Suspect Zero - Suspected Social Engineering (Demonizing Remote Viewing)

By Bill Phillips < > 
August 29, 2004:

The new movie "Suspect Zero" is the first big budget production to feature remote viewing. "It's about time," I initially thought when I heard about the film. Remote viewing (RV) needs to come out of the closet of disinformation and obscurity and see the light of day. Remote viewing is a methodology that helps most anyone use their natural intuitive abilities to accurately access previously unknown information remotely. It peels back the layers of deceit and lies and makes known the truth about our world, human history and currents events. It is a powerful tool that could help further human evolution and prevent us from destroying ourselves and our planet. It was first developed at Stanford Research Institute in the 70's in response to psychic spying by Russians.

Unfortunately the film is merely a continuation in the efforts of dark forces to keep remote viewing for its own. Remote viewing is demonized in the film and viewers are left with the perception that if they practice remote viewing it might turn them into a serial killer as it did to the film's main character.

The fact that the film endeavors to suppress interest in remote viewing (among all but serial killers) should come as no surprise. The Director has been a popular favorite of satanists such as Marilyn Manson who had him direct its 1996 video "Anti-Christ Superstar". The primary consultant on the movie was long-time spookster Ed Dames - the CIA's idiot poster child of modern remote viewing. Even the military industrial/intelligence state of New Mexico kicked in $7.5 million to the cause of demonizing remote viewing by funding the movie.

Scientologist Tom Cruise continued his efforts to suppress human evolution by co-producing the film. In the 2002 Spielberg movie "Minority Report", criminals are caught before they commit crimes. The crimes are seen by people with pre-cognitive abilities called PreCogs. Cruise plays an officer in the special Precog unit and is accused of one such crime and sets out to prove his innocence. Cruise saves the day and the Precogs are liberated from having to use their abilities and allowed to live a normal life - the message being that pre-cognition is a bad thing.

Ever since the government remote viewer David Morehouse exposed the secret RV program with his book "Psychic Warrior", the intelligence community has endeavored to put the Genie back in the bottle. The CIA commissioned a 'scientific' study to evaluate the 25 year program to assess its value but ensured the outcome by excluding the program's many successes and including data created specifically to discredit the program. The outcome was as planned and in 1995 the CIA issued a press release acknowledging the program, its failure and closure.

The reality was that remote viewing unit had provided invaluable information and had been refunded by Congress every year for over 20 years - because the data was so important. Parallel RV programs were left intact and continued and only the CIA unit at Fort Mead where shut down. Virtually every government around the world now uses remote viewing on some level.

The CIA wasn't content to merely discredit the program through the press release. Morehouse's book was becoming a best-seller and people around the world were becoming interested in learning to do remote viewing. So, they elevated a clerk from the program, Maj. Ed Dames, to the "unit's leading remote viewer" and had him slander the real viewers and make insane predictions on Art Bell's national late-night propaganda radio program "Coast to Coast". None of the predictions about killer comets, alien invasions and other doomsday scenarios he made came true. Curiously, most people don't blame Ed Dames for their apocalyptic disappointments, they fault remote viewing.

To ensure that civilians didn't learn remote viewing and expose the secrets it desperately wanted to keep secret, the CIA used Ed Dames to distribute a bogus training program full of subliminal messages to prevent successful RV. The video was sold widely and tens of thousands of people that wanted to learn remote viewing didn't.

As the satanic/zionist/globalist alliance makes its play for world domination, it has to ensure that the sleeping masses stay unaware and disinterested in abilities that might help them to see the bigger picture.

Bill Phillips

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