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"Not only could Bundy’s personality change at a moment’s notice, but his physical appearance could as well. Bundy had a chameleon-like ability to alter his appearance, an ability that is clearly displayed in the numerous photos of him that grace the pages of the various books he has inspired. A neighbor of his in Florida once offered this observation: “He always looked different...I don’t know, sometimes he just didn’t even look like the same person at all.” Diana Smith, a therapist and Bundy family friend, wondered how Ted could “be so many different things to so many different people.”
    An investigator on the Bundy case, Joe Aloi, claimed that he once observed Bundy react to a particularly stressful situation by spontaneously, and quite radically, altering his physical appearance; Ted’s body and muscle tone changed markedly, and he suddenly became sweaty and began emitting a noticeable odor.
    The judge who presided over Ted’s Colorado trial referred to him as a “changeling,” noting the unsettling way in which his appearance could change dramatically with his mood. The judge drew a comparison to Vincent Bugliosi’s description of Charles Manson’s similar ability. Bugliosi was not the only one to make that observation about Manson; disciple Susan Atkins once said: “Charlie changes from second to second. He can be anybody he wants to be. He can put on any face he wants to put on at any given moment.” Programmed to Kill--David McGovern

I remember the Greys as doctors or technicians. I believe the Reptilians stay camouflaged (cloaked) most of the time. They prefer to appear human because they are naturally fierce looking.  The Mars Records: Interview with Michael and Stephanie Relfe by Eve Lorgen

Greys have the ability to camouflage themselves as tall blondes Nordics through mental energy. [pdf] Blue Planet Project

Lilith Interestingly enough, most speculate that the Lamia from Greek myth came from the Lilith myth. The Lamia was a snake/woman shapeshifter that would lead men to there doom. the Lamia is often considered a vampire, of sorts, certainly a succubus. One interesting thing though is that many depictions of the Adam and Eve in artwork reveal a serpent with a woman's torso. The devil in female form...or Lilith...or the same?

 For the record, when a lizard or kinsmen starts to shift, it’s usually the eyes that go first. Either into interior slits or exterior slits, depending upon the purity of the bloodline, level of demonic possession, and environmental factors. This is always stage one. And every time. Ever notice people who wear sunglasses indoors or at night? Guess who…
     If the eyes go black, this indicates that very often the inhabiting soul is demonically possessed by several demons or the soul itself is completely black, usually conceived in a demonic ritual, so designed to attract black souls to the family. Lot of that around.
 Sometimes, it’s combinations. Sometimes, the white part of the eyes turn yellow or red, both of which I’ve seen, depending upon the degree of rage flowing through the reptoid. I’ve also seen the center of the eye go red, usually when blind rage is flowing through them. This explains the long-standing gag about seeing red when one is angry. For lizards maybe…
    Anger, lust, hate, and the like generally make for the shifting more likely. I’ve observed this closely and have found that if they let their minds wander into orgiastic sex, doing an act of cruelty, or sink into total contempt, this forces a general shift of the eyes to slits. To combat this, they use time-tested forms of self-hypnosis and mind control to keep things in control. Sometimes, they just can’t help themselves.
     Stage two is a slight green haze around the jaw-line just below the ears. This indicates that they are about to morph into their reptilian aspects. If they are indoors, so what. If they are in public, and they are having problems getting control, they usually make some quick excuse to leave to wherever. Also during stage two, you’ll notice that their tongue gets extremely snake-like, able to extend far beyond the lips and moving quickly. That is quite a sight to behold.
     After this point, comes stage three. This one is a mind-blower at first. But after the first few dozen sightings, it becomes very common. The skin on their face, hands, etc, starts to develop lines, like they are aging extremely fast right before your eyes. Smooth skin starts to wrinkle, sage and change shape around the original bone structure. This happens very fast. In a blink of an eye and you’ll be hard-pressed to see it in public. At this point, they full well know they are in shift mode. If they are among kindred spirits, they don’t care. Think “private parties” and you get the idea.
     Stage four is going completely lizard. They no longer look human by any measure of accepted reality. Their speech slurs and hisses. Their eyes flash. Like that. I’ve seen this a few times, when they were unaware of my presence.---Reptilian video evidence By Don Bradley

The reptilians (draconians, orions) rule today's world through prosy, using their hybrid agents to control human civilization from the inside, while they remain hidden from human awareness. 
    These hybrids were engineered by splicing their own DNA with human DNA, producing a creature that was capable of shapeshifting back and forth between the two distinct forms (Cain bloodline). In addition to their shapeshifting capabilities, the hybrids were also better suited to surface life under the Sun.
    The reptilians sent their hybrid shapeshifiters to infiltrate human societies, to rise through the ranks into positions of power, mainly through deception and murder. From pharaohs and emperors to kings and queens to presidents and prime ministers, they are always in the fold.
    The master reptilian-intruder races are the "watchers", the all-seeing eye above the pyramid, the mind behind the matrix, while the illuminati shapeshifiers are their hands, molding the physical aspects of human society, enforcing their will from ground level.

This is what lies beneath the facade, the true face of your "leadership", government, military and media. They are all under reptilian control. These hybrid-shapeshifters were created by the master races (watchers) so they could rule humanity through proxy, remaining safely hidden from human awareness as they pull the strings from above.
    Their agents use a human face to advance the reptilian agenda, playing every role in every drama, manipulating humanity through deception and hypnosis. They are the framework of the control structure, occupying all the positions of power and influence at each level of society, from the "mainstream" to the "elite". They are among you and always have been, wolves pretending to be sheep, standing alongside yet above you. The only difference is that now you can see, having finally come out of your trance.
    These "illuminati" shapeshifters are the ones behind the depressions, wars and disasters, the torment and degradation of humanity. They seek to slow your vibration and cut your connection to higher Self to stop you from ascending. Even so, they always need your consent (or that of the majority) before any of these things can happen.
    Awareness is power. You must understand Universal Law and know your rights as a sovereign being. Stand up for what you truly believe and assert your will and intention. Your own ignorance and fear are the only things that can hold you back.
    If you spend your time thinking about what they're going to do to you and allow it to influence the way you think, what you decide to do or not do, then they already have you exactly where they want you. This is how they control the vast majority of people, by getting them to self -police/res train out of fear, under the imagined threat of what "big brother" will do to them, pumped up by their army of propagandists and fearmongers.
    So long as you are on the defensive running scared they will have their way with you every time When you lose the fear and stop running, turn and face it, you'll be able to see all of it for the illusion it is. Then and only then can you claim your power. FrequencyFence

The reptilian-Illuminati bloodlines view themselves as the children of the "gods", from whom they have been given the absolute right to rule over humanity.
    In order to retain their dominant reptilian traits and shapeshifting talent, these families must interbreed religiously. They need to have a certain configuration of reptilian genetic code within their DNA to maintain their connection and value to the master races, the "gods", who provide them the knowledge and tools they need to control humanity. Their ability to be possessed may also depend on this.
    By the same token, if they end up excessively dominant to the reptilian side, it becomes very difficult for them to assume and hold human form, which carries its own set of problems. Given how important this is to their ability to remain on top, it's not surprising that they keep such meticulous records of family trees and genetic histories.
    As the vibratory rate increases during this Great Shift, and more Light enters the Universe, the reptilians are finding that their control grid (hive mind) is having a harder time suppressing human consciousness, keeping it contained within the box.
    I believe this is the reason why their attacks have intensified dramatically in recent years - fluoride, mercury, aluminum, excitotoxins, parasites, drugs of all kinds, TV, subliminal*, cell phones/towers, chemtrails, HAARP, etc. The goal is to break down the human brain (pineal gland) to such an extent that it can no longer support higher consciousness. FrequencyFence

In the ceremony they would have sacrifices and during the bloodletting, especially if there were infants involved, these beings would change into a reptilian form. And the interesting thing about it is that there would be this yellow-green slime residue after the ceremonies. It would be on my body and on the altars and on the flooring. I have also since found it on my children as well, which is disturbing to me. Sir Laurence Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter? by David Icke

Some people say that they transform -- that they mutate or change their own real forms. I don't accept that as accurate. I don't believe they really look like a blond, and they do something to trick you and then they suddenly look like a reptilian. I think that what they alter is human perception. They certainly can project false images -- just as Ted's [Ted Rice's] grandmother was shown her dead husband, so that she would consent to have a sexual encounter. Ted's grandfather had been dead for six years. And in the middle of having the encounter with what she thought was her restored husband, the image disappeared -- I suppose because the aliens wanted to get the "emotional juice" from her -- and she saw a 'reptoid' on top of her. We also have heard stories about military people being present during abduction, and when people focus on them, they change. Budd Hopkins tells a story about a person who saw a military policeman. He wondered why on Earth the MP was there, and tried to focus very carefully on him. When he did so, the MP changed, before his eyes, into an officer of high rank, and then into a NAZI officer. Interview with Karla Turner, Ph.D. From Contact Forum, May/June 1995

He had arrived at the boulder overlook in darkness and in time to witness Lawrence Rockefeller gutting a terrified young girl in the middle of a circle of black-robed, torch-bearing celebrants, who had brought along a dozen or so other children to be killed during the ritual. DB was so infuriated that he vented his anger directly at the old murderous Illuminist, whose heart stopped. When the rat suddenly keeled over, dead, the others looked angrily around and he could hear them yelling, ‘Who did that!?’ The next morning, of course, the news of the old parasite’s death was announced in the news. DB told me that he had seen Rocky assume his genuine draconian form right before he slaughtered that little girl and his description was pretty graphic. maybe you can get it directly from one of his blogs but for our purpose, I’ll refer to all of the predators in human form as humans, while not doubting at all that what DB is relating is accurate. If you, too, will steer clear of belief, denial and judgement, you’re guaranteed to be as happy as I am. [August 6, 2004] Count 'I Ain't' Saint Germaine and The Rattlesnake

In the ceremony they would have sacrifices and during the bloodletting, especially if there were infants involved, these beings would change into a reptilian form. And the interesting thing about it is that there would be this yellow-green slime residue after the ceremonies. It would be on my body and on the altars and on the flooring. I have also since found it on my children as well, which is disturbing to me. ....You see we were indoctrinated a lot at Montauk. We were told that there were seven levels of the reptilian race and the heirarchy of them were very similar to the Hindu caste system. So there were accordingly different shapes that occurred. The lower levels never really shifted, they were the little worker drones, if you want to call it that. The top of the line, the Brahmin-type, were very tall and winged (the Draco I talk about in the Biggest Secret and Credo Mutwa describes in The Reptilian Agenda videos). Sir Laurence Gardner, Reptilian Shape-Shifter? by David Icke

Non-Human Handlers of Milabs I have met milabs who claim that the being or beings responsible for their training were non-humans. In some instances, the trainers were shape-shifting reptilians. The training occurred in underground installations and on secure above-ground reservations where U.S. military personnel were present. “Ruby” the military’s code name for a female milab from the southern United States, has described to me the anti-terrorist training she has received. Ruby has been used in training and ops with other milabs from different parts of the country. On one occasion I was on the phone with Ruby as part of a three way call with another milab making up the third party. During our phone conversation, we all heard a phone ring on the line that we shared. We asked each other if we had made another phone call on an extra line. None of us had. I couldn’t have if I wanted to because both of my lines were already being used.
After a couple of rings, the phone was answered and it was a fourth milab that we had just been talking about! This fourth milab, a woman from the southwest named “Angelina”, had been used in training and ops with Ruby. After we got over the surprise of the unexpected phone call (obviously arranged by the deep black military that controls these milabs) Angelina and Ruby began talking. Ruby told me during this four way conversation that she was starting to “trance out” merely by listening to Angelina’s voice since the only times they have met and interacted with one another was during these military training scenarios.
    Ruby told me that her primary military trainer “Mike” was a Caucasian male who spoke English with a European accent. Mike wore a military uniform. At various times during the training, Mike would suddenly shape-shift into a reptilian. This usually happened when he was angry or agitated about Ruby’s performance or level of effort during the training. Ruby is an example of someone with legitimate alien abduction experiences who was also a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. She had seen the dreaded Men In Black and had noticed how they shape-shifted into reptilians after she had banished them from her presence in the Name of Jesus Christ. She says that a swirling vortex appeared behind the MiBs/Reptilians. The reptilians were sucked into the vortex and then the vortex closed up. This experience with the MiBs occurred in her bedroom. Milab Operations Detailed article about military and alien abductions. By James Bartley. (PDF)

Female milabs and female monarchs have both reported encounters with reptilians and with humans shapeshifting into reptilians. (The phenomenon known as “shapeshifting” was well known long before David Icke’s seminal works on the subject. Some of the earliest reported instances of shapeshifting involved not humans but “nordic” aliens shapeshifting into reptilians. Reptilians have also been known to disguise themselves as “tall greys” and even human military personnel.) Milabs tend to have more experiences with Greys, Nordics, Insectoids and other types of aliens as compared to monarchs. Milabs have been used by both aliens and their military controllers to operate complex technology. Milab Operations Detailed article about military and alien abductions. By James Bartley. (PDF)

I couldn’t trust Kurt Billings as far as I could throw him but I interviewed him anyway at the request of a friend who didn’t really know much about him. During the interview, Billings drew my ire when he tried to debunk the concept of shapeshifting, which any alien abduction researcher worth his or her salt knows is a real phenomenon. Billings kept talking about “hand signals” given to Arizona Wilder during her interview with David Icke on the “Revelations of a Mother Goddess” video but Billings was just blowing smoke. I’ve watched that interview numerous times and there is absolutely no evidence to indicate that Icke was doing anything to hypnotically manipulate Arizona Wilder. At a ufo conference in the East Coast, Billings began a whispering campaign against a colleague of mine who was a scheduled speaker and managed to turn a few of the other researchers against my colleague. Billings actually did me a favor because I’ve lost whatever respect I had for those individuals who Billings had manipulated into disrespecting my colleague. Even within the ufo and mind control research communities, there are some people who are absolutely incapable of independent thought and are thus putty in the hands of disrupters like Kurt Billings Milab Operations Detailed article about military and alien abductions. By James Bartley. (PDF)

"Various high-level Satanists who have escaped from the Illuminati by God's power were eyewitnesses to Satan appearing at the Rothchilds. They testified they witnessed Satan showing up at the Rothchilds as a very beautiful man who can shape shift, (at times his feet would be cloven hoofs). He wears a black tuxedo to gamble and play cards (winnings are sexual victims) & a white tuxedo when present just to socialize. He can also shape shift into a reptilian. As a sincere researcher, I must report that lots of info. about shape shifting reps has confronted me in so many independent places in such a wide variety of historical periods that this bizarre topic must have some importance. I've withheld my findings for years, because I feel quite tentative about my results. David Icke gives details of this strange topic & his bold views in The Biggest Secret." - Fritz Springmeier (Bloodlines of the Illuminati).

At 5:00: "Humans who achieve some measure of wealth or prominence are likely to be displaced by a shape-shifter who appears to be the same human..."
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