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Satanic ritual abuse

[Satanic Psychopaths have to be behind this sort of horror, which would be a profile of Reptoids.]


Satanic ritual abuse

[vid] Rock Star Admits He’s Been to Snuff Parties Where People Are Murdered For Fun

[vid] Nightmares at Elm Guest House. Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay

[2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

[2005] Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson and the Unraveling of a Troubling Tale By Tim Schmitt

[2005] Italian, Russian Police Break Up Child Snuff Porn Ring  Three Russian Jews and eight Italian Jews were arrested after police discovered they had been kidnapping non-Jewish children between the ages of two and five years from Russian orphanages, raping the children, and then murdering them on film. Mostly non-Jewish customers, including 1,700 nationwide, 600 in Italy, and an unknown number in the United States, paid as much as $20,000 per film to watch little children being raped and murdered.

[2000] British link to 'snuff' videos  Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov's videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for paedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse. Prosecutors in Naples are considering charging those who have bought the videos with complicity in murder. They say some may have specifically requested films of killings. .....Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a 'SNIPE' video. The most appalling category was code-named 'Necros Pedo' in which children were raped and tortured until they died.

[vid] Mark Dice/Hunter Thompson, Bohemian grove, snuff film expose Mark Dice talks about the allegations that Hunter S. Thompston produced snuff films of people being killed for fun. Mark expands on these issues in his books The Resistance Manifesto and The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction available on and Kindle. Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media plays in shaping our lives.

SeePaedophilia  Thompson, Hunter

Labour politician Tom Driberg was said to spend as much time in public lavatories as the houses of parliament and he gave in 1972 a long list of top people involved in 'blackmail-able' sexual pursuits to M I 5. This same list in the same order would later turn up in the KGB London office, top of this list was Sir Anthony Blunt, who was believed to be a procurer of men and young lads, when a person dies their bowels tighten then release, and Blunt was said to have strangled young boys while being sodomized in 'snuff' killings, this is supposed to heighten the sexual climax. He would obtain boys from care homes for David Temple, who was also known as 'Soxon Rothschild, because he always kept his socks on while naked. Tony Blair as 'Miranda '  HE WHO PAYS THE PIPER by T. Stokes

Of course we all know that the existence of snuff films is the stuff of urban legends. But there are those persistent reports of a thriving underground market for just such films, a market that is said to include many of wealth and power. Former Nebraska State Senator John DeCamp, for example, gives an appallingly detailed account of one such film in his self-published book, The Franklin Cover-Up.
    Ed Sanders concludes in The Family - based on a number of witness statements - that the Manson clan was involved in the production and distribution of snuff films (as well as child pornography). Maury Terry reaches the same conclusion about the Son of Sam cult in his book The Ultimate Evil. And then there is the case of Charles Ng and Leonard Lake.
        Their Northern California ranch was tailor-made for the production of snuff films, complete with a bunker containing hidden rooms with one-way viewing windows and hidden cameras. The compound also contained an incinerator for disposing of the bodies - one reason that a final body count was never achieved, though evidence indicated that as many as 25 people were killed and disposed of.
        As previously mentioned, Lake's ex-wife managed to get to the compound shortly before police and remove an unknown number of videotapes from the property. Though authorities claim these tapes were later returned, there is no way of verifying that the tapes returned were the same ones that had been removed, or that all were returned. There's Something About Henry by David McGowan

 It was The Hand of Death. We were working for that cult and we'd grab little kids for the human sacrifices, grab young women for the snuff movies..........The priests took the virgins to one building and the non-virgins went to where they made snuff films. An Interview With Ottis Toole: The Cannibal Kid

 Behind Disney’s good front lies hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft. Disney’s involvement in these kind of things will be explained in this chapter. Nobody has sold America witchcraft as well as the Disney brothers. Movie after movie has cleverly brought the occult into the warp & woof of American thought, all under the disguise of entertainment. Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier: Disney

I'm afraid that these are the same exclusive circles who probably have access to snuff films and sacrifices that are filmed, and that many of the same people who end up being replaced might also have their deaths or torture filmed and circulated. I can't say that with 100% firsthand knowledge, but I have known people who survived sex trafficking, and they say that snuff films are done when a sex slave/prostitute/call boy has gotten a bit haggard and worn around the edges, past his or her "sell by" date, and/or pissed off the wrong people. And there's a huge market in these exclusive, connected, and wealthy circles for that stuff.  I think if we really want to know what happens to the people who get replaced, that such snuff films would unfortunately tell us more than we would ever want to know.  [2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag'

Mullholland Drive by DB  "He (Lynch) masterfully reveals how the mob, black magicians, reptilian entities, and demonic entities actually control the biz............In fact, most of the main occult clues are IN EVERY SINGLE SCENE - bar none.
You have sucubus, incubus, virgin possession for slaughter, the "deal" with the dark side, the selling of souls for dreams of ego o'er soul, he missed nothing....Another thing, these films - all so very real in context, movement and tone - are NOT fiction. Word on the street regarding MD, was every scene actually happened to either Dave or he was aware of it on some level. Every scene actually happened in Hollywood, at one time or another. That's why it is a true horror film, in a snuff sense. Its psychically imbued with the spirit and agony of those tragedies."

September 28, 2000, Aftonbladet (Sweden), 'Pedofil-företag mördade barn inför kamera' ('Pedophile company murdered children in front of camera'): "The Pedophile network had branched out over the whole world. But the center was located in Murmansk, in North Russia... At the same time it is revealed that several large financial companies are involved... The Russian bosses in the organization so far revealed are these three: Dmitri Kuznetsov, 31, was arrested in Moscow in February, but was released shortly thereafter after the Russian parliament passed an amnesty law to reduce the number of internees. Valeri Ivanov, the one who is now in prison and who, himself, appears in many recordings where he torments young children. Andrej Valeri Minaev, formerly of the Soviet military, is the official owner of a company that primarily distributes TV video cassettes. He was also released after the amnesty... More than 1700 persons are suspected of having bought child pornography over the Internet...Eight of the arrested yesterday are Italians, but one is a Russian citizen. Of the Italians, one is a civil servant within the health care ministry, married without children. Another is a business leader, and a third is a civil servant in Milano. Irreproachable citizens whom no one would suspect... The pictures are unbearable for normal people to watch. Here are prolonged rape sequences with children begging to be spared. They are abused until they faint. Then they are murdered before the cameras... Yes, there are even scenes of actual autopsies on young people... In the 'product catalog' of the pedophiles were pictures of a 10-year-old girl who had been killed by hanging. A five-year-old girl with a grimace of pain as she is raped. An adult is killed by gradual crushing. The worst images are labeled 'necros pedo' and showed children being killed during abuse. Such cassettes sold for (US) $20,000. The arrested persons had specifically asked for assurances that the children actually were killed and that it was not simulated by trick photography... The scandal dominated the magazines and broadcasts on Thursday, after broadcasts with child pornographic pictures had been shown on TV during prime time. The opposition immediately demanded that the manager (Mr. Rais) of the state-owned TV company be dismissed. The matter was discussed in the chamber of deputies. " What has happened is absolutely unforgivable," said the leader of the opposition and the media boss Silvio Berlusconi, whose TV station chose not to show the images, according to Reuters. The newspaper La Republica devoted three pages to the operation, which has international branches. In an editorial, the competitor Corriere della Serra wrote that the extent of the affair is horrifying. "We could never have imagined that thousands of wealthy, cultivated people in the midst of society are taking pleasure in watching small children being tortured and killed." The special division of the police in Neapel for Internet-related crimes said that about 600 homes were searched in morning raids on Wednesday. According to the police, the key persons are three Russians who have kidnapped children from orphanages, amusement parks and [city] parks. Thereafter, the children were filmed as they were subjected to severe sexual abuse."   [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair  

June 29, 1997, Mail on Sunday, 'Outrage as snuff film pervert is free early': "The release of 32-year-old Warwick Spinks, who claims to have been involved in the murder of several children while making 'snuff' movies, has raised a storm of protest... It was a lurid confession from Spinks in an ITV documentary last April that sparked an investigation into the making of `snuff' movies in the Dutch town of Hoofddorp. In a conversation recorded by undercover police in Amsterdam, Spinks offered to supply a video in which a 10-year-old boy was killed, and said an associate had seen a boy die during the making of another film. Scotland Yard and Dutch police launched an inquiry which failed to find any evidence, but they are furious that Spinks, whose seven-year sentence was reduced to five on appeal, is being released so soon... Spinks was convicted of abducting a child, taking indecent photographs and a serious sexual assault in Feb-ruary 1995. His 14-year-old victim, described by Spinks as a rent-boy, had been on the run from a children's home in the North of England. Judge John Gower QC said Spinks had picked up the boy before taking a number of indecent photos during a gay sex session. Spinks later drugged his victim and took him to Amsterdam where he was sold to a homo-sexual brothel." [2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

After buying some of the pedophile goods, which included a painful rape of a small child, van Rossem went back to one of the sex shops and asked for even more hardcore material for which he was willing to pay a hefty price. He hinted that he would like to see a girl being murdered on camera. Within a week, van Rossem received what he had ordered for 5,000 euros, a price quite similar to later reports.
    "The tape showed how the girl was brought into an empty room by a man with a hood over his head. She was handcuffed... The man cut the clothes from her body with a knife. She had scratches and bruises all over her body. He hit her in the face with his hand. After that she was thrown to the ground by the same man and anally raped. When he was done with this, he threw the girl against a wall and began to beat and kick her over her whole body. When she slid to the ground, he went to stand with one foot on all her limbs and broke with both hands her arms and legs. Then for some time he slowly worked on her with a knife, and stabbed her 32 times in total, mainly in the chest and abdomen. Finally, he cut her throat, again slowly. After that, he slowly labored on the girls' body, from the feet to her head, with great attention to the bloody details. It was perfectly clear that the girl was already dead by then. The whole movie had lasted 57 minutes and had not been edited." (90)
    Van Rossem: part time computer expert, financial expert, politician and white collar criminal, but full time anarchist. He referred to "snuff" as "sniff", a term not often used. According to van Rossem, this term has been derived from "sniffing up the real atmosphere of illegal sex" (p. 125 of his book). Apparently, Texan millionaires, Japanese businessmen on a stopover in the United States and Arab sheikhs have become the most important customers of pedophile snuff movies (p. 125-126), which solely refers to movies in which a person is murdered for the exact purpose of filming the event for distribution. One thing we know for sure is that some of the (often Western intelligence-connected) overly religious Middle-Eastern princes and sheikhs have rather interesting sexual preferences. April 23, 2003, The Scotsman, 'Britons held over 'Royal sex ring'': "According to the popular weekly news magazine VSD, the Saudi prince, who has not been named, paid 1.9 million for three months of attention. Some 40 members of the call girl ring from Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, the United States, Venezuela and Brazil allegedly travelled to Dubai at the end of January and were installed in a royal palace. The group included several models as well as male prostitutes and transvestites. Members of the ring were paid 27,600 each, the magazine said, as well as receiving presents including watches and jewellery from the Saudi royal... The prostitutes said they were under constant surveillance and were forbidden from making telephone calls."
This is by no means the only accusation. The Fortunato Israel prostitution ring also had Arab diplomats and businessmen among its clients, just as men from the notorious Adnan Khashoggi. Although covered up by an alleged child abuser, this ring was also tied to child abuse and murder through Maud Sarr and especially Israel's mistress, Roger Boas (in whose factory allegedly a snuff room was located). Kay Griggs, wife of Col George Griggs, also mentioned some of the Saudi princes in relation to child abuse, sexual perversion and blackmail. X2's testimony raised the question if van Rossem's research hasn't been too in depth for his own good.
[2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair