Psychiatry: Satans pusher----Don Croft No Subject - November 25, 2006 12:56

I think it's okay to tell this:  Carol's ex is a lifelong patron of the harmaceutical industry through the use of prescribed brain drugs.  His shrink asked him to bring his mom in and then he told the gal that 'everyone, including you, should be taking brain drugs.'  I can tell you that the mom is as mentally and emotionally healthy as any other PJ person and her life would be degraded by this stuff.

Years ago, news got out that the town of Wenatchee, Washington, had been chosen for a Prozac study and literally everyone in the town was put on the stuff.  Can you imagine the logistics required for something like that?  Wenatchee is on the western slope of the Cascades Mountains, far from any major highway and the people who live there are kind of insular to begin with.

My oldest kids, 27 and 25, were homeschooled for four years, partly because we were overseas for some of that time but mostly because we knew how rotten public schools are in the US. That was my starter wife's lucid period.   The younger one went on to get a full scholarship to Brandeis University and she loved school (she's planning to do some graduate work at Harvard at her employer's expense); the older one didn't like school, so didn't expend effort there.  They could both read and write well at age four, even though we didn't particularly push them; we just read a LOT of books to the kids.  Homeschooled kids who would be termed 'hyperactive'  or ADD by the alleged authorities do extremely well when they're homeschooled, generally.  When the older kid was 14 one of his friends, who was on ritalin, gave him a pill and he calmed right down, which is to say his brain slowed down ;-)   On that day, he would have been an ideal public school student. It's likely that JOhn's comment about hyperactive kids is relevant but in my son's case, his mom had never taken brain drugs, then. Some see the alleged hyperactivity endemic as evidence that people are simply becoming more aware, so more and more kids are bored by institutionalization. I was a lousy student, for instance, but I'm not stupid and as soon as I got clear of school I started reading voraciously.

 Back in the day, when I was trying to keep my kids clear of the world odor's influence, I wasn't aware that anything could be done about it but after I started making and selling zappers in 96 I found that most of the customers who took brain drugs to get thru the day simply threw that stuff in the trash and stopped visiting 'Satan's pusherman'  becausea they felt fine.   Brain parasites can probably account for most of the mental imbalances that Westerners are experiencing and it's pretty clear, by now, that brain parasites are enabled by the use of antibiotics, which make the colon wall permeable so that parasites that are normally content to live in the digestive tract are then free to migrate to greener pastures, such as the brain, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs, sinuses, joints, muscles, etc., where they generate an ion-deficient energy field that further enhances their position and numbers. YOu can bet that the shrinks don't want that news to get out.

One aspect of the ruinous effects of the harmaceutical industry is to induce people to overstate the problem, of course. This is a common feature of the Rense/Bell/Carnicom published disinfo  that Chicken Littles feel compelled to send around ot lists, for instance. Also, the harmaceutical industry, including the admittedly poisonous vaccination program, is a convenient whipping post to distract attention from the world odor, itself.  The harmaceutical cartel is a sub-contractor, after all, and it's clear that they've already been marked by thre world odor for extinction because too many peole seek alternative healing by now for the harmaceutical cartel and its army of serial killers to regain their former hegemony. If that weren't so, I'd be dead or imprisoned by now for curing so many cancer and AIDS cases and talkiing about it publicly.

As you say, John, it is possible to fix all these problems nutritionally but it's so difficult that most folks won't do it.  How many people youi've met would be willing or able to stop their ADHD kid from ingesting sugar or food dye, for instance?  What I'm suggesting is that there are much easier,  effective and affordable alternatifves that anyone can and will  adopt if they get the information.  Good news travels at a snail pace in the West, though it travels steadily, at least.

Until I found out what orgonite can do, in the right hands, to dismantle the world odor in a grassroot effort my main concern was to find ways to get my kids out of the US to a third world place where a future might be possible for them.  Looking back, I still think that was the only rational rational atttitude and I laughed out loud at PJ people who 'planned for retirement.'   Now, I actually believe that the only casualties of this subtle world war will ultimately be the global parasites who would destroy us all if they could, so I'm planning for a real future now, for the first time in my life.

Back to the brain drug issue: there's a hard core minority of depressed and schizoid people whom zappers won't do much for, in terms of enabling them to be happy, and I figure that these are among the untold millions of Monarch Program and TAvistock rolling stock and rejects who simply never recovered stability after being savagely and systematically abused as toddlers by the sewer rat agencies in order to make them dissociative tools for the hidden army of CIA and MI5/6 sewer rats. No discussion of mental illness endemics is complete without discussing them, of course.

For those, it's apparent that having orgonite in the environment gradually weakens the self-destructive and sociopathic programming, which is a good argment for gifting neighborhoods.  The cuirious ability of orgonite to  gently reverse destructive programming by inhibiting its expression has been seen abundantly by anyone who takes the time to gift more than just the death transmitters, though that, alone, no doubt has a beneficial effect on these poor souls who are literally everywhere in some countries and make up most of the world odor's institutional personnel: professors, teachers, administrators, doctors, bureaucrats, clergy, shrinks, marriage counselors, corporation officers, police, soldiers, nternet board hosts, internet board stinkpots, authors, scientists, sewer rats, all manner of experts, gang leaders, prison wardens, ad nauseum.

When Georg and Trevor distributed a hundred towerbusters in Soweto, as I've mentioned perhaps too often, the city was revolutionized in a short time.  As they were gifting from the car they were literally in danger of being dragged gfrom the vehicle and murdered so they didn't even  stop at intersections. When Georg took a Ugandan  visitor there a month later, the place had already changed.  We can assume that the destructive murderous behavior that has characterized that city is a result of programming because it's not typical of South African townships among the same tribe.

Stating dire, massive scale problems, as JOhn's done here, is a prerequisite to fixing them because we in the West have been thoroughly programmed ot ignore things like this but when I see this being expressed I feel compelled to also state evidence that these problems are certainly not insurmountable and that each of us can have a marked effect on them where we live.  Thanks to the internet others around the world can read these accounts and implement the same solutions.  That's how this amazingly successful global revolution has grown and consolidated, in fact, and it's also why it's possible to do this without hierarchies or organization.

 Those who aren't daunted by the sheer volume of the world odor's infrastructure and demonstrated intentions are the ones who have clearly seen the miraculous results of gifting and predator-blasting. I set this board up, two years or so ago, to demonstrate the success of what we're all doing by encouraging prolific gifters and etheric warriors around the globe to tell our tales. The biggest hindrance, in this case, is that we tend to think that nobody would believe what we've experienced  and achieved because it's so far outside the status quo but that's actually better than expressing overconfidence or irrationality.  Our approach is quite rational, after all, which is why nobody's been able to attack this work substantively.

We're bound to feel some frustration when we contemplate the vastness of problems and travesties like the ones John outlined but in practical terms we can get rid of a lot of that frustration by perhaps gifting the local psychiatry hives thoroughly and noting the gradual reduction of the number of cars in the parking lots over the following weeks and months. 

This can be done, too, with those bloated fundamentalist 'non-demoninational' churches that sprang up all over the Western world after the CIA got into religion in a big way in the late 1960s via televangelism and related conduits.  That form of programmed mental illness seems more dangerous to me than the incipient kind that brain drugs are thrown at by Satan's pushers. I remember what it was like in the American South, where I grew up, before religious fundamentalism became a sledge hammer directed at society. I don't remember ever being proselytized by anyone in those days, though almost everyone went to one church or another every Sunday,  Jews had a hard time meeting goyim and nobody succeeded in business without being both a church member and a mason. 

The US Bible Belt, which now boasts the largest number of satanic covens per capita in the world, has become a festering sore oozing this newest form of clergy-induced mass hypnosis. It's well known that a lot of these new churches do double duty as sites for Saturday Night satanic rituals and clergy get to play a leading role in both acts. I don't think it's possible to get more schizoid than that.