Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genuine

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New post Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genuine 
  Aug 2008
I've been corresonding with Jonathan in Western North Carolina, who asked for advice about busting the drought.   I asked him whether the drought is real or is fake, like the one STevo and I investigated in Western North Dakota and here's his reply (my comments follow):


Since I grow my own food, I intimately know about the drought first-hand.  (I donít watch the newsJ)  My landlord is a 60 year old farmer and says this is as bad as heís ever seen it.  Everything is super brown!  This is a continuation of last yearís drought, so itís been a couple years since weíve received normal rainfall.  Most all the towers in a wide radius are now gifted, and I have a CB in my garden, but something still seems to be preventing rain.  From reading the forums, Iíve learned that many people experienced abundant rain after busting underground bases.  I have the feeling like something underground needs attention around here.

If itís possible, do you think one or more of the psychics could look at WNC and see if there are any major sources of DOR that still need to be taking care of?  Also to check on the success of my work so far?  

I have heard faint noises in the middle of the night many times over the past year or so, like a large truck thatís accelerating and decelerating and moving around, but it never gets any closer to my house.  It sounds like a construction site far away, but I notice this in the middle of the night when there should be no work of this kind going on.  I just read about someone else reporting the same thing and they thought the noise was from work being done on an underground facility.  If so, I guess I need to make some EPs but it would be great to know where to best place them.

And if you have any tips on how to tweak a CB to encourage rain, Iíd love to hear them.

Much Gratitude to you,



Jonathan, all the tweaking in the world won't make a CB bring rain if the appropriate weather weapons are not gifted.  I think that Georg Ritschl most clearly demonstrated that in early 2004 when he busted all the HAARP facilities along the Indian Ocean Coast, finally causing abundant rain throughout the Kalahari to the west, where he and a friend had strategically placed around 20 orgonite cloudbusters the year before.

It's possible or likely that the cloudbusters guaranteed the continuing periodic rainfall after that.

Thanks for letting me know that the drought is genuine.  There are not many persistent gifters in your region, yet, as far as I know.  If you're being called by The Operators to end the drought you might need to put a lot of miles on your car and buy a lot of resin.  

HAARPies take advantage of prevailing winds when they place their weapons so I'd focus my efforts 'upwind.'  In Georg's case, the weather normally travels west from the Indian Ocean across Southern AFrica so it was easy to figure out but I think your weather comes from further inland.  Maybe you can determine where the drought's boundaries are and then focus on the upwind edge of the non-drought?

We haven't found that underground bases are connected with droughts, per se, though we busted some extensive  undergound facilities north of Grand Bahama Island and west of the Everglades (Gulf of Mexico) and got visual confirmations that we stopped the HaARPies from generating any more storms in those areas, at least. Before, there were constant 'rotors' of storm clouds being generated in those two areas, as seen on the daily satellite imagery, regardless of what other weather events were happening in the region. After, we saw no  more of those storm spirals in the two areas.

This month, the psychics are spending most of their group time looking for mass murder plots by the terrorists (US, British, Israeli and Chinese governments) because this is their favorite time of year to try to start World War Three so I hope you dont' mind if I put off asking them to look for info about your drought, for now.  I can do it in a couple of weeks but by then you may have already figured it out, of course.   You seem to be pretty intuitive and can trust your hunches.