Sex and the City

'Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.'  ~Sex and the City

[The role models to hell, created by Jewish gay man Darren Star.]

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[2009] Possessiveness is Part of Marriage by Henry Makow Ph.D  A reader in his early 20's writes that the TV show "Sex and the City" has molded girls of his  generation.
    This lesbian-tinged quotation is their watchword: "Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with."
     Today's young woman "sees no value in a marriage or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship; rather she just gets random sex from guys and emotional/interpersonal stuff from friends," my correspondent writes.
    "It's influenced all girls my age because they see some value to sleeping around-- like being a whore is some "strong women" empowering thing..."
    Paradoxically the TV show was about four aging career women who are looking for marriage and/or family but find they are incompatible with men. The reason of course is that, due to their feminist (i.e. lesbian) brainwashing, they think men and women are identical. They are confused -- want to control a man and yet be possessed at the same time. They have lost the knack of feminine love (i.e. to surrender, trust and empower.) 
    Similarly feminism has also moulded men to seek sex and extended adolescence instead of marriage. It has undermined and emasculated men so that often they can neither demand nor command a woman's trust.
    Thus, the Sex in the City women end up in a series of unsatisfying sexual encounters with men who cannot love. They cannot commit and marry and, as a result, they suffer from arrested development. But all along they console each other in coffee shops and chic boutiques and pretend they have sacrificed marriage for their women's lib principles and their friendship is superior to what they really want.
    When a woman chooses a man to love, she will defer to his superior judgment and power. This is the only kind of man she should marry. This is how a woman loves. Similarly, a man cannot love a woman who defies and challenges him constantly.
    Sex is the sacred symbol of heterosexual possession, intimacy and exclusivity.  The more men a woman belongs to sexually, the less likely she'll ever belong to any.
    It's no coincidence that the Creator of "Sex and the City" is Darren Starr, a homosexual.
    I have defined homosexuality as "failure to bond permanently with a member of the opposite sex, caused by confusion over sexual identity, resulting in arrested development." Heterosexuals are being re-engineered to fit this description.

[2009] The Scent of Feminist Desperation by Henry Makow Ph.D.