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Thanks, John--I have a hunch, based on our direct experience and observation of hidden surveillance tech, that some orgonite in the car or perhaps only a Succor Punch, will make the car invisible to this predatory and otherwise impressive and depressing tech.

There have been a lot of confirmations for this extraordinary concept, in fact, not least is Cesco's account of him not showing up in surveillance tapes when he was otherwise caught gifting around a maximum security prison in Norway.

Since I mentioned it, here's the skinny--you might laugh as much as we did when he told us:

Cesco was somewhere in the middle of his year-long vow of silence but hadn't taken his notepad and pen with him when an associate parked and let him out to gift around the perimeter of the prison. He had buried three towerbusters when a guard came running out and arrested him.

Cesco's a slight, very inoffensive young man and he was barefoot that day and when he was arrested all he had were a pouch with a long strap and a little garden trowel. He didn't respond to their questions until they produced paper and pencil, then he explained that he was planting healing devices so that everyone in the prison would feel happier. They eventually released him after a local policeman was called in to make a report. He told us that the consensus among the prison officials was that he was a harmless crackpot.

YOu may notice that he lacked orgonite on his person but in fact, our experience with this phenomenal fellow showed that he has lately become or has always been a sort of orgone capacitor and de facto generator. He lights up any social gathering exactly the same way that one may do so when carrying a LIttle Secret into the room. I hope you'll get one and experience this.

When Carol was on one of her early gifting missions she became aware one evening of a van with NSA people and listening gear, parked at the curb near the residence she was visiting. They were trying to listen to the conversation by measuring the vibrations on the window of the room Carol and her hostess were in but when Carol got into their alleged minds (she's quite telepathic) she got the clear impression taht they were only hearing gibberish in the headphones, though the tech was extremely reliable for that work, otherwise.

Carol had a Succor Punch running in her purse at the time. We always run a SP when we want privacy becuase we're always under active surveillance, or at least the treasonous sewer rats attempt to get close enogh to watch us and our home, car and environment are loaded with their tiny audiovideo bugs.

There are plenty of firsthand accounts by reputable people, many of whom post on EW, of failed sewer rat surveillance technology during their gifting runs, at home and other times.

DB and I accidentally discovered that a humble Succor PUnch disables surveillance during a time that we were under heavy box surveillance by apparently several federal, state and Los Angeles County police teams the day we met, three years ago and were out doing errands in LA. That was my rude introduction to the reality of box surveillance, in fact Wink

What a bunch of cretinous thugs and arrogant pri$^s all secret police are!!

They all just lost us the moment we turned the thing on and even the satellites were apparently not able to locate us until we rolled into his driveway in Pasadena, several hours later. In the meantime we even trespassed on Jet Propulsion Lab's fenced, camera-lined and heavily patrolled property to drop some HHgs over that massive underground base. That was fun.

I'm only offering these anecdotes to assure the reader that just becuase they make and erect this new, offensive terrorist tech it doesn't mean that we need to be intimidated by any of it.

If that weren't so, then at least one of the thousands of people who gift heavily surveilled predators' ratholes and death transmitting facilities would have been harmed by now or at least a significant number of orgonite gifts would have been retrieved.

It's not essential to have faith that we'll be guided and protected but if one will do enough gifting one will surely come to this astonishing realization on his own, Grid willing.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich