Spiritual Diseases
Spiritual   The Diseases

[pdf] The Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease: A Guide into Buddhist Science by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Dhamma: Natural Truth or Natural Law

See: Mind/Psyche

In his mortal aspect man is a triune being. He longs for freedom from all varieties of suffering. His needs are:
1. Healing of bodily diseases.
2. Healing of mental or psychological diseases such as fear, anger, bad habits, failure consciousness, lack of initiative and confidence, and so on.
3. Healing of spiritual diseases such as indifference, lack of purpose, intellectual pride and dogmatism, skepticism, contentment with the material side of existence, and ignorance of the laws of life and of man's own divinity.
    It is of paramount importance that equal emphasis be given to the prevention and cure of all three kinds of disease.
    The attention of most people is fixed solely on the cure of bodily inharmony, because it is so tangible and obvious. They do not realize that their mental disturbances of worry, egotism, and so on, and their spiritual blindness to the divine meaning of life are the real causes of all human misery.
    When a man has destroyed the mental bacteria of intolerance, rage, and fear, and has freed his soul from ignorance, he is unlikely to suffer from physical disease or mental lack."---Scientific Healing Affirmations by Paramahansa Yogananda