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Rock Music's Satanic Message

October 28, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Recently NBC Dateline had a story about two average American teenagers who murdered and cut up a friend, put the body parts in a garbage bag and hid it in a drain sewer. (Dateline: "It began as a Teen Drama")

The announcer, the parents and the audience shook their heads and asked: "How could they do this?"

I was dumbfounded too. After watching a ten-hour 4-DVD  presentation on the Satanic agenda infusing much youth music, I have the answer. Incredible and bizarre as it sounds, the younger generation is being inducted into Satanism. It is being taught to murder, rape and hate society in general, and especially Christians and Christianity.

Entitled "They Sold their Soul for Rock and Roll" the DVD makes a convincing case that espousing Satanism is the price of success in the music industry. Starting with the roots of Rock and Roll, down to Heavy Metal, Goth, Grunge and Rap, this documentary shows that many famous musicians actually see themselves as evangelists for Satan and say they derive their power from him. They have literally sold their souls to the devil, and their primary goal is to make us do the same. The MTV network is the handmaiden of this agenda.

Produced by "Fight the Good Fight Ministry" the DVD analyzes the lyrics, interviews and album art of more than sixty superstars. The consistent espousal of Satanists Aleister Crowley, Anton LaVey (Howard Levey) and Madame Blavatsky, and their inclusion in the album art, along with familiar Satanic imagery, is part of a deliberate elite agenda. The list of artists exposed includes the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Led Zeppelin, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Manson and Eminem. You can see excerpts on line. I recommend you watch Cobain, Manson and Eminem.

This excerpt from "DEMONS" by Rigor Mortis is typical of heavy metal.

"We come bursting through your bodies
Rape your helpless soul
Transform you into a creature
Merciless and cold
We force you to kill your brother
Eat his blood and brain
Shredding flesh and sucking bone
Till everyone's insane
We are pestilent and contaminate
The world Demonic legions prevail"

(from "Satanic Roots of Rock and Roll" by Jack Phau)

The DVD explains how music is the most effective means of brainwashing and mind control, especially if the audience thinks it's listening to spontaneous creative expression. The DVD traces the Satanic message "Do as thou wilt" (formerly "do your own thing") in many songs advocating free sex, drugs, violence, murder and mayhem. You are God! You can do anything you want! There is no inherent moral order based on universal  Love and Justice. The  rock concert scenes are chillingly reminiscent of the Nazi Nuremberg Rally.

The unabashed espousal of evil raises the question: why are the world's biggest corporations purveying this  poison? Why is tainted spinach intercepted, yet this toxic filth is actually pumped into the minds and souls of millions of unsuspecting children?

The Illuminati's central banking cartel controls these corporations. Its aim is "revolution" i.e. "communism" - banker world dictatorship and the destruction of Western Civilization (i.e. based on the four pillars of  religion, nation, family and race.) They need to translate their control of our government's credit (ability to print money) into total control using their cultural and political puppets. This is why opposition to socially destructive elements (e.g. purveying homosexuality to straights) often is NOT tolerated, but vicious hatred against Christians and society in general is not only acceptable, but actually bankrolled.

"Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences," a member of the Illuminati explained.

The DVD reveals that the Columbine shooters knew the lyrics of Satanist bands by heart, and literally were acting out these instructions. They deliberately targeted Christian students but the term "hate crime" apparently doesn't apply to Christian victims. 

Cassie Bernall was asked to reject God to spare her life. She refused. She is a Saint but there is little mention of her in the Illuminati media.

"How could this happen?" Tom Brokaw intoned. With one hand, the mass media pretends to be shocked, and with the other hand it teaches children to kill.

Similarly, media and government pretend to stamp out child predators while at the same time promoting rock groups that encourage children to have sex. The DVD shows a "Spice Girl" serenading a six-year-old with a song advocating self-abandonment. It shows 14-year-old teenage girls who look like hookers admitting that group sex orgies are commonplace.

Reaction to this DVD often is shock and denial. There is a tendency to dismiss it as the overzealous work of  Christian fundamentalists. Indeed, the makers are too quick to reject Eastern religions as satanic and they fail to see how some performers like Elvis Presley might have been honest dupes with good intentions. If you're not a Christian, I urge you to overlook the sermonizing (although I personally think it is pertinent.) The overall message cannot be denied and should not be ignored.


The Illuminati started off innocently in the fifties and sixties, urging the young to defy authority and indulge their libido. Little did we suspect that "Sargent Pepper" referred to the Satanist and MI-6 Agent Aleister Crowley and that the Beatles' label EMI stands for "Electrical and Mechanical Instruments" one of Britain's largest war contractors.

Little did we know  the music industry is controlled by corporations using the mob, and many performers are brainwashed and drugged and live in fear. Little did we suspect that their rebellious message advanced the Illuminati's "divide and rule" strategy. Or that their prescriptions for living would make us dysfunctional and ruin our lives.

To a large extent, our lives are shaped by Illuminati-controlled popular culture and history.We are fed our ideas and beliefs instead of using common sense and first-hand experience. We are  the product of someone else's lab experiment. The "someone else" is a disciple of Satan who has hijacked humanity.

An argument can be made for some aspects of the "Sexual Liberation" and "New Age" movements but the bottom line is they were designed to dilute and undermine Christianity and serve as an intermediary step to a "Clockwork Orange" society ( "Grand Theft Auto" meets  "Brave New World.")

No wonder we see so many young people wandering around looking like zombies. What is the pernicious message constantly whispered in their ear? Is the Illuminati breeding  terrorists in our midst, but real ones this time ?

Society cannot eschew God and pretend to be neutral and secular. God is synonymous with universal spiritual ideals: truth, love and justice. You cannot turn off the Light without being shrouded by Darkness. Don't be fooled. People who remove the Ten Commandments from public life are merely making room for golden calves and sacrificial altars.

The "Open Conspiracy" is a cancer at the heart of Western Society and it is reaching a critical stage. Do we have the "eyes to see and the ears to hear?" The source of this cancer's power is the private central banking cartel. Do we have the courage to tackle it?



Dr. Dennis Cuddy-- "Conditioned by Music"

Very important resource!  Satan's Music More on Marilyn

Eye Opener! Wes Penre "Mind Control and the Field of Art"
See also my "The Fraudulent Basis of Modern Kulture"   and "Bankers Behind the 'Counter' Culture."

Rock Industry Critic, Musician and Illuminati News Webmaster  Wes Penre's Comments 

 British Use of Media for Mass Psychological Warfare by L. Wolfe




Another good article Rock Music's Satanic Message.
When I was in high school, a friend of my sister who was familiar with Nashville's recording scene said that subliminal profanity was often added to soundtracks, so the lyrics are not the only evil.
Also, there are many who state that the rhythm of rock promotes getting "in the  flesh".  Watching how people move to rock suggests this true.

Finally, one day I asked God if there was anything about my life He wanted me to change. I felt He wanted me to quit listening to the radio and watching tv.  It took a long time to quite the radio, but after I did, I realized that I no longer had the horrible black depression that I once had.  I then realized that the music made me want what I did not have, and made me feel sorry for myself that I didn't have it.  This turned into violent anger against God. Since I could not change God to suit my wants, I got suicidally depressed. I have to wonder just how much of our nation's depressed people would be cured if they left off all music, and just how depression fits the Illuminati agenda.  -RJ

Leo said (November 8, 2006):

Dear Henry: another great article. But why stop at Rock Music. Call me crazy but I think music in general serves a purpose other then we've been led to believe. A society that is constantly deluged with "tunes" whether in the car, donut shop, mall, gas station or work, is a society unable to hear the voice of God. We read in the Bible "be still and know that I am God".How on earth are we to commune with our creator when we're humming tunes all day because they've been subtlely implanted into our consciousness.

I became aware of this a while back when in a donut shop trying to think while sipping my coffee, all I could do was hum along to whatever was playing on their sound system. Our controllers are producing a society of robots who have a continuously running soundtrack playing in our heads.

Who benefits from this? Certainly not us. Our communication system to God has been jammed and most people haven't got a clue. It's an addiction so evil, that people are unable to tolerate silence. Once in the car, they must turn on the radio. As soon as they arrive home the T.V. or radio must be activated as background noise. Even cottagers must bring all the comforts of the city (TV, stereo etc) to their home away from home lest they be without their "fix".

A society unconscious and unaware is of course easy to control. I could go on but I won't. Lets tell people to turn off the "tunes" and turn up the volume on God.

Mike said (November 3, 2006):

The article & responses mention the Beatles a few
times. There've had their fair share of conspiracy theories, of course, since the 'Paul is dead' thing of the late '60s. I won't go into that now, but its just common sense (something Americans were once upon a time supposed to have a lot of) that a group of such fame and affinity with the BBC and other levers of the UK establishment would make a very tempting target at least, for any scientists (mad or otherwise) out there with an eye (or ear) for social engineering. John didn't last more than a decade (1970-80), so he's going to talk about the industry. Paul's maybe not even Paul, and Ringo's been scared, drunk, and reclusive for decades now. But George "Silent Beatle"
Harrison was consistently more outspoken when it came to moral/ethical issues; and was no doubt a man of strong religious convictions and honest values. Hear his last song, on his last album, in the last year of his life. What better title could there be for it than

Herb said (November 3, 2006):

Henry, you must be on to something bigger than you thought. The alcoholic says �I don�t have a drinking problem�. Pop music must be as addictive as any other narcotic.


Back in 1989 Joe Schimmel [maker of "sold their soul"]came to my church with his record collection and slide show and pretty much settled the question on what the sexual revolution was all about. I remember the same reactions that are in many of your reader comments. Is this why we cannot break free from our illuminated keepers? They have given us a drug, and we cannot see that it has hooked so many who cannot break free.

One comment goes back to rock and roll bands of the seventies saying Boston or ELO were not satanic. So were they promoting anything useful? Since the music industry�s target audience is youth, I think it is worth questioning the purpose of rock music and what ever other forms it has taken with so called genre. How many lives have been trashed by this assault on youth? They are hooked on mindlessness for life, and I�d bet none of these defenders of rock are under 40.


Sound Christians over the last fifty years have rejected rock for what it is � a demonic assault on youth. So now it is in the churches too. Are these the same mindless churches that ardently support a war based on lies and call Bush a born again Christian? Is this the �great apostasy�?


Lucifer is the deceiver and the Bible says he was created a musical being too:

JN said (November 1, 2006):

The examples you site are great examples of overt
satanic messages... but I think theres other, not so overt messages more in line with New Age (which is satanic, of course) that hide themselves in plain view so to speak. For a long time I enjoyed listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. I always thought they had
nice rhyming schemes and that their song lyrics had a little more "brains" behind them than the usual dross...

Then one day I started reading their lyrics and seeing what they actually said.. and I've come to believe that a lot of their songs are absolutely new age based, glorify the devil as a good being, and some of their songs even seem to me to be songs meant to coax the antichrist out of his shell, or something.

try reading the lyrics to most of the songs of their album "by the way". Especially "can't stop", "throw away your television", "cabron", "universally
speaking", and "this is the place".

try it.. you might be appallingly surprised, as I was.

JN said (November 1, 2006):

The examples you site are great examples of overt
satanic messages... but I think theres other, not so
overt messages more in line with New Age (which is
satanic, of course) that hide themselves in plain view
so to speak. For a long time I enjoyed listening to
the Red Hot Chili Peppers.. I always thought they had
nice rhyming schemes and that their song lyrics had a
little more "brains" behind them than the usual

Then one day I started reading their lyrics and seeing
what they actually said.. and I've come to believe
that a lot of their songs are absolutely new age
based, glorify the devil as a good being, and some of
their songs even seem to me to be songs meant to coax
the antichrist out of his shell, or something.

try reading the lyrics to most of the songs of their
album "by the way". Especially "can't stop", "throw
away your television", "cabron", "universally
speaking", and "this is the place".

try it.. you might be appallingly surprised, as I was.


Lisa said (October 31, 2006):

I think this quote is fitting for not only our gov't but also the "Christian" church of today:

�A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.� - Marcus Cicero, speaking to Caesar and the Roman Senate

On a positive note, my son is now 20 and has had his eyes opened to 9/11 and many things regarding this world. My daughter, on the other hand, that is a different story, lol. Kids nowadays are smarter than we give them credit for. I have just learned to be careful what I say to them, so that when I do talk, it is something worth listening to.

Christopher said (October 31, 2006):

I like a lot of Rock and a lot of Country. I like Metallica, but there are some songs by them that strongly advocate a Satanic message. I choose to ignore those songs and not listen to them, am I still wrong for listening to any of their music? I don't know. But I think now with more bands coming out like; Nickelback, Dashboard Confessional, etc. that more of the Satanic message is focused in Rap music, seeing as how that's UNFORTUNATELY the big thing now. Look how "cool" you are if you "go to the club" and go home with a different person every night, look how "hard" you are if you wear over-sized clothing and start fights in the club. Look how "bad ass" you are if you sell drugs and talk about how much you love your money (a big sin.) Look how you wear excessive amounts of over-sized gaudy jewelry and drink over-priced champaigne (oh! another sin Vanity.) But I'd say there is a small amount in every kind of music. Even in new (pop) country now, like Tim McGraw having a song talking about abortion, and making excuses for it. But I definitely think that a lot of music that talks about mildly immoral things is just a pure meaning of self expression, with the exception of Rap and (satanic) metal/rock.


Ingrid in Sweden said (October 31, 2006):

There is yet another side to the phaenomena you describe in your article.

The main motivation for the development of Rock music was that youngstern wanted to hear it. Although there was plenty of classics, jazz and easy listening around in the late 60ties. But these did not correspond with the upcoming times of .. "liberation" which actually only meant "change". Around puberty (between 15 and 24 years) kids want change and the parents may well disagree, the more the better. In puberty kids go through an inbuilt chemcical imbalance in the brain, which they experience as depression, panic, paranoia and other mental disorders. Alcohol, drugs, music and false promises abouts "saving the world" are welcome to ease the mind. And any reason to make noise (as in the form of loud music) and destroy, what is experienced as repression. Everything wrong inside is blamed on parents or society ouside. There is also a lot of energy to create a new world after the pubertarian destruction of the parents world. Once the chemical imbalance in the brain is over, people move on, and rock music is not needed any longer as a salvation from mental disorder. Then it can be enjoyed for other reasons: for ex. great tunes, voices, instruments.

Of course media companies have learned to exploit that confused state of mind for business reasons. And they may even place distructive messages, you maybe right. What disturbes me most is the total absence of shame. No values when profit rules. Is the NWO valuefree?

James said (October 31, 2006):

Undoubtedly, you are fed-up with nasty responses to your ROCK article, so I will try to be a bit more

Being a lifetime follower, and pro-musicman of ALL types of stuff, please allow me to make a very important
point. When one says "music" today, we can assume that the contents contain; 1. Music, and 2. Lyrics.
You may be surprised to find that most listeners do not even care about the lyrics, myself included.
I hear the voice as an instrument, and therefor do not care really what is being said. Sure, many kids
today listen to some S _ _ _ lyrics, but most of us just want to hear the marvelous dynamics that ROCK
music provides.

Allow me to make a few recommendations to prove that great beauty does exist in the rock field.

Bryan Ferry/ Roxy Music (28 albums, all good)
Porcupine Tree (incredible creativity)
Focus (classical based magnificence)
Gentle Giant (Masters of the music)

And let us not forget that the great John Lennon rejected his MBE award !


Richard said (October 30, 2006):

Where to begin? Your post tells the truth about something that even a lot of hard rock fans know, but prefer to suppress at times. I still like to listen to Hendrix now and then but, after reading a biography of his childhood abandonment by a wayward mom and dad who left him and his brother as virtual orphans, taken into the homes of neighbors and near strangers, I do so with a heightened awareness of the pain and history of child exploitation that underlies his music. He was confused at best, but still a believer in God, however with syncretic pagan elements like voodoo having crept in. Hendrix was never an overt satanist like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, who went so far as to buy Aleister Crowley's house, or other avowed satanists like Courtney Love, Eminem, et al.

Even Bono of U2 has proclaimed his allegiance to darkness. That's really no surprise, given the Davos and D.C. crowds he hangs out with. Bono has dressed up on stage many times as satan in drag, wearing heavy makeup and sporting red lame' horns, calling himself MacPhisto. You can figure out some of the allusions of that name.

Back in 1998 I saw an MTV interview with Marilyn Manson. In my work in a number of public school systems I had noticed that a lot of kids with indications or known histories of abuse, especially sexual abuse, were big fans of Marilyn Manson. I had always reasoned that the singer must have been such a victim himself. In the 1998 MTV interview he revealed that around the age of 9, I think, he was sexually molested over a period of months by a man who lived next door, who threatened to kill his dog if he told anyone. This certain sheds additional light on Manson's antics and stage persona.

I think it is important to note the fact that a history of sexual abuse as children underlies for many people their predilection for the more extreme forms of satanic music and performance art. Given that in the U.S. the statistics indicate that at least one fourth of girls and one fifth of boys (higher epidemiological estimates run to one third and one fourth, respectively) are victims at least once in their lives of some form of unwanted (and always inappropriate and morally wrong) sexual activity by adults, the interest in such entertainment follows. And vice versa, ie. such entertainment softens kids up for exploitation on many levels.

This constitutes a plague. And it is one which is both fed by, and which feeds, the array of satanic elements in music, culture, and the pederast power culture and occult structure of the elite, ad nauseum.

Islam has a history of keeping a weather eye out for the unsalutary effects of much music. Some branches of Islam hold all music to be potentially evil in effects, as do some branches of Christianity, whereas the various muslim Sufi sects use music as a form of praising God and drawing nearer in one's heart to the divine presence.

You have illuminated (I would like to re-take that verb for benevolent use again) a terribly important aspect of our culture, and by allusion, also shed light on a much deeper aspect of human culture, the power of music, and its potential range of effects from demonic to divine.

My wife and I always appreciate your yeoman's efforts. If it weren't for a very few individuals such as you, the web would be a near total wasteland as far as insight into the forces that are moving our world is concerned.

Daniel said (October 30, 2006):

First of all I am a 44 year old musician, have played bass for 30 years, and my favorite type of music is heavy metal. So I feel I have a pretty good perspective. Do I think you're right, oh ya. Do I feel that the Illuminati uses music to infiltrate the minds of its' listeners, oh ya, no doubt about it. When one simply stands back, and thinks for a moment it is
easy to understand why and how.

If I were to try and find a way to corrupt the minds of youth, I would attempt to find something that is popular, something that relates to the struggles of youth, something that is repetative, and something highly
symbolic. Ah Ha... music. One common thread of todays youth is music. When I was young, no one
carried around music, till the walkman, and now music is everywhere. I see kids with MP3 players everywhere, being used even at times when their activities conflict with music.

Music is now a very very powerful medium.
For kids today music is like breathing, how conveiniant.

Combining this with the turmoil of youth, is like adding gasoline to the fire. When I was young, rebellious, full of frustration and
anger, music became a friend, an ally if you will, in my daily struggle against the institution. There was a bond, and i'm sure every kid knows of what I speak. One felt as if the music and lyrics were almost an entity
that knew how you felt and could relate to your struggle.

I remember a thousand favorite songs i've had over the years, never stopping to wonder how is it I can remember those songs to this day. I can
recite the lyrics, and hum the melody, even though at times never prompted,they just appear with the memory of a favorite moment. If only my ability to recall my chemistry and physics had been that easy. Then again, if I had
recorded my chemistry and physics and listened to them over and over and over, it might have yielded the same result. Yet another key component in mind control ...repetition.

The final key in my theory is symbolism. We see it everywhere, on everything. Music is the perfect venue for symbolism. We see the hand
signs, we see the band logos, we see the fashion, we see the lifestyle, we
see the videos, we see the reality tv, everywhere music is, you find
symbolism. It becomes part of who you are. Better yet we ourselves become symbols.
These to me are the keys to how music is used as a form of mind control.

People do not understand mind control, but they need to find out. Henry, until I started to research the Illuminati/New World Order and the ominous machine that it is, I had never ever even thought of mind control. Upon my research into this topic I quickly became confronted with two themes, mind control and satanism . People do not know who the Illuminati are, and they
have no knowledge of mind control and, until they do, people cannot see how music can and is being used to change societies norm and therefore in the end have them participating in satanism.

Prior to my awakening I was one of those people who coveted music without any knowledge of it's use by satanists/Illuminati/New World Order to further there mission. I believe that until people understand that there is angenda
to use music maliciously, and combine it with mind control techniques,people will always react in the typical way, denial. They do not want to
admit they have been had, I didn't, still don't, but it is a fact I can't deny anymore.

For those who feel Henry is saying every band, every group is satanic,read his article again. Henry is not that dumb, trust me. What he is saying is satanists are using music to the demise of us all, it is rampant, and it
is being used as part of a large mind contolling agenda.

Whether you want to admit how much you participate is up for debate, but
not whether it is taking place. Do the research, I have, I don't like to admit it, but they fooled me for many years. Sometimes it is worth being wrong.

Thanks Henry, again for enlightening us through your words and perspectives, and encouraging us to THINK.

Judy in New Zealand said (October 30, 2006):

Hi Henry,

Just read your article "Rock Music's Satanic Message" and you're onto it. I'm not as familiar with the banking cartel which you refer to to as I am of young people and rock music. As parents we ran the gauntlet with pernicious rock music worming its way into our home without having purchased it. It is obvious that some of the modern rock music is mood altering in a negative way. I was shocked when reading through the lyrics of one particular group called "Slipknot" and noticed the depressive themes of death and pain and the notes were deliberately distorted with the words screamed out.

Later I saw the same group being interviewed on late night television and they openly spoke of involvement with spiritism which went some of way to explaining the morbid themes throughout the music. I think the "heavy rockstars" the young people adore are only phoney straw people driven by fame and wealth who don't much care that their music may encourage suicidal thoughts or negative emotions.

Ultra violent video games along with the more extreme and restricted modern rock music is toxic techno and potentially damaging to young people whose minds are vulnerable and formative. In enlightened society peddlers of such vile sludge would be viewed with the same public scorn as drug peddlers are.

From Judy
New Zealand

ps Forgot to mention in my first email in light of negative comment about a number of contemporary Christian musicians I would draw attention to an outstanding contemporary Christian musician, namely Fernando Ortega. He writes and composes his own songs, the lyrics are poetic and the music beautiful and not tainted by hype. There is a rich spiritual intimacy in his music and a lullaby quality to some of the slower songs.

Mike said (October 30, 2006):

Not all of us who write and record hard driving rock are satanic. But the Satanic elite will use this medium to reach out to the white youth of the world, to mind shape, demoralize and desensitize them to ever fighting the real parasites that run this world. They are being programmed to kill themselves or others with in their proximity. The use of zombie drugs like Zoloft, paxil, xanax, you name it, put the right lethal combination together to create walking time bombs.

But this same medium can reach those same youths to absorb the light of truth into them. It works both ways, and my buddys band has learned from the best and is reaching the youth.

If you would like to hear some of it, shoot me a mailing address and i will be glad to forward a couple of discs to you.

Frank said (October 30, 2006):

I am sick and tired of christian moralists attacking all forms of occultism. RELIGION is satan's #1 weapon; I am talking about the pathetic idea that God wrote one tome, and that tome has a set of books that are his "Word".

Occultist are so evil, they brought the enlightment era; so evil they ended the dogmatic morality in the 60's....not. While spoiled teenagers seek drugs instead of trance; religious moralists seek "salvation" not spirituality. Ive even heard someone claim Yoga is demonic while there really is no difference between a Kundalini Rising expirience and when Jesus "saved" people in his travels (which he did, this is called shaktipat, google it) ......Of course Kundalini has serpents symbols OMG RUN THE DEVIL!!! I will not exaggerate anymore, i was just making a point.

Anyways this all amounts to saying that we don't have good music anymore because of our society. Our Kids are pulled everyday with 2 types of spiritual-less groups: Secular skeptic atheists who never accept anything above functiontionality, they who get alarmed when you mention something of value with no material value, the ones that make you seek boundless material riches, pathetic that they never see that the "scientist" who made "modern science" where mostly occultists. Then there are the repressive moralists who want you to surrender your mind to a CODE of BELIEFS (i am sorry but supposedly feeling God with you because you were praying is nothing but a personal insult to one's intellect, thats just inspiration) that they hold as True.

There is no spirituality in not having sex. So i met a sexually open woman at a party and I have the appropiate protection. Where is the Evil in that? that in a book it says in a verse to wait dosn't make not waiting evil. The sad Truth is that many people are not mature enough to handle liberated sexuality and love at the same time.

This kind of article involved all areas of humanity even some extra-areas so if i didnt get anywhere so far, I wont do any better now. I have included an IMAGE that is related to something i said here but i included it becuase it can be considred a representation of the Truth. (Where Occultism meets Religion, where you see their common Source, there is the Truth) (this article will give you a glimpse for the first time in your life of an element of that group you call the "illuminati" (they never used that name again after Bavaria)

I suggest you read Franz Bardon's "Frabato the Magician" i'm sure no one has lived up to the Lord and understood the Divine more than him in our times. He is unpopular both outside and inside occultism circles. Bardonian lodges are constantly harrased by black lodges and recently intelligence services "occult" branches.

I also suggest you read "Initiation into Hermetics" the Theory section. Many initiates (like many "Golden Dawn") have been duped into some kind of sinister yet intelligent mix of Hermetics and goetic daimon worship. The True Path is free, it's deep and meaninful and it's for the masses not to be held as a secret. While that book has a complete Hermetic system in it (and a very perfect one) it is as if there where conscious ignorance of the book and Bardon's works (like 9/11 truth).

Sam said (October 30, 2006):

I wholeheartedly agree with your recent commentary on rock music and its influence as well as its message. Anyone who thinks that Rock started out innocently and somehow got mangled up with recent the satanic garbage only believes what they want to believe. One needs only look at the Beatles and their incorporation of the self proclaimed Satanist Alester Crawly in one of their albums which features people they hold in high regards. Also playing some rock music in reverse may be of further proof of the mind manipulation and contamination of subliminal messages in most rock music (and in music in general in my opinion)
listen for yourself:,%20Satan%20and%20How%20He%20Uses%20It.htm


Curtis said (October 30, 2006):

I read your articles, and for the most part they seem intelligent and well thought out. Now you seem to be losing your way, along with your rational and critical thinking skills. You are becoming what the Bush administration wants every person to be, and that is fearful and hysterical.

We both grew up about the same time. You survived and so did I. If you tried to apply now your beliefs to what was happening back then, the alarms would never have stopped the hype regarding Hendrix and his acid experience, or the Beatles and their smoke pot theme, and of course Janis Joplin and her heroin use, God save us with what the Doors represented. This is what youth does.

The alpha letters after your name don�t mean much to the masses anymore. Stop your quivering, and Chicken Little shtick. You are over paranoid and sounding more and more like Bill O�Reilly, and that certainly does not say much for you.

Curtis, If you have vision, you can see where society is going before it actually gets there. The people in "Brave New World" were happy, but they were slaves.


Russ said (October 30, 2006):

While not all rock music is satanic--probably only a small percentage is overtly so, the practical function of much of the non-satanic music is to draw young minds into the genre.

Almost no one at first craves the sound and message of Marilyn Manson. Most young listeners begin their rock music experience listening to something non-satanic and "harmless." Once the appetite is whetted, however, kids look to extend their experience. Many--especially boys/young men--begin to explore the outer edges of rock looking to stimulate their appetite for excitement and the forbidden with "harder" stuff. This is where satanic rock gets the majority of its devotees. Minds must be primed.

I am the product of a very solid Christian home. Nevertheless and despite many warnings, I very nearly followed this path all the way. Only because of God's grace did I drop rock. (I made the decision to drop rock while at university, finding that the music so pervaded my thoughts that I could not concentrate sufficiently to write an exam. As my brain began to clear, I began to understand the profound influence rock had over my thoughts and thenceforth my actions.) In my experience I found that I needed to drop not just rock, but all of what I would describe as the "feeder" rock variations as well. There is much else to listen to!

For those who claim that not all rock music is satanic, I would remind them that "wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction" but "narrow is the way that leads to life--and few there be that find it." Matthew 7:13, 14.

Surely rock is not worth the risks.

Ron said (October 30, 2006):

I see Neff's idiotic response [below]to your excellent piece on Satanic music, recommending Black Sabbath for "some really good Christian music". If you would like some excellent material corroborating your position, please feel free to download the PDF file of the book SATAN'S DRUMMERS at this location:

We have featured your work many times in our review and you are "right on track". Keep up the good work, sir.

Ron Kirzinger, Editor
CONTACT News Review

Paul from Vienna, Austria said (October 30, 2006):

Extraordinarily critical comments on the Rock and Roll article Henry. But how many of those writers viewed the DVDs I wonder ? I've seen those DVDs and based on their comments, I would say zero have watched them. In other words 100 % guesswork - normally the hallmark of fools. No wonder the NWO are laughing - we will be defeated by our own side at this rate.


Such emotional outbursts and anger - just for a review ? Don't take it personally though - many obviously suspect it is true (at least they must if they have a sudden rush of blood to the brain once a day, and their eyes open), but maybe they can't face the mental self-destruction as they paradoxically like the music or are addicted to it.

p.s. Curt�s comments [below] are ugly or should I say giftig ? Hmmm, Curt - das ist eine gute Deutsche Name fur ein bl�dehund, na ? Curt, die einball (oder F�hrer - der Gr�sste Feldherr Alle Zeit), is �downstairs� now, and it is not Jews, nor Christians, nor Muslims, Parsees, or Shintos that head the NWO gang, but satanists. Curt, may we ask you what is your own religion and your own ancestry, and can you prove it ?

Tim said (October 29, 2006):

There is a lot of satanic hype in music. On that point I will give readily. However there are just as many anti-NWO type bands and some
like Green Day openly call Bush a fascist.

The lyrics to American Idiot and Holiday are anything but satanic. The scream out against the media lies and manipulation.

The recording industry cares only about money. They promote mostly drivel and pop music that is devoid of any intelligence. They don't care about anything but making money for themselves.

As much as they want to the recording industry can't control artists output. Once they get popular, like Green Day, they can put out stuff
I'm sure the industry would rather not see.

Curt said (October 29, 2006):

Read your newest bilge, i.e. Rock Music's Satanic Message," and just wanted to point out as I always do, "It''s the Jews Stupid!" Henry, you can't possibly not know that Jews dominate the music business just as surely as they do the television media.

Do you really get that many readers any longer? I think your message is losing credibility, while mine is gaining.

Have a nice day.

James said (October 29, 2006):

Rock Music covers a very broad spectrum of music! Not all rock music, in fact MOST rock music, is not in any way related to Satanic Rock. Satanic Rock is unique and something unto itself, it's even unique to "heavy metal" now days.

Just as it would be improper to say "Drunk! - Country Music's Alcoholic Message" just because about 30% of country music is about getting or being drunk.

I've been watching this hooplah for many years. There IS a contingent of musicians in heavy metal which do use the Satanic to sell their albums, mostly because it's wild, spooky and kids love it. They don't take it seriously, sad, though that may be. The Marylin Mansons are few and far between.

But to indict all of Rock music? That's just flatheaded nonsense and so long as Christians keep doing this they will be tuned out (and rightly so) by thinking people who can easily discern this is just prejudiced. As stupid as suggesting Elvis' dancing would catapult teen girls into sexual frenzies they couldn't control. Never happened. As ridiculous as having Pat Boone replace Little Richard for fear that white girls would want to date and sleep with black men. Rock and Roll has been surrounded from the beginning by such ignorance, and it continues today.

I'm embarrassed for the researchers because they are typical brainless born agains, and as a born again Christian myself, I really resent the way these yahoos bring reproach upon Christianity and Christ's name with their fearmongering broadbrushed nonsense.

You wanna hear some good Christian rock? Listen to BLACK SABBATH. Every song is about how the devil will destroy your soul. THAT is a GOOD message. Is Creme Satanic? Is Journey Satanic? Is Foreigner Satanic? Is ELO Satanic? I could go on and on...

Do you realize the number of rock bands I could list off that have absolutely NO ties whatsoever with anything even remotely Satanic? It would require a 3 meg pdf file!!

But you're citing right-wing evangelical hysteria that indicts ALL Rock music. That is just plain ignorant. And people see it as ignorant -- you don't reach them with ignorance like this. This just brings reproach.

You're not going to reach thinking people. You're just going to come off as someone who lumps everyone into the boogie man "satanism" basket, and people are tired of hearing that because they KNOW its absolute bullcrap.----

Obviously not every song by every rock group is going to be purveying the Satanic message but there are enough to recognize a consistent agenda. As for the others, how many actually actually make us feel proud to be human beings, feel solidarity and love for others, and feel really positive about life?


Stacy said (October 29, 2006):

Please alert your readers to the book entitled "Gods Of Wasteland" by Michael Matt. I think this is the definitive book on this topic. As a Gen X-er, (age 37) I have an addiction to popular music, but this book instantly changed my outlook, and I am happy to say three years later I have come very close to completely removing popular music from my life. It is hard though, and it has a certain nostalgic appeal. It is a very powerful force not to be underestimated.

Sarah in Australia said (October 28, 2006):

Back in 1990, I attended a lecture at my local Seventh Day Adventist church given by Louis Torrez, yes, that Louis Torrez (base player for Bill Haley and the Comets). laying before us his life's history, the path of his youth which led to his involvement in - dare I say, virtual creation of rock 'n' roll music, his experiences in the band and so on, he fervently, almost pleadingly informed us of how the very structure and rhythms of the music itself can directly stimulate the 'carnal appetites' - principally the back-beat, on the second and fourth beats of a bar, rather than first and third.

Furthermore, the life of drug-induced debauchery they lived was not glossed over either. Still a brilliantly talented musician, he and his wife (a prominent US concert violinist) have dedicated their lives to preaching the truth as to the demonic , satanic foundations and nature of r&r. Tragically (myself at that time falling into this category) many from amongst Christian ranks dismissed presentations like these as nothing more than over-zealous 'kill-joying' designed to rob life of any vestige of fun. how wrong we were. As if this were not bad enough, Christianity, in a desperate attempt to drop down to the world's level, has embraced Rock holus bolus in its disgraceful drive to try and win and hold onto its youth. nearly 60 years on, rock seems to have dislodged everything else in its wake - the timeless musical classics both contemporary and historical which so beautifully elevate the listener heavenward, providing inspiration to strive and seek refuge above are not merely sidelined but deliberately portrayed, in my belief, as toffy', snobbish' and inaccessible to the young (and not so young).

Dan said (October 28, 2006):

I've got to really write my 90's experiences out sometime. I lived in Austin, which I know now is a youth 'experiment zone', a test center,
for this level of social engineering. It has a music industry--all the big musicians have links there, mostly under the radar.

It also is a center for Satanic cult indoctrination, which I discovered
by 1991 was operated by none other than US Army psywar guru Col Michael Acquino. Aside for the visible Temple of Set connection there, Austin
is headquarters for the Southwest US zone of the Ordo Templi Orientis,through the 'Scarlet Woman' Lodge. These were both out in the open
during the 90's, actively recruiting at UT, and aiming at med students,law students, as well as lawyers and medical people already in practice.

The music industry is, as Svali said, an arm of recruitment for the Satanic satraps of the Illuminati. They condition the kids for Satanism.

I could write a book on this.

I do not know what the influences are in this decade, though. The US has been in a period of fear, and my take on it is that they switched
emphasis to death rock groups like Pantera and to gangster rap by the late 90's because those are militaristic--in a Hitlerian, brownshirt
sense. Aimed to direct poor male frustration and confusion into an urge to kill and to be part of a heirarchy of killers. Perfect for recruiting soldiers for the 'war on terror'.

In the seamy, Hyronimus Bosch world of teen music, females are objects for sexual use, degradation and sacrifice to Satan. Males are serial killers in a world of might justifies all.

Pretty picture. It makes no sense to us non-psychotic folks, but it's got a goal. They're conditioning the next generations for being a
'horde' that can be used in the 100 years wars they plan. Which isn't the end result. What they want is a public they can use for killing a
lot of people off, leaving a human race that's a blank slate. Then they'll mold their 'new man' for their 'new age'.A completely compliant slave.

Jim in Australia said (October 28, 2006):

What Michael Moore did NOT tell us in "Bowling for Columbine" is that you could buy Manson's vomitus 'music' at K-Mart as well as 9mm bullets for automatic assault rifles. Or that the rank, awful sounds of him wailing were conscription for the Father of all lies himself.

Separate Church from State (a fatuous idea taken from an unpublished letter of Andrew Jackson's), and these kids have no moral compass. When young adults need reasons why they should do the things they are asking to do, they find their answers in Manson's nihilistic vomit?

Until I read this article I had passed on "Fahrenheit 9/11" because Moore misses too many really hard questions. Missing the CONTENT of Manson's material in the formulation of a theses against the Second Amendment is just as shoddy as not mentioning that Dick Cheyney told NORAD to stand down on 9/11 because it was "unamerican".

Thanks for the eye-popping article, Henry. As much as I did not like Manson's 'sound', I had NO idea that this puke was the substance of what he had to offer. And Moore, when he had a chance to examine it (lapsed catholic he continually rues that he is) does NOTHING to expose Manson.

I don't believe rock music, of itself, is of Satan. Manson's obviously is - overtly - though.


D said (October 28, 2006):

Good stuff, Henry. I couldn�t agree with you more. My own experience with music went even further as I gained access into the perverted Christian Scene loaded with coke and whores who prayed for forgiveness each Sunday and then drove off in their new Rolls Royces.

Believe me, the Christian Scene is no different than working for Playboy, which is my most Satanic contact in the stripping industry. Some of the most vile peoplel I have ever met were part of the Christian Music scene. So, as you see, the Satanic culture is rampant with hypocrits on the far Right (foley etc.) and the crazed liverals on the left. From the Vatican to the corner bar, Satan is alive and well and most people are doing his bidding with nary a thought of the
eternal consequences.

"Steve" said (October 28, 2006):

I'm a part time musician myself. I play guitar and I play loud hard rock music. I've been reading your website for quite some time now. I don't have any doubt myself that rock music is used to convey the message of satanism. It may not be so obvious, but most lyrics in rock music will usually incorporate self indulgence, sex, materialism or out and out satanism. In a heavy metal or rock concert you'll be hard pressed not to notice the devil hand sign being displayed everywhere. I don't think this is a coincidence at all.

I have even come across a lyric that really reminds me of Illuminati. It's a song called "Nova Era" by a band called "Angra". Some excerpts:
"New day shines, fallen angels will arise
Nova Era brings the ashes back to life
All over now, all the great and awful lies
Angels will arise
Back to life!"

You may also notice that drug abuse was first popularized by rock bands in the 60s. Woodstock truly had some great music going on, but the moral decadence brought about by the excess of drugs and free sex is unworldly.

What keeps me from stopping to play is my love for the music. There's such a cathartic feeling about playing the music that propels you to a certain emotional level that is very satisfying. I believe you get the same feeling when you're high on drugs (not that I've ever tried one), and maybe it IS designed to be like one. I'd like to believe that the music and the lyrics are separate entities, although I know that's not true. Who knows, one day I'd probably stop playing at all.


Rod said (October 28, 2006):

In the early 90's I bought a 5 part, 8 hour video titled " Hells Bells " a critique of the rock music scene. Reel to Reel ministries produced it. It was very enlightening. It seems by the description you mentioned of the other video that are very similar. It opened my eyes. I listened to heavy metal Rock in high school and all the way through my 20's. I frequented Rock concerts. Such as Kiss, Van Halen, Rush, and even Gun's and Roses and Metalica at the end of my ignorance. I had never heard music talked about in such deep terms before. I thought " it was only music". I didn't realize the damage it was doing to me through indoctrination. The repetitiveness of it. Over and over the bands would play the same guitar chords and rifts and the singer would sing the same lyrics over and over. The repetition ensures that the listener will never forget the words.

If music is powerful enough to lift your spirits and put you in a good mood. Then isn't it also powerful to change your mood for bad? Songs make people cry, laugh, reminisce, fight. Look at the music the boxers play when they are entering the ring to pump them up. I can't think of anything more influential that music.

To be fair. Rap music is just as bad, and even country music is getting pretty x-rated as of late.

Maybe people should look into who owns the record labels? Who are the producers? I think you will see the same group of people we see in the media. Print and TV. Evil is the only word I can think of that fits appropriately.

David Livingstone2 said (October 28, 2006):

Looking at Manson's picture, I realize that he is not the evil we should be worried about, but just another misguided kid, like so many
living in America.

I was looking at Vloggies, which is an award for best vlogs, and at the top of the list is Living in Baghdad, which is real Iraqis
telling their miserable stories.
Everyone after that, on the other hand, are just the opposite. And they are all the same. I just fluffy reflections and attempts at
mild humor on nothing in particular. The amazing thing is that the latter represent the mental state of Americans, while the Iraqi vlog
represents an attempt to wake them from that very sleep.

It is amazing how unconcerned Americans in general are.

And that is the heart of the problem, and the real aim of the Rock n Roll mind control program.

We have to remember that what we are witnessing is an agenda that has been under way since the successful coup d'etat of the Illuminati in
1776. Ever since, their primary aim has been to discredit Christianity, and by that, all God-centered religions.

First, they managed to convince that the Church was a corrupt organization committed only to its own power. The myth of evolution and of progress was further mobilized to discredit religion as well.

But their fiercest blow was in suggesting that religious values are too strict, or even counter to our nature. This is the very basis of Gnosticism, that God is an oppressive god, and that he has imposed laws upon us that are natural. So Satanists instead teach indulgence.

This is a clever diversion from the truth of the message of Christianity, and in fact of Judaism and Christianity as well. Because did not teach us that we should be "ashamed" of our bodies,
but that we should "have shame", that is, show a little self-respect.

But sex is not the big issue in Christianity as it has been made out to be. Rather, Jesus' central message was to "love one's
neighbour". Self-restraint is an important matter, but not the core issue.

The ultimate examples of this kind of prejudice against Christianity, and the supposed prudishness of conventional values, are the overly-preachy and self-righteous efforts of shows like South Park and the Family Guy. And Marilyn Manson is just another symptom of this
ignorance, or shall we say arrogange.

And so, through this ruse of criticizing Christianity's take on sexuality, the Illuminati have succeeded in distracting the masses
from the central issue. And I think that is how you can explain America's complete lack of concern for the plight of so many of
humanity, as exemplified by the shallowness of a new legion of vloggers.

David Livingstone said (October 28, 2006):

This what it is all about, Tavistock and the Frankfurt school neo-Freudians.

Here's a piece by Coleman:

The point is not just to destroy society, but to teach the worship of Satan disguised as "liberation". Because basically it is liberation from Christian values, or just everyone's inborn sense of decency, which is errantly equated with "Christian guilt".

This was all part of a large--scale mind-control project. One version was for the masses, the other was for specific individuals, or Manchurian Candidates, trained as 'assassins", or more specifically terrorists.

The use of music to induce trance states is the very basis of the occult. This is referred to in the BIble in the episode of the Golden Calf as "pagan revel". It involves the use of music in combination with intoxicants, to rile the worshippers, until they become possessed by 'the god' [demon], and are able to perform supernatural feats, like soothsay, or more heinously, kill a child. This was then followed by the consummation of the child, and then orgies.

In ancient times, these were called Mysteries. They formed the basis of first Mitthraism, and from there to the rest of the so-called Western occult tradition. Today is simply referred to as Black Magic.

Those with a hidden insight into the activities of the occult, like the Illuminati, represented by the 20th centuries leading figures, including the Frankfurt School, recognized the possibilities of music to induce susceptible states of consciousness. So they created Rock and Roll, evidently produced by some of their most dysfunctional children.


Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at