I apologize for not explaining sooner, but this is the SS, which survived the demise of Hitler's regime and is apparently now called Homeland Security in the US.

I hope you can get a copy of THE HITLER BOOK, perhaps from used-book sellers online becuase this is the only documentation of the activities of the SS after World War Two, as far as I know. Check out their relationship to the British effort to control the  Mideast through the secret police agencies of all those countries, which were immediately staffed by SS officers after WWII.  They all 'converted to Islam' after getting government jobs from the Brits and adopted Arabic names, then.

How funny is that? HItler adored Muslims because the only Muslim he ever met was the Mufti of Jerusalem, an Armenian who had fair hair, blue eyes and freckles.  According to one of Hitler's biographers, who was also his personal secretary, the stupid world-odor puppet, Mr H (reminds me of the current fake US President), wanted to also exterminate all the Christians but was apparently advised that if he did that the fattened, sated PJ folks would rebel. PJ folks didn't care if the Gypsies and Jews were quitely disappeared, of course.   Hitler's cohort, the Pope, probably also leaned on him a little bit or distracted the fool.

The book, a compilation of the work of several German reseaerch journalists, was published in English by Franklin Press in the 1980s, so there's no reference to the present tyranny in the USA but the very elusive Homeland Security Administration was sporting the old SS eagle (sans swastika) as their logo for awhile, a few years ago Cool

My German pals probably cringe at my bad German spelling so please post a correction, okay?

I'm aiming for humor by posting the full name of the SS, which was independent of Hitler, by the way, and the period of Hitler's regime was the only time in the past few millenia when these  Vryal predators and parasites were visible as an organization. I don't count their present boys'club, the Homeland Security Administration, because they're not visible, after all. Carol says their current military costumes are gray.  Maybe they're so shy because we're all still armed Cool

What are we to think of a brand new, all powerful (they're allowed to disappear and torture people) but unseen agency, run by a former KGB chief (Komerade Chertov) to whom the CIA, NSA and FBI are all genuflecting? Not long ago, FBI and CIA operatives were still shooting each other in the field and it was assumed that the arrest and torture of 'suspects' by any government or even pseudo-government (like FBI) agency was absolutely unlawful.

We need to pinch ourselves every day to be convinced we're not  just dreaming about the reported present, government-sanctioned, large-scale torture campaign, don't you agree? They even go to other countries and drag men away in the middle of the night to bring them here to torture them.  Why are we all not openly objecting to all of this?  


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Post Re: Sicherheitzdienstshuetzstafl 
From our Hungarian pilot buddy:


Saw the comment on Hitler Book ... if this is the same one, here is a "backdooor" link that will enable the approx. 20 Mb file (a scanned copy of the Book in english, by Helga Zepp-LaRouche) to be downloaded......  

NOTE; it takes the link a while to 'buffer" so simply click on it and wait (even up to 5 mins. on a hi-speed line).

Better get it downloaded yourself first, and it could be added as a downloadable item on the EW site, as the link may get terminated once the EW forum starts to attempt a more higher traffic download ??

be well,



I just downloaded this book PDF to my document file and will forward it to Alejandro.   ~Don


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Post Re: Sicherheitzdienstshuetzstafl 
Got this, too, from the same busy friend, who kind of needs to be anonymous  for now:


Here is the separate accurate data on the SS ... You had mixed the two organizations names. Irrelevant in the big picture, as they are all bad odors anyway, so they all smell like shit , but wanted you to have the accuracy !! We concur that DHS is a upgraded model of same structures. As you know nothing new under the sun, so the NWO copies what worked once, improves and tweeks it (as they think is needed 60 years later), and then hope it lasts longer than it did for the Nazis.... Only good ting about it was the uniforms were designed by HUGO BOSS (true !), so they looked smart !!! just a shame that mainly demented sadistic assholes wore them Wink


SS = Schutzstaffel = "Protective Squadron"
The S.S. was established in 1925 as a personal guard unit for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. "Die Schutz-Staffel der NSDAP" (shield squadron of the Nazi party) Under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler between 1929 and 1945, the SS grew from a small paramilitary formation to become one of the largest and most powerful organizations in Nazi Germany. The Nazis regarded the SS as an elite unit, the party's "Praetorian Guard," with all SS personnel selected on the principles of racial purity and unconditional loyalty to the Nazi Party. To maintain the political power of the Nazi party, the SS was given authority to establish and run the Sicherheitsdienst (SD), the security and intelligence service, and the Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo), the secret police, effectively putting the SS above the law.
SD =   Sicherheitsdienst  = SD, Security Service. The security and intelligence service considered a “sister” organization to the Gestapo. The SD was administered as an independent SS office.
Postwar activity
According to Simon Wiesenthal, towards the end of World War II, a group of former SS officers went to Argentina and set up a Nazi fugitive network code-named ODESSA, (an acronym for Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, "Organization of the former SS members"), with ties in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Vatican, operating out of Buenos Aires. ODESSA allegedly helped Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Erich Priebke, and many other war criminals find postwar refuge in Latin America.
Notably, Argentinian citizen and water company worker Ricardo Klement was discovered to be Adolf Eichmann in the 1950s, by former Jewish Dachau worker Lothar Hermann, whose daughter, Sylvia, became romantically involved with Klaus Klement (born Klaus Eichmann in 1936 in Berlin). He was captured by the Israeli Secret Service, the Mossad, in a suburb of Buenos Aires on May 11, 1960, and tried in Jerusalem on April 11, 1961, where he explicitly declared that he had abdicated his conscience in order to follow the Führerprinzip (the 'leader principle' or superior orders). Also, Dr. Mengele, disguised as a member of the regular German infantry was captured and released by the Allies, oblivious of who he was. He was able to go and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1949 and to Altos, Paraguay, in 1959 where he was discovered by Nazi hunters. From the late 1960s on, he exercised his medical practice in Embu, a small city near São Paulo, Brazil, under the identity of Wolfgang Gerhard, where in 1979, he suffered a stroke while swimming and drowned.
The British writer Gitta Sereny (born in 1921 in Hungary), who conducted interviews with SS men, considers the story about ODESSA untrue and attributes the escape of notorious SS members to postwar chaos, an individual bishop in the Vatican, and the Vatican's inability to investigate the stories of those people who came requesting help.
In the modern age, several neo-Nazi groups claim to be successor organizations to the SS. There is no single group, however, that is recognized as a continuation of the SS, and most such present-day organizations are loosely organized with separate agendas.



I'm posting the Mossadomite-blessed official history of the SS because I think it's good background material, which is probably what you intended, thanks! When you read Mrs LaRouche's compilation you're going to get a more startling but more comprehensive and less-vested view of this organization. I think the skinheads, Arian Nation and other misdirects were created to draw attention away from the Vryal/SS and, of course, Israel's own MI6-derived secret police organization, whom we call 'Mossadomites' are closely styled on the SS, sans the snappy costumes.

Vryal are not mentioned in the book, of course. This is the highest calibre research journalism, so only documentable material is offered; not speculative material.   Our own Vryal enquiry is based on battlefield tech from the psychics and some relevant correlations, of course, but we hope people will keep an open mind about it, also open  eyes.

It's in the best interest of MI6 not to allow information, such as the Odessa File, to gain popular attention because the world odor wants us to believe that nations oppose each other these days. The failure of their capitalist vs commies scam by 1990 indicates that humanity woke up enough to stop being spoon-fed crap like this. The subsequent dehumanization scams, which in America were the militia, then the Muslims, also failed to move the PJ folks to terror and paranoia, thank God.

Anyone who will read this book is in for a real feast! Thanks again, D!!! Thx, too, for the spelling correction. When you read the book you're going to see that the SS were around, using other names, for a loooong time.

There's even a picture of the then-current Swiss head of the SS, who is rich and looks like any other slick, effete corporate freak. He's no skinhead, nor does wear camo and a baseball cap, nor riding boots and armband.