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With help from CBSWORK I have been testing music notes to chakras and the colors related. He informed me of using a tone with sending energy. High C being a great tool against attacking enitites. Doing some research with frequencies set to specific tones has produced interesting results.

First here is a scale I found that translates music notes into hertz.
Click here for easier reading on the scales and frequency. http://tyala.freeyellow.com/4scales.htm
This scale corrisponds the best with the chakras from others.

Calculation for Equal-Tempered tuning [A3 = 440Hz]
Hertz Octave=0 Octave=1 Octave=2 Octave=3 Octave=4 Octave=5

0 A 55.000 110.000 220.000 440.000 880.000 1,760.000
1 A#/Bb 58.270 116.541 233.082 466.164 932.328 1,864.655
2 B 61.735 123.471 246.942 493.883 987.767 1,975.533
3 C 65.406 130.813 261.626 523.251 1,046.502 2,093.005
4 C#/Db 69.296 138.591 277.183 554.365 1,108.731 2,217.461
5 D 73.416 146.832 293.665 587.330 1,174.659 2,349.318
6 D#/Eb 77.782 155.563 311.127 622.254 1,244.508 2,489.016
7 E 82.407 164.814 329.628 659.255 1,318.510 2,637.020
8 F 87.307 174.614 349.228 698.456 1,396.913 2,793.826
9 F#/Gb 92.499 184.997 369.994 739.989 1,479.978 2,959.955
10 G 97.999 195.998 391.995 783.991 1,567.982 3,135.963
11 G#/Ab 103.826 207.652 415.305 830.609 1,661.219 3,322.438
12 A 110.000 220.000 440.000 880.000 1,760.000 3,520.000

The colors and chakras info I got from: Color Medicine; by Charles Klotche. It's loaded with great info on alot of stuff. Great reference book.

Music notes to color and chakras:

Red: Root Chakra note G
Orange: Sacral Chakra note A
Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra note A#/Bb
Green: Heart Chakra note C
Blue: Throat Chakra note D
Indigo: Third Eye Chakra note D#
Violet: Crown Chakra note E

Doing several healings I have been singing a high C. C produces the color green, which is the color of healing. One mother with a mission son was very sick last week. I used a music tuning chromatic to produce the sound, went thru my healing sending actions, and sent the energy. She said that after the healing his swelling had gone down significantly. She just happen to take a photo of him an hour before i worked on him. Then took one a few hour later after the healing. She said he was playing and running around again. He wasn't 100% healed but was quite releaved.

Yesterday after being called over for emergency blasting I used the fifth octave C to attack the preditors. Our friend had 13 enitites attacking him. Don removed 13 before I got there. They kept coming in waves of 13. From what CBSwork told me I set the generator to 2093hz, a really high C. With in about 5 minutes all 13 attackers were dead from sending the blast with tone. Quicker than I have ever done. Our friend is recovering slowly but now he has a lot of protection on him.

Using the tones seems to increase the effectiveness of us sending energy. I am sharing this because we need more people testing this out. Please share your findings.


For placing specific music notes into OR devices I used a simple $20 chromatic tuner. I attached a lead off from the speaker to connect a device. You can use alligator clips to connect to your PW or SP. There are also tuners with built in audio outlets for the same price. I had to calibrate it using a computer tone generator. Typed in the specific hertz for the tone then adjusted the setting on the tuner to match. Mine was off by 4hz.