Sherry Shriner

[She has 19 .com websites, yet is always begging for money!]


Sherry Shriner (Jan. 24, 2008)

So get busy folks and get the orgone out there and around your areas Do NOT make Don Croft's orgone, he's one of "them" and works for the NSA to manipulate orgone and produce an evil energy with it to attract alien and demonic beings and open gateways and portals for them!
    I only make positive orgone that emits a rainbow aura energy that destroys evil! And you can make it yourself the directions are on my website. There are also "ex-CIA" "orgone warriors" who seek to discredit me so people will stay focused on Don Croft's orgone. Hogwash! Don't listen to them!---Sherry Shriner

In 2004, while gifting and making orgone, playing music, trying to stay alive, and raise my sons with love, I found myself being pushed into deeper realities of spirit beyond anything Iíd ever imagined possible. The angelic kingdom became something amazing and real to me, like never before. Interaction with those realms, as well as the lower regions, became a daily reality for me. The details, try as I might, became quickly known by surveillance and I found that, lo and behold, even though I only publicly wrote about ONE TINY ASPECT OF IT, the sylph kingdom, fakers and mimics appeared which were using the details I was discussing with MY CHILDREN ONLY, for they too were going through the same experiences as I was.
    And along comes the Sherry Shriners and the Messages from Matthew, using the same jargon and implying the exact same thing as we were discussing privately amongst ourselves. See, when we boys went through some amazing things a few years ago, we would use the word Christed, rather than Christian, to denote a linkage to that Great Sun of God, Yeshua Christos. Never published it. But on the web, here comes ďmessages from Matthew, all of a sudden using this new word, which we never openly talked about, except amongst ourselves in private. It was obvious the messages and the messenger was an agency put up job. Itís all that flowery mother crap that just reeks of syrupy hand-holding noise of flattery and warm puppies and saying absolutely nothing honest and truthful about life. Well, that thing stank from what it was and it flat-lined on the web. Happily, Ken Adachi finally saw through the thing and stopped putting that crap out there.
    In 2004, Sherry Shriner, after stealing my orgone pictures from my site, started openly proclaiming she was the Daughter of God and was in the bible codes. She/they tried so very hard to mimic cbswork in style and content and it became blatantly obvious to all without anything being said by myself that her stuff was complete agency fiction. The first two seasons of 2004, whenever Iíd write or post about something, here would come Sherry, taking the same thing, right over the mental edge of reality and beyond. It was sickening and laughable, both at the same time. CBSWORK