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Ley Lines
The Dark Side of All This (You just knew there had to be one)

Indeed, the Pentagon had already given its de facto blessings to Aquino's long-standing public association with the Church of Satan and his own successor "church," the Temple of Set. This, despite the fact that Aquino's Satanic activities involved overt support for neo-Nazi movements in the United States and Europe. On October 10, 1983, while traveling in West Germany on "official NATO business," Aquino had staged a Satanic "working" at the Wewelsburg Castle in Bavaria. Aquino wrote a lengthy account of the ritual, in which he invoked Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler: "As the Wewelsburg was conceived by Heinrich Himmler to be the 'Mittelpunkt der Welt' ('Middle of the World'), and as the focus of the Hall of the Dead was to be the Gate of that Center, TO SUMMON THE POWERS OF DARKNESS AT THEIR MOST POWERFUL LOCUS." [emphasis added][1]

[Wewelsberg is approximately 7.5 km SSW of Paderborn, which is about 224 km SSW of Hamburg.]


This [ninth, innermost layer of Earth] is composed of a substance endowed with moral action. But this morality is the opposite of the one that is to be elaborated on the earth. Its essence, its inherent force, is one of separation, of discord, and of hate. It is here in the hell of Dante that we find Cain the fratricide. This substance is the opposite of everything which among human beings is good and worthy....  This ninth layer represents the substantial origin of what appears on earth as BLACK MAGIC, that is, a magic founded on EGOISM [a Luciferic tendency]....  These various layers are connected by means of rays which unite the center of the Earth with its surface. [i.e. these rays extend from the Earth's core to its periphery, and connect the layers together.][2] [emphasis added]


Over the last few years, I have noticed a pattern of negative activity taking place along the so-called Earth Grid, which is a network of paths for etheric energy and beings, which gives Earth its basic form.  (This negative activity must not be confused with the positive work of Feng Shui practitioners and geomancers, who help mankind live in harmony with the planet.)  I decided to write this up because the conduct of Satanic rituals on the grid constitutes additional evidence in support of my hypothesis about the core function of Satanism, and because an awareness of the fundamentals of this activity reveals yet another connection between Satanism and that pernicious and cynical joke on mankind known as Christian Fundamentalism.

  This essay is intended to provide the basic concepts about the nature of the Earth Grid and the beings which travel along it.  The other essays posted to the Satanism and the Earth Grid hub page will provide examples of the type of negative activity conducted on the grid, which is Satanism disguised in a variety of manners.


By the mid-1970s, Watkins' notion of a network of trade routes had been largely supplanted by the idea of ley lines as invisible but perceptible energy pathways pulsing and circulating through the landscape  "ETHERIC" or "subtle" energies which meet at nodes or concentrated "power points," and which can be directed and manipulated FOR GOOD OR ILL like the chi or prana of Eastern medicine. One of the ways in which these energies can be perceived, according to believers, is through dowsing, that is, divining with metal rods, twigs or other aids. Dowsers have, over the years, enthusiastically mapped out not only the underground water sources for which they are better known, but countless other purported energies in the vicinity of ancient sites. [This constitutes objective evidence of the existence of this energy.] Much recent [as as you will see below, some not-so-recent] earth mysteries writing portrays the Earth itself as alive and sentient.... At the "power points" where energy leys supposedly converge, everyday reality is said to interpenetrate with nonordinary, paraphysical realities, FACILITATING TRANSPERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND COMMUNICATION WITH SPIRITUAL OR NONPHYSICAL BEINGS. Mixed in with much of this literature on earth energy is frequent reference to Earth lights, UFO sightings, mysterious crop formations, psychic phenomena, and other curiosities. [3][emphasis added]

Ley Lines

Rhythms of energy. All living things emit these unseen influences. We sense them intuitively and logically, even if we can't see them. When a magnet attracts iron filings we can't see the cause, but we can see the result and in turn know the energy exists.

Earth is a living being and many of these invisible dynamics that the Earth emits interact between a human being and the planet. One such unseen force is ley lines. Sometimes called telluric pathways, ley lines are often not easily recognized. Some have compared ley lines to the acupuncture meridians of the human body. Certain points on the body are energy centers that transmit or receive strength to or from other locations. LEY LINES TRANSMIT OR RECEIVE ENERGIES AROUND THE GLOBE.[4][emphasis added]

Everything that is "form" on the Earth [including the Earth Grid] derives from the Spirits of Form. The name "Spirits of Form" is actually given to these Beings of the Higher Hierarchies because everything that has form, shape, life  everything that takes on shape inwardly and evolves an outer form, has received the essential impetus for this form from the "Spirits of Form." [5]


Just as we have something of form in this physical body of man as his lowest principle and as in this form, which in truth, as we encounter it, is obviously "Maya" [an illusion created by spiritual beings], [there] lives ["in" a planet] that which is a Spirit of Form  so, that which appears to us when we direct our gaze into cosmic space and there perceive a planet  Mercury, Venus, Mars or Jupiter  is the external form of the [corresponding] Spirit of Form. [The physical manifestation] is that which belongs to the being of whom we have just spoken, as the physical body of man belongs to man. When we see man before us, his form expresses what lives in him as his higher principles  etheric body, astral body, sentient soul, etc. When we look at a planet its form expresses to us the work of the Spirits of Form. Just as behind the human form, behind the physical body, are the etheric body, astral body, sentient soul etc., so, behind the planet, belonging to it, are what we know as the Spirits of Motion, Wisdom, Will; Cherubim and Seraphim etc. If we wish to visualize the complete being of a planet in the sense of spiritual science, we must say [that] the planet meets our perception in cosmic space when its physical being, given by the Spirit of Form shines forth; and it conceals from us, just as man conceals his higher principles from the physical gaze, all that rules within and around it, as beings of the higher hierarchies. Thus we rightly imagine such a planet as Mars, or Mercury, only when we first of all picture it in its physical form, and then think of it as surrounded and permeated by a spiritual atmosphere stretching out into infinity and having in the physical planet its physical form, the creation of the Spirit of Form  and as its spiritual environment the beings of the hierarchies. Only when we consider it thus do we conceive of the complete planet, as having the physical as a kernel in the center, and round it the spiritual sheaths which consist of the beings of the hierarchies. This will be considered more in detail in the following lectures, but to-day we may, in order to some extent to indicate the direction of our observations, give the following information revealed by occult investigation.[6]


IN our last lecture we tried to consider a planetary system in its dependence on the various spiritual beings of the three hierarchies [major divisions within the spiritual hierarchy], ranged, as it were, one above the other; and which we tried to describe in the previous lectures. We gained an idea of all that participates in forming a planet, and we have seen how a planet receives its form, its enclosed form, as a result of the activity of the Spirits of Form. We saw further that the inner life, the inner mobility of the planet, is the result of the activity of the Spirits of Motion. What we may call the lowest consciousness of the planet, which can be compared with the consciousness present in man in his astral body, we have to allot to the Spirits of Wisdom.... WHAT COMES FROM THE SPIRITS OF FORM IS BUT A SORT OF KERNEL. On the other hand, every planet has something like a spiritual atmosphere, we might even say something like an aura, in which work the spirits belonging to those two higher hierarchies which are higher than the Spirits of Form.[7][emphasis added]

We know that the spirits of form are connected with the form which the part of the cosmos we are most immediately involved with - our Earth - has assumed....  These spirits of form are to some extent the ruling forces in earthly existence, in our planet's present metamorphosis. BUT, AS WE KNOW, THE SPIRITS OF FORM WORK THROUGH OTHER SPIRITS... [WHICH WE CALL] ARCHAI, ARCHANGELOI, AND ANGELOI.  [T]HE ARCHAI [SERVE] THE SPIRITS OF FORM....  [8] [emphasis added] [The Spirits of Form create the plans, and the being of the Third Hierarchy implement them, although as indicated below, even this hierarchy has underlings in this undertaking.]

If, however, we went back in the evolution of our planet to a definite point of time, about which we shall learn more in the following lectures, we should find more and more that these beings, who really only live in the process of man's culture are continually bringing forth other beings from themselves. Just as a plant puts forth seed, so do the beings of the Third Hierarchy, which I have just described, bring forth other beings. There is, however, a certain difference between what the plant brings forth as seed  if we may use this comparison  and the beings which separate themselves off from the beings of the Third Hierarchy. When the plant brings forth a seed, it is, in a sense, of as much value as the complete plant; for out of it can again arise a complete plant of the same species. These beings put forth others which are separated from them just as the seed from the plant, they have offspring, so to speak, but they are, in a sense, of a lower order than themselves. They have to be of a lower order because they have other tasks which they can only accomplish if they are of a lower order. The Angels, Archangels, and Spirits of the Age [Archai] in our spiritual environment, have put forth from themselves certain beings, which descend from the environment of man into the kingdoms of nature; and occult vision teaches us that THE BEINGS WE LEARNT ABOUT YESTERDAY AS THE NATURE-SPIRITS, ARE DETACHED FROM THE BEINGS OF THE THIRD HIERARCHY, of whom we have learnt to know to-day. They are offspring, and to them has been allotted other service than service to mankind, namely, service to nature. Indeed, CERTAIN OFFSPRING OF THE ARCHAI ARE THE BEINGS WE HAVE LEARNT TO KNOW AS THE NATURE-SPIRITS OF THE EARTH [remember this association between the Archai and the earth-spirits for later]; those separated from the Archangels and sent down into nature, are the nature-spirits of water; and those detached from the Angels we have recognized as the nature-spirits of the air. With the nature-spirits of fire or heat we have still to become acquainted. Thus we see that in a sense, through a division of the beings which represent as the Third Hierarchy our union with the world immediately above us, certain beings are sent down into the kingdoms of the elements, into air, water, earth  into the gaseous, fluid, and solid  in order there to perform service, to work within the elements, and in a sense to function as the lower offspring of the Third Hierarchy  as nature-spirits.

Thus we can speak of a relationship between the nature-spirits and the beings of the Third Hierarchy.[9] [emphasis added]

Thus when we penetrate from below upwards into the higher worlds, we find, when we look at the elements, which are of importance to all the beings of the plant and animal kingdoms and to the human kingdom, THAT IN THESE ELEMENTS, IN SOLID, FLUIDIC, AND GASEOUS MATTER, THERE RULE THE NATURE-SPIRITS WHICH ARE THE OFFSPRING OF THE BEINGS OF THE THIRD HIERARCHY. [Just to reinforce the preceding.] [10] [emphasis added]

In the course of these lectures we have drawn attention to the fact that these various beings of the hierarchies have offspring; beings split off from themselves, which they send down into the kingdoms of nature, and we have learnt that the offspring of the Third Hierarchy are the nature-spirits, while the offspring of the Second Hierarchy are the Group-souls. The beings of the First Hierarchy have likewise offspring split off from them, and as a matter of fact I have already described from a different aspect these beings which are the offspring of the First Hierarchy. I described them at the beginning of this course, when we ascended to the so-called Spirits of the Rotation of Time, the spirits governing and directing what goes on in the kingdoms of nature in rhythmic succession and repetition. The beings of the First Hierarchy detach from themselves the beings governing the alternation of summer and winter, so that the plants spring up and fade away again; that rhythmical succession through which, for instance, the animals belonging to a certain species have a definite period of life in which they develop from birth to death. Everything too which takes place in the kingdom of nature rhythmically and in recapitulation, such as day and night, alternations of the year, the four seasons of the year, everything which thus depends upon repeated happenings, is regulated by the Spirits of the Rotation of Time, the offspring of the beings of the First Hierarchy.[11]

[W]e have become acquainted with four categories of nature-spirits, having a certain relation to what are called the elements of earth, water, air, and fire.... IT IS AS THOUGH THESE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAD THEIR JURISDICTION, THEIR

TERRITORY, IN THESE ELEMENTS; just as man himself has his in the whole planet. JUST AS THAT IS HIS HOME IN THE UNIVERSE, so have these beings their territory in one or other of the elements mentioned. We have already drawn attention to the fact that for our earthly physical world, for the earth as a whole with its various kingdoms of nature, THESE DIFFERENT BEINGS SIGNIFY WHAT THE ETHERIC BODY OR LIFE-BODY, SIGNIFIES FOR INDIVIDUAL MAN. Only we have said that in man this life-body is a unity, whereas the etheric body of the earth consists of many, many such nature-spirits, which are, moreover, divided into four classes. THE LIVING COOPERATION OF THESE NATURE-SPIRITS IS THE ETHERIC OR LIFE-BODY OF THE EARTH. Thus it is no unity, but multiplicity, plurality....

Now to occult observation there is a great difference of nature-spirits, the spirits of Earth, Water, etc., and those beings which on the other hand, direct these nature-spirits. The nature-spirits are occupied in causing the beings of nature to ripen and fade, in bringing life into the whole planetary earth-sphere. IT IS DIFFERENT WITH THOSE SPIRITUAL BEINGS WHICH IN THEIR TOTALITY CAN BE CALLED THE ASTRAL BODY OF THE EARTH....

These beings are such that when man can become acquainted with them by means of his occult vision, he perceives them as beings CONNECTED WITH HIS OWN SOUL  with his own astral body. THEY EXERT SUCH AN INFLUENCE UPON THE ASTRAL BODY OF MAN  (as also upon the astral bodies of animals), that we cannot speak of a mere life-giving activity; THEIR ACTIVITY RESEMBLES THE ACTION OF FEELING AND THOUGHT UPON OUR OWN SOULS. The nature-spirits of water and air can be observed; we may say they are in the environment; but we cannot say of these spiritual beings of which we are now speaking, that they are in our environment; we are in fact always actually united with them, as if poured into them, when we perceive them. We are merged into them, and they speak to us in spirit. It is as though we perceived thoughts and feelings from the environment; IMPULSES OF WILL, SYMPATHY AND ANTIPATHY COME TO EXPRESSION IN WHAT THESE BEINGS CAUSE TO FLOW INTO US AS THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, AND IMPULSES OF WILL. THUS IN THIS CATEGORY OF SPIRITS WE SEE BEINGS ALREADY RESEMBLING THE HUMAN SOUL. If we turn back again to what has been stated, we may say that all sorts of regulations in time, of divisions in the relations of time and space, are also connected with these beings. An old expression has therefore been preserved in occultism for these beings, which in their totality we recognize as the astral body of the earth, and this in English would be, "Spirits of the Rotation of Time." Thus, not only the seasons of the year, and the growing and the fading of the plants, but also the regular alternation which, in relation to the earth-planet, expresses itself in day and night, is brought about by these spirits, which are to be classed as belonging to the astral body of the earth....

If we still seek a MEANING as to the laws of nature in the things of the world perceptible to our senses, we should be able to interpret this MEANING AS THE IMPRINT OF THE PLANETARY SPIRIT IN THE SENSE-WORLD. That would be the external Maya. In the first place THE SENSE-WORLD ITSELF IS AN EXTERNAL MAYA, FOR IT IS WHAT THE ETHERIC

BODY THE EARTH, THE SUBSTANCE OF THE NATURE-SPIRITS, DRIVES OUT OF ITSELF. A second Maya is what appears to man of the nature-spirits in the FORCES OF NATURE. A third Maya is that which appears as the LAWS OF NATURE, coming from the Spirits of the Rotation of Time. A fourth Maya is something which, in spite of its Maya-nature, speaks to the soul of man because, in the perception of the purpose of nature, man at any rate feels himself united with the Spirit of the whole planet, with the Spirit which leads the planet through cosmic space, and gives MEANING in fact to the whole planet. In this Maya lies the direct imprint of the Planetary Spirit itself. [12][emphasis added]

Ley lines, then, form the matrix of energy which is the dynamic physical principle of the geological body of Earth. LEY LINES ARE THE ESSENTIAL STRUCTURE OF THE ETHERIC BODY OF THE EARTH SPIRIT. To appreciate this, it can be helpful to imagine Earth as having no dense physical existence, but being only a globe of interconnected lines of electric energy, a sphere made up of webs of energy.


 Without this life force radiating from the ley network, there would be no growth in any of the different natural realms  mineral, vegetable, animal or human. In some Eastern teachings this force is called fohat or prana. The life force of Earth which radiates from her ley network is intimately bound tip with the life force of the Sun, being as they are part of the same pranic field.

[T]he geological Earth and the ley network also have their own specific geographically located centres. These specific centres act as earthing physical points of focus for the Earth Spirit and the other incoming energies. These points of focus are similar to the nadirs of the human body which are known in acupuncture; much can be learned about the principles of the human body by studying Earth, just as much can be learned about her by studying a human. These 'power' or 'magnetic' centres vary in size and in quality, but they are always the focus where several leys intersect and fan out. Like the leys themselves, ley centres are great vortices accepting incoming energy and are also powerfully radiant.

Migrating animals instinctively follow these tracks and ley patterns; flocks of birds can frequently be seen circling at ley centres and energy junctions as they reorient themselves.

These three scientists worked off of their combined talents to determine this "matrix of cosmic energy" that encircles the Earth. With this new formulation of the Global Grid, Becker and Hagens write:

These new lines and points, in conjunction with Sanderson's, now matched most of the earth's seismic fracture zones and ocean ridge lines as well as outlined worldwide atmospheric highs and lows, paths of migratory animals, gravitational anomalies, and even the sites of ancient cities.

It becomes immediately obvious that this Grid indeed controls the positioning of continental landmass on the Earth. Our favorite examples, both of which combine "nodes" and force lines, are South America and Australia....  So, it should be visible to "those with eyes to see" that THE GLOBAL GRID IS VERY OBVIOUSLY SHAPING THESE LAND STRUCTURES. If you look at South America, for example, you can see the extremely obvious effect of this particular "grid triangle," in literally forming the continent around itself.[13] [emphasis added]

Christopher Bird, The Divining Hand, 1979: "It was believed by the ancient Chinese that water flowed in subterranean courses called 'veins of the Dragon' (Lung Mai). Passing to and fro out of sight, the hidden veins of water served, like the bloodstream of animals, to remove impurities from the body of the earth... and to deposit curative minerals within it. The earth's circulatory system was matched by an ever-undulating network of currents in the atmosphere. The currents, running through Mai or channels, carried the Qi or vapours"

Knowledge of the mysterious underground energies and the ability to dowse their precise location is as integral to the Chinese Feng Shui tradition as it is to other geomantic traditions of the world. The personification of the earth currents as the consciousness of the subterranean Dragon, Serpent, or Crocodile spirit is a global image. Whether named Lung, Naga, Wyvern or Wonambi, these beings are variously respected, feared, appeased, tamed and honoured the world over. [14]

While the lines have been forgotten in most countries, in other parts of the world the prehistoric line system is still being used. One such system exists in the interior of Australia among the aborigines, who tell of a past age, which they call 'dream time' [probably referring to mankind's atavistic, unthinking clairvoryant state of consciousness] when the 'creative gods' traversed the country and 'reshaped' the land to conform to important paths called "turingas." At certain times of the year, they say, the "turingas" become revitalized by the energies flowing through them, giving new life to the adjacent countryside.

To ensure that this ancient fertilization still takes place [as if it wouldn't without their intercession], the aborigines gather at specific locations during certain times of the year, perform the ritualistic dances that have been dictated by the passing time, and pray to the force of the lines. They actually receive messages over vast distances and are forewarned of the approach of strangers all through their system of magic lines." [15]

[They evidently still retain a vestige of the ancient clairvoyance and pray to Earth spirits.]

"It appears that the current began at certain natural energy "springs" in the Earth, which were later marked as religious sites, and from here the currents were directed to specific centers towers or mounds where they were gathered and from which they eventually dissipated to the surrounding countryside. Astronomical observation was of paramount importance, for only by a constant watch over the celestial movements could the waxing and waning of the currents be measured and anticipated. [16]

Religions as we know have often derived their beliefs and descriptions from ancient, now faded, clairvoyant capacities.  The disciple Peter [based on his vestige of atavistic clairvoyance] was right to call Ahriman a "prowling lion seeking whom he might devour"; he really does prowl in the hidden, subconscious realm of our being.  He strives to attain his ends by diverting our subconscious forces to himself.... [17]

The Dark Side of All This (You just knew there had to be one)


The region of destructive spirits into which a man may come, is disclosed most clearly of all if a soul is observed at the moment of passing through the gate of death.  Then these spiritual beings swirl forward in their hosts; nor is this surprising, FOR THEY ARE THE SPIRITS OF DESTRUCTION.  TO WORK AT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE PHYSICAL ORGANISM IS THEIR REGULAR FUNCTION.[19] [emphasis added]

When man crosses the Threshold of the spiritual world and approaches these beings ... what will strike him most forcibly is the remarkable intelligence of these beings.... But the soul-forces, the higher forces of these beings are all related to the forces of man's LOWER nature....  Thus there is a relationship between the LOWEST forces of man and the HIGHEST forces of these spiritual beings....  When a man enters this other world, INSTINCTS OF DESTRUCTION OR HATRED, OR THE LIKE, arise in him, because these being draw up what constitutes man's lower nature to their own higher nature, and with their higher forces work through man's lower forces.  NOBODY CAN ALLY HIMSELF WITH THESE BEINGS WITHOUT GREATLY ENHANCING THE STRENGTH OF CERTAIN SENSUOUS URGES AND IMPULSES. [20] [emphasis added] [I suspect that these "sensuous urges and impulses" are those related to sex and violence - the staples of modern "culture."]

We know that the spirits of form are connected with the form which the part of the cosmos we are most immediately involved with - our Earth - has assumed....  These spirits of form are to some extent the ruling forces in earthly existence, in our planet's present metamorphosis. But, as we know, the spirits of form work through other spirits ... [which we call] archai, archangeloi, and angeloi.  [T]he archai [serve] the spirits of form....  In addition, though, are particular spirits of form who ... [chose] to manifest as archai. [21]

Those beings, then, who are really spirits of form but act as archai, belong essentially to this non-spatial realm.  Yet they enter space, are active within it.  And the fact that they do this, that  spiritual being whose true nature resides in non-spatial realms have chosen to disguise themselves and be active within the spatial realm, IS CHARACTERISTIC OF AHRIMANIC [SATANIC] TENDENCIES. [22] [emphasis added]


Above, I suggested that you note that nature-spirits of earth are the offspring of the Archai.  In the preceding quote, Steiner hints that Satanic spirits of form are posing as Archai.  I read in something by Steiner that all destruction has been allocated to Satan.  So, putting all of these clues together, one arrives at the conclusion that the beings of destruction described here are offspring of Satanic Spirits of Form posing as Archai, and that they are thus destructive nature-spirits of earth (and thus etheric beings which would be concentrated along the Earth Grid, like vultures hovering and looking for carion) whose proper function is the decomposition or "consumption" of the bodies of human, animals, and plants that have died.

If a person aligns his will-forces (also etheric) with the will of these beings by adopting a neutral or positive attitude toward tormenting, torturing, killing, or consuming human beings or animals [literally - as in Satanic ritual "cannibalism," to put it euphemistically], these beings, also known as demons, will latch onto the person's soul and take possession of him.  I have described this process in greater detail on my page entitled From Nintendo Ace to Pokemonic Possession.

There is a variety of motivations for people to invoke these beings, mostly erroneous.  If everybody realized the real effects of such rituals, I doubt anyone would willingly perform them.  The result is that the possessed person becomes an embodiment of demonic will and intelligence.  They become extremely clever (quick-witted but shallow, which is characteristic of many Establishment lackeys), but this cleverness is dedicated to the destruction of humans and animals (also characteristic of Establishment lackeys, such as those which are hysterically working to stampede us off to a new 30-Years' War, as LaRouche, years ago, predicted would happen).


A recent book encouraging researchers to consider the idea is Troy Taylor's excellent Ghost Hunters Guidebook (1999) in which he writes about "portal areas":

In his book The Romeo Error (1976) Lyall Watson took up the theme of window areas stating:

"Periodically, all breaks loose in one of these places and poltergeists start flinging things around, apparitions and unidentified flying objects appear, people and sometimes vehicles unaccountably disappear, mysterious fires break out and there may be hysteria or a form of mass madness. There are thousands of these weak spots all over the planet and each of them occupies a precise geographical location, NEARLY ALWAYS WITH A LONG HISTORY OF DEMONS, MONSTERS [chupicabra?] AND MAYHEM. TO OCCULTISTS, SUCH PLACES ARE GATEWAYS IN THE ETHERIC ENVELOPE OF EARTH THROUGH WHICH BEINGS FROM OTHER REALITIES SEEP INTO OUR LIVES."

"The idea of a 'portal' or a 'doorway' to another dimension is not a new one. Many researchers believe that there are places all over the world that serve as 'doorways' from our world to another.  THESE DOORWAYS ARE THOUGHT TO PROVIDE ACCESS FOR ENTITIES TO ENTER OUR WORLD.

Also in the early decades of the twentieth century, German landscape researchers Wilhelm Teudt and Josef Heinsch popularized the notion that ancient Teutonic peoples possessed a centralized, protoscientific solar cult which built an extensive network of astronomical lines, so-called "Holy lines" (Heilige linien), the existence of which could still be found in the geographical layout of ancient sites.

Supported by Heinrich Himmler, Teudt became the head of an association dedicated to promoting Germany's ancestral heritage (Deutsche Ahnenerbe), and the search for "holy lines" and astrological orientations was encouraged as a pro-party act by the Nazis before and during World War Two. For Teudt and his associates, the Teutoburger Wald district in Lower Saxony  with astronomical lines linking sacred places, all centered around the dramatic rock formation called Die Externsteine  was the sacred heartland of Germany. [24]

The Externsteine (rock formations) are part of the central Teutoburger forest mountain range which was formed during the Early Cretaceous period from sandstone.

During the formation of the mountain range approximately 70 million years ago, the naturally lying Early Cretaceous sandstone was pressed up against the Externsteine in the area of the mountain range.

This fascinating rock formation is also a part of the same-named nature reserve. Embedded in the tourist and spa region of Lippe, the Externsteine are a popular attraction for our guests. [25]

[The Externsteine is approximately 18.4 km NW of Paderborn.  In the Euro-Grid map, it is located at the Earth-grid node above "Germany."  Note that Wewelsburg Castle (where Michael Aquino performed his infamous ritual to create a satanic knighthood) is triangular, and it is about 25 km to the SW on the ley-line which extends in that direction from the node.]

So, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what Satanists are doing when they conduct their rituals at points on the Earth Grid - they're basically trolling for demons where the fishing is good, tapping into forces they use for Black Magic where they are the strongest, and I suppose a variety of other nefarious activities.

I should also note that the "Jupiter Men" which I describe in my essay "A Kinder, Gentler Sort of Satanic Possession" are also etheric beings, and that I have noted activities, including ostensibly Christian activities such as the Toronto Blessing, being conducted at points along the Earth-grid, which appear to be intended to lead people into becoming possessed by this type of satanically-controlled being.


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