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Shoreham Nuclear Facility Analysis

by Steven J. Smith
Aerial Photo Analysis:
The photo on the right is an aerial view of the Shoreham nuclear power generation facility, owned by Long Island Power Authority (LIPA).  According to LIPA, this facility was decommissioned in June,1987 and the nuclear fuel removed.  This photo was taken in August 1994.  Note the parking lot full of cars, in the upper right hand corner of photo.  Also note the cars parked along left hand edges of buildings in lower left corner of photo.

Another unusual feature is the secluded complex of buildings in the upper middle of the photo.  Notice how a strip of forest was left between the complex and the beach for concealment.  Also, notice the concealed low traffic road connecting this complex to the road in center of the photo.  One other interesting feature is the trail leading from the beach, to the right hand edge of the complex.  When taken all together, this complex has the classic signature of a rural underground access point (see companion paper entitled "Underground Infrastructure").
Shoreham Nuclear Power Facility
Photo Courtesy of USGS

This facility is fully operational, and being used to supply electrical power to the covert particle beam weapon system at Brookhaven national laboratory.

Brookhaven Analysis  

Note: at the time of it's decommissioning Gov. Mario Cuomo, coerced New York's public-utilities commission into the following agreement with LIPA: The power authority could pass the cost of Shoreham along to its customers only if it agreed not to operate the plant.  Another example of how the cost of American underground infrastructure is covertly shifted to an unsuspecting citizenry.

Brookhaven-Montauk-Shoreham Aerial Photo

Introduction and Overview

Shoreham Nuclear Facility Analysis