Singapore Gifting.

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Post Singapore Gifting. 
Every so often I need to apply for a new visa in order that I may stay here in Indonesia with my family.

One such time arrived just recently and on this trip I took my Son, Edo Star along as he’d never been on an aeroplane nor indeed visited another country before.

We were only to have a few hours in Singapore (the place is virtually ungiftable anyway) so I took along just 25 TBs with the intention of dropping them quietly in the river on a tourist River Cruise.

The boat ride took us along about five kilometers of river in the heart of the city so in terms of water-gifting; this represented quite a high concentration of orgonite in one isolated part of an apparently ungifted area.

The sky in the city was uniformly unhealthy with constant chem-spraying although Singapore has no visible towers (apparently all telecommunication signals are handled by satellite these days).

A single tower appears in one or two of the following photos but its function is unclear as it doesn’t seem to bear any equipment at all.

First the ‘before’ shots:

Then towards the end of the 45 minute boat trip:

Then a little later in the day:

I think the same effect could have been achieved with many fewer TBs but there were other constraints on my gifting anywhere else.

Singapore levies heavy penalties for littering (rivers and storm drains included) and the well-landscaped city shrubbery is attended to regularly by an army of municipal gardeners and any incongruous object will be sure to be removed before very long.

The lack of police patrolling the streets bears ominous witness both to the presence of myriad surveillance cameras and the vigilance of its model citizens who are sure to report unusual behaviour (like digging holes for TBs etc).

The profoundly negative feeling in the country and its ungiftable nature leads me to suspect that I was the first gifter to put orgonite anywhere in Singapore but if anyone else has done so; I would be interested to hear from them.



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New post Re: Singapore Gifting. 
Wow, Dan, spectacular results!  Congratulations for being able to do that in what must be the most mind and body controlled state of the so-called free world (now there's a laugh Mr. Yellow ).  My wife was in Singapore many years ago and said you could practically eat off the floor of the underground/subway, even the Swiss can't achieve that Wink  Your gifting will have a major impact on the region, I'm sure.

Note in picture no. 7 from the top, there seems to be a water jet of some sort, maybe a decorative thing, on the left below the middle.  There is a clearly delineated bearded man's head with a hooked nose looking right.  No great shakes perhaps, but this really jumped out at me.


PS Thanks for reposting your Bali Gifting thread, I've just this week sent the link to a friend to show what a difference gifting can make, and also the bit about mobile phones and your orgonite buttons.