Domestic Terrorism -- By Air!

By Jerry E. Smith

 After three decades of official denial by our government they still criss-cross our skies. They have chased terrified motorists. Sheriffs and rural police units have given futile chase, in squad cars, jeeps and pick-up trucks, to these aerial intruders. From 1971 to 1985 they were seen in the vicinity of cattle mutilations: before, during or after those grizzly crimes were committed. Occupants of these mystery aircraft are reported to have exchanged gunfire with angry citizens.

 In the 1990’s sightings of them took an even more ominous tone. They increasing began to be seen in urban settings, even flying in formation. They have been seen spraying urban and rural areas with unknown chemicals that have killed pets, plants and livestock. Civilians photographing them have been accosted by military personnel, sometimes in black uniforms without insignia, who have confiscated their cameras and film.

 UFOs? Well, not exactly. They are black, unmarked helicopters.

 In my book, Black Helicopters Over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order, I analyzed thousands of reported black chopper sightings in an effort to understand this phenomenon, and alert the public that something as strange as UFOs is currently going on in our skies, and what that might be.

 As with UFOs, there has been a continuous pattern of government denial. Over the years virtually every regulatory, police or military agency contacted after a black chopper sighting has sang the same "They’re not ours. We didn’t have anything in the air that day..." song. Only a few agencies have ever admitted to dispatching any of the choppers and these account for only a tiny percentage of the whole. Among the agencies that we know are using black helicopters are the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The origins of the vast majority of black choppers sighted are completely unknown --the military and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) deny their existence. This has lead thoughtful researchers, self included, to question if there might not be some "dirty little secrets" that the government may be trying to keep.

 Why the official disavowal of the presence of unmarked helicopters in America’s skies? Are unknown agencies of the U.S. government and/or branches of the U.S. military flying seemingly illegal aircraft? Per Federal regulations, all aircraft flying in American airspace must bare clearly visible identification numbers, called "N" numbers. These "N-numberless" helicopters are flying in apparent violation of FAA rules. Not only are these choppers unmarked, they are usually described as being black, although they sometimes are reported as being painted United Nations white or a very dark, military olive drab (which can appear black at a distance, or when back-lit by a bright daytime sky). Repeatedly the FAA has said it would investigate these craft, only later to deny that any investigation took place.

 It has come to my attention that in the last few years many, perhaps most, US military helicopters have been painted that same flat, dark olive-green with their respective designator number and branch insignia painted a glossy version of the same color --making reading of the insignia impossible from more than a few dozen feet away. At a recent air show I actually walking through such a chopper on static display. This would certainly be a sensible paint scheme in a combat zone --but I didn’t know that America was a combat zone!

 The real problem with unmarked, or marked but unreadable, aircraft is lack of accountability. If they are being used in illegal activities witnesses cannot identify the craft and in-so-doing bring air-borne criminals to justice. Many of the sightings in the 1970s were probably high-tech cattle rustling. But what is happening today? Cattle rustlers don’t spray unknown chemicals on their victims, do they? Cattle rustlers don’t wear UN armbands or conduct house-to-house searches, do they? What "dirty little secrets" might the black choppers be hiding? These could include: chemical and/or biological warfare testing on unsuspecting American citizens; and/or plans for military action on American soil.

 Since the early 1970s researchers, using Freedom Of Information Act requests, have discovered that various branches of the federal government --particularly the FBI, CIA and the Department of Energy --have engaged in tests in which American citizens were unknowingly used as guinea pigs.

 The CIA has since admitted to numerous attempts at mind control of unwitting subjects under such code names as MK-ULTRA and MK-BLUE BIRD. It is now known that they accidentally started the hippie movement by putting hundreds of thousands of doses of LSD "on the street" in the early 1960s in a botched attempted at stemming student unrest through chemical mind control agents.

 The FBI has likewise admitted to releasing flu germs in open-air tests in major urban areas in the ’50s and ’60s to determine how susceptible to germ warfare attacks the US was. At least twelve deaths, mostly of elderly people, were linked to those experiments.

 Recently the Energy Department has made headlines with their disclosures of nuclear experiments being carried out on medical patients, school children and whole "down wind" communities without their knowledge. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deaths from cancer and leukemia may have resulted from those violations of public trust.

 Is this spraying by black choppers of civilians and their homes; and the deaths of pets, plants, livestock, and perhaps even children, yet another chapter in this same sad story of government agents who consider themselves above the law? What else might these high-handed minions of overzealous agencies have up their sleeves?

 Most recently these craft have been linked to strange movements of law enforcement personnel, military troops and war material. They have been seen partaking in covert police and military operations across America: from deep within the forests along the Canadian border to mock warfare in downtown Atlanta; from "drug interdiction" raids in coastal California to a scale invasion of Tybee Island, North Carolina by 300 U.S. Marines dropped from "black" helicopters. Many of these missions, eyewitnesses say, have included foreign military, and/or foreign police units. Witnesses have also reported seeing UN troops and/or military vehicles painted white with blue lettering "UN" or "United Nations" associated with the presence of these unmarked choppers.

 What is the black helicopter connection, if any, to foreign forces? These covert operations have suggested to some (admittedly on the far right of the political spectrum) that they may be preparing for a war within our borders --one against the American people. Some have suggested that in the event of a major national disturbance needing to be put down by armed force, foreign troops would probably be more willing to fire on American citizens than the U.S. military would be. The government admits to having brought foreign forces to the U.S. (currently somewhere between 3,500 and 75,00 are in the U.S. --depending on which "official" source(s) you believe) for "joint training exercises."

 Creditable eye-witness reports clearly show that the choppers are being used in urban warfare practice and in house-to-house search training of these Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces. This training could well be associated with the War on Drugs, as some agencies, like the DEA, have said. It is also possible that U.S. and foreign military personnel are engaged in training exercises to prepare them for deployment in future multi-national (United Nations or NATO) missions abroad, like the ones in Haiti, Somalia or the current operation just getting underway in Bosnia --but if so, why the secrecy? Giving them the benefit of the doubt, it could be just classic military paranoia --the urge to keep everything secret, whether it needs to be or not. There are, of course, other possible explanations.

 There is one potential use of these jointly trained forces that I feel I must mention --one that has received a great deal of attention in the non-mainstream press. It is not inconceivable that this training could be laying the groundwork for an eventual attempt to disarm all Americans in the not-too-distant future --once enabling legislation is passed, or a "National Emergency" is declared. The goal of a gunless America is one heavily touted by the "politically correct." Many on the right see this push for disarming America as more than a desire to reduce violence and fear of violence, but believe that a disarmed America is an essential part of the globalist "New World Order" plans.

 What is the New World Order? The New World Order scheme goes back a long way historically, but crystallized with the establishment of the Round Table group in England in the late 1800s. This foreign policy study and implementation group was founded by Cecil Rhodes, the diamond magnate. Its membership, then and now, has reached into the very highest levels of British government and High Society. In the 1920s the American sister organization, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), was founded in New York City.

 Virtually since its inception, members of the CFR have held key posts in every administration, Democratic and Republican. Indeed, both Jimmy Carter and George Bush were members of the CFR while holding the

 Office of President. Bill Clinton is currently a member of the CFR and his Administration has no less than eighty of its members in important positions: such as Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior; General John Shalikashvili, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; James Woolsey, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency; and Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. There are about two dozen CFR members in the State Department alone, from Warren Christopher, Secretary of State and Strobe Talbot, Deputy Secretary of State, down. Another dozen, roughly, are U. S. Ambassadors, such as Madeleine Albright, Ambassador to the United Nations and former Vice President Walter Mondale, Ambassador to Japan and now Germany. Another fifteen CFR members are United States Senators and yet another fifteen, or so, have seats in the House of Representatives. Three more serve on the Supreme Court: Justices O’Connor, Breyer and Ginsburg.

 Senator Barry Goldwater in his book, With No Apologies, declared: "The Council on Foreign Relations is the American branch of a society which organized in England ... [and] ... believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established." President Clinton, by-the-way, was a Rhodes Scholar. The Rhodes Scholarship program was founded by Cecil Rhodes with the purpose of training the future leaders of the world government he envisioned.

 Since the time of Cecil Rhodes the movement to end war, poverty and hunger through the creation of a world governing body has swept through the liberal intelligence of Europe and North America. Today a sizable percentage of the world’s leading intellectuals, statesmen and wealthy philanthropists support the idea of a single, one world government --such men as George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, David Rockefeller, and President Clinton’s mentor, Dr. Carroll Quigley.

 Briefly, it’s a plan to blow away the sovereignty of nation states and place them under the control of one ruling body, namely the United Nations. The United Nations, however, has its masters, and these are the international bankers and industrialists and criminals who groom the politicians. The New World Order essentially consolidates world power into fewer hands, and removes the protection of national sovereignty.

 My main concern is that the black choppers are one part of the contingency plans of the elitists who are intent on implementing the New World Order full bore in this country and around the world.

 David Rockefeller spoke of this at a dinner of United Nations dignitaries in 1994. He referred to a "window of opportunity" to create a New World Order, which was being challenged by powerful forces. Those forces, of course, are the patriots and those skeptical of the New World Order. It is true that a lot of people are waking up to what is going on --some of them see through the anti-rightwing, anti-militia, anti-Constitutionalist propaganda which has been dumped out over the airwaves since the bombing of the Murah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995. The elitists probably feel that forces which oppose the New World Order must be stopped, or at least disempowered and discredited until the New World Order contingencies are in place.

 My belief is that the battleplan of the controllers is multi-pronged. There are several projects in the works which appear to be most ominous. The first is the gradual erosion of our Constitutional Rights, exemplified by such measures as the Crime Bill (which gives government sweeping new powers to crack down on dissenting views and the politically incorrect, in an end-run around the Bill of Rights) and the aptly

 numbered HR 666 (allowing warrantless searches, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment). Couple this kind of legislation with the proposed confiscation of guns; increased surveillance; national ID; and assaults by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) and the FBI and their ilk; and you can see that our freedom is being stolen from us.

 Whether that theft is from a criminal conspiracy to subvert the United States or "merely" managerial incompetence on the part of our government, is, ultimately, relatively immaterial. Either way it must be stopped.

 In conclusion, the dangerous factor about the black choppers is not that they are black, it is that their existence is being denied. Being unmarked, or having their markings illegible, makes their operators safe from identification by ground observers; clearly an intent to hide their identity --for what purpose? Their being denied by FAA and military air controllers, who must see them, if only intermittently, on radar is probable evidence of collusion between various government agencies. What are they doing? We know that they are conducting covert military operations on American soil. We know they have harassed people. They have sprayed unknown deadly chemicals, and have even shot at people. Clearly, some activity is taking place that the authorities know we would object to, if only we knew. We must know. Our safety, our liberties, perhaps even America’s very nationhood, are endangered by their presence in our skies. Demand an accounting. The black choppers are a "string" that can be pulled to lead us to the discovery of probable crimes in high places, perhaps even treason. In short, keep asking questions --keep getting answers.