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Date: Thursday, 1 April 2004, 4:12 p.m.

COCA-COLA, CIA, and the COURTS COKE and COCAINE Part 13 by Sherman H. Skolnick   

There are many big secrets with Coca-Cola. Naturally, the monopoly press, with their financial and espionage hang-ups and conflicts of interest, are certainly in no position to ever tell you about it.

Since started several decades after the American Civil War, what was it that made Coca-Cola so popular? There were already plenty of drinks that could have been more popular.

The answer is simple. Coke had a secret formula base made up from processing coca leaves, the by-product of which is cocaine. Up to the beginning of the 20th Century, the Coca-Cola creators did say that their beverage had cocaine. And in 1903, they were taken to task by authorities for having cocaine in their drink which for many years in the beginning, was available as a soda fountain drink in pharmacies.

For a hundred years now, however, Coca-Cola Company has denied they ever had cocaine and that they deny that it has cocaine now.

Heroin causes a physical reaction when used and a terrible wrenching of the person when they seek to withdraw. Cocaine addiction, on the other hand, is primarily subconscious. Up to 1989, when you started drinking Coke, you got that "kick". Some even claimed that it had some unknown medicinal way of making you feel better. One long-time head of Coca-Cola Company contended it helped relieve pain left-over from a childhood head injury he suffered from.

But 1989 was a turning point. As we have pointed out earlier in this series, the secret base for Coca-Cola is made by Stepan Chemical Company, of Northfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, through  their Maywood Chemical Division in New Jersey.

I once interviewed, on tape, a top official of Stepan, who admitted that cocaine was a by-product of their processing of coca leaves for the secret Coca-Cola base, They supply, he added, cocaine for the pharmaceutical trade.

And that is where George Herbert Walker Bush has to be inserted into the picture. After eleven and a half months in 1976 as Director of Central Intelligence, he became a Director of Eli Lilly Company, which reportedly gets their cocaine from Stepan. Somewhere, somehow, cocaine "leaks out" into the dope underground. Whether between Stepan and Coke's bottlers or otherwise.

Daddy Bush's power and fortune, in greater part, is based from the beginning on dope and espionage. He was with the American CIA since 1959. As shown, by the way, by an FBI document, he helped cover up some of the post-assassination details as to the wipe-out of President John F. Kennedy. (The document is attached to our website series "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush".)

His firm, which the British royals helped found, was Zapata Petroleum, later called Zapata Offshore. They had branches around the world. Among other things, they did offshore drilling for oil, beyond the U.S. and other nation's jurisdiction. So dope production centers, like Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and others could have helicopters fly to the Zapata offshore drilling platforms, supposedly to bring routine supples. Actually, according to Reuters News items some  years ago, the helicopters landed there as a transit point for the dope trafficking.

And thus some dope ended up in the U.S. An easier way, of course, was through "leakage" in the  processing and handling of Coca-Cola's secret base. But by 1989, blackmailers, among the top officials of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, began poking around Coca-Cola and asking sticky questions. So Coke, in the dark brown beverage for the U.S., lessened the cocaine content in  the secret base.

It was at that point that Daddy Bush, a major baron in dope trafficking, began making his move. That was right after he was inaugurated as U.S. President.

He ordered U.S. Troops to invade a foreign sovereignty, Panama, having one of the few leaders  considered "of color" in the Western Hemisphere, Manuel Noriega; kidnapped Noriega, brought him to trial in Florida. Noriega's defense attorneys were forbidden by a CIA-captive Federal Judge from using any details that showed that Daddy Bush and Noriega were actually in the dope traffic together through Colombia, adjacent to Panama. Some newspapers did run a picture showing Daddy  Bush and Noriega talking to one another at a business meeting.

(Also, the Bush Crime Family got into a business partnership with Colombia druglord, Carlos Lehder, who was extradicted to Florida and testified in a way about Norieaga, protecting the Bushies. Lehder's own prison sentence was lessened. And then, Lehder disappeared
entirely from the U.S.  Prison System. Chandra Levy wiggled her way into a key post in the Prison System Press Office, began checking on how and why Lehder disappeared from prison custody. And this led to her murder. See our website series "The Chandra Levy Affair".)

Daddy Bush also in 1989, knew that CIA's involvement with driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan was ended. AND, that the Bush Crime Family's business partnership with Osama bin Laden and others of the bin Laden family, in the major opium trade from Afghanistan, through Saudi, and then to Europe, would have to come eventually under more direct control by the Bushies.

So, in 1989, the business of Coca-Cola Company changed, They lessened the trace of cocaine in their beverage for distribution in the United States. And their U.S. market share centages began leveling  off. It had nothing to do, really, with competence or incompetence of their marketing big cheeses, their advertising agency personnel, or anything of the sort. In the U.S., those opening up a container of Coke did not get that same "kick" they got from the drink in years past.

On the other hand, elsewhere in the world, sales of Coke outran most every local beverage. And there were plenty of foreign beverages with traditional flavors. Yet, Coke outsold them. WHY? Simple. For foreign consumption Coke had cocaine in the secret base.

So those drinking Coke overseas, subconsciously got addicted to Coca-Cola. It made them feel  better, some thought it even made certain pains and troubles seem to go away. And Coke's marketing experts spread the fairy tale that it had to do with their great brilliant advertisements on television, even in places where only ten per cent of the populace had tv sets.

But some foreign governments began reacting. Overseas, Coke did not contribute heavily to local charities, high school sports teams, and such, as they do in the U.S. So, in Belgium, Spain, Italy, and India, among numerous other places, the authorities swooped down on Coke. There were claims that Coke allowed toxic substances to get into the drink. There were claims of Coke not keeping proper records. Whole offices of Coke's records and equipment were hauled away, to send a message to Atlanta, Georgia, Coke's headquarters.

In a way, it was also sending a message to the bosses at the American spy agency, so directly  hooked to Coca-Cola. Coke's overseas offices, like those in the monopoly press, are vacuum pumps for intelligence, moreso than for gathering news or marketing the beverage whose great worldwide demand is driven by the subconscious addiction to cocaine in Coca-Cola.

And Coke developed other strange situations. They set up in Ireland, a major center for putting their ingredients together including the secret base containing cocaine. There were reports, difficult to get anyone to publicly confirm, that the IRA (the Irish Republican Army) had some arm-lock on the plant in Ireland putting together the Coca-Cola concentrate. (That is not to say, that ALL of those in the IRA had something to do with this.)

And then there were published reports that the IRA together with the Russian mafiya, were active in the dope trafficking from Colombia. The Bush White House, seldom mentioned, has sent several thousand U.S. Troops into Colombia to protect Coca-Cola's facilities and their purported purchases, by them, or their secret base processors, of coca leaves.

The most mysterious development of 1989? Somehow, Coca-Cola Company failed to renew their copyright. And so, it is now owned by a skilled storyboard producer in Indiana. See the earlier parts of this series of those details.

And as stated in the earlier parts of this series, starting later in the 1990s, was the corruption of the Federal Judges in Chicago as to a copyright case against Coca-Cola. And, aided by Coca-Cola dope funds, the corruption in 2000, of some of the 5-Judge, military-style Junta on the U.S. Supreme Court in the Bush versus Gore litigation installing Bush as the resident and occupant of the Oval Office.
(For details see earlier parts of this series.)

In February, 2004 was published "The Real Thing--Truth and Power at the Coca-Cola Company" by Constance L. Hays, a writer for the New York Times; Random House publishers. She continues the fairy tale in her book that Coca-Cola is getting more popular overseas because of the great marketing and advertising efforts of Coca-Cola. She has reportedly also stated that the trace of  cocaine in Coke ended in 1989.

More coming. Stay tuned.
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