Sauder's list of undergound US bases. This guy documents! ;  --Don Croft

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Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2005 10:52 am    Post subject: Sauder's list of undergound US bases. This guy documents! ;
Richard Sauter approached me about what Carol and I knew about the underwater base near S. Andros Island in the Bahamas.
We know somethign about it but I couldn't document any of it, so he didn't use what I told him. I didn't expect him to, of course.

Documentation marks the difference between a truly substantive research journalist like Richard Sauter and the string of allegedly authoritative phonies that the CIA trots out on disinfo sites like I can't stress the importance of documentation enough. I like that Sauter distinguishes between what he knows from thorough research and what he only surmises. I'm personally inclined to support someone who takes that approach rather than support someone who expects me to believe something based on his or her arbitrary authority.

Note that Richard sells books. It's appropriate to pay for information that's been gained through diligent, intellectually honest effort and it's appropriate to ignore those Chicken Little ringers or a least not to salivate every time one of them rings a doom bell Wink

The first site has a lot of data that can't be verified. I have a sense that it's right on the money but it's your call whether to act on that info.

Here are the two sites and if you're driving thru those areas, take along a bunch fo toilet paper EP plugs and a few Earth Pipes, okay? Shut the damn things down and let's be rid of these horrors forever. ~Don