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Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2006 3:40 pm    Post subject: My October 6, 2006 session with Dooney  

I had an amazing chakra healing and boosting session with Dooney that I would like to relate to this board and to anyone curious about contacting Dooney for help with their chakras. I am a gifter in New Orleans, and for months now I have felt completely depleted of energy and the will to do things. I made many attempts to correct my condition but nothing seemed to improve, I felt blocked or worse. Don Croft recommended Dooney to me, and I just finished an hour session with her yesterday and am very glad I did. I never studied Chakras, but was familiar with them but not possessing a complete understanding of their function.

Dooney started by asking me to send energy to her, which she felt was weak. She then went through all my chakras, starting at my feet and said the feet were blocked, preventing me from grounding properly. She worked on that and proceeded to first charka which was very sluggish and the second, which she said had an entity in it, controlling and manipulating me. She removed it and found an energy cord attached to my third chakra that was linked to a female psychic. Dooney removed it and together we blasted the psychic and dolphins joined in to go not only after her but a tall male vril that put her up to it.

We then proceeded to the third eye which was blocked and then Dooney worked on the holes in my aura. She felt my energy much stronger compared to the beginning of the session. I felt much lighter in spirit and as if I had cast off a horrible parasite that was draining my will to live and function. I can highly recommend Dooney to anyone having energy problems or who wishes to learn how to blast. All in all it was an incredible experience where she would answer back immediately if I was sending energy incorrectly (when she asked me to join in blasting the psychic that had put the entity and cord in me, she immediately felt I was sending anger and told me only to send love, and then told me she could feel the changeover when I adjusted my attitude.) I also could feel the energy she was sending me. It is the day after and I have never before felt so aware of my aura, which feels glowing compared to how I felt these last few months. As a nonpsychic with little experience with energy work, Dooney has certainly made a believer out of me!