this point, the star of the series, Keifer Sutherland, plays an agent named Jack Bauer. Jack was on leave because terrorists killed his wife. The president calls him back to work because terrorists have a bomb that is set to go off in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Counterterrorism Tackforce Unit, CTU has brought in a sicko, pedophile, murderer who knows the location of a man who has information of the terrorists. CTU offers him his freedom if he helps them reach his contact. Jack walks in to the office, listens to the story and in seconds compares what he knows from personal experience with the information CTU has. Jack makes the decision that the man who has information on the terrorist will know that the prisoner has been released by the government to track him down. Jack pulls a gun and shoots the sicko pervert in the heart. The LA CTU office nearly has a heart attack!!

When I saw that episode, I realized that this is a series that is telling it the way it really is...

Another example: CTU found the head man -- the Osama bin Laden of the series. He was prepared to withstand any torture... Jack knew there was not time to break him so he had the Pakistani police round up his wife and children. Jack had closed circuit TV beam the image of the Pakistani police getting ready to torture the children. Our President stepped in and forbade the Pakistanis to torture the children. Jack calls the Pakistanis back and tells them to shoot the kids. The older one first. The Pakistani walks in front of the child, pulls his gun. Fear rips across the child's face. The gun is fired and the child's chair falls over. All you can see is the child's feet. The Pakistani aims at the second child. And the terrorist screams for them to stop, he will tell them everything!! We later find out that the boy was not shot, only knocked over!!

So... what does all of this have to do with Elizabeth Smart? Everything... everything that is if she has been kidnapped by someone who has programmed her with pseudo fascist/terrorist Muslim beliefs.

The series "24" began with a wedding of a beautiful and rich American girl living in Los Angeles. She is marrying a Muslim who works for her father's hight tech computer company.

As the plot unfolds, we find out that her father and family had lived in Saudi Arabia for many years. The daughters speak Arabic. Then we find out that shortly after the mother of the two daughters died, the one who is getting married disappeared for about 3 months... or maybe it was 9 months.

when she came back, she was different. She didn't talk about things like she used to. She used to be a radical who volunteered for every cause under the sun, but after she returned, she kept everything to herself. We later find out that these are classic signs of someone who has been brainwashed and now believes in a radical terrorist solution to world problems.

As the plot unfolds, we discover that the bride to be has helped arrange the detonation of a nuclear bomb which is scheduled to go off the same day as her wedding day!!

What a great cover story!!

"Why officer, I'm not a terrorist... when would little old me have time to plant a nuclear bomb? I'm planning a huge wedding party. Why would I blow up Los Angeles on the day I'm getting married?"

And yet that's exactly what she did. during the months she was missing after her mother's death, she was programmed and turned into a fanatic who would do anything and everything to further the cause against America! (could this have happened to Elizabeth?)

If I were the parents or psychologists of Elizabeth Smart, I would put her through every kind of test for brain washing that is possible. Mind control is so insidious these days, that they are going to need experts in the field. Unfortunately, the only ones that know how to de-program someone who has been programmed by professionals to be a manchurian Candidate, are all government. And if Elizabeth was programmed by someone in our government, then what use is it to try to find someone to deprogram her?

Gunther once told me that Vickie Weaver had discovered the secret of deprogramming manchurian candidates, and that was the real reason for the shoot out at Ruby Ridge. The target was not Randy Weaver, it was his wife! Randy had been part of special operation groups, and Vickie was able to deprogram him so that he no longer jumped when they gave him the trigger words over the phone.

The secret of deprogramming manchurian candidates lies in creating the unbreakable connection between the human and God. Vickie was able to do that for Randy. If this is true, then the best thing these parents can do is convince Elizabeth that GOD is her best friend and only salvation. She must connect with God so strongly that God and she become as one!

I believe she has been programmed. I believe it was a government operation. I think the people she has been living with are also programmed and we will eventually find out that there were many other people. We will probably be told that the religion was not Islam... but as we learn more, we will see that it was an Americanized version of Islam... like the one Farrakhan started and the one John Mohammed, the sniper believed in.

I wonder how many more of our children are going to be programmed to become Muslim terrorists? At the moment I can think of three Americans who I believe were programmed... John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban; Jose Padilla, the terrorist in Chicago; and the two snipers. Now we have a little girl. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

But of course... it could be that a diversion is needed and Elizabeth Smart is going to be the diversion. We have a choice between the Robert Blake trial, or the trial of Elizabeth's kidnappers?

Does anyone remember anything that went on in the world during the OJ trial? Did aliens invade the planet and set up a one world government? Did the earth get towed to another quadrant in the universe? Did Jesus come back? Any and all of these things could have happened while OJ was on trial... and no one would have been the wiser because OJ dominated everything!! (RMN wasn't around at the time or we would have kept you informed!)

I have a feeling that backroom deals are getting ready to start again. When this kind of world governing happens... they don't like to cover it in the papers because it is like making sausage! It would make people sick!!

Keep your eye on the FED... that is where the real action is. All the war talk is a diversion from the real problems. Watch gold, and commodities. Look for the uncapping of our oil wells in Texas and Oklahoma and for drilling to begin in Alaska. Commodities is the word!! What good is gold? commodities are what makes the world run!! Watch commodities -- who knows, we might soon be using script backed by commodities!! :-)




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