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Chapter 7 The Science of Structuring

A. Structuring of MPD worlds 

B. The creation of roles 
  How the Self of a Man Alter Consists of Shattered Shadow Alters, A Script, Mirrors and Assigned Demons
  The Presideo   S-P-I-N = Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks
  Standard Roles Within An Illuminati Monarch Slave
   Angry Alters      Animal Alters      Christian Front Alters      Clones
   Deltas  How The Deltas Are Created   How The Deltas Are Activated
   Foreign Language Alters   Gatekeeper Alters   Hierarchy And Deeper Cult Alters
   Egyptian Armies   Flooding Alters   Gems   Looking Glass People   Mirror Images
   Programmer Alters     Reporting Alters      Scrambling Alters      Sexual Alters
   Boxes And Self-Abuse
C. Building in layered defenses
  Defenses In Death
Overview Of The Princess Programming
D. Backup Programming
"Labyrinth", A View of a Monarch's Internal World
The Structuring Done in Monarch Star Trek and Star Wars Programming

A. Structuring of MPD Worlds

The purpose of the mind-control is to build a System within the mind that is a human robot. It would do no good to torture the slave and get thousands of pieces (fragments of the mind, alter personalities) if these were not structured. 

Very few Multiples have ever really gotten to see the deeper parts of their Systems. Many of the early successes of therapists were actually only the integration of the fronts of Systems, while the deeper cult parts were left fully functioning.  The integration of the front alters was only a ruse to allow the therapist to think the patient was healed. The Illuminatiís organization, whose identity still remains secret to the therapist, can continue to use the Ďhealed" patient. Everyone was happy, therapist, client, and the abusers.  

Also I might add the book publishers such as those who published Sybil are also happy. Sybil is an occult first name--but the book, movie and therapist give no hint that ritual abuse might be involved in her systemís MPD (DID). The victim of When Rabbit Howls (a book & a movie) shows clear signs of having a full-blown highly structured and programmed MPD (DID) system, but the movie doesnít even hint of programming or Satanic involvement. The whole movie was a big slide.  The Illuminati know the details and minutiae of every new direction the therapeutic community decides to take.

Indeed, a number of their people are leading the pack, providing leads and misleads. Their first goal is to keep therapists on side roads, away from the real issues. The second goal is, if they do get onto something, to bring the slaves in, and structure in defenses so that the therapists donít go anywhere. And then when one has success like we have seen, they eliminate front structures and front alters, and turn to massive reprogramming, and skillfully linking primal traumas with the new programs. Bear in mind, the internal programming alters are also always alert and will restructure the system constantly if alters work against their programming. 

Restructuring is a process that can continually go on, not something completed when the victim was a child. For instance, new levels of alters can and are created when the victim is in their 30s, either by the internal or external programmers. From observations, it is clear that the most drastic changes are from the external programmers, who can work much faster than the internal programmers.  In the beginning, the programmer must bring order out of the chaos he has created. He must use some type of structure to place worlds. 

In recent years, these have been solar systems, galaxies, and planets, because they have gone to Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien types of programming. Each planet may have a type of alter--a family, if you will, of alters who are similar. They will not be able to travel to other solar systems, or stars, or galaxies without transportation. Spaceships, and teleporters have now replaced the elevator that the older systems used to go up and down the worlds.  When the programming begins, it must be simple enough that a child can understand it. 

One game that was excellent to teach internal structures to child victims was Chinese checkers. An innocent game, but a great vehicle to communicate placement of alters and structures. Alter patterns would be placed upon the hexagram board with marbles. A marble would represent an alter. Notice that alter colors (and/or jobs) can be coded by what marble is chosen. A ruby alter can be a red marble. A blue coded alter is a blue marble. Structures which are to be superimposed upon each other in the childís mind, are easy to superimpose. Take one pattern - of marbles off, and place the superimposed pattern of marbles over the same place. This is how several different structures can be tied together in one locality in the mind. This is one way structures can be layered in. The Hexagram checker board was called "The House of David" in one victim.

B. The Creation of Roles Internal, External, Dependence, etc.

Many splits in the mind are not developed into full blown personalities. Some are simply fragments which are given a single job assignment. Generally, a System will have about half a dozen alters which frequently take the body and hundreds of alters which only occasionally take the body.

Internally, the System must carry out the following functions: Protect all information and history that relates to the creation and use of the slave. All the structuring and codes of the System are also secrets and need to be guarded. The programming and the very things that the slave can think about need to be guarded. The slave is meant to be entirely self-governing.  The best boss is the boss who gives a directive and can go do something else while the person receiving the order carries it out without input and supervision. The Monarch slave is the prime example of how to delegate authority. The delegation of authority allows both the master and the victim himself to blame the victim for the orders they carry out. The satanic cults will hide their alters which make money for the cult behind the blood and gore alters. This protects their illegal money making operations. Alters must learn to function as designed by the Programmer. If they canít work together, the Illuminati will try to get them to work together somewhat akin to a mechanic fixing a car. If the alters canít be fixed, they and their System will have to be thrown away. The dramatic disparities of all the alters goes hand in hand with what at first seems apparent, then not apparent, and then apparent again--there is a unity beneath the multiplicity. Alter functions and abilities overlap with other alters. No alter is entirely separate from several common pools of intellect and dispositions that are attributable to the entire alter system.  Alters are real and separate persons. But the common traits that run through an alter system are also real. One alter system may have a streak of kindness and gentleness that runs through the entire system. There may be a few alters which have been battered enough not to display the trait, but the trait is so pervasive that it characterizes the System. The programmers are also skilled at building in alters who can serve as balancing points. Unless the system of alters has balancing point alters who are calm, cheerful, and emotionally stable, a system could easily self-destruct with all the shatteredness, pain and craziness that has been intentionally built into the system.  

Each level or world will have a balancing point. When the System is being charted during the early programming process, a Mother of Darkness and the Programmer and the Grande Dame will make a decision on how to label the chart. By the time the child is four, the weaknesses and strengths that characterize the alter System have been recorded on charts and the childís destiny in life determined.

The chart will read what occupation the child will be made into, and what its function for the overall Illuminati plan will be. This determines what types of programs and alters must be created.  Most people are still unfamiliar with multiplicity and their rigid thinking is challenged by the concept that one mind can have several personalities. On the other hand, they can understand perfectly that a computer can wall off sections of memory, and they can understand perfectly that a single human mind is superior to all the computers in the world assembled together, and yet they canít let go of their basic simplistic foundational understanding of life that one mind has only one personality. They will allow a computer this ability but not the human mind.  The creation of multiple personalities also divides responsibility within a person. A person who lives with a multiple, say for instance their handler, will form widely divergent relationships with the different alters. In terms of programming, each dissociated fragment of the mind may be molded into something. Some fragments lend themselves to be molded into full personalities, and some lend themselves into being molded into single-purpose fragments, and some must be discarded. A part of the mind can be developed into a full-blown independent personality with all the idiosyncrasies that any other person has. 

Bear in mind, that generally the Programmers consider color identification and the coded numbers to be more critical for identifying an alter than a name. A name humanizes the alter. Names are sometimes attached later if needed by a handler.

Some handlers simply refer to their sexual alters by their generic name "kitten".  Others may have a specific cat name such as "Tabby", "Bast", "Hecat", "Adandara" or "the Lion of Judah" for an alter. Keep in mind, if full blown personalities are created, it happens for both the benefit of the victim AND the programmers.  During the Monarch Programming an average System will have at least 1,000 alters, but not all of these will be personalities designed to hold the body. For those who need to get a handle theologically on how to approach this, it is suggested that they approach it as a city of persons. A city has both a unity and a multiplicity about it. It also must carry out certain basic functions if it is to survive. All cities have administrations and city planners, and justice, and police, and garbage collectors, and entertainment, etc. 

The early Illuminati researchers soon accepted that their victim of multiple personalities is in essence a city of people, and so they used that understanding to construct in the victimís head, using the victimís creativity under torture and drugs to create all the structures and features that accompany a geological land. The map of the Land of Oz in the Wizard of Oz books was frequently used for the front parts of a System, with some additions and subtractions.  The engineering of the structures within an Illuminati Monarch slave, looks like the original designs were done by engineering specialists--perhaps even Boolean algebra was used to develop the original designs. However, once working models of systems were proven to function without fail, lesser skilled programmers & technocrats could help assemble a Monarch System of alters without fully understanding the engineering and all of the demonology/magic behind it. Just like in a city, some people have friends and know others, and other people are strangers and enemies, so it is with an Illuminati system of multiples. Some alters may be aware of each other, and some may even hate each other. 

When building a system, the Programmers take advantage of their knowledge of how multiplicity works. Two alters can have several possible relationships which are: 

a. two-way amnesia, where neither alter knows about the otherís existence. This is what the Programmers want for most alters. They donít want multiples to even know they are multiples.

b. one-way amnesia, where A alter knows B alter, but B doesnít know A. This can be accomplished by setting in one-way mirrors. 

c. co-presence, two alters can come on top of each other at the front of the mind and hold the body together. This produces some strange behavior for the multiple as different alters synthesize their thoughts. When a tough alter comes up behind a Christian alter, the Christian alter may find himself letting loose of a cuss word without knowing where exactly it came from. When a child alter comes up behind an adult, the adult may find itself talking like a child.

d. co-conscious, this is when two alters are aware of what each other is thinking. As the Programmers structure a System of alters, they build in No-talk walls every so often where all communication and visibility between alters is walled off. These No-talk walls are specifically built structures and not the result of normal amnesia. A 13 x 13 grid may have, for instance, 2 No-talk walls. Other methods will be used to divide all the levels from each other. One method of dividing the levels is the level of trance for level 3 will be different than the level of trance for level 10. This will not hold true across the board, because some deeper alters are not in deep trance. 

One Monarch slave, programmed beginning in the 1950ís, described her System,  Scattered Parts  Broken hearts, divided parts, they all live inside of me.  How many times can they divide my mind? Broken hearts with divided parts scattered throughout my mind.  How many times can they wipe me out before I come back no more?  Can they instill a will in me that is not mine?  They broke my heart too many times and divided all the parts, then scattered them through time. Some are good and some are evil. How many times can they split my mind?  The lights, needles and pain went on much longer than we can explain.  Did these things happen, or is it what they wanted me to believe?  Does God exist or is it what I want to believe?  Does the store house exist where the computer is? Are there computers in me that help split me?  Scattered parts, broken hearts, where do I exist?  Is there a castle built inside? If so, what person am I?  Lights, needles, and pain goes on today, or is it lies that are made up in a mind split far too many times. Broken hearts, divided minds, scattered throughout time.  I donít want to mislead you.  Did the experiments work? And they split me too many times? Lights, needles, and pain.  They can wipe me out if I try to explain. Butterflies, butterflies, lots and lots of them. I lay down at nights with them. I wrap up in a blanket made of them. I hear their hum as they lead me to the lights, needles and pain. The needles and pain make it so I can not think. I get so sleepy, but I can not sleep. The pain races through my mind and splits it one more time. I have forgotten more than most will ever know. The computer will show how many times they can split the mind, break the heart; divided minds scattered throughout time.  How many times before I can come back no more?" --received from therapist Denny Hilgers. 

Our previous book They Know Not What They Do, An Illustrated Guide to Monarch Programming-Mind Control, Oregon City, OR, 1995, p. 91, has a good description of how extensive the internal structuring is:  "Many Systems never get to the point of seeing their internal world(s). Further, most alters have only a small spot in which they are to reside, and they donít get to see but a tiny fraction of the entire System. After these structures are built into the mind they continue to work and carry out their function on a subconscious level. Sometimes it takes years of work for a System to begin seeing their internal world. They can begin doing this by turning lights on inside of their worlds.

To make a comparison, when a person looks at a clock they see the finished result, the time it shows, but they donít see all the mechanisms. The structures in the mind are part of the mechanism to keep the System of Alters structured in a way that is useful to the abusers, but often all that observers will see is the finished result, the mechanisms stay hidden. But we are exposing those mechanisms in this picture and on this page.  

A therapistís client may be responding in a way that makes no sense until one realizes the internal structures that they are responding to. An alter generally must maintain the spot in the mind which it is assigned. To leave that location in the mind, means traveling through a System which is filled with dangers and traps of all kinds. Only a few of our alters ever ventured where they were not to go, and they always encountered many obstacles. However, if an alter gets trapped behind mirrors, the alter should not break the mirrors. 

If the alter is a Christian they can use the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to bind and cast out the demons which are in the mirrors. The danger of the mirrors is the demonology involved. Some things work and some things donít. We are speaking from our years of experience. The mirrors are deadly and they were everywhere in our System, but they are deadly only if one canít deal with the demonology.  The therapist should at least be aware that these images can be worked with just as if they were real to manipulate situations involving them. But if the structures are going to be worked or toyed with, the therapist and survivor need to have an understanding about the structures. If you donít understand the mirrors, or the River Nile, or whatever then be careful what you have the survivor do to them. The structures (the images) that are built into the mind of the Monarch slave are not trivial. An overview of the structures that are in our System alone will show that they went to a great deal of effort to build all kinds of internal worlds to house our thousands of alters. 

A list of the internal structures that were contained in our System follows: 

Ant pits, Bee Traps w/ swarms, Black Glass Wall, Black Holes (vortexes), Boxes (Dr. Greenís under J.J., boxes have buttons which access certain parts), Candyland, Carpet (Magic), Castles, Castle dungeon (torture chambers), Caves, Clocks (there are several incl. computer clocks), Concentration camp, Cords, Desert, Doll House, numbered Doors by the thousands w/ red hot nobs, Elevators, Emerald City (connected to the castle), Eucalyptus Trees, Fields of "forget me" & island of "forget me not" (JJís Prgrmg), Firewall, 2 Forests (singing forest with Cedars of Lebanon and Oaks, and a dwarfs forest which has 3 kinds of trees), Fruit Tree (programming tree), Glass, Glass coffin, Golden Keys, Graveyards, Hallways with red doors, Hell Pit or Hell Fire (7 levels--pepperbox. There is a glassy wall before the hell pit.), Hour Glass (matrix), House of David, Icetown, Invisible Countries, Keys (clock key), Libraries, Light side City, Marshlands, Mazes, Mirrors (constructed via access permissions) (One-way), Moat, Mountains, Nursery (glass), Ocean, Paper Trees, Petra Secret City, Playground, Poppy field, Portals (for altars and demons, like the third eye), Rubicon (outer space beyond the stars), Rivers (Nile, Rio Grande, Shenandoah, etc.), Room behind a closet (existence not confirmed), Seeds, Serpent tree, Shafts, Shells, Shifting sands, Shoes (gold, silver, and ruby slippers), Snake pits (traps), Spider chambers, Stairway, Torpedo Town, Tin Woodsmanís Castle, Tree with square paper boxes containing Dadís music programming, Trojan Horse w/ armies, Tunnels, Valley of the Dry Bones, Volcano (to destroy & remake the system), Vortices (see Black Holes), Wasteland, Water (Moats), Waterfalls, Wind, Wires, Worms, and a Yellow Brick Road."

In order to use the multiple in different life styles--they divide up a system of alters into worlds of alters which rarely see each other. These worlds are also called cities. The words "city" or "world" are interchangeable when it comes to a Monarch System. Typically, they received names such as Atlantis, City of Refuge, Shangri-la, and Troy.  

Later, after Candy Jones exposed the programming, there was a major shift about this time, and many of the Systems were programmed with Solar Systems. Each planet had a different group or race of alter or demon. The concept of Star Trek was helpful for this. Some of the Systems programmed in the 1970s, used Star Trek as their basis. The distribution of alters was similar to watching the various episodes of Star Trek.  Alters that were created at the same time and left in an area of the System together are families. The programmers in their efforts to dehumanize these alters will stick to animal names such as referring to them as "litters". The front level of a System would often be given a cover. The front level might see their world as a basketball court, or several houses, or a dollhouse, or a street. The front world is set up to deceive anyone from discovering the true structure of the system. The programmers can link and unlink, and move alters around. Eventually they get something neat and tidy on a sheet a paper. 

A standard Illuminati System is built like a 13x13x13 cube with an elevator shaft running up and down from the bottom to the top. The elevator is constructed as a piece of DNA and alters can ride up and down the elevator (go up or down in trance) to move when allowed. Most of the alters have no sense of time, and most of the alters do not hold the body very frequently. For various reasons most of the alters never grow up. Obviously, if they donít hold the body very much, and are dissociated from everyone elseís memories, they have nothing to stimulate them to grow up. However, the Programmers must have some of the alters who can function as adults. For instance, alters who go into bars must think of themselves as adults. The alters which will hold the body in public will be hypnotically made into adults.  The Network likes to leave many child alters, because most of them are pedophiles and they like the pseudo-pedophile experience of making it with an alter that thinks it is four years old. Or just the opposite, sometimes an adult alter will appear within a child victim, and this is a clue that this is an access/reporting alter.

Many of the Illuminati systems, especially Mengeleís were set up on a 13x13 grid of alters. The grids are numbered top to bottom and side to side but not in the fashion one might expect. The typical Mengele grid will begin with 6 and proceed 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. However, the structure doesnít have to be a grid, any geometric shape works and has been used, such as a sphere, cube, or pyramid. 

Dr. Star and his wife, who is an OTO programmer working out of Corpus Christi, TX likes to structure an alter system in the shape of the Seal of Solomon. The Yin-yang symbol is then equated with the entire Seal of Solomon. The all-seeing eye is placed in the center of Starís systems, just like Mengele would put in an All-Seeing Eye. The hidden Sun of Tiphareth is placed into Dr. Starís victimís systems, as well as the four elements, and sulfuric acid. Alters are then placed in the various positions around the hexagram.  

Because therapists, (and Christian ministers) are generally unaware of the deeper occult things, they usually miss seeing the occult philosophies behind the structures. For instance, the elements of earth, wind, fire and water are not just part of magic--they are in Druidism considered the four zones (or directions) also called rings which are held together by the fifth ring--balance. 

This is the basis of Celtic geometric art, metaphysical maps, and ancient Ireland was symbolically divided into four regions with a unifying fifth. This was the bardic view of the universe which is presented in the Vita Merlini (written by Geoffrey of Monmouth in 1150). Supposedly England, Wales and Scotland were also divided into 4 regions with a unifying fifth too. And all these four regions Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England are joined again in the U.K.  

In Druidism, the four magical elements the Sword, Rod, Cup and Shield are unified by the Cord while the four elements are unified by the spirit. Ancient Druid stone statues of triple faced gods and goddesses still remain today. Heads were considered sacred by the early Celts which is why the heads of the top Grand Dames are preserved after they are ritually murdered. If an outsider really wants to understand why Illuminati systems are constructed in the fashion that they are--first understand that there is a great depth of meaning behind what structures are used to build an internal world. An ex-programmer talks about how the programmers would call upon Satan in high level rituals to "Tell me what to do, and Iíll do what you want" to gain wisdom in how to design these alter systems. Within a System, a few alters will be given maps to the System. There will be a structure "map" which takes the system down through its progressive levels down to its fundamental or primal level. There will also be internal world maps, maze maps, or what some call programming maps.         

How the Self of a Man Alter Consists of Shattered Shadow Alters, A Script, Mirrors and Assigned Demons

What really is an alter? An alter is a dissociated part of the mind, which is developed BY the programmers to be a complete personality. We will now explain what an alter is. If you were to look on the programmersí charts found in his grey 3 ring binder, or his lap top computer you would see graphs with alters with access codes. What are these alters? If the programmers didnít invest a great deal of programming and structuring, each alter would not be a complete personality.  On the chart, the programmer will have a square on a grid where he will record the cult name, the front name, the alterís alpha-numeric pull up code and its grid number. What seems neat and tidy is really not so neat and tidy. That alter is really an alter with many shadows of itself. This is a family of fragments of that alter which hold parts of itself.  There is a particular secret term that only the programmers use for these fragments, but for purposes of discussion we will call these fragments "family fragments" or "shadow fragments." 

For instance, a Gatekeeper alter will have a shadow alter fragment that holds its fear, one that holds its pain, one that holds its anger, and many that hold its memories of abuse and torture. What appears on the grid as a square is in reality a box holding lots of fragments. The programmers understand how multiplicity works, so rather than chart an alter with 25 fragments coming off of it--they name the whole mess after the main alter they have created for that family of fragments.  The main alter really is a fictional persona created by the programmers linked to numerous fragments of the mind. The mind of the child victim will cooperate with the torture and programming. The programmer will verbally discuss his programming scripts with his close assistants, for instance, the Grand Dame who helps him; but he doesnít record the scripts down.  

Historically, the Programmers have always individually tailored their story scripts for each child. Because the best are master story tellers, who can make a story come alive, they do not need to depend upon stale written scripts. The Wizard of Oz, and Mother Goose books, etc. are read prior to actual programming session, to enhance the programming session. The final alters are recorded, but not the stories or the lies told them.  After a main alter has been created and shattered, the programmers find this main alter within the mind and give it a personal history (via films, virtual reality headsets, stories, etc.), give it a job within the system, a place to live in the internal world, and its rules and guide lines on how to function within the system. It will be given scripts about the outside world. And shortly, we will explain those. This doesnít mean that alters donít exist--they are physically part of the mental makeup of a multipleís brain--but an alterís existence is not at all what it sees or what outsiders see. Both the alter and the therapist see only a small part of the picture.  

John O. Bearhrs (Limits of scientific psychiatry, Role of uncertainly in mental health. NY: Brunner/Mazel, 1986, pp. 86-113.), who did therapeutic work with Multiples, recognized some of the process that we are describing. He wrote about how an alter when confronted with more pain, guilt, and rage will dissociate this mental hazardous waste into alters who function as internal garbage cans. He described a victim who had a jolly front alter Diane with a winning smile. This front alter dumped her pain on a small child alter Mary, who lived in an internal "basement". However, in one particular case Mary didnít want the pain and she passed it to Karl (a 4 yr. old alter), who cried and yelled so loud internally that Danny, a 12 year old alter who was characterized by toughness and courage took the pain. 

However, the actual situation is more subtle and complex than Beahrs realized. Every alter creates shadow alters of itself to handle the anger, fear, guilt, betrayal etc. The Programmers are totally aware of these shadow alters and they work with them. If we picture an alter as a point in the mind--a dot or small circle, then we can for the sake of discussion picture the shadow splits off of that alter as rays coming out of that small circle. Now we have an image of something looking like a sun with rays. 

Actually, in real life, after all the torture, the shadow alters holding memories and all the programs attached are simply one big mess that resembles the branches of a tree with leaves.  The Programmers have made a thorough mess of the personís mind--and they need some clean way to deal with this mess they have created. So the Programmers use the imagery that best resembles the mess they have made. The victim is told they have a tree with branches and leaves growing through them. This tree with its branches grows through out every alter. The image of the vine and its branches is also used, because then the programmers can bring in the Bible to make their programming seem to be supported by Godís Holy Word. The original alter is told that it is a mote of nothingness (a very tiny circle).  

The programmers donít chart all the family or shadow fragments of an alter because they understand MPD (DID). The fragments will hold all the memories of abuse, so the alter can function. The fragments will also give the alter the appearance of the full range of emotions. If a main alter gets angry or feels guilty, what is happening, is that it has accessed its shadows to express the full range of emotions.  The Programmers abuse an alter and get the Shadow alters. Then they hypnotically attach a memory cue (which is a code consisting of the alterís name, the date of the memory, and perhaps something else to complete the code) to the main alter so that they can access the memory anytime they want. Then they hypnotically & demonically build an one-way mirror between this main alter and the shadow alters they have just created. These one-way mirrors are like one way windows--the reason they are referred to as mirrors is that they are put in the childís mind via mirrors.  Next, they ritually/magickly implant demons to guard the mirror(s) and to guard each memory held by the shadow alters. This separates an alter from knowing itself and its own abuse. The main alter has dissociated the pain, etc. to its shadow alters of itself. The Programmers then use the memory as blackmail to keep the main alter in line. The main alter has dissociated the pain, but will recover the memory if either one of three possibilities happen: a. the Programmer or handler says the memory code 3x, or b. if an event happens that triggers the main alter to remember, c. the main alter tries to remember the abuse and the programming, and in doing so they will be stepping outside of the circle assigned to them and will "break the circle & break the mirrors."  Remember, how we described a Main alter as a small circle with the rays (shadow alters) split off from it. The shadow or family alters of a Main alter are the true history of an alter.

The Main alter is given the script to totally love the Programmer/Master. It should be angry at what has happened to it. The ability to direct that anger is lost with the dissociation, but might be retrieved if the alter remembered, so the programmers transfer it by creating some outside person or object for the alter to focus their hate upon.  Elaborate hate scripts are then given to the main alter. The love of the Master now protects the Main alter from having to remember its pain. Very few alters and very few non-multiple people would want to remember such trauma and it is very unpopular in society to remember past traumas (how often have you heard expressions "let bygones be bygones", "the past is past", "donít dig up old skeletons", etc.) As long as the alter loves its Master, it is somewhat safe from remembering its own traumas. And yet for a Monarch slave to regain its own mind, the alters must regain their own memories. That is why to really break down the programming, memory work is need. 

That Monarch slaves must regain their memories to heal is a hard one for many people and ministers to understand.  Most deliverance ministries pray that God would take away their bad memories. Further, the programming holds the lies in place, and the demonology holds the traumas, programs, and memories in place. A Main alter is really in the middle of special purpose Shadow alters which have been split from itself.  The Programmers do a reversal on this and tell the Main alter that it is on the outside looking in. Vagabond Programming (which tells an alter it is a vagabond) is then applied to teach the alter it doesnít belong to the inside world, nor to the outside world. It belongs nowhere. The Main alter will perceive that it is on the outside looking in at mirrors. The mirrors then guard the inside of the circle. To try to remember the truth is to break the circle of mirrors. The circle of mirrors has magical significance, because it ties in with the witchball or speculum which the witches have used over the centuries to see beyond time and space. The steps that the programmers do, can be explained on many levels. Many of these steps are done for special occult reasons. 

One of the first things taught to a child is "DO NOT BREAK THE CIRCLE". This has both the internal meaning "donít go after you own memories and the external meaning "donít leave the cult--the circle."  Special black mats (such as used in wrestling) have been constructed by the Programmers. The first black mat is a circular mat with a 4í radius. The next black mat has an 8í radius (with a donut hole with a 4í radius) so that it can fit over/around the first circle. From there you have concentric donut shaped pieces of mat each four feet wider in radius than the previous, which can all be joined together. Each of the concentric circles will have a different colored circle painted on its edge. The victim child while it is in the crawling stage will be placed onto the middle dot and told to stay. They will be punished every time they move. When they finally can do this obediently, they will be given the 4í circle. Toys will be placed outside of the painted line (which may for starters be a blue line, then perhaps green, and then red). Just off of the mat are interesting things like a full bottle, a blanket, a coat, food, toys, etc. The child is cold, hungry and bored. Will the child obey and stay in its circle? If it doesnít it will be punished by being mildly shocked, or having its head dunked into a toilet, or its hand punished, and it will be set back in the circle until itís will is broken and it learns to submit to the order to stay in the circle.  This teaches the victim child several things: donít step outside of boundaries, donít break the circle, it teaches them the colors that will be used in the color programming of the internal world, and it is again traumatizing. What they see, hear and do will now be done in obedience.  

Does the reader see how hard it is for the child & its alters to move outside of the scripts? Alert readers will realize that there are 13 colors in Illuminati systems and that means 13 x 4 feet = the radius of the finished 13-concentric-circled black mat when all the pieces are laid down. This means a large indoor area with a floor space of at least 124í across in needed. Military bases, hospitals, churches, and universities like Oral Roberts University have gyms or auditoriums which the Illuminati use for this stage of the programming.

           The Presideo   

Mother of Darkness alters train the children. The Presideo had a great place for this training. This is the programming for the "Circle Will Not be Broken" script. The Amish do something similar, to make their children obedient, which is one reason the Monarch programming is easy to hide within the Amish culture. This type of programming is referred to in chapter 5 about the fronts and the Top Secret Amish Front. Let us briefly mention, that some systems are simply concentric rings (levels of alters) each assigned a different color.  Another twist to the color coding--an alter in some circumstances may have two colors. An alter may be coded Black below white, so that when it sees black color below white it is triggered. The sections on a soccer ball, have been colored and used for a programming visual aid.  Various researchers who have tried to identify: What happens when a normal non-multiple subject is hypnotized to not feel pain? Of course, the subject consciously tells the hypnotist that he feels no pain, but researchers such as the Watkins & Hilgards have demonstrated that the subject under hypnotism dissociates the pain to another part of the mind. In other words, hypnosis and MPD (DID) which are both forms of dissociation are much closer in how they function than some people have realized. In fact, some researchers, who are well aware of how close the two dissociative functions are, have defined MPD (DID) as "spontaneous hypnosis" (Beahrs, 1982; Bliss, 1986).  

The non-conscious area of the mind that hypnotic subjects dissociated to have been labeled "ego-states", "the hidden observer" and "a covert cognitive structural system". The giving away of pain, fear, and other traumas to Shadow parts is similar to what happens when researchers observe a person who is directed in hypnosis to not feel pain, unknowingly giving his pain away to a hidden ego-state. A hiding place where alters can go, a place of light which gives energy, is created in a System.  The New World Orderís One-World-Religion and their MindControl is organized on the hierarchal system with a S.P.I.N. front. The Illuminati and the occult world that they supervise has a strong hierarchial system both worldwide and within the slave. Fritz has spent a great deal of time researching and communicating to other how the hierarchy controls on a large scale, and how it is miniaturized and how this identical hierarchy is placed internally into the slave.

However, the big cover for the hierarchial arrangement is the SPIN principal.  What is the Spin Principle?

          S-P-I-N = Segmented Polycentric Integrated Networks.

 If one were to diagram a SPIN organizational chart it would not be a conventional box type configuration such as an army company organization chart. Rather, it would resemble a fishnet with interlocking nodes with groups linked to many other groups and cluster around nodes. There is no center to the network. It is like the brainís electrical connections, with an overlap of functions, so that good cells can take over from damaged sections. A network (one of their buzzwords) is many times more greater than the sum of its parts. 

The New Age author Marilyn Ferguson does an excellent job in describing how the Conspiracyís SPIN network functions.  "This is a source of power never before tapped in history: multiple self-sufficient social movements linked for a whole array of goals whose accomplishment would transform every aspect of contemporary life. " Because SPINs are so qualitatively different in organization and impact from bureaucracies...most people donít see them--or think they are conspiracies. Often networks take similar action without conferring with each other simply because they share so many assumptions. It might also be said that the shared assumptions are the collusion. "The Aquarian Conspiracy is, in effect, a SPIN of SPINs, a network of many networks aimed at social transformation. The Aquarian Conspiracy is indeed loose, segmented, evolutionary, redundant. Its center is everywhere. Although many social movements and mutual-help groups are represented in its alliances, its life does not hinge on any of them." Ferguson, Marilyn. The Aquarian Conspiracy. Los Angeles, CA: J.P. Tarcher, Inc., 1980, p. 217. ---The next 2 pages are charts showing an hour glass & its turning mechanism, & how a section can have various codes, trance depths, etc.

 The programmers enjoy setting up double-binds. One of their tricks is to create alters which are given negative spiritual roles with names to match. An alter may be named "unforgiveness", or "the one who doesnít trust anyone." For such an alter to trust someone, makes the alter feel like it is giving up its name, and therefore its identity. By combining the name with an identity that the alter doesnít want to lose, the programming intend to double bind the alter. The Satan alter within a System will see itself as Satan. The alter Satan feels that he is on the winning side in a war, due to the lies that have been told this child alter when it was created. A girl child alter will be made to think they are the evil male Satan. The point is that the identity of this alter is tied up with their negative destructive role in the system.  The Christian therapist has a better chance to show Satan that the Rule of the Victor means that Satan serves Almighty God, than for a secular therapist to try to convince Satan that Satan doesnít exist. And if the secular therapist tries to debunk the Biblical view of things, what positive philosophy or spirituality is the secular therapist going to give this Satan alter to fight with against the inevitable external evil that we all face in life?

Standard Roles Within An Illuminati Monarch Slave

(Note: that depending upon what the Systemís occupation in life is, also determines some of the types of alters created. If the System is a politician, they will need special alters to deal with certain secret activities. If the System is a baseball pitcher, they will need alters that are trained to pitch.)

Alien alters for contact, bonding w/ aliens, & acceptance of mock alien invasion 
Angel (imitation) alters for divine messages, these may be seen as Spirit Guide alters 
Angry alters 
Animal alters who are meant to act like animals 
Assassination alters (Deltas) 
Babysitter alters to look after keep them from popping out inappropriately 
Blackmail alters (Betas, and Black Widows) 
Bird alters (used for half a dozen various internal purposes, including ravens for suicide, doves for peace, orks to fly over the internal mazes, owls for wisdom, etc. The dove may be part of a false trinity.) 
Child alters 
Clockmaker & Clockholder alters (Also the Grim reaper may be associated with the clocks.)  Core related alters to imitate or protect the core from anything 
Coven alters to lead coven level meetings 
Courier alters (Carrier Pigeons) 
Data alters to hold information (this encompasses a wide range of alters, including alters who hold internal system information to alters who hold information for their masters.
Deaf & Dumb alters to prevent the System from hearing non-approved users say access codes. 
Death alters to take near death traumas 
Element alters (Alr or Wind, Water, Earth, Fire) for magick & compliance 
Espionage alters 
Firechild or Bombchild alters to make body feel like its burning  
Flooding alters (often flooding comes simply from Shadow fragments) 
Foreign Language alters 
Front alters for a good cover 
Gatekeeper alters to guard portals and gates Guard (or Blocker) alters to guard important areas of the System 
Justice alters--alters who mete out justice for disobedient alters  
Hierarchy alters to take part in Illuminati hierarchy ceremonies (there will be a big demand for many of these alters--different ceremonies and different times of the year are given different alters).
Hunts, alters created for the masterís sport of being hunted  
Loyalty alters which hold strong love & devotion to the master  
Martial Arts alters to protect the System if need be 
Mirror image alters, for deception 
Monster alters to scare the other alters 
Mouse alters to run the clocks (computer, and grids) 
Nothing alters, alters who believe they are nobody, or Mr. Nobody, or "no-name. 
Observation alters (these deep alters quietly observe all that goes on in an alter system. They may be called Watchers.)  
Programmers, Internal (alters cloned after the original programmers to reprogram the System, also known as Internalists.) 
Programming alters to help Illuminati program
Protector alters to protect almost everything in the System (essentially nothing is left unprotected in the System.) In some systems, these alters may even be known in the System as Warrior & Infiltration Alters. They may include such titles as Keeper to the Pit. 
Ribbon Alters to send messages from computers to System areas 
Reporting alters to give the master reports regularly, esp. important to monitor all activity by a therapist 
Ruling alters, such as Queens & Kings 
Run/return to master alters 
Satanic hierarchy alters, to insure that system is controlled by Satan 
Sexual alters (kittens for porn, S&M, etc.) 
Scrambling alters to prevent alters from hearing  Shell alters (to hide real alters from therapists) 
Suicide alters (clowns, Russian Roulette alters, etc.) 
Tranced, (alters tranced deeply to move up and trance the body) 
Travel alters, which can sleep during travel or be oblivious to where they are going 
Next we will discuss how some of these types of alters are created. These will be discussed in alphabetical order. It should be pointed out that generally the Illuminati choose one of the early front Gatekeeper alters to be the alter who knows the entire system as it is made.
This often is Gatekeeper no. 3. After the entire structuring is finished this alter will be hypnotically programmed to forget that they know the entire system. By the age of ten, an Illuminati system will have someone who knows the entire system. However, these gatekeepers get heavy programming not to remember.

Angry Alters

By the time the programmers are ready to create angry alters, the child victim has been well conditioned not to get angry, but to passively accept their abuse. The programmers have to get the childís mind to break with their prior programming to get angry. In order to do this, the child will be tormented without end for several days. This is one of the worst parts of the programming, and many children die in this stage. The Illuminati pick their most gentle Mothers-of-Darkness systems to work with the male programmers. If the gentle Mothers-of-Darkness slaves didnít bring some balance and affection to the child victims, the sadistic programmers would probably kill all of the children at this stage of programming. For more on this see Egyptian Armies just a little further.

Animal Alters. (Meant to act like animals) Although a large share of an alter system is dehumanized, there are certain alters which will be created to actually hold the body and act like animals. The alter may even be named "animal." A male or female slave may have dog alters which bark like a dog and get into the correct position to allow a Rottweiler/German shepherd/Doberman to penetrate the slave sexually. This is accomplished by taking menstrual blood from a dog in heat and smearing it on the victim. Animal alters are created by the standard dehumanization methods, and then shown films of what they are to become. Through hypnosis and behavior modification, the alters eventually accept the role they are tortured and programmed into taking. Itís hard telling what roles the programmers have created, it could possibly be any animal, but cats, dogs, donkeys, horses, rats, and mice are common examples.

Christian Front AltersMost Illuminati Systems have Christian front alters. Some of the early splits around 2 years of age are provided the chance to genuinely accept Christ. From these alters, two things will be done. Front alters who are Christians will be created, and satanic alters. In order to get dedicated Satanic alters, Christian alters are severely traumatized and God is blamed for not helping them. The Satanic alters will be deeply convinced that God has abandoned them. The Christian alters will dissociate all the trauma, and will believe that they are normal--nothing has happened out of the ordinary in their life.  Christian alters will also, like all MPD/DID alters, tend to deal with overwhelming problems by dissociation. Many Christian alters will deny such basic things such as that a Satanic conspiracy exists. They often will be far more zealous than the normal Christian, because they do not have conflicting ego-states. If any situation calls for compromise of their religious beliefs they can switch to someone else--and thereby escape having to compromise.  

There are many programmed multiples leading the Christian churches today. Christian alters are coached via the modern church and their handlers to only "spiritually minded" and not to challenge evil in the natural world. Some walk around believing that God will cure everything, which is true but not in the sense that some of the churches are explaining. That doesnít mean that all Systems will be "Pollyanish", but it can happen. The original Christian alters will be shamed and then hidden by the programmers. The "host" or "presenting" alter which holds the body will often be a Christian. This really helps hide the entire mind-control. Interestingly, a system of 20,000 alters may have only less than a dozen Christians alters, but the one or two strong Christian alters will exert a disproportionate influence on the System. The Illuminati has had a hard time controlling the Christian alters they allow. In their zeal to infiltrate, control and destroy the Christian churches, they have opened many of their top slaves up to the love of God, which has ended in the slaves trying to break free. Unfortunately, most ministers know too little to help these people escape.

Clones. The clones are little children who have been put into robot costumes and are trained to attack parts of the system which are not in compliance with the programming. The heads of the clones can be unscrewed. The clones can be taken out by various tactics--but there are hundreds of clones and they each have been numbered. The serial numbers are placed on them. An example of a cloneís number at the base of the neck might be 158.00. This may either be a model or actual serial no. but often is tied to the birth date of the victim, which is generally part or all of the victimís Monarch serial no. To create the clones during the 1950s, movie scenes of the divers of the Nautilus of the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea were shown. (With later models, such as in Star Wars programming, the robots of these shows suffice.) Some clones kill with a knife as the divers in the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. When clones surface and take the body they are cold. Programming is encased in a clone. Alters, particularly cult alters, may not be able to see the clones. They may be hidden in almost anything internally, including door knobs and walls. However, there is the possibility for the therapist that a net made of cloth woven of light can be dropped and the lumps will reveal the clones. They may be behind mirrors too. Water has certain properties that can stop clones, as well as magnets. Microwaves will take care of the electronics. A little microwave can take out a group of clones. Clones have many shapes--but they do not look like people. They usually have a switch to be activated. Atlantis may be set up as the world for clones, in accord with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea programming. Whatever the style, robots & clones are popular items for programmers to install. 

One of the major defects of the first few decades of Illuminati programming, was that the clones were set up so that water would stop them. Therapists could stop the clone armies by applying water on them. Recent models have corrected that deficiency. But when the clones are stopped, and the diver suits are taken off of the child alters, who are inside of the robot suits, then a child alter will be found which is in the same drugged state that it was in when it was being programmed. This child fragment alter will often have an I.V. (wires and needles) in it, and will be very druggy. It will be in its programmed war-like angry state. In Druidism, a swan was something dirty like a pig in Judaism. Some alters which are assigned to protect, are warned they will become swans. If the Queen of the Clones becomes a swan, the clones will become helpless. The Queen of the Clones (a triad) must do her job or be turned into a swan. Changing subjects to alter clones, Cloning programs include, for instance, Lollipop & Lobster programs.

Deltas. The Deltas are alters trained to carry out special missions resulting in death. The Deltas who are inactive are asleep. They must be activated. The programming to activate them will be triggered if a mission is given or if certain parts of the deeper parts of the system are tampered with. Deltas will work as a team with the Betaís to kill. An Illuminati System will be "magically" twinned during programming to be a Twin with another systemís Delta alters. And these two systems in turn are joined in programming with another 2 person team, so that 2 person and 4 person teams can be constructed. This gives the Illuminati more flexibility in what kind of missions it can send its slave out on. 4 person assassination teams are very common. They had 2 four-man Monarch slave assassination teams at Waco, Texas the day that the Waco Branch Davidian building burned up.

How The Deltas Are Created. Illuminati Deltas are linked to the moon children, and are the offspring of the moon child alter in the early cage programming. In the early 1950s, the Illuminati would take a child and force it to watch another child, who they have bonded with, be incinerated alive in a crematorium at high heat which would not only melt the child but turn it to ashes. The form of the child in ashes would stay in the shape of the child until the crematorium door which would have glass in it for viewing would be opened. A small gust of air would cause the ashes to lose their shape. Watching through glass and feeling the fire and hearing the child scream was a trauma for any child. The Presideo and some of the Illuminati-run funeral homes which had this type of crematorium were employed for fire traumas. The fire trauma was done so that the child would visualize melting from heat. This melting trauma would then form the basis of the good witch/bad witch programming where water on a witch makes her melt like in the Wizard of Oz story. 

The Delta and Beta alters are then to trance into their melted state whenever their programmers want them to function. Their functioning state is the "melted state". The programming is that the witches melt down to NOTHING.  After a few years, the programmers realized that they didnít have to have a real trauma to get the programming done, because they could usually do it with a combination of hallucinatory drugs, hypnotic drugs, and paper dolls. Paper dolls which when cut out are all joined together would be placed on a grid similar to an alter grid on a platform. The right hypnotic suggestions are made, and the child believes these paper dolls are alive and are burned up. If the paper dolls didnít work, theyíd go back to using a real child to get the job done. 

Later, the lower cat alters are taught how to be hunted and hunt at the "life or death" Beltaine hunts. These hunts helped train alters which are then used to create the Deltas. The Deltas are not completed until later.  To create a trained assassin, the alters were desensitized towards pain and death by being shown gory films with the eyes forced open. Hypnosis was also used. The potential victims were devalued, it is believed the Aryan alters which are very elitist and racist are used for Delta alters. Satanic rituals were also involved in the creation of the Deltas. Deltas will be trained in hand to hand combat--and know certain vulnerable places to kill people incl. breaking the neck. Training included a great deal of weapons training. In an early programmed multiple System, which was created and programmed in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, the assassination alters are placed behind a wall of ice. When the wall of ice is melted, these assassination alters are freed and they will go about their assignment to kill by using an ice-pick type needle poked into the heart of their prey. These Systems were infiltrated into the U.S. during the 1930s to build a foundation for when the Naziís expected to win the war. Later, American Delta alters were taught the art of assassination by poking a needle through the eye of the victim. This kind of assassination is apparently hard to detect.

How The Deltas Are Activated. The access codes for the Deltas are structured different than for the rest of the System, except for the sexual/entrapment/espionage alters who are designed very similar. The Deltas may be black color coded. When the programmer wants to use these Delta alters, he will call them up from their genii bottle or wherever they are hidden deep in the mind. They will be commanded to melt. When they have melted into the nothing state, then the programmer gives an exact script of everything the Delta alter is to do, just like you would program a computer step by step-- from step a to step z. 

For instance, the programmer might say, "At a certain place you will be in the melted state until you hear the words, "Iím going to Kansas City, where are you from Miss Ruby shoes?", at that point you will remain in the melted state and do part B of the script." As the programmer continues with the script, a Delta fragment will be given NWO codes, bank account numbers, and major sports numbers (so other NWO folks know who is going to win ahead of time). This fragment will simply be a mental floppy disk.

The Delta-Beta alters are habitually lied to by their programmers when they are given their detailed scripts. If they are carrying cocaine they may be told it is soap for needy children. If they shoot someone, then they will be told all kinds of lies about the person they are to kill. They never are really given a chance to step outside of their deep trance and to ever hear the truth about what they are doing. They live their lives in a surreal fantasy world where nothing really makes sense. They donít try to think for themselves, they just follow orders.

Since a mission may call for other alters to hold the body, the programmer must put together his Delta script so that two scripts can be intertwined. The programmer may work out something so that the Delta alter goes into a temporary sleep in the melted state while out on the mission. This way the programmer doesnít have to be present on the trip to bring the Delta alter back into its functioning "melted" state. The Delta alters canít be out too long anyway because they are not used to functioning in the outside world and they get tired fast. Several Delta alters can switch so that they keep having a fresh Delta alter come out, but eventually every one begins to get tired. That is another reason they will work in another script with front alters.  The front alters are used to holding the body everyday. The front alters will take a vacation, while the Deltas work on their detailed script of carrying secret messages and maybe killing someone.

During an airplane trip, a travel alter will hold the body while the Deltas sleep in the melted state. Delta alters (who by the way have photographic memories) are given their scripts by programmers, not run-of-the-mill handlers. Everything is too fine tuned in the programming for a run-of-the-mill handler.

Delta alters have an internal hour glass, this hour glass may be a mural in their internal world that they look at. As long as they are obedient, the hour glass sands do not fall. If they are disobedient, the sand begins falling, and their life is on the line. There is no room for mistakes. If the sand runs out, death is to happen. Large hourglasses are often displayed in front of Delta-Beta slaves to remind them that there is no room for mistakes, no slack for disobedience.  Their thinking is buried in fairy tales. They are programmed to see themselves in fairy tales, they are programmed not to see their handlers or anybodyís elseís face for that matter. Their handlers pretend they are fairy tale characters or aliens. These alters do not have a chance to understand what they are doing. If the programmers get tired of the slaveís programming breaking down--and it does in part due to the severe abuse they get from these sadistic programmers/handlers, then they will simply give the slave an assignment in which the slave will end up dying, i.e. a suicide mission. This type of suicide mission is happening all over the United States with great frequency. An example would be a lady who is getting too wise about the New World Order, so a Delta is assigned to crash their car into the lady, and its written down as "just an unfortunate ACCIDENT with fatalities." A shop owner refuses to pay the Mafia for protection; so a Delta vandalizes and tears up the shop and has a fatal shootout with the police.

Foreign Language Alters

The Illuminati/intelligence agencies realized when they started making slaves with photographic memories that they could create different parts of a slaveís mind to operate on different languages. Illuminati hierarchy systems will employ foreign language alters for several purposes: 

a. to facilitate the alter working in various situations, for example French is helpful to work with Catholics in Quebec, and with the Cambodian/Vietnamese criminal syndicate that the Illuminati set up in this nation. A high profile example of this is Bo Gritz, an officer of the Delta Force, who due to his photographic mind (created via brain stem scarring) can speak Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese is not normally an easy language for Americans. 

b. to hide things in a system. 

Examples of this include code words attached to Greek and Hebrew letters for body programs. Another example is having Latin phrases for accessing deeper parts. If an entire area of a system is put in a foreign language, and the system is not given any alters capable of translation, then you have very effectively isolated an entire section. For instance, systems are being created in their early teens which are sectioned off into 5 or more languages, say for instance, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Arabic. Some of the Systems created in the late 1950s, already were employing some of this. Since the very best Illuminati programmer in the world is European, and speaks several languages you can expect to start to see more and more of this "Tower of Babel" programming (multi-language systems where parts canít communicate.)  The reader realizes that such multi-language capabilities are always secret until the person starts breaking down the programming. The programmers tell alter systems that God wants this programming done, because God confounded all the languages & then spread people into the 4 corners of the world.

Gatekeeper Alters

The Gatekeeper alters are just that. They protect the gates or portals to all System levels. Infrequently, the programmers may also call them "doorkeepers", or "tollmen" & "toll women". The victim may refer to them as guards or blockers, although Gatekeepers are more than guards, they are an entrance or portal to something.

Gatekeepers may often be the alter that was split to get a particular section. Each gatekeeper may be at a deeper level trance than the one before it. When a Gatekeeper is split it creates a natural link to the alters that are created from itself. Then the Gatekeepers are given programming not to see what they have created and what they are natural portals to. These steps create a natural portal for the deeper alters. One-way mirrors are usually installed between the Gatekeeper and the section they guard, so that the deeper alters can see out, but the Gatekeeper canít see in. Besides splitting off entire sections from the Gatekeepers, clown alters will be created from them to keep the Gatekeepers in line. The first row of doors in a system--which the front Gatekeepers protect are often set up as the "red door(s)".

Deeper in the system, other Gatekeepers will be stationed in front of important systems, and these other doors will have a different color code than the first set of doors. To train gatekeeper alters, they are taken to a door and by behavior modification techniques (i.e. severe torture) they are taught not to go beyond the door. They are to hold their place and not step through the door. Then they are strongly programmed via hypnosis to forget the training session, but not the lesson. The first row of Gatekeepers can have no tie to the cult and no tie to the outside world. They are taught they are vagabonds. The only real tie they are allowed to have is themselves, and they are arenít allowed to know who they themselves are.  The standard programming for Gatekeepers is to mess them up with love-hate double binds. Gatekeepers are often very melancholic and if they go against their programming, they or the alters near them can easily commit suicide. The Gatekeepers always receive heavy programming and heavy trauma. Front line Gatekeepers may be near the front of a System, but due to their heavy programming, what they say should be taken with a big grain of salt. They usually provide outsiders with the lies the programmers have so skillfully convinced them to believe.

Illuminati Gatekeeper alters are in 3 parts. The higher numbered gatekeepers have a pedestal which they are rotating on. A cat, a butterfly and a porcelain face are the three kinds of alters which are joined together and rotate. The deeper Gatekeepers on Illuminati models must be locked in place before conversation can ensue.  The Gatekeeper alters are non-sexual, and programmed not to see what is below their feet which are the sexual alters. A stacking mechanism has been created to call each gatekeeper alter out and stacked on each like a deck of cards. This command for some systems is "Stand in order according to rank & serial no. [said 3x]." Another stacking mechanism can be achieved to place them all on the potterís wheel according to order with "See no evil, Hear no evil, do no evil" which originally was accompanied by a hand movement of exposing cards. The NWOís Charismatic branch give their deeper gatekeepers Porcelain Face Programming. Sometimes, the frontline Gatekeepers also get Porcelain face programming. The movie Ghostbusters, which has been used for a programming script on some slaves, has a very strong demonic "Gatekeeper" in the show. Janus, the two-faced god, was a gatekeeper, & the 1st month which is the gate to the new yr. (January) is named after him. The Illum. Great Rite ritual has a Gatekeeper (male) and Keymaster (female) to produce an AntiChrist child.

Hierarchy And Deeper Cult Alters

The deeper cult alters may be placed in a crystal ball and the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The Mother-of-Darkness alters will be set up on the Maiden-Mother-Crone trinity of the occult. Stormy alters, and there may be 60 or more deep level Stormy alters per system, are alters that are to be involved in all the man-made "natural disasters" that are planned for the period of anarchy. Sergeant alters are deeper call back alters who will be commanders of programs for the AntiChrist takeover.

The deep front alters of the Mother-of-Darkness, Grande Dames, or Grande Master alters will not be in a deep trance. They need to be fully alert for what they do for the Illuminati. However, since they are only out at special points in time, all they know is Illuminati life and philosophy. Illuminati philosophy will include such things as "Pain is strength. The pain we suffer will give us the strength to conquer."  The Sisters of Light (the level before the Mothers of Darkness) will be under the leadership of a Queen Mother. She will direct them to abduct a handsome male for breeding purposes. After the handsome male is used for breeding to get a male child for sacrifice or a female to raise as a Sister of Light, then the handsome male will be sacrificed. The Sisters of Light wear white for this ceremony. Because these alters only know the traditional ways, they donít have a realization of what they are doing.

An Illuminati multiple will carry on ritual functions at a number of different levels in the occult.  There will be different alters for different levels and different ritual dates. The back part of a hierarchy system will not be worked until a sealing ceremony involving Egyptian magic at the age of 19 in late Apr.-May. Three keys are given at the ceremony, which is tied to astrological events. The 19 also represents 9 + 10 doors in the system. Then the back (deeper hierarchy) alters will begin to be used. This back half of the System will be shaped by pathworkings of the Cabalistic Tree of Life. In the first levels of witchcraft, they will think they are worshipping a male & a female god.  By the third level they will be informed they are worshipping one god-Lucifer. Some Illuminati groups, which are Jewish, worship a female god at the coven levels.

The secret Illuminati set of documents that the Bavarian government confiscated in 1784 and published as Die Originalschriften der Illuminatensekte, Munich has an accurate organizational chart on p. 32 of these reprinted Illuminati papers. There were 130 or levels. Six of these are functional. Monarch slaves who have internal worlds with 13 levels, with 6 functional and 6 hidden are not much different than the actual hierarchy structure.  In the Illuminati covens, each coven will secretly have a copy of The Book of Ages, which is vellum, and is basically a Whoís Who of the Illuminati, and a copy of The Book of Generations, which explains the 13 bloodlines and what belongs to what generation. A handwritten magickal Book of Shadows will also belong to the coven. Only the Keeper of the Books and the coven leader will know about these things. The coven will also have a Keeper of the Seals which pertains to vows and oaths.

After Halloween, the coven leader (priest or priestess) will secretly send all the coven records to headquarters in Europe. It is important to realize that the internal structuring of an Illuminati alter system will correspond to the external structures of the Illuminati. This may not be an exact one-to-one correspondence. Understanding the Illuminati hierarchy ranks, which by the way had remained secret until Fritz Springmeierís recent Newsletter From A Christian Ministry in Jan. Ď93, is important. 

Within the male membership in the hierarchy you will find the following positions, Grande Druid, Grande Master, 5-star general (Servant of the Pentacle), Asmodeus, Ipsimus (or Royal Ipsimus), and Supreme Master. Bards are wise men within Druidism. Within the female side, are the Sisters of Light (9 grades), the Mothers of Darkness (11 grades), the Grande Mothers (13 grades), the Grande Dames, and the Queen Mother. Each of the 13 bloodlines have their own governing monarchies, upon which the numerous mob crime families are modelled.  This particular arrangement may have developed from Basque witchcraft rather than Druidism. Generational thrones (kings, princes, priests) are very important. The Kings are called Olympians. All of these bloodlines cooperate by having councils. Three groups have been identified as preserving the plans for the world rule by the AntiChrist, the Keepers of the Dawn, the Order of the Quest, and the Order of the Garter.

Egyptian Armies

The Egyptian armies are hundreds of fragments which have been programmed to have uniforms and to function as parts of an army. The main gods or spirits of Egyptian magic may be the names of the captains of the armies, such as the following names Isis, Osirus, Horus, Set and Ra. Thoth can be another name. In the Temple of Set, alters with Egyptian names abound, and arenít restricted to fragment armies. The armies are built to protect various internal structures.  The technique to make these armies are to torment the victim child in such a way that they make the child very angry. At the peak of the childís rage, they split the mind. The result is lots of child alter fragments which are angry. These are collected and shaped into an angry army of little children. When an adult Monarch slave, triggers a protective army the adult alter finds themselves with angry children alters who are like a large crowd of toddlers who are screaming their heads off. There is no way to reason with these child fragments. Imagine trying to reason with a little 2 year who is screaming. Without anyway to reason with them--the adult alter has little defense against such an army.

Flooding Alters

Flooding alters can be used as singles or as a group of alters. There is almost always a number of flooding alters in a system. They are developed by using drugs which lower dissociative barriers. The drugs were used when these alters held the body and the drugs caused all the dissociative walls to come down. These alters hold the memory of this flooding. Drugged alters in weird states can also be pulled up to make a system feeling crazy.


The Gem alters are early child splits. These alters are treated as bad as possible. They are literally defecated upon, and pissed upon. They are intentionally dehumanized and taught to think as little as possible about themselves. At some point, these alters who have no self-esteem are told that they are something precious as Satanís gems. But they are warned that if they ever talk to someone on the outside, bombs will go off. Various bomb mechanisms are constructed using other alters and imagery. If these bombs go off, these alters will be so dysfunctional, incoherent and in shock that the therapist will not be able to work with the System again. The Gems are then used to transmit the mind of Satan to the System. Beyond the gems, and the hour glass disciples, there may be a stage which has more memories hidden. If a therapist gets that far, see how to raise the curtain.

Looking Glass People

The "Looking Glass Images" is the Illuminati name for mirror image alters, who are split off of main alters in order to confuse everyone but the controller. Sometimes these alters can be spotted because an alter will say, "I donít know if Iím inside or outside, I think Iím inside." As previously mentioned, many alters also have shadow alters created from themselves to take their pain. It will be appropriate to discuss the overlays that the Illuminati place over real alters. The Illuminati will try to hide real alters with pseudo alters, mirror alters, mirror images and other tricks. Some alters are demons, and others are simply illusions of the mind. Shell alters prevent therapists from talking to the real alters. 

Mirror Images

Mirror images are purpose fragments whose job is to confuse both victim and therapist. When an event happens, the abusers will fragment the alter who participated in the event, and create mirror images of that alter. This means that no one has the full memory. An alter doesnít know if the mirror image is itself or something else. Itís very confusing. A triangle is formed by 

a. an alter

b. its mirror images 

c. demonic mirror images.

When an alter tries to recover a memory it goes round and round in a vicious cycle and finally concludes the memory is false. If one alter holds a memory, an alter close to it will have no feelings attached to the memory and will find it difficult to accept the memory as its own. Itís like wearing someone elseís coat, it may fit, but it just isnít your own. Mirror images, & pseudo-alters are layered in, so that it becomes perplexing to identify where an alter starts & where it ends. Therapists may think they have integrated alters, & actually only integrated their mirror images.  Looking Glass People are similar to the mirror images. The Programmers may create a looking glass alter by having a drugged alter(s) of the victim endure the trauma of seeing someoneís face peeled. Then the victimís face is also pretended to be peeled--by pulling off something like elmerís glue which has formed a surface on the victimís face. Then the dead personís skin is placed over the victim being programmed. The Looking Glass People are charted on grids and contain lots of the programs. They are confusing to the regular alters, because they appear internally like mirror images.

Programmer Alters 

Internal programming alters, which are "clone images" of the 3 primary external programmers will be placed into a Monarch system. Of course the programmers want to remain anonymous, so these programming alters are faceless & wear white robes. They are given vast power in the authority structure of a system, & can move wherever they need to move. When programming is discussed by a victim & therapist, they will appear.

Reporting Alters

These alters are programmed to record everything. They lack an overview of reality. They are child parts that only know their job. The reporting alters will be involved in the recontact cues. Recontact alters are alters which are unaware of the abuse. The programmers may promise these recontact alters favors if they "report to Daddy." For years, many therapists have worked with clients and never realized that the secret and well hidden reporting alters were reporting everything back to the handler. 

Scrambling Alters

This is one of the hardest type of programs for the victim to master. To make sure that the victimís mind is very alert a drug is given which clouds the thinking. The alters must try exceptionally hard if they are to concentrate and learn what their job is. They will learn how to take something being said and scramble it. When alters are not supposed to hear something, these alters will be called up by the internal programmers & they will sit on top of other alters and scramble everything they hear. These alters are technicians who usually enjoy the mastery they have over their difficult assignment. Therapists can give them a new job scrambling incoming cult messages. Scrambling programs (linked to triggers for scrambling alters) have at times been given names such as "AC DC" & "FLIP FLOP."

Sexual Alters

The early sexual trauma is designed to familiarize the child with sex, and to access the primal part of the mind. The torture and sexual abuse eventually becomes gratifying to the mind. The mind does a reversal, pain becomes pleasure. At any rate, the programmers are trying to get a type of nymphomaniac. They accomplish this on one level. The sexual alters have no feelings attached to what they do, and their masters never allow them to enjoy sex. They are not to have climaxes, although they may be coached how to fake it. (For punishment if a slave gives trouble, the programmers might even hypnotically or surgically sew up the clitoris to insure the slave receives no gratification. The Arab sheiks of Saudi Arabia will cut off--destroy-- the clitoris of their Monarch slaves in the same fashion that the Moslem world does with all their females.)

The Programmers have been heard to program their slaves, "Donít be a hustler and donít pick up strays."  The programmers must now ĎĎgroomíí these alters. Little boys begin to be orally sexually molested when they are three. That is the standard age. Females (and some males) need to learn how to appear and act seductive. The programmers understand human nature. They understand that there is a spectrum of female sexuality, where on one end of the spectrum females guard their bodies with their minds, and on the other end they guard their emotions with their bodies. When a woman guards her emotions with her body--she is the type who craves sex for the physical pleasure of sex. There are an entire cluster of behavior traits that go with this type of personality, such as the way they walk, use their eyes, stare at men, the way they dress etc.  The sexual groomers and programmers will teach the sexual alters these clusters of behavior. The sexual alters will also pick up lots of expertise naturally during the years of having to sexually service hundreds of abusers in every fashion imaginable. When Roseanne Barr, a Monarch slave, in her recent T.V. interview with Barbara Walters said, "Iím been screwed every possible way," she was not exaggerating.

The Gumby Programming is to make the slave think their body is like Gumby and is flexible to move into any position. The slave is repeatedly threatened with their life, if they do not perform perfectly.  The sexual techniques of the world have been collected and improved upon by the Illuminati and their intelligence agencies such as MI6, & the CIA. There are techniques to use with old men, for porn movies etc. which the common people arenít even aware of. The intelligence agencies and the military, when they use a male Monarch slave for covert activities, will find a female slave whose personality matches the male and pair them sexually during the period that the male slave is used on covert operations. This is done to ensure that the other side doesnít take advantage of the maleís sexual desires. Subjects such as how to train alters for espionage & prostitution could be books in themselves.  The Illuminati have male instructors who teach small classes of females about the power of seduction & how the male brain shutdowns when their sexual organ gets involved. Finishing schools like at Youngstown, OH teach sexuality performance based on fear of death. The male & female sexual slaves usually are highly skilled technicians who donít have emotions attached to what they do.


There are some examples in professional literature which will serve to illustrate how the alters in an Illuminati system are named. A therapist in a professional magazine provided the names of a clientís alters, which were Karen J, Karen Jo, Karen Ja, Baby Alpha, Middle Alpha, Adult Alpha. One of Frank Putnamís clients, (who had PET scans done showing how different alters have vastly different PET brain scans, which are not exhibited by people who only pretend to have MPD), had a Pam 1, and a Pam 2. These three methods here are common methods for nomenclature. In a 13x13x13 grid of alters, the top 2 sections of 169 each will usually have a quite a number of duplicate names. Our hypothetical Mary, would have a Mary 1,2, 3...11, 12, 13. She might have Eves 1-13 also. On the charts these would be Eve A, Eve B, Eve C, etc. She could also have a George Ann, a Georgee, a Georgette, a plain George, and a little child George, and several alters attached to these who have no names. Sometimes alters will be set up with first names and a surname, so that a family of alters will all have the same last name (surname). Some alters are not named by their abusers, they must fend for themselves in figuring out what to call themselves. They only have access codes to pull them to the front of the mind. 

There seems to be no end to the variety of names of alters. Some are named after the quality they have like a robot named Steel, or a crazy alter being named Dementia, or a animal alter being named Animal. However, a number of names keep popping up in System after System, so for what itís worth here are some popular names that Fritz has seen occurring as alter names: the Adepts, Alexis (or Alex), Angel, Anna, Baker, Charlie (or Charles), Crystal, Death, Jezebel, Lilith, Queen, Sadie, and Samantha. This is not a scientific sampling at all, just an observation based on dozens of alter systems which have shared some of their alterís names.

Boxes And Self-Abuse

We will now discuss one method of placing boxes into an alter system. Between the age of 4 and 4 1/2, an Illuminati child would be taken to Scottyís castle, CA for programming. A cedar chest would be placed in front of a table. Two Illuminati children well into their programming would be assigned to guard the chest, which would be called the Doctorís box. They would have "clean slate" alters who knew nothing but their hypnotic commands to guard the doctorís boxes. Expendable children would be coached to come into the room and try to get into the box. The Illuminati children would be given strict orders to kill them if they tried to get into the box. If the children failed in their guard duty, they either got more programming or were in turn expended. The Illuminati children had sharp swords with which to guard the box, which had 3 seals on it.

Internally, Mengele would then hypnotically program in countless boxes with 3 seals.  Locked up in the boxes would be self-mutilation and body programs, etc. Therapists should know that these boxes are deadly. After reaching the level of obedience where they would kill for the programmer, the Illuminati children would be placed in a deep well for a well-trauma, and then while deep in the well would be given various orders such as "cut yourself," "probe yourself (electroshock oneself)" and other self-abusive things. The well torture would usually work at teaching the "clean slate" alters to abuse themselves.  During many programming sessions, the victim is told "you must pass a test, will you pass the test?" There is something that is more motivating in these words, than if the truth were said, "you must endure these traumas, for our enjoyment and to become a slave for And to quote a line from the film When Rabbit Howls, "The worse things got, the more of us showed up." The mind keeps protecting itself by dissociating the overwhelming abuse.

C. Layering Programming is layered in.

Layer after layer of programming is put in. Each alter or alter fragment is used as if it were a component of a large system. The result is that no alter or fragment is the whole, only a cog in a great machine. Can a single cog rebel against the whole machine? It is very difficult for a single component of thousands of components to rebel against its abusers, when it doesnít even have the ability to realize they are abusers and not the alterís natural order giver. 

Besides programs, items are placed into the mind too. Examples include vaults, safes and doors which need combinations & keys. The Illuminati Programmers see the layering in of programming as demonic. They feel the scripts, and movies are more "fronts" than the actual layering mechanism. They believe, as one ex-Programmer said,  "This programming involves an organization system, established by horrendous trauma, for the alter personalities involving internal mental imagery, which is driven by demons, who provide the power. Undoing it requires an understanding of the mental processes involved, the imagery or blueprint used, and the spiritual dynamics."  (By the way, some readers will be ignoring this as Christian propaganda. However, this was said, not because this person is a Christian, which this person isnít, but because this person wanted others to be set free. It's also true that the Word of God, the Holy Bible, which was the foundation of Western civilization, does speak about spiritual warfare.) 


Now we will go into the various systems that are programmed in. The Programmers place into their slaves a combination of the following standard systems to make up the victimís programming: 

a. Cabalistic Tree of Life 
b. Carousel 
c. Castle 
d. Cave and well
e. Chess Board
f. Double Helix
g. Flowers
h. Helix
i. Hour glass 
j. the Mensa system
k. Pentagram
l. Pool of Death
m. Potterís Wheel
n. Puppet System 
o. Solemetric
p. Spider Web
q. Spiritual structuring
r. Stairwell
s. a Telescoping system
t. Tornado System
u. Umbrella  

Also an internal timing clock (system) keeps time according to the rotation of ritual dates, which helps Ďjustify" the SRA, for "itís that time of the year."

Just a quick note: different programmers have different preferences for how they do things. It also may depend on what site they are using for the programming. Drugs and videos are frequently used to get the person to adopt the script they are to accept internally. However, harmonics and electronics are increasingly being used. Ritual and magical ceremonies may or may not have rigid scripts.


 A. Cabalistic Tree of Life 

7-6a.gif       7-6b.gif  7-6c.gif                     

While the Cabalistic Tree of Life means little to most people, it is a very important--essential structure for Illuminati systems. Therefore, in describing how these systems are built it is important to describe this crucial magical tree. The reason all these following items such as Trees of Life and goddesses are placed into slaves is because THESE SLAVES ARE PART OF HIGH LEVEL SATANISM.  The slaves are a reflection of the world view of their programmers. You and I wouldnít bother with all this because we are not into magic. That we find ourselves reporting all this, does not mean we endorse any of this. We donít. But the programmers didnít ask us what to place into their slaves. If you have a low tolerance for understanding the Illuminatiís cabalism, skip on down to the Carousel system. 

The Cabalistic Tree of Life is put into upper level Illuminati slaves. It is a very deep program laid in at about section (level) 11.  The Cabala is the basis of  a. Freemasonry b. The magic of the Illuminati Monarch programming c. The key to the spiritual mysteries of the Scripture (according to Caballists). Because the word Cabala is a word originating in the Middle East it can be spelled with a Q, a QU, a K and a C. All these spellings are O.K. It can be spelled with one b or two, etc.

Golem in the Cabala are ancient medieval mind controlled slaves--are these precursors to what we have today?

WHO liked to program this?

Mengele, and Wheeler (Dr. Green & Dr. Black) were skilled in the Cabala, especially Dr. Green (Mengele). Some of the Rothschild programmers have been too.  Mengele learned from the leading Jewish Kaballists, during concentration camp days--Mengele himself was an Ipsimus in Illuminati. Undoubtedly, it is standard programming and many other Illuminati programmers must be doing it too.

WHAT is it?

The Cabala is synonymous with Hermeticism or Hermetic magic. The Cabala was Jewish Babylonian magic. The Jewish black magicians brought it to Europe. It began to get widespread notice in Europe after Enlightenment period. The great pyramid according to the occult is a symbol of the Cabalistic Tree of Life--the branches of the tree form the four streams or lines to the base of the pyramid. Because the Cabala is the basis of their hermetic magic, Illuminati systems will be fairly consistent in the make of a slaveís internal Tree of Life and Tree of Evil. A Maiden/Mother/Crone triad goddess will sit at the top of the structure and will be married to the AntiChrist & Satan.

The Cabalistic Tree of Life area of the System may have up to 12 other trees.  These are other magical trees. There are 10 circles or rooms which are joined by 22 lines that make up the Cabalistic Tree of Life called The Cabala for short. There are 4 worlds of the Cabala--3 pillars to the tree which are also given different names to these pillars at different times. As just mentioned, there are 10 spheres of the Tree of Life and they are joined by 22 paths. The Mother-of-Darkness alters (at least some of them) are placed in a Tree of Life, and they do what is called pathworking".

The spheres of the tree (also called rooms) are called "Sephiroth" and they along with the 22 paths that join them are the "file drawers of this universal file cabinet." Before the first sphere there are 3 veils of negative existence--the Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. Alters in male and female systems in the Tree of Life will consider themselves to be gods or goddesses. Their names will often reflect god or goddess names.

Chesed is a sphere which may be called a ĎĎHall of Mastersíí or the ĎĎSphere of the Adepts". Geburah is called "Hall of Karma" or "Hall of Judgment". The Illuminati alters of course believe in Karma. The center of the tree is called Tifareth which means Beauty or Harmony. Understanding of the mysteries of sacrifice may be attached here. 

If we think of the Tree as three pillars--the right, center and left pillars, then we start with describing the right pillar from the top room down--an Illuminati system will have Ishtar! Venus/The Morning Star/Lucifer in the top room. The next room below this will be an alter of destruction, an alter of change, unbinding and freeing. The final right pillar room at the bottom is associated with virtue/white/victory/endurance.

In the middle pillar at the top is The Crown. This is the Bride of Saturn (Satan, and the AntiChrist). The room in the middle pillar one down from the top is the Blue Room. Sometimes front Mother alters are in the blue room. Other rooms have other colors assigned, which then tie in with the computer color coding. The blue room is the balancing point, an important room, the center of all things, associated with the twinning.  The next room down is the Foundation. This room is the meeting point for the ethereal and the earth. The next and final room down on the middle pillar is the Kingdom. It has the life force of the first male child who was sacrificed by the slave. This is the feet on the earth room.

The far left pillar has 3 rooms. The top left is associated with Midnight/the Mother/and water.  The next room down is associated with Discipline and control.  The next room down is an alter that performed an eating the dove ceremony.

Each of these 10 rooms will not only have its own name, but each roomís alter will have its own magical name, which is not to be confused with its access code. The alter associated with Wisdom "Chokmah" (and maybe even named Wisdom) is usually full of good information.

In the occult literature, the tree is said to be attached upside down--that is its roots are in heaven. This applies to the internal programmed tree. Malkuth is the top of the tree. Malkuth is the "Gate of Death".  There seems to be more gatekeepers at these lower levels. The Lord of the Earth is the power of Malkuth.

How it is put in? Our answer applies to Illuminati Mother-of-darkness level systems. Before a Mother-of-darkness system is 16 years old they will have gone through all the ceremonies involved in the creation of the alters which correspond to the rooms of the Cabalistic Tree of Life which is placed in each system. There is one alter assigned to each of the 10 rooms of the tree. Each one is created by a particular Illuminati ceremony.  After the age of 16, the System will be guided on a personalized pathway by the systemís own demons and the life force of the sacrificed baby under the tree which relates to the story of Lilith. Lilith is not a single driving force, but the demon Lilith is joined with Zerodieth and Lucifer.

Between age 16 and 19 the deep Satanic alters are working on "pathworking." This pathworking will be completed before they are 19. The ceremony at 19 will include the 1,000 points of light ceremony at the super secret Mother-of-Darkness castle of Chateau des Arnerois (Castle of Kings) close to the Belgium-French border in Europe and about 20 kilometers as the crow flies west from Luxemburg. This will be a sealing ceremony with the Mothers dressed in black. Guards and heavy forest protect the large castle from view.  The people in the nearby spooky village of Muno, Bel, basically belong to the castle. The castle has a cathedral inside with a dome with 1,000 lights. The words 1,000 lights is an Illuminati buzz word. When the President used it to describe the White Houseís Christmas tree, hierarchy people knew what he was signalling. The cathedral has a great hall with columns on either side, and the Queen Motherís throne will be set up there. Only a single male waving an incense ball and robed in white with a red mantle with gold symbols will participate in 1,000 lights ceremony. Down in the secret basement is where an innocent child is sacrificed everyday to provide blood to write in a hugh book the record of how Satan is bringing his plans to fruition.

The strongman protecting the tree of life is Lilith/Zerodieth/Lucifer spirits amalgamated. Behind the 1st line of the tree are 880 demons, and tens of thousands more are attached to this whole apparatus. For 24 hours after one of the Queen ceremonies, the Queen alter is a queen and can have anything she wishes.

As previously stated, at 19, three keys are given, and the back part of the System begins to be worked. The System has an alter lay on a throne (like in Egyptian days) with a lily. The death, burial and resurrection ceremony also is done sometime in here. There are 9+10 doors to the tree which make up the number 19 (which is the year the system is sealed).  This is tied to an astrological event. Note that every 19 years the full moon appears on the Summer Solstice day and this relates to the internal sun dial and what is called "moon swing." The Cabalistic tree needs balance and becomes operational with balance. Special rituals are chosen for each individual, so the rituals from one alter in one system to another will vary. Individualization may actually be a choice from a selection --that is menu of options--rather than actually totally unique. 

The "Becoming" ritual at 19 begins in the ceremony of inhaling a dying mother-of-darknessís breath. Consciousness of the tree is achieved by balance. The Prana children are attached to the tree and its ceremonies. Lily became white when Moon child drew down the moon & exchanged herself for the goddess. She then drew down the stars of heaven (milk from the breast of the goddess). The lily she held in ceremony was the female challis to hold this essence or light of light. (this ceremony has sexual tones to it...) As Lily died in the ceremonies--drinking something from a special cup and laying down on an altar with candles at her head and feet) night was born. The liquid was wine with lily essence in it as well as Rue, which is a strong smelling European plant. Two things happen as lily is consumed--one conceives and one dies from poison.

Does this death and conception relate to moon cycles? Night = Nuit Noir = Black. She has names in two terms. She is death, permanence which preserves earthly attainments i.e. position, glory, possessions, etc.

What other items are involved with this programming? The rooms of the tree of life have names. Essentially, every Illuminati hierarchy victim, has the Cabalistic tree of life placed in them. This tree lies below the other trees. The circles that make up the internal Cabalistic Tree of Life are called rooms or quads by the various survivors. Alters can use the internal Tree of Life to work magic internally. It also reminds deeper alters of cult control. The circles of the tree are rooms that can be entered into. Mt. Qabbalah is a figurative mountain in the Cabala.

What kind of demonology is programmed in with this? In the Cabala, demonology is important. Ashmedai is Asmodeus which means king demon. Lilith is an important demon in Kaballah and is found in Ill. Mother of darkness systems. Lilithís story from the Cabala about mating with Adam and killing her son, is used in Ill. ceremony and programming. The blood of 1st born is placed in a box in the System under each tree.  This according to the programming gives the "eternal life force to the tree." This is in line with occult doctrine of the power of blood, and also serves as a misapplication of the biblical "life is in the blood" concept.

Metatron is a lesser top god of the Kaballah, and is receiving lots of Hollywood attention in recent movies. The four mothers of demons are Lilith, Naamah, Agrath, and Mahalath (a.k.a. Rahab). In the Cabala each demon has its own seal. Samuel & Amon of No are important demon leaders in the Cabala. At least one System of the Mothers (and we can assume others do too) uses the Bilair, Bilar, Bilid cabalistic names for Satan, rather than Satan.

The Shekinah rules the Cabalistic Tree of Life. This is not the Shekinah of God Almighty, but from the self-proclaimed "father of light" Lucifer. There is a "Tree of Evil" said to be below the Tree of Life which is all spirit and not alters. This Tree of Evil has spirits attached to each room rather than alters. In contrast, both alters & spirits are attached to the 10 rooms of the Tree of Life. Various precious stones are attributed to each of the sephiroth rooms, as well as occult archangels. Again if we look at the right pillar at the top is Beelzebub with Chaigidel as assistant. The Knowledge Abyss separates this room from the room below.

This next room is Astarte with Gamchicoth as her assistant. The final room on the right is Baal with Hareb Serapel. The middle pillar at the top is Satan & Moloch in joint rulership. Below that is the Daath room. The room below is Belphegor, and the bottom room on the middle pillar is Lilith with Gamaliel as assistant. The far left starts at the top with Lucifuge. Then below that is Asmodeus. And the final room on the left is Addramalech. Finally, below the bottom middle pillar live the four elements of life; air, water, wind, and earth. Note that what is at the bottom is really at the top. On the other end, the pyramid with the all-seeing eye rests on the two Cabalistic Trees. Ratzkiel is the archangel of Chokmah. The angels which carry out Ratzielís directions are the Auphanim (the wheels), a name full of symbolism and programming possibilities. Tzafkiel, the Archangel of Binah is the Keeper of the Akashic Records, where all the Systemís days, lessons, and lessons to learn are kept. Since the library records are spiritual, during deprogramming they will have to be wiped out. However, Iím told that there is someway to retrieve them. Some therapists are using sodium pentothal or whatever to get access codes--but there is another way to recover some of the records. 

What Are The Codes Like?  Gematria might play a role in Monarch codes. Gematria is a Cabalistic teaching about numbers meaning letters. Gematria is used a lot by Moriah. These are the magical numbers that also serve as letters to the Hebrew alphabet. Certain deeper alters are good at working at astral levels. These alters have "ASTRAL" or "CRAFTí codes, and code names, which will include codes from the names of herbs, spices, jewels, and alpha-numeric codes. Simple equation codes are also used in the deeper levels. HOW does this program relate to the twinning? Many survivors have roses incl. red roses. The Red Rose in the Cabala is associated with the Tree of Life. The Red one is assoc. with one part of the tree and the white with the other part. When paired together they make a blue rose which is the Rose of Malkuth. It may be possible that Red Rose and White Rose were used in the twinning and that a Cabalistic blue rose results in such a Monarch twinning. That last statement is only a supposition.

Speaking of roses, Rosemary (the Rose of Mary) is an occult term for a woman who conceives a dark child. It is also associated with a fragrance of the Mint family. The Willow Tree Vs. Oak Tree As A Programming Hanger For Moriah's Programming Alters of an Illuminati System, due to programming, will perceive a tree growing in them which has roots in their feet and its trunk and branches extending throughout their body. Upon this tree, fruit (programs) are placed. Illuminati programs may be to cut a "tree" limb off (which is actually the victimís arm), or for a certain part of the body to get hot, or for a certain part of the body to physically change in some way. These are attached via the tree imagery. Both oak and willows are trees are used.

Why might a programmer choose a willow tree rather than an oak tree in the basic programming? The answer lies in why a tree is used in the first place. A tree is used because of its imagery and because of its magical powers according to Druidism. There are a number of images a tree provides and there are a number of magical powers too. We will discuss the contrasts to develop our answer. The oak is a well-known powerful Druid item, but the willow tree is also sacred. The oak is so well-connected to the Druids that some of the other sacred trees of the Druids are not quickly recognized as sacred.

Let us look at the intrinsic imagery advantages of the willow and then the magical properties it might contribute. The combination of the two, will then provide us with the complete answer as to why a willow tree rather than an oak tree might be used.

Imagery . The imagery of a tree is used because it has branches, leaves and a root system. These items are manipulated for programming purposes. For instance, in the Alice In Wonderland programming, the girl jumps hypnotically into the tree and falls (hypnotically falling deeper and deeper) into the roots of the tree. The deep root system of the willow is an advantage over the shallow root system of the oak. When a storm comes the willow bends and doesnít break, while the oak is rather stiff and breakable. Since these trees are programmed into a person a flexible tree that canít be broke is an advantage. The wrapping around imagery of the branches gives a great deal of flexibility for programming and a stronger imagery than the oak. The willow draws water from deep below. The tree is "the tree of life" (the programs are the life of the system), and the Bible is used to "validate" the programming. For instance, the tree of life by the river (REV 22) is used. 

There are some other images that are important too. During Illuminati rituals the willow branches are used as whips to "cleanse" people the victims of programming. The image of a willow branch could easily trigger the memories of being punished (whipped and being cleansed), and this in turn would help hold the programming in place. The fruit of the trees are the programs--and some of the fruit can be eaten and some not. Sometimes childrenís stories about lunch pails hanging from trees or fruit in the trees is used to create a place for the individual programs are hung--or this could be a place for the front programs, and the more important programs are stored away somewhere more secret. Bear in mind, the trees in the programming sing and are able to wrap themselves around people if they are going where they arenít supposed to go. The willow has that flexibility naturally, so it is easier to imagine it wrapping itself around a person.

Magical Properties. Most everything that is done programming-wise has a dark spiritual significance to it too. The programmers will look for things that serve their purpose both here and in the spiritual realm. The willow tree is used to make witches wands, and help to make witches brooms. (Birch can also be used.) It is planted around Druid/Celt graves to protect them spiritually. It is believed to also have magical sexual powers. It is possible that some of the programmers might prefer the magical sexual powers of the willow, rather than those properties said to come from the mighty oak. This is not all of the willowís magical powers. It is connected with February and April in different ways, and magically connected with spring. Itís possible that the person receiving a willow tree might be born in this time period. Is it possible that what type of tree is selected could sometimes be related to when a person is born. Some programmers might be into being time appropriate--this would depend upon the beliefs of the programmer(s). The imagery of the willowís magical sexual properties could be worked into the programming, as certain alters might be asked to make certain brews, or taste of certain things hypnotically. This would be done at such a deep level it might not be known. Just as in the case of the Alice In Wonderland programming, when the person drops clear to the bottom of the tree roots they find themselves small and they go through a door. But when they come back the alter is not going to remember the trip and what they ate on the hypnotic trip down the tree.

Further considerations on the choice of Trees. It is possible that the we can question the question. That is perhaps the question is not that the oak or the willow tree was used to the exclusion of the other--but that BOTH trees were used in the programming. Generally, this seems to be the case. In one particular case, it is possible that in a double system (with a dormant third system as a final backup), the oak tree being the more obvious Druidic symbol and quite strong was used in the front system, and the totally secret second system has the willow utilized. When the one person attempted to snap the oak tree at ground level in a crude attempt to deprogram themselves, the root system regenerated itself through the first mirror image, and what came back was more spirit and more deadly.

Remember, the tree serves as an umbilical cord linking via its roots the person to their spiritual life force (which are the evil spirits which command and drive the system.) However, when the oak tree and its mirror images and the spiritual protectors (hideous spirits) were properly done away with, and then further deprogramming was done, a crack seems to have developed behind the pyramid crystal which allowed the personís original set of alters to experience a new or double system! Since that has happened it seems there has been an increased drawing to willows. In other words, for this particular victim it is conjectured that the front system (the fully operational set of alters) has an oak, and the duplicate set of alters which were each broken off of each of the original set) have a system with a willow tree. The trees roots of course are the umbilical cord to the source (the waters) that spiritually feed it. These relate to the soul ties. These roots have to be dealt with spiritually. They are so interwoven that they tie a person completely up with their roots and programs that are interwoven and wrapped around each other. Other high level Illuminati survivors also have a front tree and a back tree.

Another consideration is that the trees have flowers planted around them. Uprooting the trees are not sufficient for deprogramming, because the flowers are the deeper generational material and will regenerate the trees. Touching Lilithís box under the tree can release owls and monkeys and other animals that are dangerous. A generic code often can be used to take out the flowers.

What Are The Other Trees? Other important occult trees are the Tree of the Knights Table, and the Tree of Alchemy. There is such a thing as Tree Magic, which involves many kinds of trees and tree spirits. The Axle tree according to world wide occult belief has the earth revolving about it. Many survivors of course have the oak, willow or ash trees placed in as their principle tree or as their back up tree.

The final back up tree in an Ill. System might be the occult Yggdrasil tree (ash tree). The Yggdrasil tree has 3 roots (spiritual, terrestrial, and infernal) and has a cosmic egg attached to it. Generally only one tree is mentioned, but a back up tree exists, and then third tree which is a back-door back-up tree. Therapists should be cautioned that these trees often come in groups of 3.

What are the Backups?  Beside the principle tree, the programmers will often plant a flower that represents the generational ties. If the tree is taken out the flower will regenerate the tree. The petals, the flower center, the stem and roots represent different generations of the victim. Understanding the Maiden-Mother-Crone combination in the Mothers-of-Darkness. Therapists are going to find Illuminati slaves having 3 alters placed together. This is part of how these systems are structured. The maiden is set up on the pedestal as the "a" alter. The first programming chart which shows all the "a" alters in the system consists only of the young maiden mothers. The mother or second figures are close behind the aís. However, the crone part of the triads is meant to hide in the background. They serve as the power of advice behind the scenes. These Mother of Darkness triads participate in various ceremonies. Their initial initiation ceremonies included water torture with electroshock, which is the death, burial and resurrection ceremony. There are the full range of Satanic holidays for the Mothers and a look at the frill range of holidays will provide a person with the type of ceremonies that the Mothers carry out, which include the two solstices. Different Mother-of-Darkness alters participate in different ceremonies. The inside of their black velvet gowns are color coded so that within the ranks of the Mothers are a whole series of ranks (grades). All of these Mother parts have been told they are divine goddesses. The following information will clarify this further.                                              

The Mother or "A" Parts

The Mother part of the Goddess Trinity is the high point in all cycles. Traditionally her color is red, the color of life force. The Mother is associated with adulthood and parenthood. The Mother is ripeness and balance. Mothers actively work magick. She is a nurturer. She is confident and has no indecision. The Mother knows what she is. She is the full moon. Summer is the Motherís time of the year, the full moon is her monthly point of power. She is honored by Beltane (May 1), Summer Solstice, and Lunasa (Aug. 1). As stated before there are certain rituals which call for Mothers rather than a maiden or a crone.

Maiden Or "B" Parts

The young maiden part of the mothers is the equivalent to the "apprentice" level of the mystery schools and Freemasonry. The myth holds that the maiden will be eternally youthful. Even with the aging process, the goddess can experience youthfulness in the mind. The maiden is the creatress of new ideas. She also is the armed hunter of the Motherís laws. She is the Guardian of the Balance. She is aware of her sexuality. She is independent and not controlled by men. She is the Way-Shower, the Keeper of the Keys. You will find the maiden in the following rituals: New beginning rituals  Plans for conception  The birth of a child  The first menstruation for girls  Puberty rituals for boys 

The Crone or "C" Parts

These alters rarely show themselves. They stay in the shadows and pass on advice. The crone aspect of the Triad of Goddesses has been called the Terrible Mothers, the Hag, the Dark Mother, and the Wise One. She is associated with black, death, winter, menopause, wisdom, counsel, reincarnation, and the initiator into the deepest of the Mysteries. The waning Moon is her monthly time of power. The crones number is 9. 9 is a number of wisdom and sacred magick. Nine is also a moon number, which means spiritual completion and wholeness. The crone has a cauldron. She is the great recycler. She is the ultimate teacher. She contacts the Spirits and is an expert on demonology. She is the Keeper of the Spiritual Records. She is the shadow behind the Motherís throne. According to the occult, she is the elder of unlimited wisdom. There are certain rituals which call for the crone, such as Winter Solstice. The crone completes the wheel or cycle of existence of the Mothers of Darkness. She is most likely in the system the most dehumanized of the three that sit on the pedestal. The following are a sampling of the goddesses you will find. Since the names of these goddesses are not secret, it is possible for people who are not in the occult to track down what the popular goddess names are. Here are a few that are placed into systems:

ASET (Isis) (Maiden)--She dwells in the sky as the silver sheen. Isis or Aset is the best known of the Egyptian goddesses. Her name means throne. She is a ruler. She is the mother of the Anti-Christ figure of Horus. She has a horned crown or a solar crown. She has lots of titles. 

BAST (Maiden)--Bast is the mother goddess of all cats. Bast looked like an 18í giant with a cat head. Internally, in the system she will look hugh. Black cats were sacred to Bast. The internal Bast may like obsidian and cats-eye. Bast corresponds to Yesod (the Foundation) on the Cabalistic Tree of Life. 

CAILLECH (Crone)--Caillech was the Scotch and Irish Crone figure. She is known as the black mother. A derivative of her name is Caledonia. She was the Spirit of disease. Caillech means an old woman, a hag, or a veiled one. California is named after a version of her name. Some think her name is a derivative of Kali. 

HAT-HOR (Mother)--Hat-Hor is also known as Het-Hert. She is the womb of Horus. She is Queen of the Dead, or Queen of the West. In mythology, Hathor, when turned loose on the earth, slew humans until blood ran in the rivers. She is the avenging Mother. She is identified with the heavenly cow who made the Milky Way, and the Nile Goose, who laid the Golden Egg. 

ISHTAR (Mother in the swamps)--Ishtar is Lady of heaven, goddess of the moon. Istar had a lion throne and a double serpent scepter. Ishtar went down through 7 gates into darkness and then returned in order to try to find her lover Tammuz. Sometimes Istar is accompanied by dragons. She was originally a Babylonian goddess. 

KALI (Crone)--Kali or Kali Ma is the best known Crone goddess. She will be deep in an System. One image of her in mythology is squatting over the dead Shiva devouring his penis while physically eating his intestines. This is an actual Satanic ritual that Mothers-of -Darkness participate in. Kali has both creation-& destruction abilities. Kaliís necklace in Indian legend consists of skulls with magical sanskrit letters. Kali was and is worshipped by a great number of people, especially the Hindus. One group of worshippers has been the Thugs, who relate to the Assassins and the Knights Templars. Another group of Kali worshippers are the gypsies who left India in the middle ages and over the next following hundreds of years travelled all over the world. Originally, blood sacrifices of male animals or men were made to her. There is a reported decrease in India of such blood sacrifices from what it was a century ago. The favorite view of Kali is the black Kali named Dakshinakali. She is usually shown black and naked, full-breasted with dishevelled hair and a wild grimace. 

 KORE-PERSEPHONE (Maiden)--A great mother of Greek myth. Kore means "maiden" in greek. In mythology, she watched the grain grow among the wildflowers, especially red poppies. She became the mistress of the underworld. She guards the chasm that goes into the earth. She marks each spirit of the dead on their forehead with pomegranate juice. Pomegranates are used in ritual. Kore returns in Spring to see her mother Demeter. According to Greek legend Kore was raped in Hades. She is also known as the Queen of the Dead. A similar Illuminati ceremony takes place where a male wearing a mask acts like Satan. Kore makes the journey to Hades by herself without her mother. The Greek mystery schools, which included many great Greek thinkers, have had rituals around Kore. 

MAAT--Maatís name means "She whose name is Truth". Her symbol is a red ostrich feather. A ritual vow is "by the Feather of Maat." Maatís presence might explain why a System is infatuated with feathers. Maat is the one in legend who "is the pattern" --the one who "will find a way to weave us back into our proper places in the tapestry." 

B. Carousel The Carousel in real life is used as a device to teach dissociation, and how the alters are to go up and down in trance. Sometimes you will see parents who seem to be so loving having their children ride for long periods on a carousel. They might actually be programming them in dissociation. 

An internal carousel is built into an internal system. Mirrors and shadows are placed around and perhaps in it. The carousel spins and moves up and down repeatedly. In the center of the carousel, the Programmers often place something or someone important. They will often put this at the bottom of the DNA double helix and have the double helix elevator shaft coming up the center of the carousel. The carouselís bottom side will set on top of the systemís switching mechanism. And the core will sometimes be placed in the center of the carousel somewhat underneath it. The switching mechanism is the main control for turning the system (the Grandfather clock so to speak.)

The carousel may have umbrella programming immediately on top of it. (This could be Illuminati Delta alters, which can be one of the deepest things put in.)  The carousel must be approached from the back side. At times an internal key, which often looks like an old key is needed to enter the Carousel. Many Illuminati systems are given a key or set of keys, and at times when they enter therapy the front alters give this to their therapist not knowing what the key is, but knowing it is important.

The co-authors believe that these keys are carousel keys. A false trinity will be assigned to guard this, which will consist of the False Prophet, The Beast or Dragon, and the Hoofed One. The false prophet and the Beast (dragon) come out of the book of Revelations.  The Hoofed One is a rare occult term for Satan, not to be confused with the popular usage of the Horned One in the occult. The two terms are different.

If several carousels are built into a system, then they will have other guards than the false trinity. In many Illuminati systems, there are 13 silent splits made from the core called silences, and at this time during the splitting process guards are made to the Carousel/core. The method of doing this is to place black covers over the eyes of the victim, and then probes are inserted into the base of the skull, as well as electric shocks being applied body-wide and in the subcortical part of the brain.  The victim has their mouth restrained from screaming. The pain from this is about as excruciating as a human can stand. First, the fear part of the brain is activated. Then the logic part is activated, and the victim is told repeatedly "Be good, obey." Next, the fear is stimulated, and then the pain. The head will have excruciating pain, and so will the body to the point of nausea and sickness. An alter will be created to carry the pain, and one to carry the fear, and one to carry the anger. These will be identified and used to guard the carousel. Six alters will guard the carousel. They will be identified and linked to the most important carousel, which guards the core.

To attempt to think about the carousel, on the part of an alter, may bring up these guards, and the system will abreact in memories that are almost unbelievably painful.  If a therapist accidentally triggers this, get the little child guard to back up or go to sleep. Make sure the heart of the victim, and lungs continue to function.  The alters within the victimís system may have "aged" slightly since their primal trauma, and may appear about 2 years of age. Most alters this young do not know how old they really are. Therapists will attempt to associate the memory and provide anchors from the early memory to the present. Association strategies are worked out by the therapist to deal with the particular trauma in relation to what alters are there to help and were involved in the trauma. The association may be done in steps. Older helping alters can help assess the age of the infant alter by answering questions about size, teeth, physical abilities, verbal abilities etc. Verbal abilities of illuminati infants may be advanced beyond norms.

C. Castle. A castle system will contain a moat, drawbridge, turrets, gargoyles, a torture dungeon filled with actual memories of torture, secret passages, lots of levels, & rooms including a library. Child alters are often hidden in the castle. Disobedient alters may be locked up in the castle. Lots of traps are placed around and in the castle. The castle will house some alters and also some deadly programs. When castle alters get stirred up, the victim may internally see the castle lights go on. The castle walls may have a grid on them. The castle may be guarded by monsters.

D. Cave and well. A gatekeeper will guard the cave. Disobedient alters may be put down the well. This system deals with a lot of darkness. Catacombs may be connected to the cave and well. Falling down the well is one way to get to the abyss (see the film Labyrinth). Usually there is only one entrance-exit to this cave. 

E. Chess Board. This system utilizes the Alice In Wonderland story. It is put into male slaves. The pieces of the chess board move in various ways setting off different programs. The devil will equal the black king. A program might sound like this: "Black knight moves two spaces and one right. White knight moves two spaces and one left. White knight challenges black knight. Black Queen moves 5 spaces." The victim who receives this programming must be the type of thinker who would play chess reasonably well. The script can be shown via videos while the victim is under hypnotic drugs.

  F. Double Helix.  This is a very important system. The double helix pattern is used as an elevator shaft running up and down the worlds created for the alters. In general, each world lays at a trance level. The double-helix is put in at programming sites where they have full medical facilities, such as Letterman Hospital, Presideo, CA. The codes up and down the elevator are alpha-numeric with lots of numbers. Because the way the double helix shape twists, one can ride the elevator and get off a level 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 but you have to ride it the other way to get off at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. Because the double helix is the centerpiece of how the different physiological states of the mind are being layered, taking the victim down to these different physiological states and levels is very risky and by the time it is through it involves lots of blood transfusions for the victim.  The Caduceus is a double helix with snakes at the top. The Caduceus is an occult symbol used in ancient Babylon, ancient Hindu India, and by Chinese occultists. Mercury in occult lore carries a staff called a caduceus. Mercuryís staff is a cabalistic symbol. William Hellerís book on the Kaballah on page 78 states, "Mercuryís staff, called Caduceus, and made of intertwined black-and-white twin serpents, heralds more forthcoming splits into duality. Once again, it reflects the ambivalent mind, its conscious, and subconscious states, its waking thoughts and imaginative dreams." So according to cabalistic doctrine, the caduceus represents the various states of the mind.

G. Flower system.  This system is attached to other systems, and utilizes the power of peer pressure and generational ties. The flowers will often be bright. The bud of the flower will represent one person, the stem and the flower represent others. This system might be connected to the Umbrella, the Trees, the Triangle and the Star. A flower can regenerate an internal tree because of its generational roots. Flowers are also used as elevator shafts, such as a sunflower. One has to jump into the center of the flower and go down the stem to reach a lower level. Flower fields such as the poppy field are used as a hypnotic trigger to put an alter into deep trance.

H. Helix.  This is a simplified version of the double helix.

I. Hour glass. Three hour glasses will be placed around the x-y-z axis in a quadrant. A quadrant consists of a section of alters in a world and their mirror images. The hour glass programming also includes a suicide program. 12 disciple alters will be placed within the hourglass. Each disciple has to memorize a disciple lesson. If something triggers them, they will begin to fall through the hour glass. If each of these 12 disciples falls through the hour glass like sand, then a sleeping giant like in Jack in the Beanstalk will wake up, . When the Giant awakes, he will kill the body. And of course, a mirror image of the Giant alter will be made also to help insure that at least one of the giants get the job done.

J. Mensa. This is a program put into slaves who have photographic memories. It involves lots of numbers and math. Itís overall structure looks like a triangular-shaped fish net, with all the nodes or knots of the net containing a triangle. The core is placed at the center of the triangle and is surrounded by more triangles. There are circles of alters within circles of alters. Circles within circles. The a circle can rotate and seems never to end. The programming is meant to be non-ending. There are also triangles within triangles. The effect of using a structure like this to house the alters is that they feel trapped in endless circles and mazes of triangles within triangles. The codes in a Mensa system will be equations (sometimes called union force codes), bar codes, and number sequences.

K. Pentagram system.  One pentagram system has pentagrams within pentagrams. The geometric lines grow from pentagram to pentagram by lines running in opposite directions. This has the same effect as circles within circles.

 L. Pool of Death. One or more of these can be placed into an alter system. They often are found inside the main castle. Dead alters and body parts and torture fragments, are all dumped into these system garbage dumps. The Spirits of Death and Destruction control these pools of Death. Variations of this may be called Lakes of Death, and Waters of Death. In some systems, this is overseen by Taskmaster alters.

M. Potterís Wheel. This is the equivalent to a computer utility program. The way it functions is that the Programmer pulls the alters he wants to work on up on the potterís wheel in order to work on them. When they are pulled up on the potterís wheel, they can be asked to stand in order and rank. Then the alters will come to the front of the mind on top of each other in their prearranged sequence. The Charismatic movement programmerís like to use this, because the Programmer can become god, and the slave becomes the clay.  Can the pot talk back to the potter? The Bible verse in ISA 45:9 is used,  "WOE unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What maketh thou? or thy work, He hath no hands?"  The next verse again repeats its woes upon those who question parents who fashion a child. As is typical of a number of Illuminati programs, at first glance they look like they are merely perversions of the Bible, but a closer look reveals that they are actually ancient occult rituals. For instance, the Illuminati believe "As above, so below." This is druidic philosophy, even though it sounds somewhat like something from the Bible. In the book Invocation of the Gods Ancient Egyptian Magic for Today, pg. 203, the book gives a magical invocation that supposedly has been found in ancient Egyptian magical papyri. At any rate this invocationís wording is powerful in English for a Monarch slave. The Invocation is called The Potterís Wheel. "Hear the sound of the potterís wheel As it spins! Khnum! See the clay on the potterís wheel As it spins! Khnum! Feel the hand of the Mighty Lord Form the seed to contain a soul As it spins. See the soul, on the Wheel of Life As it spins! Khnum! Birth to death on the Wheel of Life See the soul, on the Wheel of Life As it spins! And with death we are born anew While the vessel thatís tossed aside Will return to the potterís wheel As it spins!" This is just one more example of where programming and magic intersect.

N. Puppet System. In this system the body feels totally disjointed and controlled by strings. Mengele enjoyed this program. He would say, "Dance Marionette dance." In other words, to paraphrase, "dance slave for me the controller". Demons are laid in to pull the strings of the puppet. The internal controller may be a demon or a demonized alter. It can be attached to other systems such as the Pentagram system. In a previous part of the book, it was discussed how the victimís body is paralyzed by drugs and then electroshocked in a way that the person seems to be the Programmers puppet. This is put in when the child is very young. This puppet programming is very convincing to a small child, and is a very nasty program for the slave to experience.

O. Solemetric system. This is used for government/business/research slaves who must perform complex tasks and they want their minds to be less fragmented or not fragmented. The mind can be programmed and divided from itself without creating alter personalities. Because the divisions in the mind due to dissociation and programming lies are not as deeply structured, victims who get solemetric systems have strong demonic forces and lotís ritual to hold their systems in place.

P. Spider Web system or Black Widow Spider System. This system is set up just for blackmail and destruction via entrapment of unsuspecting people who are perceived as threats to the Illuminati. This system is found in lots of women coming into churches with decent by naive ministers. The system has a web with connectors and silk strands. A target person will be symbolically placed into the web and then the black widow alter(s) will entrap the victim. This is programming to take down pastors of churches with sexual entrapment. The spirit Viper found in ISA 59:5 is placed into this system to protect it. There will be egg alters which will devour the victim, and Gatekeepers are assigned to guard the system.

Q. Spiritual structuring.  The spiritual structuring is not a single structure. A few people have worked with the deeper elements of the programming to help victims and also know what the Illuminati programmers have done and what their agenda is, have come to realize that the spiritual structuring is the most important part of an Illuminati system. What you will now read is known only to an exclusive few. Spiritual castles (Grandfather, Father, Mother, and Grandmother castles) and spiritual temples (to Moloch and Baal etc.) are constructed internally. Entire spiritual worlds are constructed internally. The most primal parts of the mind, and the key early alters and the core essence are usually taken to spiritual constructs within the Illuminati slave. The gems are empowered by the light of Lucifer (an alter-demon combination). But even more deeper than that are the generational ties.  The programmers, who themselves are generational satanists, are part of a plan where the generational legal rights of Satan are accumulated upon an individual. In the Scriptures it says that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generation. This gives Satan a legal right to the generational victim. Each bloodline has its Prince demons attached to it--just like in the Bible the Prince of Persia was both a man & and a demon. Hidden within spiritual constructs such as black diamonds, and diamonds, are further demonic constructs.  The thrones of the generational Prince Demons are attached to the primal human part of the victim. This is entirely spiritual--beyond that there are no words to describe it. It is very real to the survivor when therapists get to that point (which is very rare!). The power of the Illuminati is that it is generational. They build upon that, when they build a system. Some of these genealogies have not been free for many generations. If you want to spoil a structure, one need to bind the strongman. The strongman in an Illuminati system is the generational ties. All ties to the bloodlines need to be renounced. The Programmers will take little Illuminati children to crypts of their ancestors in order to better attach the generational spirits. The womb holding the premature child is used as a temple in the Moon Child ceremonies. After the child is born the womb structure will spiritually serve as a temple for the primal human parts of an Illuminati slave. Whether the therapist can realize these things or not, in the very least, they are aware of the saying "Father like son", and are aware how traits may skip a generation but how a grandson may mirror a grandfather. The generational aspects to Illuminati slaves are a major role in the Illuminati

R. Stairwell. The stairwell is just as it sounds, it is a stairwell that is placed into a system. The stairwell can be used as a trap for alters who are unwise enough to be lured by programming to go into it. The stairwell system connects various levels. There are booby traps and demonic entities attached to the system. Stairwells may be sealed up with Gatekeepers assigned to protect them. If an alter proceeds down a stairwell to get to other levels they need to realize that they initially will hit "tornado (also called whirlwind) programming" and flooding of memories. The tornados will spin the victim inward and disorient them. The alter holding the body will feel as if it is out of control and going to die.

S. Telescoping. Any telescoping object (such as a telescoping army drinking cup, or a telescoping rod) can be used to give the visual picture for the child to follow when it is being programmed. A telescoping system often has a time level, a function level and an age level. The game of Chutes and Ladders along with Jacobís Ladder have been used to place the story line into children.

T. Tornado System. This is a free floating system that moves around areas that the programmers want protected. When it hits an alter(s) it causes confusion, spinning, and switching, as well as a feeling of losing control. Itís part of the elemental back up programs discussed within a few pages.

U. Umbrella. This is associated with military programming. An umbrella protects something, such as the Delta assassination alters. An umbrella must be taken down from the inside and so must this protective shield of the Umbrella program. One Umbrella system had 7 gates to it.

Defenses In Death

What would happen if a slave physically got away from its master or handler? This has happened countless times and the mind-control is so solid that the handlers donít have too much to worry about. Mind-controlled slaves have gone to therapists for years and never gotten free of the mind-control. The therapeutic process that the establishment has schooled them in and then requires them to adhere to, prevents the therapist from doing things that might really set the victim free. Therapists are often loath to give any help in any thing that smacks of spirituality. The spiritual issues in many of these slaves are the most crucial issues facing them. If they donít resolve these spiritual issues, the deeper alters will continue to adhere to their blood oaths of allegiance to their Satanic abusers and their oaths to serve Satan loyally.

Each cult which programs, makes sure that they place in lots of loyal alters, which therapists call persecutor alters because they torment the alters who want freedom. If therapists try to eliminate these persecutor alters, they will fight back with the full tenacity and strength that the survival instinct gives to anyone. Their persecutor role needs to be validated, and then redirected toward productive ends. Many persecutor alters see life simply as following their instructions and that they are protecting the system from greater harm by stopping therapy. During programming that was the case, but if their System has reached a good therapist and has good support team of other people, their fears no longer apply. The cult will attempt to show them that their fears do still apply. Hopefully, the support team for the system of alters will work as hard at protecting as the abusers do to reinforce the fear.

Many of the programmers have been associated with the military.  One of the tricks that the military learned is a defense in depth. The Russians employed defenses in depth with great success in 1943 in the big battle of Kursk during W.W. II. The first defense is that the slave has no awareness of the MPD (DID) or that they are being used as a slave. Some of the alters will realize that something is wrong, but the mind control is too strong for them to see clearly. Essentially the System is in trance all the time, even the front alters, they do not perceive reality like people who are not in trance all the time.  The next line of defense is that the fronts of an alter System donít have a clue about the abuse or what their system has been designed for. The front alters will have alters which are loyal to the master, and alters who are full of craziness and disinformation. If the victim keeps probing (which many donít) they will discover an occult involvement. Even if they discover that the System is related to the occult world, the programming is still intact. If the person finds out he is MPD, and finds out that the System was part of the occult world, then he still is captured by all the programming which is intact.

Walls, fire walls, mazes, suicide programming, internal armies, programmed craziness and many other tactics sap the strength of the front alters if they try to deviate from the straight and narrow programmed way of behaving.

WHEN THE FINAL CALL BACK IS GIVEN--many Monarch slaves are programmed to kill their therapists because the Illuminati will be able to hide/protect them once they leave their place in society and return for the final callback.  Reporting alters hidden well in the System, observe and secretly report back to the Network everything a therapist does. The alters have fix me codes to call for help such as "FIX ME", "QUEEN OF HEART", "THREE LITTLE KITTENS WHO LOST THEIR MITTENS", "THE COWS IN THE CORN, LITTLE JACKIE HORNER WONíT YOU PLEASE BLOW YOUR HORN." The jokers and internal programmers will work night and day to stop or reverse any work done toward freedom.  There are so many levels, suicide programs and so many other defenses a personís body is not strong enough to attack the programming head on.

There are for instance Bells of Destruction programming, The War in the Heavens suicide programming, the Gethsemane Suicide Programming, the Octopus suicide programming, the Injection of Bleach, the overdose of drugs, the go insane program, just to mention a few. The slave will be given a whole batch of these types of programs which may all go off at once if the slave doesnít comply with keeping the mind control secret. One internal protective programming line is The Man without a Country story. Another is a water program but in with Scripture from Jer. about Ahab stomping the grapes. Another is for the slave to think they have been turned into a fragile paper doll. The paper doll programming is put in by making the skin very sensitive to any touch, and then attaching that memory to the hypnotic suggestion of being a paper doll. An octopus suicide program chokes the slave if they are disobedient. A mush the brain is triggered by a fanning movement. If the slave touches the programming, Armageddon programming is activated in those who have Bible programming. The four horsemen on their different horses ride out and bring their different mental tortures to the slaveís mind. Winged monkeys (possibly alter fragments) from the Wizard of Oz story programming are called "watchers". They watch alters.  The slave is conditioned that if any programming or demonology is taken out, it will come back seven times seven stronger. The Bible (MT 12:43-44) is used to put in this programming. Actually, this is more than programming, there is a principle in operation here. Therapists need to be cautious about pulling things out, if they do not understand what the ramifications will be. We want the victim to have hope, not to make the task look harder.

One of the primary protective programs is the JUDAS PROGRAMMING. Anyone who betrays the abusers is labelled "Judas" and is programmed to go out and act like Judas by hanging themselves. If that mind control program doesnít happen, the Illuminati warn their people "Remember Tom Collins", who was the son of an Illuminati Grand Mother, who became a Christian, started exposing the Illuminati in churches, and was gunned down in a grocery parking lot. Finally, the members are warned that they will be sacrificed on a cross like Christ in what is termed "a traitorís death." Usually, mind-controlled slaves will police their own actions and thoughts. The therapist may hear their Monarch client talk about the Dove, fire, Moriab, and water as protectors. They may talk about a little bird dove who is part of protection which flies iftto the ebony trees. The basic defensive programming placed into the early Illuminati models was based upon the 4 BASIC ELEMENTS--fire, wind, water, and air. When the programming is touched by anyone, the elements of the earth come alive. For instance, if the programming is touched the following programs based on the four elements come alive:

WATER--victim will freeze like ice, will suffocate like inhaling water, will boil like being placed in boiling water, will feel a drip drip drip on the head, and will flood with memories. This is why some Monarch slaves do not like to swim.

FIRE--Victim will burn inside and outside. The victim will remember fire torture, and perhaps their face melting. This is why some Monarch slaves donít like to light a match or a fire. Slaves will have their programming reinforced with the warning, "If you disobey us, Satan will take your ability to resist burning away, and you will burn in hell." The alters have no way to conceive that God could love them, so they feel if they are to have any chance not to burn in the afterlife of hell they must obey. The fire programs which activate when they disobey reinforce this warning. Often victims report a "Ring of Fire" burning within. 

EARTH--the victim will remember being dropped down a well, being buried alive in either hot sand, or a casket. Earth means "life or death". The earth "swallows people up." The victim may feel dehydrated from memories of being buried in hot sand (hot earth). This is why some victims have a fear of being buried alive. In fact, this can be done internally where alters are internally placed in caskets and buried. Alters are also internally thrown into internal wells. The Illuminati programmers say, "ASHES TO ASHES, DUST TO DUSTí to mean that the earth will bring death. Sometimes even volcanos erupt (earth and fire) out of the ocean (water) and destroy parts of a system. Internal earthquakes also happen quickly and then the entire system will be shifted and shuffled.

AIR or WIND--Vortexes suck the person down and away, a strong wind takes the alter(s) into the Rubicon of Outer Space and the body dismembers itself as it goes away. The mind doesnít understand why it is being torn apart, only that it is being torn like a tornado. The alter may also go into a bubble and float away.(This effect is put in w/ drugs and hypnosis.) They will dissociate and nothing is real. How does one place into a child these types of programs? Letís say the programmers want to put in the Tumbleweed Program where the child feels like it has become a tumbleweed & canít ground and get its bearings on anything. Letís say the programmer also wants the child to lose his arms & legs while being blown away. The child is dehydrated so the mind is overheated and hallucinating. Special drugs are also given to the child to make it more delirious, make it more suggestible, etc. The little child by this point has no mind of its own. Heavy fans with hot air are placed upon the child. It is hypnotically told that it has no arms and no legs. The child is too weak to think for itself. It is almost comatose. The child will be left for perhaps 8 hours as a script which keeps repeating itself is played on a voice box. The child will hallucinate the script or the video it is being shown. When the child can give the script back to the programmer exactly like it is meant to be, then the programmers know they can stop. The child alter is to take on the identity of the tumbleweed. If it responds like many Main alters--it will pass this ability on to splits that it creates for this purpose. These splits created for the tumbleweed script will be clean slates for the programmers to manipulate. By the way, smelling salts are used to wake up child victims who are too comatose.

Overview Of The Princess Programming

 The Omega programs prevent integrating the Multiple personalities, and they hold the body programs, and run the computers. If major tampering is done with the System, which threatens to totally wipe out the Omega programs, then one of the backup programs is the Princess programming.  The princess programming is a back up program. It can be triggered several ways. One method is by astral communication between loyal alters and their Illuminati programmer. However, the main triggering factor is that the System has recognized that serious tampering has been done to the System. If serious deprogramming occurs, the Princess program with "Sleeping Beauty" kicks in.  The programming is contained within a box, which is opened up upon the appropriate cues. The way it operates is that it kicks in when the handler loses control over a system. The princess who is kept sleeping by spiders which bite her in a coffin, wakes up and looks for the prince to come.

Daddy demon and the dark princess are now ruling from the castle dungeon. A Systemís dwarfs and Thor continue to guard as well as the big guard cats like Bast. Darkness sets in on all the top sections of alters, and thick walls and pain come, then a webbing much like a body-suit-cocoon will envelope all but alters loyal to the master. It becomes hard to breathe and the alters who had sought freedom from the programming, now find themselves being tranced out.  Alters who are cold and in lots of pain are called up by code to torment the body. The Outer Darkness of a System (sometimes called the Rubicon) gets thicker.  If Gatekeeper and Kitten alters have porcelain face programming, then they will get their porcelain masks back as the Omega programming kicks back in. The porcelain masks have cords back to the black princess. The black princessís coffin has cords to Papa.  The core will give her energy to the dark side, and alters who want freedom will receive very little energy. They will be very tired.

Those alters who liked the light side and freedom are now under attack. They will be isolated by walls and then incapacitated by a cocoon which leads to death.  The alters who do not want to be part of Satanism will be worked over, and they will continue to be worked over until they shatter. If need be, they can be taken to the castle dungeon and played movies of torture which have been coded and entered into the mind via codes. Internal voodoo will be carried out to scare alters into complying.

The worlds will reestablish their compasses. The internal BEAST computer along with the dark princess run the show. The box which opens up, sets off the suicide programming.  The primary tool in fighting the suicide programming is the will to fight. If the will to fight is strong, a way to fight through the walls can be found. If the walls are broken down, then a strategy of isolating the castleís programming can be carried out, and eventually the black princess can even be retrieved. Since the princess and daddy demon are running things via spiritual and demon processes, the battle at this point involves spiritual warfare, although there are probably other methods to solve the situation. 

The castle programming will be isolated by closing the portals, and other safeguards. The Black Princesses can be turned from their course. The Black Princess can be retrieved. The castleís power can be shut down. The Princess programming can be beat, but it takes hard work. A system must make decisions to continue fighting the programming with all their creativity, strength and will power. 

A rebirthing program will go off. This rebirthing program is controlled by a System of clocks. The clocks are the stabilizing heartbeat and are tied to the eternal life force. There are also clocks which control the steps to the Princess Programming. These clocks bring about steps which will take the System down the road to no-return. These clocks can be frozen and by freezing them, one can stop the next step from taking place. In the rebirthing program, umbilical cords and strings run from alters back to the black princess. The black princess is in the torture chamber of the dungeon and the strings carry the torture memories to alters in sections wanting freedom, especially those holding the body. If those alters want to stop the intense pain to the body they need to freeze those strings and stop the torture memories from coming up from the torture chamber.  The umbilical cords are "feeding" the alters from the black princess.

The Kittens alters, most likely due to programming, will want to protect the core so they do not want to stop the process of control that the black princess is exerting over them. In other words, they will find it hard to save themselves. Internal Voodoo will come from a dollhouse, and only by dealing with inside the doll house can it be stopped. One option is to create shields to protect alters from the voodoo.  Christians have the shield of faith which really can function in real life, and an internal shield of faith has protected and shielded Christians from Voodoo. The darkness and what people (alters) call "walls" can be flooded with the blood of Jesus, which often drives back the darkness and can give freedom to work. The soul ties that are involved with the princess programming and the masks need to be broken and bound. The System may be able to find someone or some place to get wisdom or understanding about their System. The System also needs to cut their soul ties to their Illuminati programmers. The rebirthing program is also giving directions to the dark princess. There is an umbilical cord which ties the dark princess to the rebirthing program. The blood of Jesus can stop this tie.

D. Backup Programming

One of the backup programs is designed to deal with someone who has a good understanding of a system, and tries to take a system out via spiritual warfare. A camera is designed to reflect an image onto a mirror and the deprogrammer works with the mirror images. The deprogrammer has great success with the mirror images, because the camera can merely shift its view, and the things the deprogrammer is trying to get rid of disappear. However, since the alters that are collaborating with the deprogrammer see all the correct things happen, they sincerely think they are being deprogrammed. When the deprogrammer finishes the alters feel better, see their worlds come together, but the work has only been a sham. Other backup programs provide the deprogrammer with mirror images and sham alters to talk with. The deprogrammer never talks to the real human elements. If we try to give a summary of the different backup programs we could include

a. each grid has programs attached to its grid no. and each section has a computer, as well as connecting computers between sections---both the programming and the computers have the power to reprogram themselves.

b. the 4 elements of nature coming alive programs

c. the princess program (based on Sleeping Beauty)

d. a plutonium or atom bomb set up activated by lasers to protect the internal hierarchy.

The Monarch programming creates very complex systems that are as sophisticated as an Apollo spacecraft. There is no way all the possible in and outs can be covered. However, the reader can watch a movie "Labyrinth" to get a good idea of what the end product is like for the mind of the victim. The movie represents what the internal world is like for an alter who is trying to understand its mind. It would be worthwhile to finish this chapter on structuring by covering this movie which illustrates the end product. The bizarre movie Labyrinth may be shown again on HBO and is available from some video stores. In fact, the video stores have a hard time meeting customer demands for this popular video. One of the co-authors knows a girl who has watched "Labyrinth" twenty times.

"Labyrinth", A View of a Monarch's Internal World

In 1986, a movie called "Labyrinth" was produced by Cherry McFadden. The movie was Monty Pythonís "Terry Jones" scripted. The movie is a portrayal of what the internal world inside a Monarch mind-controlled slave looks like. The Monarch slave has an internal world built inside their mind in which the hundreds and thousands of alters must live in. The alters are given a psychotic world of fiction in which they must live in as reality.  An alter of a Monarch slave will have two worlds, the external world of reality, and their own internal world which, because of the programming, will seem more real than the real world.

Hogel, a gnome, tells Sarah, "Things are not what they seem in this place." The internal worlds of the slave can be shifted and rearranged by the internal programmers. The internal programmers can change codes, eliminate alters, and carry out extensive deception to other parts of the System. As in the Monarch programming, the movie's castle reminds one of Emerald City. The movie Labyrinth seems weird and occultic. Gargoyle elves (similar to coven demons) dance magic and a sweet girl played by Jennifer Connelly moves from one weird scene to another, while an occasional shot gives us the hideous ruler of the Castle played by David Bowie. These demons also guard the baby that represents the innocent core. 

Monarch slaves very frequently have castles built into their internal world. Some slaves will have a whole series of castles, some are Kingís castles, some are Queenís castles, and some are castleís shaped liked pyramids with all-seeing eyes in them. The story line of the movie Labyrinth is that the girl, Sarah, searches for her baby brother, Toby, who is captive in a castle in a dream world. Actually, this represents an alter searching for the innocent core from which it split off from. Often the core (the original innocent child personality which split off personalities in order to remain innocent is locked up in the castle by the programmer who serves as Master of the castle. Often in deprogramming, the core is taken to a castle dungeon in a terrible backup program called the princess program which was just described on a previous page.  The princess programming (which is a back up program) functions, when the regular programming goes down (which is rare). When the Princess back-up program kicks in the toad is kissed, the princess core is woke up, etc. etc. Parts of the Princess program seem portrayed towards the end of the movie. In the movie, David Bowie, who in real life was a satanist & a rock star who committed suicide, plays the part of the Master of the Castle. The girl soon goes into the dream world (internal world of her mind). She must go through a labyrinth if she wants to get to the castle. 

Although the movie is fiction, it is close enough to how a Monarchís mind thinks, that an adult Monarch slave might well have his or her programming reinforced if they saw this film. It also would trigger many Monarch slaves and create fear in them. Monarch slaves have many clocks built into their systems. They have internal clock makers and internal clock keepers. In the movie, clocks pop up everywhere just like in a Monarchís mind.  Some Monarch slaves are programmed to see their internal world, and others are programmed not to be able to see their internal world. In other words, many Monarchs may not have the ability to see a great deal at first of this programming due to further programming, and yet these images work in the deep recesses of their minds to keep their minds within the confines of the programming.

David Bowie has the magical ability to rearrange time on the clocks. The handlers often mess with the internal and external clocks of a slave, so that the slave is disoriented about what time it is.  Alters within a Monarch system are not allowed to stray from the path assigned to them. If they try to move out of their assigned spot in the mind, then they encounter traps, mazes, tunnels and demons just like in the movie Labyrinth. An internal world of a Monarchís mind will have brick walls, doors and vortex tunnels just like in the movie. When the girl falls into a vortex, she has magician hands all over her. Monarch victims speak of what vortexes are like and they often describe hands coming out of nowhere.

The movie begins with an oak tree.  The oak tree is an important part of the Illuminati programming. The Master programmer in the castle, wearing a triangle medallion around his neck and looking veracious (David Bowie) sings, "Voodoo. ..Babes with the power.. .magic spells...dance magic...slap that baby and make him pay....dance magic, dance magic." Cobwebs are built into the Monarch minds, and when an alter goes where it shouldnít they often get cobwebbing over them. The tunnels in the movie are full of cobwebs.  As the girl moves forward toward the magic demon-invested Castle she comes across many things--all of which relate to internal items built into a Monarch slaveís mind. Some of the things are slightly different in the movie than in a slaveís mind--but the concepts are the same.

For instance, the actual Thor figure looks like the Iron Man of the Wizard of Oz series rather than the iron robot that they portray. But the match is close enough for the imagery to portray what it is meant to represent.  During programming, bracelets with pieces will be given to the child to teach them how the alters are to revolve. A bracelet like this is owned by the girl. The girl encounters a dwarf. The dwarfs in the internal world "mine the jewels" (that is the programming).

The Jewels are the particular programs that run a Monarch system of alters of an MPD (DID) mind. The dwarf in the movie is told by David Bowie (the Programmer) that he has "lost his Jewels"--that is that he has lost his programming! The dwarf in the movie decides to help the girl. In Monarch programming the dwarf helps an alter by bringing it programming! Some help! The goblin (demon) is asked by the girl to find a portal. The goblin opens a door and it appears to be a broom closet. He opens it again and it appears as a door. This is the exact way the programming is.

Portals and doors in the internal world have cover stories. At first they look like one thing--but if the mind can get by the first look--they will turn out in reality to be something else.  There is cover programming over everything--so that the slave doesnít trust his own mind. For instance, besides lots of clocks undisguised, clocks are disguised in a System as any object, but they can be recognized by the trained observer because they are gold colored.

In the movie, objects are constantly changing. Many monarchís fear the rocks coming alive--just as they do in the movie Labyrinth. In the bottom of the slaveís mind--put in at the deepest hypnotic levels possible are the hell pits. The movie shows the hell pit and even calls it the "hell pit." Notice that as she goes into this strange world that the clocks can be turned around. This is true in the programming. The clocks can be turned by the programmer so that the slave can be told it is January when it is December. A cover program can be entered so that the slave has memory of what he was supposed to have done in December.

These false memories are laid in with real torture memories and tied to emotions. The false memories lack certain characteristics of real memories--and yet still they can at times be difficult to separate from the true memories, especially if the mind-controlled slave is in programming.  The following is the story line of the movie as it happens in this bizarre movie.

Early in the movie we see a witch with an hour glass. When the girl gets to the castle it is guarded by a mechanical monster that resembles in some ways Thor of the programming. Notice that portals and holes open up. When they open up another level, protectors attack them and they must run back down their tunnel to save themselves. The Monarch slave will get feelings of being crushed if an alter ventures where it shouldnít in the mind. When the girl asks the dwarf "How can I believe anything you say?" She is told, "What choice do you have?" Fire demons come out dancing. They take out their eyeballs and eat them. They say "Bad luck down the path."

What the fire demons represent are the Gamma programming and the threats that the Gamma programming has upon the victim.  The programming tells an alter that it will lose its head or other horrible threat if it doesnít comply with the programming. "Letís take off her head" the fire demons say, as they act out the various programs--decapitation, delimbing, etc. They also want to throw her into the pit of eternal flames. They go down a chute into the eternal hell pit. It is even called the eternal pit in the movie! The hell pits of a slave will generally smell like sulfur--which is exactly what the movieís hell pit does. A guardian of the pit (looking like a dog) comes out.

Guardians within the Monarchís mind are generally far more horrifying than this dog. The guardian must give permission for passage. Another trap appears--as the slaveís internal world is filled with booby traps. The name of the dog the guardian rides on is Ambrosius, similar to Ambrosia. A peach with poison is given to the dwarf. The slave is programmed to fear poisoned fruit. (This is another fairy tale turned into programming.) 

David Bowie is called an "adept" who creates dream bubbles. The slaveís mind will have adepts who are the programmers. The movie's adept puts a princess in a bubble. Then she goes by memory back to when she was at a Satanic ball where people wear masks of birds, goats, and pigs.  Illuminati ceremonies include balls like this with masks. This Love story is reliving programming of the girl that she is a Queen, that she is married to Satan, and that this is a bonding ceremony. Everyone is grabbing her. People who have been to this Illuminati ceremony will recognize it. Next, she sees mirrors. When she shatters the mirrors (a no-no in the programming) she begins falling.

Generally, if a slave shatters the mirrors in their mind--they fall into suicide programming. She falls into a junkyard. Then a satanic seed comes alive from her fruit. It is a worm. An old hag gives her a teddy bear. The programmers and parents of slaves frequently give stuffed animals. The teddy bear without hands represents to the victim their helplessness. The old hag says "like a little bunny rabbit...Donít you...Bitsy Boob" All this is Monarch programming stuff. Then she sees a book about the labyrinth. The Monarchís mind has libraries and diagrams of their own system but these are kept guarded by the mirrors, the demons, and programming. The girl Sarah finds a book (the files) of how the labyrinth is built. Actually, you can too.  If the original programming was Wizard of Oz programming--then when you looked at the front of the Wizard of Oz series books you would find a map that helped build the internal world. Some of the items on that map will likely be found in your Monarch system (but not all). If your Monarch system has Star Trek programming it is possible they will have an internal world similar to the diagrams shown in this book where Star Trek programming is covered.

In other words, there are books which do show the labyrinth, just as the movie Labyrinth has Sarah find a book showing the internal world. But if an alter finds a map, this does not mean the alter can travel freely in its systemís mind!  In working with a mind-controlled slave, we discovered one of the methods to get over the Wizard of Oz mazes was to fly with the Orks.

However, an alter caught in the mazes was frightened to stay put by the demons that surrounded it. (This is so well portrayed in Labyrinth.)  This happens in real life to Monarch alters which stray into the mazes. They are lost and then they canít come out and take the body. They are simply lost in the mind. The old hag gives her slippers! Slippers are important triggers or cues to go places internally. She is given a horsey and told she loves it. "Take back the child you have stolen."

A ferris wheel is shown. (Carrousels were used greatly in programming.) Then she breaks an hour glass. Hour glasses are internal clocks. Then she encounters levels, doors and tunnels. An Iron robot representing Thor comes out and bangs bangs bangs.  The banging is the split brain headaches that the internal Thor causes the victimís mind to experience. A child is placed into the robot. Often during the programming, child alters are programmed to put on a robot like suit and serve with other children as clone solders in a clone army. (The sea divers of the Walt Disney movie "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" were used to program child alters into how they were to get into robot suits.)

These child alters form armies that attack if an alter tries to fight the programming. These children alters are like children screaming--it is impossible to reason or talk to them. Armies of these alters are difficult to stop in the mind. In the programming, the brave are told they are brave and vice-versa. The character says "I have no courage." But is told "You are a man of courage." More clocks and a bell appears. A red and blue guardian appear. Perhaps these colors represent the color programming. Rocks and cannons represent the protectors and the earthquakes they cause internally in a Monarchís mind.

When she enters the castle it is a carbon copy of Esherís drawing entitled "Relativity." (See The Graphic Work of MC. Esher, figure 67.) She runs up stairs and gets nowhere. Escherís drawing, according to ex-programmers, are used for programming. The Master sings, "Everything Iíve done, Iíve done for you." David appears everywhere from every angle. This is how the internal programmers, which are clones of the real programmers appear everywhere in the mind of the slave. He sings, "Just as I can be so cruel...look without your heart beat. ..I must live within you." She says, "Give me the child [the core]" and the programmer says, "I have been generous. ..but I can be so cruel .... I have reordered time...turned the world upside down...all for you."

The internal and external programmers can be cruel. The victim is trauma bonded to them. They are cruel and kind to the victim, just like Mengele was to his thousands of victims.  The internal worlds can be turned in a Monarch system, by turning the hour glasses which are on X, Y and Z axes. The hour glasses are turned with hand signals and codes that are similar to what pilots use to tell their degree positions in the sky. The programmer sings, "I ask for so little, just let me rule you, and you can have everything you want...just love me, fear me, and do as I say." He tells her that her kingdom is great. Internally alters are given great titles, and are made queens, etc. Their internal worlds give them all they need, and that the real external world will never understand them. She is told repeatedly "Your kingdom is great." "Bow down and worship me, and you get everything."

At this point she realizes she has dominion over the demons.  When one listens to the programming, it seems that it is powerful and in control. The movie does a good job of showing how a slaveís mind has both an internal and an external world. A hall appears with daisies. Daisies were used in programming. When she leaves the internal world, she finds that the internal world is right there with her in her external world. She is surrounded by internal cues. Then she embraces and accepts her internal world toward the ending of the movie. Many systems have an owl in their system which represents the master. In the movie, an owl representing the master appears at various times & then flies away at the end. Toward the end the Master sings, "Power of Voodoo..." 

The internal world is full of goblins, dwarfs, worms, a hat, door knockers, Fury 1,2,3,4,5 and many other things. Ravens are in the movie. In real life, the programmers take alter fragments, which are splits which are not developed into full blown personalities and they program them to have a single task, for instance to think they are a raven and to bite the body when ever they take the body.  Whole flocks of demons which take the form of ravens may wait inside the mind waiting for their release to bite the body. When triggered by the internal programmers when an alter crosses the boundaries set down by the programming, a flock of ravens may come forward and "take the body" (as they say in MPD) of the slave and the Monarch slave will bite his or her flesh and viciously tear it with its teeth. By watching the movie Labyrinth, and using this as a guide, the viewer will begin to understand the horror and control that the internal world holds over the alters of a Monarch slave. Few Monarch slaves ever tell other people what is going on in their minds, now you have been privileged to find out.

To learn this much for a Monarch slave comes with a high price. The price is paid by reliving for a second time what has been done to them, fighting off the suicide programs that click on when the slaveís mind disobeys. The slave must also fight off torture memories that recycle. These torture memories are activated by the programming when an alter disobeys its programming. As one Monarch survivor described it to me, "This all can be wrapped up by defining it as the raping of the body, soul and spirit."

The Structuring Done in Monarch Star Trek and Star Wars Programming

The original Monarch programming often used the Wizard of Oz books and film as the basic programming. The Alice and Wonderland story then was overlaid, along with many other fictional fairy tales to complete the Mind Control of a Monarch Mind-controlled slave. However, in recent years a superior story line has appeared. It has more flexibility and more secrecy. This is the Star Trek series.

In recent years, Star Trek is being used as a basis of programming. Those who are programmed with Star Trek programming can attend annual Star Trek Conventions which are held in New York City since 1972.  The childís mind is tortured until the point they will accept anything. They are told to build certain structures in their mind. These structures may be castles, or rivers or submarines or airfields, etc. In the case of Star Trek programming they have detailed maps and diagrams that have been created to go along with the Star Trek program. (The real reason or the ulterior motive of these Star Trek maps was to create a blueprint for programming. Some pages of these are included for you to look at.)  Then particular alters are placed within these structures, and they are hypnotically given cues that will pull them to the front of the mind when the alpha-numeric cue is said. Many of the more secret alters can only be accessed by a combination of several different cues which go to different senses--such as the person must be in a corner contacting 3 points, a certain ring must be turned & a certain code said for the alter to come forth.  The advantages of the Star Trek story line is that

a. almost any type of scenario can be fit into the programming script because the Star Trek characters in the series, encounter about anything imaginable, 

b. have holograms, which can serve as substitutes for mirror images in the programming, 

c. alien programming can be introduced in order to promote the mock alien invasion being planned by the Illuminati, and 

d. the Star Trek series has its own language which can be used for trigger codes, which Monarch slaves can study, and learn. The use of this klingon language will make it very difficult for ordinary people to break into the slaveís programming. 

Michael Aquino, Satanist and Colonel in the U.S. army, has enjoyed using Star Wars for programming. Aquino wrote his own version of the Star Wars, which he uses for programming. The programmer becomes Darth Vader, which then is reproduced as an alter within the victim.

In the Star Trek series, Data was a dehumanized "person" who stored vast amounts of information. Monarch slaves are always created with libraries, and volumes of information. This information is stored in various ways and can be retrieved in a variety of ways. Data of Star Trek lends himself to become the model for an alter of a Monarch system to copy. In other words the child is shown Data, and is steered in the right direction to create an internal person named Data.  Any child if it is drugged, tortured, threatened with death if they donít follow directions, with weakened and confused minds will get to the point where the child will create a Data alter in its mind, rather than die.

Once in place, the Data alter will think of itself as the movie character. Every time the child sees Star Trek or pictures of Data, it will reinforce the programming. The transformer room technique of beaming in Star Trek is what magicians have tried to do for centuries and which has been called "bi-location-physical projection" as well as other things. This is said in magic to be mental control over the molecules of the body via demonic power. Whether magicians have ever done this, who knows, some certainly claim the power. 

The Illuminist is a power structure placed into some Monarch slaves. It is constructed from parts of numerous demons, rather like a demonic Frankenstein, & is portrayed in Star Trek, the Next Gener. as the crystalline body. A cartoon series was created for Star Trek. In this series, children watch such things as Kirk in a magical universe of Megas-tu which has a Guardian of Forever. Two other spin-out shows were Deep Space Nine and S.T. Voyager. In other words, a child could watch 5 different Star Trek series. If the childís parents had cable T.V. the child be virtually immersed into the various Star Trek shows. Unfortunately, some of the children who have been programmed with this are doing exactly that. Fritz has personally worked with someone who has Star Trek programming. They sit for hours and immerse themselves totally into all kinds of Star Trek details.

We have two Star Trek Technical Manuals. Fritzís father is an engineer and designed quite a few things. Fritz himself has worked as a manual/computer draftsperson for the Federal Highway Administration as well as for his father off and on over the years. Based on that experience, he realizes the enormous amount of work that went into these Technical Manuals for the Star Trek series is simply mindboggling. One manual is 183 pages and the other is in the neighborhood of 250 pages. The amount of engineering and computer drafting that went into these manuals is astonishing. Why did someone go to such extremes? These manuals are as good as if NASA were planning to build an Enterprise spaceship. The plans are done more professionally than engineering designs that we have seen groups like the United Nations drawing up. Why did all this engineering, design and drafting happen for a fictional T.V. show? To create a book to sell? The books.. could hardly be best sellers. One originally sold for $13 U.S. and the other for $6.95. One reason so much work and money was put into these Technical Manuals is that they are used for programming helpless victims of the Monarch Mind Control.

The Following are the Descriptions of Why the Exhibits Are Important To Programming. The Technical (or Training) Manual pages are coded.

 Exhibit 1  7-8.gif Star Fleet Technical Order (TM:379260-1) This page show codes on the far left that are similar to the type of codes used in Monarch access codes. Alters are trained to take the body upon the proper access code. Also certain activities or programs can be triggered by codes also.

Exhibit 2 7-9.gifUniform Color Code. (TM:379260-0) In creating a System within the slaveís mind, geometric shapes are used. Within these shapes a number of worlds or universes will be created. These worlds can be 3-D. That means when building them in the childís mind they can have height, depth, and width. One system which I have seen several times in slaves has been a 13 x 13 x 13 cube. In order to give another dimension and to give the programmers the ability to tie different things in different parts of the system together--the programmers use color coding. Each alter will receive a color code. I am familiar with the standard color coding program, and how it is put into the childís mind. Dr. Green (Mengele) used a box of colored scarfs and electroshock to program in the color coding into victimís mind. Besides alters, other things in the system may be color coded also. Letís say as Programmers we place hidden observers on each level, system or world. Then we can tie those isolated alters together by color coding them the same. During the programming, computers are built into the mind to operate the programming, and they send their signals according to color coding.

Exhibit 3  7-10.gif Milky Way Galaxy Map (TM379260-2) This is just one of a number of maps that go with the Star Trek programming. During the programming (which is sophisticated torture of all kinds backed up w/ drugs) the childís mind will be encouraged to psychotically build worlds in his or her mind. These worlds are built with vortexes, mine fields, and in the case of Star Trek programming Radiation zones. If an alter would attempt to wander from its assigned spot in the mind, it will run into Radiation zones, walls, and other barriers. These zones are built into the mind, to insure that the multiple personalities do not contact each other. Aliens and holograms protect certain areas and prevent personalities from freely moving around in the mind. These "aliens" are placed into the victimís mind by high level demonology--in other words they are not aliens--they are demons which have been brought in by high level rituals. 

Exhibit 4 7-11.gif 4.1 Computer System (p.50) The first thing created are the multiple personalities. Then these personalities are placed into a structured system. To operate that structured system and to insure compliance the Monarch programmer will put in what is called Omega programming. Omega programming consists of computers, wiring, conduits and cords. The most important part are the computers. These computers contain the instructions, and they are controlled by internal programmers who may be alters or who may be high level demons. The aliens (demons) who are placed strategically in the mind to keep the Omega programming intact are put in by sophisticated high level demonology. The high level demonology part of the programming is the most secret and it is termed Gamma programming. This is a diagram which could be used to help build into the childís mind a computer. In the early programming, a little girl while being tortured would be shown a multi-roomed dollhouse. The rooms would each have a separate color. The rooms would be linked in the childís mind to computers. In other words--the dollhouse structure was the structure the computers used. In the Star Trek programming, the modern child simply is given a multi-roomed computer like the one drawn.

Exhibit 5 7-12.gif Engineering Main Bridge Section TM:379260-3 Various methods of communication and travel within a Monarch systemís mind will be built in. Various alters are allowed contact with other alters. Portals and one-way mirrors or one-way windows are built in also. In order to teach an alter to come to the front of the mind, an airplane taking off on a runway might be used as a visual aid to teaching how to leave the alters cubicle in the mind and come forward to take the body. Various internal communication systemís can be built into the System. The training manual is full of many possible communication and locomotion devices, and this is just one of a whole number of items that could be incorporated into a Monarch childís mind as it is programmed.

Exhibit 6 7-13.gif  pg. 82. Utilities The brain stems are scarred on babies and when the body rebuilds itself it overcompensates and the brain gets an incredible memory. Monarch slaves with scarred brain stems are running the computer systems for the New World Order. If the slave has a photographic memory as many of them do, then a specific chart like this utility chart could function as the blueprint for the mind when it creates its power packs. Power packs, and energy cells (sometimes put in like light bulbs) run the computers which are built into the slaveís mind. This is part of what is called the Omega programming.

Exhibit 7  7-14.gif TM:379260-2 S.I.N.S. Base Datum This is a coordinate system. In the early years the Monarch systems were built with 3 hour glasses each spinning on a x,y, or z axis. The hour glasses could be turned and in so doing the entire system of alters could be turned. Letís say that we have a slave and we have created great Christian front alters. Now, we decide that the time has come to use the dark Satanic alters full time. Since the dark alters are hidden at the bottom of the system, we need to rotate the System 180 degrees so that the Satanic alters are now on top. Now the Satanic alters will receive extra energy to be out holding the body full time. This SINS Base Datum is a way of making a coordinate system for a Monarch System. Certain codes would then be given the System to make a shift when the handler needs to turn a System.

Exhibit 8  7-15.gif Darth Vader cover of Warren Magazine, plus the next two pages. This final exhibit consists of not one but 3 pages which are the first 3 pages of a article written by Michael Aquino. This article is Michael Aquinoís own version of Star Wars. It is this version that he wrote and then used to program Monarch Mind-Controlled slaves. Actually to give credit where credit is due, an army colonel (who has since moved to Santa Fe, NM) at the Armyís War College worked with Michael Aquino at designing mind-control programming around the Star Warís script. 7-17.gif

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