Shooting Spree Suspect Says "Transmitter" Controls Her

Associated Press - The Yuma Daily Sun, May 24, 1998

TUCSON - The 35 year old woman accused of going on a shooting rampage here said she did it because there is a transmitter in her ear and "people on satellites" told her to kill, a newspaper reported Saturday. [This is not the first report we have heard of such a thing. The powers that be would prefer to keep such techniques quiet, but it doesn't take much to believe it is probably true. The question is not "is it being used", or "does this technology exist", but how could it be used against the people to fulfill their global goals?

How do you explain a man shooting children on the Stockton schoolyard, only a few weeks later shootings in Luby's and McDonald's? The interesting part: all three committed suicide as their final act -mind control? How do you explain the children shooting and killing others at their schools in recent weeks -mind control?

In Australia, a similar shooting rampage began the campaign that confiscated most of their weapons. Could it be an incident like this will be used to start the internal revolution in America? Could it be mind control could start it? If you are not familiar with the evil and the extreme power of mind control, I refer you to the video Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines by Fritz Springmeier.]

Gracie M. Verduzco is charged with first degree murder and four counts of attempted murder in connection with a shooting rampage Thursday that left one man dead and four wounded. She has a history of mental illness. "The transmitter, it makes you. It controls your body," she told the Tucson Citizen in a jailhouse interview. Verduzco also said she is sure she was on drugs Thursday, but she doesn't know what kind. "I've been drugged up and on poison my whole life," she said from the Pima County jail. "Yeah, I think I had drugs in my body- not of my own will."

Verduzco, who lived with her brother in Tucson, said "people on satellites have been telling me to kill my family, kill my brother." Maxey Garcia, the woman's former stepfather, drove her to a downtown post office. Thursday morning where she allegedly shot a man in the leg, police said. "I went to the post office; rented a post office box and shot at some people when I went outside," Verduzco said. An hour after the post office shooting, motorists reported seeing a white Cadillac traveling slowly east on Interstate 10 near the Sonoita turnoff. It crossed the median and came to a stop on the shoulder of the westbound lanes.

Motorists told authorities a woman with a gun exited the car and began walking in the direction of Tucson. When they checked the car, they found a man who appeared to be dead. Verduzco told the citizen she hitched a ride with a man in a white Cadillac. During the ride, the driver became upset and pulled over to let her out. The man, found dead in the car, Dwight Childress of Mescal, suffered a single gunshot wound to the back. "I didn't shoot him. I didn't kill him," Verduzco said of Childress. "I shot at people but I don't think I hit anybody except the one guy at the truck stop."