Satanist Insider on Recognizing Satanists

February 12, 2011

From A.J. Fozdyke

In response to "Samuel Butler" "How to Recognize a Satanist" (in bold) :

If new, they like to flaunt it and show others how scary they are or look. These types usually bark rather than bite.

Too true. Often they are useful and can be easily influenced. They are grist for the mill. Their jobs are tenuous; their comatose lives as artificial as their prejudices and their alienated futures mostly short-term. Their young women are fertile.

The ones that can blend in, and take key positions are the ones to worry about.

There's no need to worry. I was blessed to have spent almost my entire adult life within the Alpha Lodge left-hand path tradition. We have worked long and very hard to get this planet where it is now and soon there'll be massive change. Currently the western world is entering the long dreaded Nietzschean nightmare where all religions are irrelevant or expendable, where morality is a tool. And fear and loathing the only criteria. The new prostitution is via politics, the cheap whores of the Public Circus and mob repression.

If I were to name names I'd be lying or boasting. I will however suggest that he was born in the early 1960s and he's Egyptian. He'll be on the television soon.

A Luciferian is generational. They know more due to being exposed to secret societies that have direct contact with Lucifer.

The Alpha Lodge has direct contact with Lucifer. So have I. So have many. And more and more are being influenced. You don't have to be 'generational'.

The words Satan/Lucifer represent different manifestations of the same energy.

There's an Outer Head and an Inner Head of the Lodge. Our Temple is The World. The current Outer Head is a woman. The current Inner Head, a man. This is not always so. Unlike right-hand path traditions ours are achievable by any gender. Our mysteries are Sex and Death. Our initiates and the rituals they undertake strengthen our paradigms and subvert Magian energies. That's the purpose of the Black and Satanic Masses. It's not possible to describe much, as Our knowledge comes from doing. By impressing energies within the Morphic Field, physical results are obtained. These manifestations may take many generations.

Luciferian generational bloodline are taught how to summon a demon. Then control the demon. And when done, send the demon back.

Trust me: It's not a good idea to boss around a demon - for They are subtle and quick to anger.

For me, Magick was and remains very important. That was the way it was in Sydney and Australia in the late 1970s. Although Magick has always been part of the curriculum, in Europe they tended to concentrate on the philosophical, theoretical and political aspects. To some extent they still do. They were heavily influenced by their hero, Barone Giulio Cesare Andrea Evola. So was David Wulstan Myatt. I'm told that a number of UR Group methodologies were actually ours.

The majority of Satanists overestimate their abilities. And they're often novice dabblers when they summon a demon, lacking knowledge to send the demon back when done. Often they too may be harmed.

Yes these things happen. That's why it's so important to have a mentor and tradition. We adhere to freedom and autonomy within the confines of the Grade system and amongst one another. The higher the Grades achieved the more freedom in every sense; particularly spiritual. Unlike the right-hand path, Our Grades are recognized by all. An initiate's Grade is merely acknowledged, not conferred by the Order. An Aspirant is nurtured by an Adept. If he or she pass the tests their circle of influence expands. The vast majority of non-initiates don't want freedom because it comes with responsibility. We work towards the arrival of The Usher of Desecration and Vindex. A new global system is being initiated. The slaves shall serve.

The Alpha Lodge septenary system is hierarchical but dedicated to individual spiritual advancement. The base of the pyramid know nothing about us. There are some who unknowingly work for us. Others work with us. Few are truly initiated.

The Lodge has investments but it's not about money, per se.

The masses follow Our agenda but don't know or care about us.

In Ministry, Satanist go for top positions to control the flow of doctrine as well as to preach certain passages, not other words 'feel-good' ministry to keep many church shoppers coming back.

Agreed and more. A number of right-wing protestant churches are Ours. These Xtian groups have proved incalculably useful, not just in terms of revenue or for 'tax' reasons.

Most Satanic crimes are not reported as so by Police.

It's both what you know and who you know.

The police are now largely inexperienced, over-worked, violent, under-paid, uniformed, revenue collecting shit-kickers. Too many laws, by-laws, regulations, sub-clauses, directives, policy considerations and enough masterful corruption to use them all. The thick carpet of dark, air-conditioned back-rooms where mysterious figures lurk; operating from the comfort and safety of anonymity. Amid the alluring slutiness of the boardrooms of power, in the clubs and pubs, strip-joints and brothels, street-walkers and clinical arrangements of desperate dreams and ill-conceived fantasies melt into the night like Heroin in a spoon.

A clean cut Satanist is not so foolish; they are different; they are serious. They hold positions in key places, often around children or authority. They have reason to be discreet. They are.

The world is about to change: economically and politically. These are big time changes and bring with them 'horsemen of the Apocalypse' type scenarios. Falls of empires always do. We have an orchestrated economic depression developing at its own reasonably predictable pace. Then there's the change in the international currency from the American Dollar to the Chinese Yuan. Aging populations and failing societies. But there's also something else that I detect. There's a spirit of rebellion rising in the streets and sweeping the globe. It hasn't yet arisen in America, but it's brewing and it will.

It won't be hard to answer.

I hope that the above goes some way to explaining our structure and the subtexts of our lives. There's more information if you follow up the clues.

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Comments for "Satanist Insider on Recognizing Satanists "

Marty said (February 13, 2011):

God's word tells us that Jesus Christ is the King of King and Lord of Lord, the ruler of the kings of the earth. Christ has all authority in heaven and on earth and works all things according to the council of His will. So where does this leave the Devil and his followers ? They are defeated deceivers, purveyors of death and destruction whose time is short and whose end, for all their boasting and bravado, is still the lake of fire.

To God be the glory.

Lynda said (February 13, 2011):

With homage to Michael Hoffman's masterly description of "mockery of the victim(s) as a show of power and macabre arrogance", Satanism loves to cloak itself in the macabre, especially in its ritual murders (serial and collective) staged for its political theatre. And it is very exacting about its special FX and syncs.

America's greatest anti-Satanist poet: Edgar Allan Poe chose to cloak his masterpieces of Revelation of Method in exactly this aspect of Satanism - long before the Must Be phase of the Red Work was initiated. At the time, Poe's masterpieces passed for Gothic horror genre.

But that time is long past. Now we see an Anti-Satanist masterpiece such as "The Fall of the House of Usher" for exactly what it is - a contemplation of Illuminist bloodline and its masonry: "the stem of the Usher race and its House."

Note: "Usher". And also note: "Perhaps the eye of the scrutinizing observer might have discovered the barely imperceptible fissure..."

But Henry Makow has discovered it; Hoffman has discovered it and others. And now is the time to give heart and hope to those under the thelemic spell of the House of Usher.

Poe was not writing about the geo-politics of the Agentur in the service of the bloodline; he was writing about the essence and radix of his subject matter. And it's all there.

Titillating clues tossed by a mere servant of the great eye (however exalted his grade) to the profanes are no match for America's great poet: Edgar Allan Poe who loathed the devil, all his works and pomps and the empty display and false values of the world.

"We know that whosoever is born of God, sinneth not: but the generation of God preserveth him, and the wicked one toucheth him not. We know that we are of God and the whole world IS SEATED in wickedness." 1 John 5:18,19 DRV.

Jeff said (February 13, 2011):

Another ho hum article from your Satanist Insider A.J. Fozdyke. No matter how much he beats his chest and thinks himself enlightened and powerful, he is nothing but a sad and lost soul. The way of Love, as Jesus taught, is the only way to peace and happiness. In the end, the power he thinks he has is nothing. But of course he knows all of this, and is worthy of nothing but pity. He is like the H.S. bully who never grew up, and everyone just laughs at now.

Peter said (February 12, 2011):

I'm not sure why you keep posting Mr. Fozdykes comments. The man is either deluded or he is engaging in a bit of creative writing. In any event their is no way to verify his comments as being anything other than the creative imagination of a disturbed mind.



Many people find this material very disturbing, and I suggest they don't read it.

I provide it for those who wish to be informed of any eventuality. There are no Satanists speaking publicly (as open Satanists) and I am not about to deny a platform to the one who does.

I do not endorse his philosophy nor can I vouch for what he says. Study of the occult conspiracy requires discernment.



Orest said (February 12, 2011):

A Haitian friend brought home the reality of voodoo practices and their link to Satanism. He described seeing a total stranger in the shard of a broken mirror and told by the witch doctor to take the point of another shard and to peck his heart in order to kill him, as "an enemy," which my friend refused to do.

He described his father employing black magic techniques to hide from Papa Doc Duvalier's Toton Macoute. And of local practitioners of Satanism (in our hometown) who tho' "blessed" with material abundance, thanks to demonic influences, were unhappy with their status as pawns in the service of a Satanic order.

He described how one hubristic fellow was "rewarded" for his temerity in trying to ritually summon Satan himself by going nuts once his demonic power manifested itself. His immature mind, said my Haitian friend, simply could not accommodate the vibrant force of his "majestic" presence; it was too overwhelming. My own immature mind was soon reeling as these tales poured forth. A part of me didn't want to hear about any of this; while another part of me was morbidly fascinated. You see . . .

For most people rooted in the mundane here-and-now such tales are disconcerting. They interfere with their reassuring sense of how the world works and what's real and dependably true and the simple arithmetic of daily life. They steer away from hearing about them. Understandably so! Who wants to be creeped out? Who wants to live his life as tho' everyday was another Hallowe'en? It's this child-like attachment among ordinary folk to an emotional safety blanket which translates as denial which bequeaths to Luciferian fraternities and sororities their cloak of invisibility.

Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at